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Michelle Tandler

Michelle Tandler


I took a few photos downtown in San Francisco this week. We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. But it's "business as usual" on the streets. Few police, and few ambulances. Just a lot of people looking the other way.

Every block you see people huddled & bent over. Recently I've been calling 911 more often to ask that they send an ambulance to check on someone. Their dispatchers tend to resist. But if someone is lying in the street, the right thing is to call, no?
I have a hard time understanding how our community accepts this as normal. Apparently, we believe that allowing people to camp in the streets is the morally righteous thing to do. I don't get it. It's been 39 degrees at night. How are people not dying from the cold?
We are the most liberal & progressive city in America. What do Progressives stand for? I thought it was social justice, economic equality, and access to healthcare...? If that is what we stand for, then why do we have tens of thousands of people dying in our streets?
The delta between our stated values, and our approach to helping those in need does not compute. We say we care about the downtrodden - but here we have the sickest, poorest people in the nation at our feet - and our answer is something along the lines of "let them smoke Meth."
I can think of three potential reasons for this situation: 1) Lack of leadership (e.g., the leaders we have are either incompetent or don't care) 2) It's on purpose (this is a seriously dark POV) 3) We refuse to back down from Progressive policies, regardless of their impact
I think it's a mixture of 1 & 3. I think we have weak leadership, in a dysfunctional government structure, doubling down on policies that they know don't work. To do otherwise would be career suicide. Better to just kowtow the hard-left activists.
The activists are funded by our government - either directly or indirectly. Those working for gov-funded nonprofits are highly incentivized to keep doing what they are doing. Those here on subsidies want to keep the city as it is... Perhaps for these folks, it is on purpose.
Ultimately, I think the way things get better is they get worse first. When more companies leave, when more conferences cancel, when more tourists disappear, when more businesses go under, when more homes lose value - then I think people will wake up.
I think our city budget needs to shrink - significantly - before we face the music. Ultimately, the average San Franciscan probably cares little for those dying in the streets of the Tenderloin. Why spend any time thinking about it, when the views here are so nice?
It isn't too difficult to avoid downtown... Why go there when it's just so depressing? Easier to stay at home, order takeout, and look the other way. So long as we're reading the NY Times & advocating for gun control & abortion, we're still "good liberals", right?
I don't understand how a group of people so passionate about "social justice" allow thousands of people to die slowly in their backyard. How can we pontificate on national issues, when we don't take care of the people down the road? Where is the outrage? Where is the care?
Something is not making sense to me. If Liberals & Progressives care about helping the needy, then why are we letting people smoke & inject themselves into early deaths? Why are we letting mentally ill people roam the streets without care? How is this righteous...?
Michelle Tandler

Michelle Tandler

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