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15/ Spotlight 5: Moonsama is looking for a scriptwriter - mostly brand related content. If you know someone - get in touch with @Adriana | Momsama and potentially get finders fee of 5,000 $SAMA.

16/ Events: 845 community members attended Moonsama Carnage of Feb 26th. Top $GOLD performer w3neyris had to provide the video:… I also strongly recommend to watch MC Pro player @RichardBenson69's video:…
17/ We had a relaxed @Moonsama Nation episode Feb 26th after Carnage hosted by our beloved @Kyt - she interviewed Moonsama team member @gr333nTHumB about Gaming and more. Enjoy the recording here:…
18/ The next episode is already in the pipeline for @Moonsama Nation: CTO @asynchronous Kyilkhor #276 💩 himself will give an audience Mar 5th 6:30 PM UTC - hopefully @Kyt will get all the details about the incoming $DOT parachain! Set your reminders here:…
19/ Make sure to join out other weekly community events: - saturday 3PM: CoD Warzone 2.0 Community events with @LOKITO - sunday 4PM: Carnage - thursday 6PM: carnage training with @bubz✨ @Klinggaard (Chaos server)
20/ Fact & Figures Mar 3rd: Raresama: - TSV: 20.8M $SAMA (+22% in 1 week)!! - unique accounts: 1,229 (+1%) - #NFT collections: 115 (+6.5%) - #NFT artworks: 5,941 (+16%)!!
21/ Facts & Figures Mar 3rd: Exosama Network $SAMA: - 836K txs - 8.5K wallet addresses
22/ Facts & Figures Mar 3rd: - Moonsama: floor 16.7K$, currently in migration to $SAMA - Exosama: 65% circ. bridged, floor 774$ - Gromlins: 60% bridged, floor 202$ - Pondsama: 70% bridged, floor 152$
23/ Facts & Figures Mar 3rd: - $POOP currently at 0.03016$ - $SAMA currently at 0.02801$


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