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Mar 3, 2023
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Discover the untold story about the US's involvement in the violent overthrow of Ukraine's government, the Eastern Ukraine referendums, and the War in Donbas. Are you ready to challenge what you know? Kindly retweet and share your thoughts below.…

#2 The United States engineered a regime change in Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an EU agreement and IMF loan. Yanukovych deemed Russia's $15 billion bailout package and discounted gas prices to be a superior offer compared to the West's proposal.
#3 The violent overthrow of Ukraine's elected government caused the Russian-speaking populations of Eastern Ukraine to vote to break apart from the newly formed western-backed government in Ukraine.
#4 For example, 97% of Crimea declared independence and voted overwhelmingly to secede and join Russia. The US, EU, and Ukraine's new government refused to recognize the will of the Eastern Ukrainian people, who historically voted pro-Russia.…
#5 Instead, CIA Director John Brennan visited Kyiv, and Ukraine's new government launched an "anti-terrorist operation" to suppress the protests in Eastern Ukraine. Millions of innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire of a geopolitical chess match.
#6 The Western media's coverage overlooks the US's role in the 2014 coup, Eastern Ukraine's referendums, and the War in Donbas, which culminated in Russia's 2022 invasion. Was it worth all this bloodshed just because Ukraine rejected an EU agreement and IMF loan?

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