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enemies to enemies-who-fuck to lovers taegi but make it nepotism baby taehyung versus anti-capitalism yoongi

— tags: • taegi thread au (it will be posted on ao3 when it’s finished) • nepo baby x anticapitalist • enemies to enemies-who-fuck to fools in love • rated e (minors dni) • yoongi takes "eat the rich" to a whole other level
Seoul gets colder as the sun sets, but bad weather won’t stop Yoongi from protesting against the rich and privileged. He’s got a reusable cup filled with warm coffee he made at home, but his friends forgot their drinks, and now he’s here, waiting for them outside a Starbucks.
A fucking Starbucks. Marx is most likely rolling on his grave. Overpriced and shitty coffee, pre-made sandwiches wrapped in plastic… so much plastic. And don’t forget the ridiculous salary they pay their baristas. It’s outrageous.
Yoongi waits for Hoseok and Jungkook to order their drinks — how can they willingly spend that much money on coffee? Yoongi doesn’t understand, but Hoseok needs his iced americano to function and Junkook didn’t have lunch, so he’s hungry.
After warning his friends he wouldn’t step a foot in that place, Yoongi finds a bench outside the coffee shop and waits. They’re on their way to a rally, it’s not organized by the group Yoongi belongs to but he’s in the mood for some chaos.
It’s been a while since he broke something or yelled at someone, and though he’s known for writing sharp and anger-filled articles criticizing the government and the rich, Yoongi also enjoys joining demonstrations, setting luxury cars on fire and pissing rich people off.
Speaking of the devil. From the bench, Yoongi sees new costumers arriving at the coffee shop, some by foot, others from sleek cars driven by particular chauffeurs — those are the kind of breed Yoongi absolutely despises.
They look the same, with their fancy clothes, covered in luxury brands, glued to the latest iPhone model and laughing at the most frivolous things. They look the same, smell the same — like privilege. It makes Yoongi sick.
Yoongi hides his face by lowering his cap — god forbid someone from the other group sees him outside a Starbucks. It could be the end of Silver Spoon. A large SUV parks near the spot Yoongi is waiting on. From the corner of his eye, he sees three guys leaving the car.
Only two of them walk into the Starbucks. The other hesitates for a second and tells his companions, “you know my order” before they push the glass doors and disappear from Yoongi’s sight. Yoongi gives him a quick look, just to assess him.
Yoongi can admit when someone is handsome, and this guy is definitely not ugly. Tall, lean, with broad shoulders and messy, brown hair. His face resembles one of those statues you can find in museums — a work of art. But he’s got “privilege” plastered all over him. What a shame.
The guy leans against the car. For some strange reason, Yoongi feels his eyes on him — that would be crazy, right? Why would that rich brat be looking at him? “Hey”, the guy says. Is he talking to him? Yoongi chooses to ignore him. “You, the pretty one with the cap on”.
Good thing he wasn’t drinking coffee, or he would’ve choked on it. Ears hot, Yoongi decides to ignore him again. “Don’t you have manners?” The guy doesn’t sound annoyed. It’s like the whole thing amuses him. “You’re supposed to say hey back”.
Without looking at him, Yoongi says, “I don’t have to do anything, actually”. The guy laughs. He has a nice laugh. “I’m Kim Taehyung”, he remarks, as if it would make a difference”. “Don’t care”. The name does ring a bell, though.
But a face like that… Yoongi would definitely remember it. “What’s your name?” He must be the type of guy who doesn’t know how to take a no for an answer. That’s the worst type, in Yoongi’s eyes, the type that always get what they want. “None of your business”.
Kim Taehyung laughs again. It’s deep, velvety, kinda hard to ignore. “Okay, None Of Your Business. Why don’t you give me your number so we can change that?” Yoongi, though a little taken aback, manages to give him a cold look. “I don’t mingle with your breed”.
The guy smirks. “We’re just starting to get friendly and you’re already talking about breeding? Darling, we’re in the middle of the street, have some decency”. Yoongi glares at him. “We’re not getting friendly, I’d never be friends with someone like you”.
Kim Taehyung tilts his head. “Someone like me?” “Oh, come on. Playing dumb doesn’t suit you”. “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about”, the guy says. “I’m just trying to get your number, darling”. “Don’t call me that”. “So how should I call you?”
After examining him, Yoongi comes to the conclusion that either Kim Taehyung doesn’t know how to read a room or he simply doesn’t care. Maybe it’s both. He’s probably so used to get whatever he wants without even having to try. “Just fuck off”.
“No decency and no manners whatsoever”, Kim Taehyung says, sounding entertained. “Quite the welcome I get after spending three years abroad”. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Oh, poor you”. “I’d feel so much better if you’d give me a name and a number”.
“You’re not getting anything from me, have you ever heard the word ‘no’ before?” “Can’t say I have”. Kim Taehyung dares to approach him. He even leans forward. “What can I do to change your mind?” “I don’t want anything from you”.
The guy should’ve stopped there. He should’ve stepped back, leave him alone. He doesn’t. “Come on, you must want something. And I’d give it to you, I would. What is it, hm? Name your price”. For his name and number? Kim Taehyung must be high. “I don’t have a prize, asshole”.
The guy laughs. “Everyone has a prize, even you. So what’s it gonna be? Money? A shopping run? Do you want my watch? I can give you my watch, it’s a Rolex”. Yoongi feels dirty and annoyed. He clenches his reusable cup. “You can shove those things up your ass”.
“Why are you being like this?” Kim Taehyung asks, not taking a step back. “I’m telling you I could give you whatever you wanted for just your number, I’m sure it’s something you don’t hear every day”. Now that is insulting. “The hell is that supposed to mean?”
“I’m just saying—“ “Listen to me, shithead. I’d rather die than giving you my personal information, okay? So why don’t you go back to your friends and buy Caramel Macchiatos with your daddy’s money and leave me the fuck alone?”
It seems to do the trick. Kim Taehyung takes a step back, eyes hard. “I’m offended”. “Good”. “I don’t drink coffee. My order is green tea”. “I don’t care”. “And you don’t know me, darling. It’s impolite to make assumptions about people you don’t know”.
“I know everything about you, your friends, your family— you’re all the same”. Yoongi spits out in anger. Where the hell are Hoseok and Jungkook? “So leave me the fuck alone before I—“ “Yoongi hyung, is everything okay?”
Hoseok and Jungkook decide to show up. Their eyes dart from Yoongi to Kim Taehyung, worried. And speaking of Taehyung, a pleased smile appears on his lips. “So it’s Yoongi hyung”. “Shut the fuck up”, Yoongi grunts. He turns to his friends. “We’re leaving”.
“You can’t leave yet, /Yoongi hyung, there’s something else you need to give me, remember?” And Yoongi has reached his limit. He’s patient but this guy pushed all his buttons and he’s had it. He gave him a chance even though privileged people like him don’t deserve it.
“You’re right, how could I forget?” he says, and then Yoongi takes the lid off his cup and throws the lukewarm coffee directly at him before bolting out of there, leaving a very shocked (and wet) Kim Taehyung behind.
And later that day, before the protest breaks out and the cops are called in, Yoongi sees the same Kim Taehyung -with a new change of clothes- stepping up in a podium, being introduced as the “prodigy son” of a fashion mogul and a diplomat.
i always wanna know what things you want to see in the au im writing so… what do you want to see/read in this one?
🚨 breaking news 🚨
Yoongi huffs at the screen of his phone. “Attacked? Victim? Please, it was just coffee”. “You could’ve burned him”, Hoseok retorts. “Thankfully his parents won’t press charges”. “I knew the coffee wasn’t hot, come on, you know I don’t like hurting people”.
“I’ve never seen you snap like that”, Jungkook remarks after a sip from his banana milk. “What did he tell you? You haven’t said”. “Nothing relevant, he was just bragging about his money and stuff, the usual”. It’s a partial truth, that asshole did brag, tried to /buy him.
He offered money, clothes, his fucking watch — just to get Yoongi’s name and number. What kind of person does that? “Can’t believe you threw your coffee at the son of Kim Youngae”, Hoseok whistles. “Correction, I wasted my coffee on him, and I didn’t know he was famous”.
“He’s just the son of a diplomat and one of the most important fashion moguls, a supermodel, lifestyle influencer… no big deal”. Yoongi squints his eyes at Hoseok. “And how do you know all those things?” “I like to be updated, doesn’t mean I agree with the industry”.
Hoseok likes fashion on his own way, comes up with the craziest designs using items he finds in thrift stores and the trash — it’s normal that he is familiar with Kim Youngae and her creations, Taehyung included. Hoseok gave Yoongi a quick run update about supermodel V.
• There’s no one more spoiled than Kim Taehyung. He doesn’t know the meaning of “no” and he always gets what he wants. • He started modeling when he was fifteen — Celine hired him to be the face of the brand. • Spent his years in Paris walking runways and shooting ads.
• Time’s magazine named him one of the top 5 richest people under 30. • He also received the title of the most sought after bachelor of Asia (with that face, it’s understandable) • Untamable playboy. • Gay.
Attractive, shameless, privileged and filthy rich. In other words, Kim Taehyung is a fucking piece of work. Yoongi has only met him once, but he already hates him. Passionately. “Aren’t you afraid?” Jungkook prompts. He’s opening his second bottle of banana milk.
“Afraid of what?” “Possible repercussions”. Yoongi drops the piece of wood he was holding. “Media said his parents wouldn’t press charges. I’m good”. “Yeah but… what if they do other things?” Jungkook suggests. “I mean, his /dad alone could ruin you”.
Hoseok grimaces. “Not only is he a politician, as a diplomat he must have contacts all over the country… the world”. It does sound awful, but Yoongi has dealt with that kind of people before. “You two have to stop reading wattpad stories. This isn’t a mafia au”.
“I’m just worried”, Jungkook says. “Maybe it was coffee, but the media are using the word ‘attack’. It’s bad, hyung”. “Can we discuss now investing in some security?” Hoseok prompts. “I’ve been suggesting it for months, we should recruit some tough guys and—“ “Enough”.
Yoongi didn’t mean to slam his hands on the table, but his friends are exaggerating. “We’re not getting security, we have each other, not only Silver Spoon members but other groups have our backs, too. Kim Taehyung is just another rich boy, that’s all”.
It should’ve ended there. Yoongi isn’t afraid. He’s never been afraid of repercussions for his activism. What his friends might see as a potential threat Yoongi considers it another step to breaking the system. Please, he’s been in jail. He’s not afraid of a supermodel.
Bumping uglies with Taehyung doesn’t stop Yoongi from rioting. Galas, movie premieres, auctions, political gatherings, the so-called charity events that benefit no one but the rich. Yoongi is there to protest, make some havoc. He sees Kim Taehyung in some of them.
And Kim Taehyung sees him, too. Okay, maybe he’s exaggerating, but during those times, he felt watched, recognized. Mask and cap on, he could feel a distinct pair of eyes following his every move. The same kind of look he got outside that Starbucks store.
Yoongi could’ve spent his life pretending it never happened, he could’ve shoved the memory of Kim Taehyung under the rug and continue to live his days without a worry. But then the supermodel showed up at his workshop.
Along with his sister, Yoongi runs a wood workshop located at the outskirts of the city. It’s nothing big, but building furniture brings food to the table. Sometimes they struggle, but Silver Spoon and other groups are always there to support them.
His sister barged into the workshop, looking pale. “Someone, um. Oppa, there’s someone here to see you”. “I’m busy, tell them you’re in charge”, Yoongi says out loud to be heard over the music. “Oppa, he wants to see you”, Yeji explains. “He said your name and everything”.
“If he wants to see me, he needs to make an appointment, otherwise—” A new voice interrupts him. “I never make appointments, darling”. Yoongi freezes. He looks up to find Kim Taehyung standing by the door. “The hell are you doing here?”
Taehyung leans against the doorframe, hands shoved into the pockets of his expensive-looking coat. “Is this how you treat your customers? It’s kinda rude”. “It’s also rude when a persona non grata shows up at my place of work, you’re not welcomed here”.
Yoongi doesn’t want to admit it, but the presence of Kim Taehyung puts him on edge. How did he find him? What is his purpose? Is he going to threaten him? Taehyung ignores him, eyeing the workshop with curious eyes. “Did you make all of that furniture?” “None of your business”.
“I’m trying to compliment your work, no need to be so hostile”. Yoongi clenches his fists. “What part of you’re not wanted here you don’t understand? No one is allowed here. You’re trespassing, so if you don’t leave right this second—“ “I’m simply admiring your creations”.
Yoongi takes a deep breath to calm down. The tools he uses to handle wood could cause some real damage, and he doesn’t want to be violent. He’s not a violent person. “This is an invasion of privacy, I could get you sued, you know?”
Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “So you can show up at private events, uninvited may I add, and throw things but I can’t come here to look at furniture?” “I was protesting!” “What if I’m here to protest, too?” “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, what could you possibly protest about?”
“Oh, let me see”. Taehyung takes one of his hands and starts counting with his fingers. “You ruined my welcoming party, my friend’s movie premiere, my uncle’s auction—“ “They were selling items they stole from other cultures, your dear uncle had no right—“
Taehyung doesn’t acknowledge his remarks. “Not to mention you ruined my clothes with what I assume was cheap coffee, the cleaning lady couldn’t get the stains off”. Yoongi huffs. “That poor woman, don’t you know how to wash your own clothes?”
“All because I wanted your name and number”, Taehyung tuts. “Is that how you treat those who try to hit on you?” Yoongi is not gonna entertain him any longer. “Listen, you wont get an apology from me, so if that’s what you were looking for, you can fuck off now”.
“I already know you won’t apologize, that’s not why I came here”. Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest. “I want to ask for a favor”. Yoongi stills. “A favor?” The other nods. “A small one, actually”. “Save your breath, I’m not interested”.
“Listen, you’ve already ruined my first month in the city, and I haven’t even told you the favor”, Taehyung’s eyes are a little intimidating. “Can you at least hear me out?” Yoongi sighs. He’s not in the mood for arguing. “What is it?”
Taehyung starts walking around the shop, examining the pieces Yoongi created. “There’s a big event coming up… I won’t tell you what it is, but it takes place next weekend. It’s very important to me”. “And?”
“I know you like, how should I put this?” Taehyung pauses for a second. “Causing trouble at events like this, that’s your thing, isn’t it?” “My thing is fighting against corruption and oppression by the powerful and rich, yes”.
His mere presence is already annoying, it gets worse when Yoongi hears his mocking chuckle. “Okay, Robin Hood. So this event I told you about…” “What about it?” Taehyung turns to give him a pointed look. “Sit that one out, would you?”
It’s Yoongi’s turn to laugh. “If it is that important, it would be my pleasure to disrupt it”. Taehyung is not amused. “I convinced my parents not to press charges against you, I think you owe me”. “Oh, /darling, you shouldn’t have. I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself”.
“If I see you there”, Taehyung starts, face void from emotion, “I won’t be so forgiving”. “Is that a threat?” Taehyung shrugs. “Take it as you want. I’m just telling you… I do not want to see you there. I might get really mad and you- you don’t want to see me angry”.
“The thing is, Kim Taehyung… I love making people like you angry”, Yoongi smiles. “It’s what keeps me going, my reason to live. You should know that by now”. Taehyung doesn’t say anything; he merely stares at Yoongi for a couple of seconds. Then he sighs.
“I guess my friends were right. This was a waste of time”. “Fraid so, yeah”. Taehyung heads to the door. “I suppose I’m gonna double the security. I’m allowed to fight back, right?” “You can try”. Before leaving, Taehyung gives him one final look. “It’s a shame, you know?”
“What is?” “That the cutest guy I’ve seen is such a pain in the ass”. Taehyung shakes his head. “See you around, Yoongi-ssi”. Yoongi waits till Taehyung is out of sight to let out a shuddering breath.
With trembling hands, he reaches for his phone and makes a call. Hoseok picks up immediately. “What’s up?” “We have work to do. Just found about a big one next week”. “Cool, what is it?” “Just come here ASAP. I have a feeling it’s not gonna be easy”.
stay home
The fucking tuxedo is killing him. Yoongi has never worn a bow tie before and it feels suffocating. He wishes there was another way but this is all they could come up with in such a short amount of time. “Just leave it alone, you have to get used to it”, Hoseok tuts.
“I’d be so much better in the kitchen”, Yoongi grunts, pulling at the bow tie again. “Why is Jungkook in the kitchen but I’m gonna have to offer champagne to those pigs?” “Hyung, Jungkook is washing dishes, how can you envy that? And we need you to mingle with those pigs”.
Yoongi grunts again. “Fine, but if they’re rude I can’t promise I’ll behave”. “They will be rude, and you have to behave, otherwise this would’ve been a waste of time”. Hoseok eyes him carefully. “Are you gonna be okay? Working with the ex is never easy”.
“Well, it’s not like I have a choice”, Yoongi scrunches his nose. “He was the only one that could get us in… we just have to be civilized, we’re professionals”. “I’m just saying it’s kinda weird”. “It is”. Hoseok changes the subject. “So what’s the plan?”
“The usual, why?” “I mean, do we even know what’s happening tonight? And how the hell did you find out before the leak?” Yoongi didn’t tell Hoseok about Taehyung’s visit, and he instructed Yeji to not share it with anyone, not even her girlfriend. “I have my ways”.
Hoseok squints his eyes. “Would it have killed you to dig a little deeper? I hate not knowing what we’re up against”. “It’s just another bash, don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet”. His phone buzzes. “Mingyu. It’s time”. “Aww, just like old times”. “Shut up”.
It does feel a little like the old times, like Hoseok calls it. Mingyu even greets him the way he did when they were together. “Hey, babe, ready to annoy some pigs?” Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Don’t call me that, lets just get this over with”. Hoseok giggles behind him.
“Okay, so”. Mingyu claps his hands. “I’ll be outside in the patio, Hope, you have the main floor. Hyung, stay upstairs. Jungkook in the kitchen, he is our car guy… if things get ugly, we go straight to him. Everyone got their cans?” The team nods. “Right, lets get this party—“
“Just one thing”, Yoongi interrupts. Mingyu adjusts his earpiece. “Speak your mind, babe”. Ignoring the pet name, Yoongi clears his throat. “I’d like to make something very clear. We’re not here to get violent. If we get caught, then we get caught. No one hurts anyone”.
Mingyu laughs. “I promised you, didn’t I? I’ll behave. No need to call me out in front of everyone”. Yoongi gives him a pointed look. “Just making sure we’re on the same page”. “And we are, this is your thing, sweet cheeks. I’m just a facilitator. Can we go now?”
The house is so ridiculously big that Yoongi stops being worried about getting caught, not to mention he’s wearing a mask and had a change of look just for this mission. A makeover for a suicidal mission. Yoongi huffs. The things Taehyung made him do…
Yoongi walks around the upper floor, tray in hand. The guests are not rude per se, they just ignore him, only calling for him when they want a flute of champagne. Yoongi can handle this — he feels hope. “There is some stuff down here”, Hoseok’s voice comes through the earpiece.
“What stuff?” Mingyu asks. “Dunno, it’s covered in blankets, I think the main event is happening here”. Yoongi finds a spot to have a clear view. “I see it, do you think it’s art?” “They look like- painting easels. Probably”. Hoseok goes quiet for a second. “He’s here”.
And there he is, of course he is. He is the main event. Taehyung is busy with some people, and Yoongi has to remind himself not to get distracted. “I see him. You think it’s happening now?” “People are heading inside. I think it’s time”, Mingyu remarks.
Yoongi is dying to go downstairs but he sticks to the plan. He just watches from above, the main hall getting crowded, people waiting expectantly for the host to give his speech. Turns out it is art — it’s Taehyung’s art. The fucker paints and this is his showcase.
Yoongi just crashed Taehyung’s first art showcase. Oh, boy. The guests gather around Taehyung’s creations to admire them while the host goes painting by painting explaining them. “So we’re ruining them, right?” Mingyu asks. “Throwing paint all over them and stuff?”
“That’s the plan”, Yoongi says. “Hope, think you can manage?” “I mean, yeah but- oh, shit”. “What? Talk to me”. “Um, I don’t wanna jinx it, but I think I’m compromised”. Hoseok sounds nervous. “What should I do?” “What do you mean compromised? What happened?”
“I dunno, he looked at me-“ Hoseok curses. “Scratch that, he’s still looking at me. Oh my god, he’s gonna kill me”. “He’s not gonna kill you”, Yoongi calms him down. “Just drop whatever you’re doing and go to JK. I’ll handle it”. “But he could recognize you!”
“Babe, is there something you forgot to mention me? Why would he recognize you?” Mingyu questions. “Meet Hope back in the kitchen, tell JK to start the van”. Yoongi leaves his tray behind as he heads for the stairs. “But—“ “Just do as I say”.
He waits for Hoseok’s green light. He’s safe with Jungkook and Mingyu. Yoongi just has to hurry. His ex has people disguised as security as well, leaving shouldn’t be hard. Yoongi can’t spot Taehyung on the main floor, and target is right there. This will be easy.
But he makes a mistake. He lets his traitorous eyes look for him. He hesitates. He’s about to ruin something Taehyung cares about. Something he made. The paintings are actually really good. Why is he suddenly feeling guilty?
A hand wraps around his arm. Yoongi stills. “There you are, darling”. Kim Taehyung’s breath fans over his nape. His voice is flat, borderline threatening. “You’re coming with me”.
Yoongi doesn’t even put up a fight, he goes willingly — he lets Taehyung drag him across the salon, heading for the stairs. Oh, they’re going upstairs. For the first time in a while, Yoongi feels nervous, almost scared. The supermodel greets the guests he runs into with a smile.
He’s pretty good at keeping the appearances, it seems. A true professional. When there’s no people in sight, Yoongi asks, “Where are you taking me?” “Just be quiet”, Taehyung instructs, so Yoongi shuts up.
Taehyung’s fingers have abandoned Yoongi’s arms; they’re now on his lower back, guiding him across multiple doors and halls. This place is so big, Yoongi wonders how can Taehyung not get lost. Taehyung stops walking. They’re in front of a door. “Get in”, the model says.
The room turns out to be a bedroom, large and spacious. There’s a comfy-looking bed in the middle, a couch, a coffee table… Yoongi entertains the idea of escaping through one of the windows, but the fall might not be pretty. To his surprise, Taehyung closes the door behind him.
“So what? You’re gonna keep me here while the cops arrive?” Yoongi asks, pretending to be calm. “Make sure I don’t escape?” Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest. He looks pissed. “Didn’t I tell you to sit this one out? I told you I didn’t want to see you here”.
Yoongi imitates him, attempting to smirk. “Come on, it was practically an invitation, you should know better”. “No, I said I didn’t want you to come”, Taehyung points out. “And not only did you come, you also brought your friends with you. I recognized that lanky dude”.
“You know what they say, the more, the merrier, right?” Yoongi takes his chance and punches Taehyung’s arm playfully. “Don’t be such a spoilsport, nothing happened”. “Nothing happened? You ruined my night”, Taehyung rubs the spot Yoongi punched him. “Your paintings are intact”
“That’s besides the point, do you know how hard I worked for this? I even asked you—“ “You didn’t ask, you didn’t even say please”, Yoongi retorts. “You ordered me to stay down and I don’t like being ordered around, especially from people like you”.
Taehyung scoffs. “You always use that term on me, what’s that supposed to mean?” “Oh, I’m sure you understand”. Taehyung is about to reply when Yoongi’s phone starts buzzing. “What’s that sound?” “My phone, um. My friends are trying to get in touch with me”.
Taehyung leans against the door. “Answer it. Put it on speaker”. Yoongi is in no place to argue, so he does what he’s told. He doesn’t check who’s calling him, which is something he’s gonna regret. “What’s up?” “Hey, babe. Everything okay? What’s your status?”
Yoongi rolls his eyes when Taehyung gives him a curious look and mouths, “babe?” “I’m fine, just- go home without me, I’ll find another ride back”. “Hyung, no, we’ll wait for you”, Jungkook says. Taehyung shakes his head when Yoongi glances at him.
There’s something curious about the way Taehyung is looking at him. Yoongi can’t describe it. “I said I’ll be fine, I kinda- got stuck with something. I’ll keep you updated, yeah? Go home”. “How are you gonna get out of there?” Hoseok inquires. “I’ll manage”.
Yoongi ends the call and shoved his phone back into his pocket. “There. See? They’re gone. Now, where were we? You said something about being mad at me”. Taehyung takes a step forward. Yoongi takes one back. The back of his knees meet the bed. “Not mad, I’m pissed”.
“I’m pissed that you came here, brought your friends with you, tried to ruin my night, ruin my paintings… you fooled the security, the organizers protocols”. Taehyung glares at Yoongi. “But what pisses me off the most is how good you look wearing a tuxedo”.
Yoongi chuckles, nervous and, dare he say, flattered. “Hey, thanks. It’s rental”. “Preposterous”. Taehyung is close, closer than he’s ever been. His gaze flickers from Yoongi’s eyes to his mouth. Yoongi smirks. “Oh, you wanna kiss me so bad”. “Yes”.
Taehyung licks his lips and adds: “Yes, I do”. And you know what? Maybe Yoongi wants to kiss him as well. Just because he’s stuck here and has no place to go, he’d be okay with passing the time by kissing the crap out of this asshole that annoys him so much.
Yoongi grabs him by the lapels of his jacket. “Okay, big boy. That’s a favor I can do”, and then Yoongi clashes their mouths together. But here’s the thing: Yoongi is not gonna let Taehyung get anything else from him. No. He’s in control now.
Or so he thought. Taehyung, Yoongi comes to realize, is a handful. He kisses like Yoongi’s mouth is his only source of air, makes these tiny sounds that go straight to Yoongi’s lower belly — low, grave noises. Like a tiger purring. He’s really testing Yoongi’s limits.
There’s no delicacy in the way he touches him, groping, squeezing, large hands cupping his ass. “Saw you too, you know?” he says between kisses. “The hair, it threw me off guard, but then you turned around and- I recognized this ass immediately”.
He’s not gonna let Taehyung have his ass. Not yet, that is. This is probably a one-night type of thing, so if they’re doing this, he’s gonna take his “fuck capitalism” motto to a more physical level. “Too bad, you’re not getting anywhere near it”, he grunts.
To make his point clear, Yoongi makes sure to drag his teeth over Taehyung’s lower lip, laughs when the model hisses, hurt. “You didn’t need to do that”. He looks like cute when he’s pouting. “And you think you can handle me? Because I gotta tell you, darling, I have my doubts”.
Yoongi would love to bicker while he teaches Taehyung a lesson, but his erection is killing him. He starts undoing his trousers under the heated yet angry gaze of one Kim Taehyung. “Lube and condoms”, he says. Taehyung has those in his wallet. “Why I am not surprised?”
“Excuse me, I’m always ready”. Yoongi pulls his cock out, not even bothering to get completely undressed. He’s going to fuck him like this, with his tuxedo on. He jerks himself off while Taehyung follows the movements with dark eyes. “Get naked”, he instructs.
Taehyung glares at him before doing what he’s told. He removes his jacket and pants, underwear following suit. He keeps the button-up shirt on. It’s really unfair. Why does a person like him have to look like that? It pisses him off even more. “On your stomach”.
When Taehyung doesn’t roll over, Yoongi grabs him by the hips and places him exactly how he wants him. The sight of Taehyung’s bare ass is a little distracting, but Yoongi is on a mission — he’s got no time to waste, so he preps him as fast and efficiently as he can.
Yoongi fucks him by the edge of the bed, Taehyung’s legs hanging out from the mattress. His face is pressed against the sheets and Yoongi can tell he’s trying really hard not to make a sound — like he doesn’t want to give Yoongi that pleasure.
And that’s okay, Yoongi is doing the same, lips pressed together to stop himself from saying something he might regret — because Taehyung does feel good, he feels amazing, tight and warm, and he looks even better with his hair all messed up and his pretty mouth slightly open.
Yoongi reaches a very special spot inside of him. Taehyung whimpers, his thighs quiver, and then he gasps — such a beautiful gasp, which will be engraved on Yoongi’s brain for a while. “Gonna come”, Taehyung mutters. He sounds ashamed.
Good, that’s good. Taehyung shouldn’t have doubted him. But he’s not gonna let Taehyung finish with his face hidden, so Yoongi pulls out, laughs when Taehyung protests, and manhandles him onto his back. Cock buried inside of him, Yoongi rips Taehyung’s shirt open.
Buttons fly all over the place, landing on the bed. Taehyung, to Yoongi’s surprise, doesn’t complain. He just throws an arm over his face, attempting to hide. Yoongi is not gonna have it, that’s why he grabs his wrists and presses it on the bed.
Taehyung taking cock is more breathtaking than any art piece Yoongi has ever seen. Tanned skin, brown nipples, prominent clavicles, muscles taut from the strain… and lets not talk about his ass. His dick. What did Yoongi get himself into?
Taehyung comes with a hand wrapped around him, and Yoongi joins him a few seconds later, balls deep inside of him. Yoongi has the urge to lean forward and press a couple of kisses all over his face. Instead, he pulls out and asks, “bathroom?” “Over there”.
Without sparing him a glance, Yoongi takes shelter in the bathroom… which turns out to be bigger than his own bedroom. It’s ridiculous. He doesn’t let himself think too hard on what he just did. It’s pretty simple, actually. A mistake. And it won’t happen again.
Yoongi cleans himself up in a hurry and wets a towel he grabbed from one of the counters. Taehyung is in the same spot where he left him, unceremoniously naked and cum all over his stomach. Yoongi silently throws the towel at him. Taehyung snorts. “Such a terrible lover you are”
Yoongi reaches for his phone while Taehyung cleans himself up. It’s dead. “We’re not lovers”. “Where are your bedside manners, hm? Where’s the after care? Really, Yoongi-ssi, who raised you?” Yoongi decides not to answer those questions. Things could get heavy.
He peaks through the window; it must be late, some guests are already leaving. “I have to go”, he says. How is he gonna do that? This place is very far from his neighborhood. “If I start walking now I might get home at sunrise”, he snorts. His feet are gonna hurt.
“I could drive you”. Yoongi turns his head to look at Taehyung. He’s half dressed but he hasn’t left the bed. “What?” “I mean, not me, one of my drivers… I have one or two to spare”. “Why do I feel like there’s a catch somewhere?”
Taehyung rolls his eyes. “There’s no catch, I promise. Although…” “And there it is”. “If I remember correctly, there’s something you haven’t had the decency to give me”. Yoongi crosses his arms over his chest. “Forget it, I’m not giving you my number”.
Taehyung has the nerve to huff like a spoiled brat. “Come on, you crashed my showcase, tried to ruin my paintings, not to mention you fucked my brains out a few moments ago. It’s just a couple of numbers, in exchange for a ride back home. It’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me”.
After a staring competition, Yoongi yields. He waits for Taehyung to get dressed and once he’s presentable, Yoongi heads for the door, desperate to leave. “Wait”, Taehyung says. “I want something else”. “The fuck do you want now?” Taehyung smirks. “A kiss”.
Yoongi gapes at him. “Be serious”. “Hey, you barely kissed me while you were rearranging my guts, and I like to be kissed”. Yoongi yields again, lets Taehyung grab his face and join their lips together. It doesn’t last long, but it seems to be enough for the model.
And while he’s in the back of a very luxurious car, on his way home, Yoongi snickers to himself when he imagines how mad Taehyung will be once he finds out the number Yoongi gave him is actually from Yoongi’s favorite pizza place.
wrong number
Yoongi saw the pictures; they were all over the internet. Made it feel proud of himself and happy for the man who runs the place — Taehyung’s photos attracted more customers, and that didn’t stop there. Yoongi got a message from the owner: Kim Taehyung became a regular client.
Take that, chain restaurants who overcharge and treat their employees as slaves. Yoongi also heard that Taehyung asks for him whenever he visits, but since the owner is a friend, he refuses Taehyung’s bribes and keeps his mouth shut. Yoongi has a lot of respect for that man.
It’s been a whole month ever since they last saw each other. Yoongi and Silver Spoon decided to stay down for a while, considering the fiasco that happened that night. And Yoongi got busy with work and the seniors hospice, so he had his hands full.
He also had to deal with his ex trying to contact him every other day; apparently he got the impression that after working together, things were cool between them, which wasn’t the case. Yoongi still thinks Mingyu’s MO is very radical for his taste.
Yoongi keeps himself busy and refuses to acknowledge the voice in the back of his head, a voice that tells him that it would be nice to see Taehyung again, because that’s just ridiculous. Yoongi doesn’t want to see him, it’s just his cock talking — nothing more, nothing less.
He catches himself thinking about him sometimes, wondering what is he doing. He also kinda expects to find him at the workshop, pouty, making a tantrum for being tricked. Yoongi waits for Yeji to show up and say “someone is here to see you”, but it never happens.
Taehyung never comes. Yoongi is not going to admit he’s disappointed. After all, it was a one-time thing, and it happened under very extraordinary circumstances. Chances of them having sex again are less than zero. And lets not forget they hate each other’s guts.
So why does he smile a little when Taehyung shows up in the middle of the night, holding a carton box with what it smells like his favorite type of pizza?
“We’re closed”, Yoongi says, just to be an asshole. “Do I look like a care?” Yoongi chuckles. “I bet you’re one of those people who make the staff work well past their working hours”. “They open their stores for me, if that’s what you meant”.
Yoongi shakes his head. “That does sound like you. What do you want, anyways? And don’t tell me you’re here to buy something, I’m not selling anything to you”. “I could buy this whole place if I wanted to”, Taehyung remarks, face hard as a stone. “It’s not for sale”.
“That’s never stopped me from getting what I want”. Taehyung is particularly moody tonight. “That’s because you’ve never dealt with someone like me”. Yoongi crosses his arms. “Don’t tell me you’re still mad about the other night… you liked their pizza”.
“The pizza is good, but you humiliated me”. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “If you’re here for an apology, you’re wasting your time”. “Do you know how many guys would kill to be with me? To even have my number? They beg just to get a hi from me”. Yoongi smiles. “And yet…”
Taehyung squares his shoulders. “And yet what?” “And yet you always ask the owner for my number”, Yoongi tilts his head. “Even after I ‘humiliated’ you, you’re here… again. You even brought pizza. I bet you asked for my favorite, didn’t you? How thoughtful of you”.
Taehyung slams the pizza box on the nearest table. “You’re such a pain in my ass”. “I know I am”. Yoongi eyes him up and down. “Are you mad at me?” “I am”. “How mad?” Taehyung proceeds to remove his coat. “Very”. “We’re not fucking again”, Yoongi chuckles.
He would very much like to fuck him again, but Yoongi wants to piss him off even more, something that seems to be happening. And Taehyung doesn’t enjoy being denied anything. “No? Not even if I do this?” He takes his polo shirt off, revealing his chest.
Oh, Yoongi had forgotten how much he enjoyed the sight of Taehyung’s naked chest. His tanned skin. His brown nipples. “You’re playing dirty”, Yoongi tuts. “Didn’t I tell you?” Taehyung starts unbuckling his trousers. “I always get what I want”. “So you want me?”
Taehyung glares at him. “Don’t test me, Min Yoongi”. His full name does sound kinda nice when Taehyung grunts it out like that. “What about the pizza?” he asks while removing his apron. “Pizza can fucking wait”. “And you can’t?” Taehyung lowers his pants. “No”.
His fingers shake as he undoes his jeans. What is he doing? Is he really gonna have sex with Kim Taehyung again? Where are his morals, his values? May Karl Marx forgive him for what he’s about to do. “Bend over that table”. And Taehyung does, trousers pooled around his ankles.
Yoongi fucks him hard and fast, pressing Taehyung against the table — and though Taehyung is the one that’s in the receiving end of things, it doesn’t stop him from being an asshole, making mocking remarks about Yoongi being too short to give it to him “properly”.
So Yoongi takes him to the couch he usually naps on and shows him he’s more than capable to make him come without any help — and Taehyung does come, with a groan, such a beautiful sound that’s like music to Yoongi’s ears.
“I don’t have any wet towels here”, Yoongi says after they’re both done. He grabs the shirt he had on earlier and hands it to Taehyung. “You can use this to clean up”. “You’re gonna have to throw it away, are you cool with that?” “I can wash my own clothes, unlike you”.
Taehyung rolls his eyes at the jab and pats the shirt all over his stomach before tossing it aside. “That was fun. I kinda needed that”. Comments like that are always heavy, so Yoongi refrains himself from asking and changes the subject. “Can we eat the pizza now?”
They get dressed first. Yoongi is shirtless while Taehyung only has his underwear on, the rest of his clothes scattered all over the place. A million won worth of clothes on his floor… this keeps getting more ridiculous.
Mouth full of pizza, Taehyung says, “haven’t seen you around much”. Yoongi frowns. “Hm?” “Rioting, I mean. You’ve finally stopped being a troublemaker?” “Nah, just been busy with work. Why? You miss me?” Yoongi regrets the words as soon as they leave his mouth.
“Let’s say I’m glad you’re no longer disturbing mine and my friend’s events”. Taehyung grabs another slice of pizza. “Just so you know, I’ve increased my security ever since that night… you won’t be able to fool it again”. “I’m sure I’ll find a way”.
Taehyung shakes his head. “Well, I’ll be ready for you. So anyways, you live here? I was told you were dropped off here”. Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. “You gotta stop stalking me”. “I was just gathering intel, you know… keep your enemies close and that stuff”.
“Is that why we fuck every other month? You’re telling me I’m being used?” Yoongi pretends to be wounded, hand over his chest. “Ouch”. “Don’t take it personally, darling”. Taehyung winks at him. “And don’t act like you don’t enjoy it”.
There’s only one slice of pizza left. Yoongi lets Taehyung have it because even though he hates him, he’s the hyung out of the two. “Maybe, but it can’t happen again”. “You say that now but—“ “No buts”. Yoongi crosses his arms over his naked chest. “It just won’t”.
Taehyung makes a snorting sound, even laughs as he swallows the remaining slice of pizza. “We’ll see about that”. He yawns and stretches his limbs like a cat. “I’m tired. Why do you have to live so far away from the civilization?” “I appreciate the solitude”.
“What about the girl that was here before? Does she enjoy having to drive hours to come here?” “She’s my sister, and she lives with me, upstairs”. “You think we woke her up?” “She’s staying with her girlfriend”. Why is Yoongi telling these things to Taehyung?
“Oh, cool”. Taehyung yawns again. He looks cute. “This couch is comfy”. “It is, but you can’t stay here”. Taehyung opens one eye to glare at him. “Such a terrible lover you are, Min Yoongi. No manners whatsoever”. “We’re not lovers”, he clarifies. “And I gave you pizza”.
“I bought that pizza”, Taehyung huffs. “And what, you don’t let guys like me spend the night in your bed?” “My bed only has space for one person… me”. “You have a single bed?” “And what about it? Besides I’m sure you have a expensive mattress at home that’s better than mine”.
Taehyung sighs. “Home… what is even home, darling? I have multiple houses. None of them feels like home”. Again, the comment sounds heavy. Yoongi wonders what’s going on backstage. “Maybe you should work on that”. “Maybe. I should go”. “You should”.
Taehyung puts his coat on. “You’re rude, by the way”. “Rude how?” “Gave me a wrong number after crashing my showcase, didn’t let me spend the night, didn’t kiss me while you broke my back. So rude”. “You’re such a spoiled brat”. “I am”.
Yoongi assesses him for a couple of seconds before rolling his eyes. “Come here”. Taehyung is startled by the sudden kiss; he makes a pretty sound, smiles and kisses him back for a couple of seconds before Yoongi pulls away. “There’s your fucking kiss”, Yoongi croaks out.
Taehyung is still smiling when he says, “thank you, darling. I’m upset you didn’t give me your number, but I can always trust you’ll make me angry again. At least I know where to find you”. With that, he turns around and leaves.
Yoongi didn’t have the chance to tell him — tell him that it can’t happen again, that he can’t come here whenever feels like it. Yoongi can’t get used to him, his presence, his company, no matter how annoying he is. Yoongi can’t let that happen. It won’t happen.
But when Yoongi gets a king sized bed delivered to his door a couple of days later, with a card that says “Darling, everyone deserves a good night sleep”, Yoongi realizes it’s not gonna be that easy.
//does the anti capitalist accept the bed or does he give it away?
unexpected gig
Yoongi ends up accepting because he does owe Jungkook a big one after his help with the bed — yes, his bedroom now has a mattress so massive that Yoongi had to take some things out, put them in the garage while Yeji was out with her girlfriend.
To be fair, Yoongi did consider giving it away, returning it— he even thought about letting Yeji have it, but once he laid on the bed just to test it out, he changed his mind. Fighting capitalism requires being well rested, after all. That’s the sole reason he kept it.
The card with Taehyung’s message ended up in the closet; Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to throw it away. He got overwhelmed by the same pang of guilt that consumed him during his showcase. It’s something that’s been bugging him for weeks.
He hasn’t seen him again. Ever since their last encounter, Yoongi has tried to avoid him at all costs — he doesn’t want to give him any reason to be upset, because that would end up in Taehyung showing up in the middle of the night, and Yoongi can’t control himself around him.
It’s a self preservation tactic, that’s all it is. Yoongi also says yes to Jungkook’s offer because he has bills to pay and a mother and sister to take care of. Sells have been particularly low and Yoongi, as much as he hates to admit it, is in desperate need of extra cash.
So he swallows his pride and attempts to put his best smile on — he practiced for hours in order to master it, but he still struggles when he has to deal with a tsunami of privileged kids dressed with the latest equestrian fashion. God, the horses don’t deserve this.
He’s seen some of the faces before, children of politicians and businessmen, models, influencers, actors — they’re all here. La crème de la crème. Yoongi expected nothing less. This is a member’s only club, and not even the new rich are allowed here.
Yoongi tolerates poor manners, fingers being snapped at him, no thank you’s, no please’s. Yoongi’s mood worsens with ever mimosa he makes, but no one complains about the drinks, and that’s all Yoongi cares about.
And, just like Taehyung did the first time they met, there’s some girls and boys who think they are entitled to have Yoongi’s number just because they’re rich and Yoongi is just a staff member. And speaking of Taehyung.
Yoongi kinda expected him to be here, since this is a gathering that screams his name. He didn’t notice him immediately, he first sees one familiar guy — Park Jimin, the guy he’s always out with — and after paying more attention, Yoongi finds him staring right back.
Taehyung’s jaw is set tightly, eyes hard. He doesn’t look pleased. Yoongi breaks the eye contact and focuses on the drink he’s making at the moment. “Kept hearing rumors about the barman being cute so I had to check it out for myself”, Taehyung says as a greeting. He’s alone.
Yoongi’s hands are shaking. “Disappointed?” “I wouldn’t say that, no”. Taehyung leans across the bar. Yoongi refuses to meet his gaze. “I hope you’re not here on a /job, darling”. “I am, actually”. Yoongi gestures at the drinks. “I’m a barman, in case you haven’t noticed”.
“Oh, please, you know what I’m talking about”. Taehyung’s voice is as sharp as a knife. “Are your friends here, too? Do I need to alert security?” “I’m just working”. “I don’t trust you”. Yoongi levels his eyes with Taehyung’s. “I don’t care. Are you gonna order a drink?”
Taehyung glares at him for a couple of seconds before letting out a huff. “No, I don’t usually drink”. “I could make you a lemonade”. Taehyung points a menacing finger at him. “I’ll be watching you, you hear? Just because we fuck doesn’t mean I won’t get you kicked out”.
He leaves without another word and Yoongi stands there for a couple of seconds, cursing at himself for not being able to come up with a snarky remark on time. Whatever. He has work to do. The bad thing is, however, that now that he’s seen him, he can’t stop looking for him.
Yoongi finds himself searching for him, trying to get a glimpse of Taehyung mingling with his kind — how he acts, how he handles himself around them, what makes him laugh and what makes him frown. Yoongi watches from afar, because that’s all he can do.
He could never be one of them, he could never belong in a place like this, be friends with people like this. Yoongi is an outcast, have always been, will always be. Yoongi and Taehyung are like water and oil, that’s the reality. They just don’t go together. They’d never mix.
A new customer arrives. Prettiest face on the planet, that’s the title given to Park Jimin. He has an aura even more intimidating than Taehyung’s, if that’s even possible. “Champagne, please”. Yoongi appreciates the please. “Coming right up”.
Jimin watches him with calculating eyes, Yoongi can feel his stare digging holes into his skull. “Forget about it, yeah?” Yoongi looks up. “You don’t want the champagne anymore?” Jimin gives him a condescending smile. “I’m talking about Taehyung”.
Yoongi blinks. “Excuse me?” “You’ve been staring at him for quite some time, I noticed”. Jimin tuts. “He has that effect on people, I’m afraid. He’s handsome, isn’t he?” “Um…” “He’s also way out of your league”. That’s a little insulting. “I’m just here to pour drinks”.
Jimin smiles again, tucks a strand of hair behind his ear. “Listen, you’re kinda cute. And Taehyung likes cute guys. But I’m telling you as a friend… don’t get your hopes up. Just because he talked to you doesn’t mean he wants to fuck you, don’t be silly”.
Yoongi’s training in front of the mirror is threatening to leave the room. He has to remain professional, he needs the money. “Like I said, I’m just a barman”. “And you should remember that”, Jimin says. “I’ve seen guys like you, following him like lost puppies… it’s sad”.
“My contract says I can’t leave the bar, so you won’t see me doing that, don’t worry”, Yoongi returns the same hypocritical smile Jimin is giving him. He slides the flute of champagne across the counter. “Anything else I can do for you?”
Jimin winks at him. “That would be all, cutie. And think about what I just told you, consider it a friendly advice. You’d only get your poor heart broken, our Casanova over there doesn’t date”. “Is that bitterness I’m hearing? Worry about your own heart, not mine”.
That wipes off Jimin’s “friendly” mask. If he was intimidating before, now he’s just borderline terrifying, but Yoongi won’t let a guy like him bully him. “You can say goodbye to your tip, jerk. And keep the champagne, it tastes like shit anyways”.
Jimin is back on his table with Taehyung when Yoongi realizes his hands are shaking. He tells the other barman he needs a bathroom break, and after taking his apron off, he heads towards the nearest exit. He doesn’t notice Taehyung following his every move.
// would you like to read tae’s pov or just Yoongi’s?
// okay besties i'll leave it to you! what does the nepo baby do?
“Thought you’d be here”. He could recognize that voice anywhere. Before facing Kim Taehyung, Yoongi locks his phone and puts it back in his pocket. “What do you want?” Instead of an answer, Taehyung asks, “who were you texting?” “None of your business”.
Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest. “It is my business if you are planning on ruin this. I told you I’d keep my eye on you”. Yoongi is not in the mood to be interrogated. “And I told you I’m only here to work, some of us actually need to do that if we wanna eat”.
Taehyung chuckles dryly. “Come on, you want me to believe you’re here willingly? Out of all the places?” “Believe whatever you want, I’m only doing this because a friend asked me to, I have bills to pay and people to look after”. Yoongi huffs. “And you?” “What about me?”
“What are you doing here? This area is for staff only”. Taehyung gives him a knowing smile. “Come on, darling. That doesn’t matter when you’re someone like me… and I’m just making sure you don’t start anything, I’d hate to see you behind bars”.
Yoongi shakes his head. “You’re so fucking entitled, not everything is about you”. “Of course it is, have you forgotten who I am?” Taehyung is particularly infuriating today. He’s making Yoongi angry, and not in the sexy way. “You’re a pain in the ass, that’s what you are”.
Taehyung takes a step forward, eyes still dark but now there’s a hint of hunger in them. Yoongi knows that look. “You haven’t seen half of it. Are you angry, darling?” Yoongi glares at him. “I’m pissed”. “How pissed are you?” Taehyung reaches out for his arm.
But Yoongi jerks his arm away. “Don’t touch me”. “You didn’t say that last time we met”, Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “Come on, we both know how this is gonna end… I’ve never had sex in a staffs bathroom but I’m willing to get my hands dirty”.
Yoongi squares his shoulders. “I want nothing to do with you, okay? I already have so much in my plate, I don’t even wanna be here. I’m this close of stabbing someone with a fork, and I’m not a violent person, but if I have to deal with any more crap I swear to god—“ “Hey”.
It’s only when he notices Taehyung’s frown that Yoongi realizes he kinda snapped at him. He’s not sorry for that, and he won’t apologize either — he’s only curious as to why Taehyung looks slightly worried. “What?” “Did someone say something to you?”
Yoongi ignores Taehyung’s clipped tone by adjusting his collar. “I can take care of myself, it’s not my first rodeo”. “Wait, I’m serious. Were they rude to you?” “People like you are always rude to people like me”. Taehyung’s frown deepens. “I’m not rude”.
That makes Yoongi laugh out loud, he even holds his stomach and reaches for the nearest wall for support. “What’s so funny?” Taehyung asks offended. “Remember the pizza? And the mattress I sent you? I convinced my parents not to press charges against you… I’m not rude”.
Yoongi sighs. “You sure love to rub that on my face every chance you get, I’m still not thanking you”. “There’s only one rude person in this room, and it isn’t me. Do you want me to refresh your memory?” “Seriously, Kim Taehyung. I don’t wanna argue, I’m exhausted”.
Yoongi checks his appearance in the mirror. He sighs again. “I really meant what I said… I’m not in the mood to deal with you”. “What did I ever do to you? You can’t blame me for having my suspicions”. “You’re guilty of many things, but that’s not one of them”.
“What I am guilty for?” “I have a list, but I have a feeling your privileged ass just won’t understand”. “I’m trying to understand, can’t you see that?” Taehyung snaps. “Look, if someone said something to you, if they were rude to you, tell me and I’ll—“ “You’ll what?”
Taehyung shrugs. “I dunno, I’ll talk to them. Make them apologize. I know most of the people here, just tell me who did it and consider it done”. Yoongi laughs again. Apologize. These people don’t even know the word sorry. Taehyung himself has never said it.
Besides, it was his best friend who said all that crap to him. Yoongi can’t imagine Taehyung telling Park Jimin to apologize to Yoongi. They might’ve fucked and shared a couple of words but the answer is pretty simple: Yoongi doesn’t stand a chance against Jimin.
Taehyung would always pick Jimin, and that’s just the reality. “Forget it. I have to go back”. Yoongi attempts to walk past Taehyung, but a hand wraps around his arm. “Wait”. “What did I say about touching me?” Taehyung releases him as if he got burned.
He raises his hands in surrender. “Listen. I think we started with the wrong foot”. Is that Taehyung’s way of apologizing? “Like, I know you said you didn’t want anything to do with me today, but you’re upset, I can tell you are”. “What’s your point?”
“It’s not the sexy kind of upset”, Taehyung explains with a nervous chuckle. “I’ve never seen you like this”. “That’s because we’re not friends”. Taehyung sighs. “I know we’re not, but I just- for some reason I-“ “What?” “I’m worried, okay?”
It’s Yoongi’s turn to frown. He definitely wasn’t expecting that. “Don’t give me that bullshit, people like you don’t care about people like me”. “Can you stop talking like that? You’re also a pain in the ass but I don’t like seeing people upset. I don’t like seeing you upset”.
Yoongi sighs. He was angry a few seconds ago, how is it possible that Taehyung’s big, worried eyes are, for some reason, melting that anger away? “I really don’t have time to talk right now”. “Neither do I, I have to go back there”. Taehyung checks his watch.
“Sounds like a predicament”, Yoongi offers, just to fill the silence. “What time do you get off work?” “I still have fours hours left”. Taehyung tuts. “You look tired, though”. “I am, can’t do much about it”. “Leave it to me, yeah?” “What is that supposed to mean?”
Taehyung shakes his head. “Listen, I’m free in about… one hour. Do you know where the stables are?” “I can ask around, but I just told you, my shift isn’t done and I don’t have any breaks left”. “And I just told you, leave it to me. You need to rest”. “Taehyung…”
But Taehyung doesn’t acknowledge Yoongi’s weak protest. He’s too exhausted to properly fight back. “Meet me at the stables, yeah? We can talk there”. “Talk about what?” “Everything, anything, I dunno. You can talk shit about my friends, if that makes you feel better”.
Yoongi huffs out a laugh. “You’re friends with all those people?” “I kinda have to”. “Not really”. Taehyung gives him a small smile. “Darling…” “What?” “Will you meet me there?” Yoongi finds himself nodding. “I- I’ll try”. Taehyung then takes a step forward. “Can I…?”
Yoongi glances at Taehyung’s hovering hands. He nods again. He sort of expects to be held by the arms, even the shoulders. He definitely doesn’t expect Taehyung to cradle his face, doesn’t expect the tenderness in his touch. Yoongi’s eyes flutter.
Taehyung doesn’t ask or attempt to kiss him; instead, he strokes Yoongi’s cheeks with his thumbs, smiles when Yoongi makes an annoyed sound, just stares and stares till the air around them is unbreathable. “I’ll see you later, yeah?” “Yeah”. “Get some rest”.
And when Yoongi returns to the bar and attempts to put his apron back on, he is handed over an envelope with his full payment and he’s told that he can go home. “Leave it to me”, Taehyung said. Yoongi sets the alarm for an hour and takes a nap in his car.
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day one
The stables Yoongi’s seen during his childhood have nothing to do with this. Even the horses live more comfortably than him. It’s kinda ridiculous, if you ask him. “What should I do to become a horse and have these privileges?” Yoongi says as a greeting.
Taehyung laughs. “Well, you could let me ride you, that way you’d be one step closer”. Yoongi rolls his eyes. He’s just woken up, he can’t process that kind of information at the moment. “Hey”. “Hey, you. Thought I had been stood up”. “I overslept”.
“I can see that, you look kinda cute”. Yoongi doesn’t tell him how he looks because he doesn’t trust his mouth when he’s half asleep, but damn… Taehyung is definitely something else with those tight pants and boots, face slightly sweaty, his hair a mess. “Shut up”.
Taehyung merely laughs. “Here, I want you to meet someone”. Panic washes over Yoongi. “Wait, is there someone here? You said we’d be alone, I can’t let anyone see me with you”. “Ouch, that hurt”. “I’m not fucking around, I knew I shouldn’t have come here, I—“
“Would you calm down? I wanted you to meet Bora but if you’re gonna be like this…” Taehyung leaves the sentence unfinished, having the nerve to even pout. Yoongi takes the bait. “Who’s Bora?” “Only the best girl ever. The apple of my eye, the one that keeps me going”.
Bora turns out to be Taehyung’s horse — a magnificent creature, sleek black and powerful. Yoongi finds himself in awe by her, and after following Taehyung’s instructions, he is able to pet her. “Oh, look at that! She likes you”. “She does?” “Seems like she does”.
“Huh”, Yoongi says, dumbly. Bora’s eyes are two infinite pools of darkness, but they’re so kind. Yoongi thinks she can tell what’s going through his mind. “She’s lovely”. “Isn’t she? I mean, she’s usually temperamental but I think she found her match”.
Yoongi throws a dirty look at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Oh, please, you’re not the sweetest of the bunch”. “I’m a fucking nice person”. Taehyung laughs. “Sure you are”. Changing the subject, Yoongi asks, “did you ride her today?” “Well, I tried”.
“You tried?” Taehyung smiles in a way his cheeks look like two loafs of bread. “Bora isn’t very happy with me. We were apart for so long, so she was a little wary. Made a fool of myself out there, but we always have tomorrow, right, baby?”
It’s weird seeing and hearing Taehyung act like this, using a baby voice to address the horse. Yoongi doesn’t know what to feel. He’s kinda conflicted. “Besides”, Taehyung continues. “She tends to come back slightly moody after a rental, so—“ “Wait, you rent her?”
“Sometimes. For races and stuff, she even plays polo”, Taehyung explains as if it was the most natural thing. “We get some of the profits when she wins, which is almost always”. Yoongi is appalled. “Isn’t that a way of animal exploitation? You’re using her to make money”.
Taehyung glances at him. “It’s just business, and even when I was away I made sure she was taken care of”. “No wonder why she’s mad at you”, Yoongi tuts before turning at the horse. “I’m so sorry, Bora. You don’t deserve to be a slave of capitalism. One day you’ll be free”.
He hears Taehyung’s sigh. “Maybe we should change the subject, I don’t wanna get dragged into discourse I don’t understand”. “You will once you’ve learned to see past your privileges”. “Well, with my privileges I got you coffee and snacks, you don’t want them?”
Yoongi’s head perks up at the mention of coffee. “You got me coffee?” “I did, and before you ask, no, it’s not from Starbucks”. Taehyung hands him a carton cup. “I’ve heard it’s actually really good”. Yoongi hesitates before accepting the cup. “Oh, um. I’ll take it”.
“I knew you would”, Taehyung smiles, way too pleased. “What, no thank you?” “Don’t push it”. Yoongi takes a sip from the coffee and lets out a moan. “Oh, my god”. “Huh, that’s what you said the other night”, Taehyung teases. Yoongi can’t be bothered to reply.
“Stole these from the dessert bar”. Taehyung shows him a little plate with a couple of pretty-looking delicacies. “Don’t tell anyone”. “The rich stealing from the rich… am I radicalizing you, Kim Taehyung?”
Taehyung gives him an amused look before sitting down. “Aren’t you gonna join me?” “Here? In the stables?” “Come on, it’s clean”. “Taehyung, horses literally shit here”. “And?“ “What if I get a stomach bug or something?” “Then I’ll make sure you get the best medical care”.
He ends up sitting next to him after all. Taehyung has a cup similar to his but it’s probably green tea, not coffee. Why does he remember Taehyung’s order? “So…” Taehyung starts. “So…” “Are you gonna tell me?” “Tell you what?” “Who said stuff to you?”
Yoongi sighs. “I don’t wanna talk about it”. “If you quote-unquote hate people like me so much, why are you protecting them?” “I’m not protecting them, I just think it’s pointless”. “It’s not pointless”. “Of course it is, it always is”. “No, because I’d talk to them”.
“It wouldn’t make any difference”. “You don’t know that”, Taehyung insists. “Come on, just give me a name and consider it done”. Yoongi hesitates before saying, “you’d do it even if it was one of your friends?” Taehyung’s face hardens. “Was it Jimin?”
Well, that's interesting. Maybe this isn't the first time Jimin has said something nasty to a member of staff. Whatever the case might be, Yoongi doesn't want to get involved in any drama… especially when it revolves around people like them. Yoongi shrugs. "Don't know his name".
"Oh, come on". Taehyung doesn't believe him. "You have to know him. Seen him, at least. Thick lips, pretty face, an ass to die for? Does it ring a bell?" Yoongi remembers the way he felt after Jimin's "friendly advice", remembers the sweat on his nape, his shaking hands…
Beautiful, rich and influential; people like Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung always get what they want, no matter the consequences. They might just be models but their parents are no joke – you don't wanna mess with them. "Maybe, I dunno", Yoongi shrugs again.
"It was him, wasn't it". It sounds far from a question. "Let's just drop it", Yoongi says, weakly. "Believe it or not, I don't want to get in trouble today, I came here to work and that's it". "You're not gonna get in trouble, you can be sure of it".
Yoongi glances away; Taehyung's insistent eyes are on him, watching his every move. Yoongi doesn't necessarily enjoys being stared at or scrutinized like this. He sighs. "He might've said some things…" "What things?" "It was stupid–" "What things?"
Yoongi shoots him a warning look –"don't talk to me like that"– before saying, "he was just kind enough to remind me of my social status while also making very clear that someone like me doesn't have a chance with someone like you". "He said that?" "Mhm".
Taehyung nods, face features hard and tight. "Okay, I- Okay". "Okay", Yoongi chuckles, frowning. "You don't seem very surprised". "It's been a recurring thing", Taehyung explains. "We have a past, sort of. Before I left for Paris. It shouldn't have happened in the first place".
“Listen, I just don’t wanna be a homewrecker or anything, and I don’t appreciate being talked down like that”, Yoongi tells him sincerely. “I might’ve snapped at him a little, and no, I’m not gonna apologize for that either”. “What did you say to him?”
"Just the truth". Yoongi shoves one tiny dessert into his mouth. "Don't worry, I went easy on him". Taehyung is still serious, but his eyes soften slightly. He huffs. "Don't know if I can believe that. Anyways, Jimin shouldn't have said those things to you. I'll talk to him".
"Can you keep my name out of it though? I don't wanna get involved in– whatever you two have going on". Taehyung rolls his eyes. "There's nothing going on, not anymore, anyways. We're just best friends". "Right", Yoongi chuckles. "He did say you don't date".
Taehyung's eyebrows reach his hairline. "Oh, really?" "He did". Yoongi snickers at the ridiculousness of it all – how did he end up in the middle of this drama? "Sounds to me like there's some unfinished business between the two of you". "You're one to talk, darling". "Me?"
The pointed look he gets from Taehyung makes Yoongi do mental somersaults. “What are you talking about?” “Oh, please. That night, the first night, you got a call and someone called you babe”. Taehyung smirks. “Does he know about us?”
Yoongi chokes on his dessert. “What kind of question is that? Of course he doesn’t, no one does”. “Again, ouch”. Taehyung rubs his chest as if he was offended. “What’s so appalling about fucking me?” “It goes against my beliefs”, Yoongi deadpans. “But you still do it”.
Yoongi could come up with an excuse but the problem is he’s not only fucked Taehyung once but twice… and now he’s here, having coffee and desserts with him with Taehyung’s horse witnessing it all. “So what? Did you tell your friends a low-class citizen fucked you?”
“God, no”. Yoongi takes that expression personally. “They’d probably arrange an intervention, ask if I was being held hostage or something”. “If it’s so unfathomable, why did Jimin even bother to talk to me?” “He must’ve noticed I was watching you”. “You were watching me?”
“Don’t flatter yourself”. Taehyung grabs a handful of hay and throws it at him. “I was just making sure you didn’t do anything”. “Right”, Yoongi tells himself he’s not disappointed. “Put a leash on him, then. Jealousy doesn’t suit him”. “He’s into leashes, actually”.
Yoongi wonders if leashes were involved when they were together. “I didn’t wanna know that, thank you”. Taehyung laughs. “I’ll talk to him, convince him to apologize”. “I don’t want him to apologize, I just don’t want to interact with him ever again”.
“You’re a hard man to please”, Taehyung chuckles. “I’ll him to stay away from the bar tomorrow, then”. “It’s fine, I’m not coming back tomorrow, he’s free to have as many mimosas as he pleases”. Taehyung’s face falls. “You won’t be here tomorrow? Don’t you have work?”
“I’m only here for the day”. Yoongi shrugs, trying not to read too much into Taehyung’s expression. “It was a favor”. “Oh”. “Mhm”. “Tomorrow is the main event though”. “Okay”. Where is he going with this? “I kinda, um. Staff is allowed to see the show”.
“How kind of them”, Yoongi says, making sure the sarcasm is clear. “You’re gonna miss it”. “I’ll live”. Taehyung tuts. “You should come, anyways”. “I’d rather walk into a Starbucks and have a caramel macchiato, thank you”. With a huff, Taehyung crosses his arms.
“I’m telling you to come so you can see me, in case you haven’t noticed”. Yoongi unsuccessfully tries to hide his smirk. “I’m sure Jimin and your other fanboys won’t like that, and besides… I already have plans for tomorrow”. “What plans?” “Rioting”.
Taehyung scrunches his nose. “You’d be safer here”. “I highly doubt it”, Yoongi doesn’t acknowledge what it sounded like worry. “And it’s a three hour drive, I’m not gonna put myself through that again”. “What if you stayed?” “Stayed?” “I have a suite”.
Yoongi can’t believe he actually considers it for a second. “Tempting, but it’s against my beliefs, too”. “Spending the night with me?” “Spending the night with anyone”, and it’s not a lie. Yoongi doesn’t do that ever since he broke up with Mingyu.
Taehyung hums. “What if I told you the beds here are to die for?” “I’d say it’s the least they can do, considering the fees they charge”. Yoongi is a little thrown off by Taehyung’s insistence. “You’re gonna have your audience even if I’m not here”. “But I want you here”.
Yoongi won’t be persuaded. “Maybe some other time”. Grown ass men shouldn’t look so endearing when they pout. “Bora is gonna be very disappointed”, Taehyung says after turning around to check on the horse. “Hope you’re happy”. “I’m sure she has other concerns in mind”.
With a sigh, Yoongi checks his phone. It’s late. He stands up, an attempt to wrap things up. “Well, I have a three hour drive to make. Wanna get home before it gets dark”. “Okay”. Yoongi strokes Bora’s forehead. “It was nice meeting you, girl”.
Taehyung is already on his feet when Yoongi turns to face him. He’s expecting something, Yoongi can tell. What is he supposed to say now? “Well, see you around, I guess”. Taehyung huffs. “She gets a proper goodbye but I only get ‘see you around’? I got you coffee and snacks!”
“That’s because she’s cute”, Yoongi teases, but he still takes a step forward. “See you later, Kim Taehyung. I’ll make sure to make you angry soon. There, happy?” “No”. “What else do you want?” “You know what I want”. A kiss. He wants a kiss.
And goddamn it, Yoongi is not strong enough to resist those big, doe eyes. He lets out an annoyed grunt, closes the distance between them and, on his tippy toes, Yoongi places a featherlight kiss on the corner of his mouth. “There”. “That wasn’t a kiss!” “Sure it was”.
Taehyung literally stomps on the ground like a kid throwing a fit. “Give me your mouth, I want your mouth, why are you such an assholemph!” Yoongi laughs into the kiss, bites Taehyung’s lower lip hard enough to annoy him. Bora snorts, unimpressed.
Yoongi is halfway to the resort when he pulls over and starts questioning himself. What on earth is he doing? He woke up earlier than usual, made some coffee, filled up the gas tank and started a three hour drive just to please a spoiled brat. He must be out of his damn mind.
The sensible part of him tells him to go back. He could tell Hoseok that there was a change of plans, that he was going to show up to the rally after all. Yoongi hesitates, considers turning around and going back home. Well, he’s halfway there, isn’t he?
He paid for a full tank, dressed up like a staff member to ease his way in, made the arrangements to keep the shop closed for the rest of the day… Yoongi is not gonna let any of that go to waste. It has nothing to do with Kim Taehyung and his big, doe eyes.
For a place to claims to be exclusive and luxurious, the resort’s security is shit. Yoongi has no problem sneaking around and pretending to be part of the crew… he even has his name tag and staff credentials from yesterday, so no one questions his presence.
Finding the spot when everyone is gathered at isn’t hard either. Yoongi remembers what Taehyung said about staff being allowed to watch the main show, and his abilities to blend in grants him a first row spot. Yoongi hides his name tag to avoid possible confrontations.
Black trousers on, a button up shirt and nice shoes… without his staff credentials on sight, he can come across as one of the guests. Yoongi is not a fan of the sunlight all over his face, yet he still endures it. He might get a headache later, though.
Taehyung is one of the last people to show up, and Yoongi hates to admit that the fucker looks good. Like an ad for an expensive perfume, slow motion and everything. He resembles the love interest in those cheesy movies Jungkook enjoys, and Yoongi can’t stop watching him.
The aura that surrounds him might be impressive, alluring even — and though he looks incredible riding the majestic creature that is Bora, Yoongi can tell Taehyung is struggling to perform as expected. Bora isn’t cooperating and it shows. Still, Taehyung does well.
Not as well as some of the other participants, but better than most. Either way, there’s a round of applause, Yoongi notices that the cheering he gets is more enthusiastic. How could he forget? He has fanboys to spare, fangirls, Jimin… Taehyung and his ~darlings.
That’s when the realization washes over him. The realization that he dressed up, paid for a full tank, drove three hours and spent another two under the sun just to watch Taehyung ride a damn horse. Yoongi feels stupid. Why did he do all of that? He doesn’t belong here.
He shouldn’t be here anyways. But it’s too late, because it’s only then when he understands that the spot he chose doesn’t give him any room to hide, and then Taehyung and Bora are getting closer, and Yoongi is right there in front row.
Yoongi should’ve run when he had the chance, but frozen in place, he watches as Taehyung climbs off Bora and hands the horse to someone from staff. And then the inevitable happens: Taehyung looks up and, for some reason, his eyes find Yoongi with ease. Yoongi turns and leaves.
He doesn’t run, the last thing he wants is to draw attention, blow his cover. Yoongi walks fast, head down, avoiding eye contact — the guests don’t even notice his presence and the staff think he’s one of them. If Taehyung attempts to follow him, he’s not gonna have it easy.
When Yoongi reaches the lobby, he goes straight to the bar and uses the door that leads to the staff only area. The kitchen is there, as well as storage rooms and other facilities that guests are not allowed into, which is exactly what he needs right now: a safe way out.
Yoongi only worked there for a day so he gets lost, can’t find the exit he is desperately looking for. He tries following the signs on the walls but the panic bubbling inside of him plays with his mind, and soon he finds himself stopping on his tracks to catch his breath.
He has to calm down otherwise he’s not gonna be able to make it. If someone sees him in his condition they’re going to know he’s not supposed to be here. And speaking of people who are not supposed to be here. “Don’t tell me you were gonna leave without saying goodbye”.
Yoongi curses under his breath before turning around to face the newcomer. Kim Taehyung is leaning against the wall, a smirk on his lips but eyes a little cautious. Yoongi looks away. He’s never been good at maintaining eye contact. “You shouldn’t be here”. “Neither should you”.
“As a former employee, I think I’m allowed… I even have my credentials”. “And as someone whose grandfather’s money was used to build this place, I think I’m more than allowed”. Taehyung crosses his arms. “You came”. Yoongi shrugs. “It was on the way”.
It’s a poor excuse, but Yoongi can’t come up with anything better at the moment. Taehyung wasn’t supposed to see him, follow him even less. Taehyung’s smile widens. “On the way to where?” “Rioting”, Yoongi says. “Do you always doll up when you riot?” “I’m not dolled up”.
“Darling, you even combed your hair”. Taehyung eyes him up and down. It’s a little unsettling. “You look good”. Yoongi coughs. “And you’re sweaty”. It’s not a lie and Yoongi doesn’t mean it in a bad way. Taehyung is always well put together and seeing like this is different.
“Mhm, the sun was particularly merciless today”. Taehyung takes a step forward, closing the distance between them, little by little. Yoongi doesn’t even try to step back. “Did you see me out there?” “I did”. “And what did you think?” “I think Bora did great”.
Taehyung huffs. “She was moody, I need to have a word with her”. “Or maybe stop renting her out to make profit from her”. “You know, some other time I would’ve been offended but right now I’m not gonna let that ruin my good mood”. “Okay”. “Aren’t you gonna ask?”
“Ask what?” Taehyung’s boots appear on his eyesight, since Yoongi is still looking down. “Why am I in a good mood?” “I’m sure you have your reasons, and I don’t wanna hear them, but I’m sure you’re gonna tell me either way”. “Damn right I am”. Yoongi rolls his eyes.
“Just do it quickly so I can go”. Taehyung -as expected- takes his sweet time and doesn’t go straight to the point like Yoongi told him to. Instead, he says, “darling…” His deep, low voice makes Yoongi shiver. “What?” “Look at me”.
Yoongi thinks it’s the heatstroke from spending too much time under the sun — because he locks eyes with Taehyung and waits, waits for Taehyung, a person he shouldn’t be seen with, he shouldn’t be with. Taehyung’s eyes soften. “Hi”. “Hello”. “I’m glad you came”.
Yoongi wets his lips. It’s hard to focus with Taehyung’s proximity, his scent — he smells like sweat, musky and heavy, like the soil from outside, the breeze and sunlight. Yoongi clears his throat. “It was on the way”. “Sure”, Taehyung smiles. “But you still came”.
And that he did. Yoongi doesn’t know why. “I came to see Bora”. “Rude”. “She was the star of the show”. “You’re mean”. “Really, I didn’t even notice you were riding her”. Taehyung bumps their noses together. “Should I kiss you can so you finally notice me?” “You should”.
This time, Taehyung doesn't smile. In fact, all trace of amusement disappears from his face. Pupils blown out, eyes dark, heavy, hungry — Taehyung doesn't look like the guy that was whining and complaining seconds ago.
Their noses brush, Yoongi inhales sharply. He's never wanted to kiss someone — to be kissed — so bad. Yoongi would do well to remember the kind of person Taehyung is, what he represents. Yoongi should really do that. But maybe later. After a kiss. Maybe two.
Taehyung is taking too long and Yoongi doesn't have the time nor the patience; they're not supposed to be here, either. With shy fingers, Yoongi grabs him by the lapels of his jacket, brings his face closer — Taehyung's lashes are so long. There's a mole on the tip of his nose.
Yoongi should really remember who Taehyung is, where he comes from, the kind of parents be friends he has. Taehyung’s eyes flutter, bore into his soul and Yoongi falls right into them. “Darling…” Yoongi stands on his tippy toes and brings their lips together.
And while he tries to rationalize what he just did, Taehyung grabs his face and guides him to the nearest room he finds, which turns out to be really fucking freezing, probably a cold room or something, Yoongi doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.
Why should he care when he’s got Taehyung’s tongue down his throat and his hands holding him, squeezing him, keeping him close — like he doesn’t want Yoongi to come back into his senses and run away? Yoongi should not forget who he is. He has to keep that in mind.
He pushes Taehyung against the nearest surface, breaks the kiss and dives for his neck — Yoongi nips at his jaw before relishing on the saltiness of his skin. His scent is stronger down here, Yoongi takes a deep breath and drags his teeth across the flesh. “No marks”
Right, Taehyung is who he is, after all. Yoongi knew that, knew that he liked —still does— to fool around. Even with that in mind, he chuckles against his neck. “Worried your other ~darlings might see them?” “Try the media. And no need to be jealous, I only have one darling”.
Yoongi doesn’t know what to do with that piece of information, doesn’t know if it’s the truth or a lie — it shouldn’t matter, anyway And he shouldn’t give it too much thought To push those thoughts aside, Yoongi grabs him by the ass. He’s not expecting Taehyung’s pained whine
It’s not the reaction he normally gets when he gropes him. “What?” “Nothing to worry, dear. I’m just a little sore”, he says against his mouth. “You can continue kissing me, though”. Yoongi avoids the kiss, pulling back. “Sore? You rode Bora with a sore ass?”
“Of course not, you rejected my invitation, remember?” Taehyung gives him an amused look. “Riding Bora made me sore, I told you it’s been a while”. “Oh, please, don’t try to make me feel special, I know what they say about you”. Taehyung doesn’t seem offended.
It’s the total opposite: he laughs, chasing Yoongi’s mouth as the other tries to avoid him. “And what do they say about me, hm?” “You’re known for being a player”. The words make Yoongi cringe. “So I enjoy sex, what’s the big deal? Being a prude doesn’t suit you”.
“It’s not that, I just think the constant flattery is unnecessary”. “You like it, I’ve seen you blush”. Taehyung grabs his face again, he’s got a shit eating grin on his lips. “I like making you blush. You look even prettier with your cheeks all pink”. Yoongi huffs.
“Besides”, Taehyung continues. “Me liking sex doesn’t mean I have sex with just anyone. You’ve become one of my favorites”. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?” “It’s just the truth”. Yoongi doesn’t know what to say to that, so he just glances away.
It’s so stupid. Yoongi shouldn’t let Taehyung’s words affect him like this. “Listen, darling”. He places both hands on Yoongi’s waist, pulling him closer. “I can’t stay here for too long, I’m needed back there for the formalities and all the boring stuff”. “Okay”.
“I have a suite”, Taehyung says. Yoongi nods. “You mentioned that yesterday”. Taehyung bumps their noses, smiles when Yoongi scrunches his. “Do you wanna stick around for a little bit?” He then retrieves a hotel card from his jacket. “You can use it, make yourself comfortable”.
Yoongi frowns, stares at the hotel card with cautious eyes. “You’re giving me your key”. “Yes”. Taehyung places the card in Yoongi’s button down pocket. “The suite is mine so I can get another one later, it’s fine”. “They charge for those, though”. “They don’t when you’re me”.
“When I say I have a suite I mean it in the literal sense”, Taehyung explains when Yoongi tilts his head, confused. “It’s mine. My grandfather paid for this hotel, remember? So they have a suite for me”. Yoongi pretends to gag. “Nepotism at its finest”.
Taehyung ignores the jab. “Darling, would you wait for me?” At least it’s a request and not an order, which Yoongi appreciates. “Give me an hour and I’ll be there, hm? It’s cozy, with a nice bed, a jacuzzi… you’ll like it”. Yoongi looks away. “I dunno”.
Taehyung, to his surprise, doesn’t push it. “Well, if you decide to grace me with your presence… there’s a private elevator. Just use the card and it will take you straight to it”. “Okay”. “I really hope…” Taehyung stops, starts again. “I’d really like you to come”.
Yoongi gives him a curt nod, avoiding his eyes — if he gets lost in them he might lose. “I’ll think about it”. Taehyung leans down for a brief kiss, a kiss Yoongi returns out of habit, and before leaving the cold room, Taehyung winks at him and says, “don’t keep me waiting”.
That sentence alone should’ve sealed the deal — Yoongi doesn’t appreciate being talked like that. The ghost of Taehyung’s lips linger on Yoongi’s mouth. If there’s a battle going on, Yoongi is the one in disadvantage — and he refuses to lose against someone like Kim Taehyung.
bora is free
Yoongi has officially lost his damn mind. Yes, your suspicions are correct: he stayed, he ~waited, like a total loser, because there's no other word for him. While Taehyung was out there taking pics and giving interviews, Yoongi was in his car, watching time go by.
To be fair, Yoongi did consider telling Taehyung to fuck off and just return home, join the rally and pretend nothing happened. He even turned the car on, rolled he windows down, adjusted the rear-view mirror — but in the end, he chose to stay. He was already here, after all.
It's just some meaningless fun, Yoongi tells himself. So how does he explain the following? Yoongi approaches the bar and, as confidently as possible, says: "Kim Taehyung-nim requested a tea service for his room, green — some desserts, too". "Did he call? Phone's been quiet".
Yoongi smiles tightly. The staff he approached doesn't sound suspicious, just intrigued. "He sort of told me while he was going to his room, said he wanted the service in an hour — the sweets, too". "Are you personally taking the service to his suite?"
Yoongi grits his teeth. “I am”. There’s a reason for that, as well. As much as he hates the idea, Yoongi came up with the room service idea to have a plausible excuse in case someone sees him. “Okay”, the staff tells him, pleased with the response. “Coming right up”.
The tea service and desserts are ready in record time; it probably has something to do with the fact that Taehyung’s name is attached to the order. Yoongi then remembers something and asks the staff “hey, do you have any painkillers?” “Painkillers?” “Hm, the guy is sore”.
The staff member raises an eyebrow. “I’m not even gonna ask”. Yoongi snorts, remembers to play along to avoid repercussions. “You know what they say… what happens in SONO…” “Those poor cleaning workers aren’t paid enough. Hold on, I’ll get them for you”.
All set, Yoongi heads for the private elevator — there are two security guards but they let him in when he shows them the card. Yoongi has never been in a private elevator, doesn’t know how to use it. “Just slide the card and press the V button”, one of the guards says.
His own elevator, his own elevator button, his own floor… Kim Taehyung has everything except decency and manners, but that’s a whole different story. The mild anxiety he feels as he reaches the suite has an explanation as well: he’s late. Half an hour late. He made him wait.
Yoongi doesn’t know if Taehyung is still in his room — maybe he didn’t appreciate Yoongi’s tardiness and made plans with his friends, with Jimin. And since Yoongi doesn’t have his number, he was unable to ask if he was still around. There’s only one way to find out.
Yoongi doesn’t knock. He uses the card again and the double doors open. What he sees takes him a little aback — the ridiculous amount of luxury gives him a headache, upsets him and disgusts him a little, he’s not going to lie. The living room alone is bigger than his workshop.
After placing the tea service and sweets on the nearest table, Yoongi allows himself to snoop around. The suite looks empty — very colonial-esque, white furniture and art all over the walls. And yet, it lacks something, Yoongi can’t tell what exactly.
He immerses himself even deeper, eyeing the kitchen, the lounge area. Yoongi can’t imagine how is it like to live here. He hears a door closing. Yoongi’s head perks up and finds Taehyung half dressed. Unsure of what to say, Yoongi clears his throat. “Hey”.
Taehyung doesn’t greet him back. Instead, he shakes his head. “Do you take great pleasure in making me wait for you? Is that something you’re into?” “A little bit of edging doesn’t hurt anyone”, Yoongi shrugs. “Going somewhere?”
“Well, since I thought you weren’t coming, I made plans”, Taehyung crosses his arms. “I was on my way to meet Jimin”. The name doesn’t sit well with Yoongi. “Gonna remember old times, hm?” What made him say that, honestly… Taehyung gives him a pointed look.
“Actually, I was gonna talk to him about the stuff you told me yesterday”. Yoongi glances away. “Should I go, then?” He feels Taehyung’s eyes on him and after a beat of silence, he says, “Hold on, lemme text him for a rain check. You’re already here, so…”
“I shouldn’t be here, though”, Yoongi mutters that more to himself than anything. Taehyung approaches him, barefoot and overall stunning, chest exposed and hair a mess. “But you are. You came”. Taehyung grabs his face. “Let’s focus on that instead”.
Yoongi lets Taehyung kiss him, a small peck that grows into something completely different — Taehyung is trying to assert dominance, probably because Yoongi made him wait and now he wants to be in control. He grunts when Yoongi squeezes his hips a little too hard.
“Actually”, he mumbles out with a sigh, “I don’t think I can do anything right now”. “Are you that sore?” “Don’t be mean, it hurts!” “Then why did you ask me to come in the first place?” Yoongi asks, and maybe he sounds like an asshole but he doesn’t really care.
Taehyung pouts as he flops down on the bed. “To make me company, of course”. Yoongi snorts. “Right, because we’re besties”. “We could be”. Taehyung glances at him over his shoulder. “Being friends with me has numerous perks”. “Not interested”, Yoongi deadpans.
“What about the bed I gave you? It was expensive. I didn’t hear you complaining”. “I complained a lot, you just weren’t there to hear me”. Taehyung laughs. “Well, now that you’re here… can you massage my butt? My back, too. I’m really sore”.
Yoongi snorts. “You must have me confused with one of your servants”. “That’s such an ugly word. They’re my staff”. “Whatever. I’m not doing that”. There’s a brief moment of silence. Then, Taehyung says, “Jimin would massage my butt”.
Yoongi clenches his jaw. “I’m sure he would”. “He has, you know?” Taehyung sighs again. “He’s really good, actually. His hands might be tiny but god, they’re miracle workers, I swear, he makes me see stars”. The fucker is trying to piss him off, and it’s working.
Annoyed, Yoongi rolls his sleeves all the way up to his elbows and approaches the bed. “Just take your fucking pants off, idiot”. Taehyung giggles. “I knew that would change your mind. Go on, I dare you to do better than him”. Yoongi takes that personally.
He doesn’t have any experience in massaging in general, but people always say he’s really good with hands… that must mean something, right? In bed with just his underwear on, Taehyung lays down and wiggles his butt. “Ready when you are, darling”.
By now Yoongi is quite familiar with Taehyung’s body so he doesn’t let his butt distract him. He forces himself not to get distracted, even though Yoongi has the urge to do unthinkable things to him — he must focus if he wants to do well.
As he starts to apply some pressure on his ass cheeks, Yoongi wonders why he’s doing this. Why does he want to prove himself to Taehyung, when it’s obvious that the guy is only messing around with him, pushing his buttons just to get what he wants.
Allowing Taehyung to play with him like that makes him one of the bunch, doesn’t it? “Hm, feels good”, Taehyung mumbles out. Yoongi mentally pats his own back, regrets it once he realizes he’s congratulating himself for it. What on earth is he doing?
Taehyung turns out to be very vocal when he’s getting a massage, and he gets even louder when Yoongi reaches his lower back, applying pressure on his tight muscles. He starts babbling things Yoongi can’t understand, but he catches a few curses. It’s cute and distracting.
So distracting that Yoongi forgets the context of the whole situation and follows his most primal instincts — which is leaning down to place a kiss between his shoulder blades. Taehyung whimpers. The sound messes up with Yoongi’s brain.
Yoongi follows along and kisses his way down to Taehyung’s spine till he reaches his tailbone. His underwear is on the way so he pulls it down and continues kissing all the skin he can reach, parts his ass cheeks and licks a stripe right between them, causing Taehyung to moan.
Eating ass is something Yoongi is very good at, and judging by the sounds Taehyung makes, he hasn’t lost practice. Yoongi takes his time, rejoices in the way Taehyung comes apart, urges him to “keep going, darling. Just like that”. If Yoongi keeps going, it’s because he wants to.
It’s not what it looks like, he’s not obeying Taehyung, okay? As he continues to kiss and lick that place Yoongi desperately wants to be inside of, he squeeze’s Taehyung’s cheeks, not too hard because he’s still sore, although he seems to have forgotten all about it.
When Yoongi resurfaces from down there, Taehyung hums, pleased. “Hm, Jimin didn’t do that… I’ll give you extra points for that bonus treat”. Right, because that’s what this is. A competition. Jimin’s name snaps something within him, something ugly Yoongi cannot describe.
Annoyed, Yoongi sits on his knees and examines the room. His eyes land on an object that he spotted when he first entered Taehyung’s room. It was on top of the outfit he wore out there with Bora. “Who told you to stop?” Taehyung huffs. A reminder of his true personality.
Great. It will make things easier for Yoongi. “Don’t worry, darling. I’m just looking for my massage tool”. “Massage tool?” “Mhm, you know. To make you feel even better”. Yoongi grabs the riding crop; it’s made out of leather and it feels expensive. “Ah, here. I found it”.
Taehyung’s eyes widen at the sight of the object. “You wanna use that on me?” “Consider it Bora’s payback for using it on her”, Yoongi smirks when Taehyung gulps, nervous. “Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never got a little kinky with the riding crop”. “Not really”.
That takes Yoongi aback. “Oh, never mind then”. He is about to put the crop down when Taehyung yells: “No!” He clears his throat. “I mean. No. You can use it. There’s a first time for everything, right? You’ve spiked my interest”. “You sure?” He asks. “I am”.
“Tell me if he gets too much and I’ll stop”, Yoongi says, because he might be an asshole and Taehyung might not deserve the consideration but it is his first time and he does look a little scared. “Okay”, Taehyung croaks out. “I trust you on this”.
Taehyung never tells Yoongi to stop. He jolts when the riding crop lands on his ass for the first time but after that he gets used to it. He even tells Yoongi to do it “harder, make it hurt”, and god, Yoongi kinda loses his shit at that moment.
Blow after blow, Yoongi continues to use the crop on him, not only on his ass but the back of his legs too. The abuse has left its imprint — there are red marks all over his previously flawless skin, and that is something Yoongi feels very proud of. “Turn around”, he instructs.
Taehyung obeys and Yoongi has to take a second to gather his thoughts, not let the breathtaking sight Taehyung is distract him — in all his naked glory, flushed face, eyes wide and expecting. “Spread your legs”, Yoongi says. “Like this?” “Wider”.
Taehyung’s thighs tremble when Yoongi resumes his ministrations; he whines, hisses, moans as Yoongi slams the crop against the flesh. For someone who’s always so well put together, Taehyung is unrecognizable right now. “Does it hurt?” Yoongi asks. Taehyung nods. “Do you like it?”
Taehyung doesn’t answer. “Does it feel good?” Yoongi prompts, aiming for his inner thigh, very close to his balls. “Answer me”. Taehyung grunts. “It does”. “Did Jimin make you feel this good?” Taehyung glares at him. He’s got tears in his eyes. “You’re obsessed with him”.
Yoongi is especially harsh on his next blow. Taehyung thrashes on the bed. “I asked you a question”. Just like Yoongi, Taehyung has his pride, but after some persuasion, he breaks. “No, no, he- He didn’t. Only you”. “That’s right”. Taehyung grabs his wrist. “No more”.
Yoongi stops immediately. “It’s kinda tender, it hurts”, Taehyung explains. “Okay”. Taehyung makes grabby hands at him. “Come here and kiss me instead”. “A please would be nice”. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Just hurry up”. So Yoongi just goes.
His face is wet with tears, eyes and nose red, mouth already open when Yoongi leans down to kiss him. The kiss they share isn’t like the others, it’s more tentative, slow… there’s no tongue involved, just lips tasting each other, Taehyung’s fingers sinking into Yoongi’s hair.
Yoongi is fully dressed while Taehyung is stark naked, a common trait during their encounters, but for the first time Yoongi wishes to take his clothes off, feel Taehyung’s warmth against his skin, the softness of it. Yoongi runs a hand across one of Taehyung’s legs.
The gesture makes Taehyung hiss. “Does it hurt when I do that?” Yoongi asks. “A little, you made a number on them”, Taehyung pouts. “They should be fine tomorrow, I believe”. Taehyung hums. “You know what you should do, darling? You should kiss them better”.
Yoongi huffs. “Aren’t you a little demanding?” “Of course I am”, Taehyung agrees without a hint of shame. “But don’t act as if you don’t like my legs”. The only reason why Yoongi spends several minutes licking and kissing Taehyung’s legs is because they are pretty great.
Taehyung makes these small pleased sounds, tugs on Yoongi’s hair when he reaches a particularly sore spot, arches his back when Yoongi starts nibbling on his inner thighs. Very close to where his cock is, Yoongi fights back the urge to put it in his mouth. He doesn’t deserve it.
By the time Yoongi is done with his legs, he comes up to kiss Taehyung again — deep and wet yet careful, tasting every corner of his mouth and engraving it on his brain since Yoongi knows it could be weeks before they see each other again.
Taehyung breaks the kiss and pushes Yoongi off him. “Wait”. “Are you seriously that much in pain?” “No, just-“ Taehyung reaches out for the nightstand and retrieves a bottle of lube and some condoms. “I changed my mind”. Yoongi looks at the items handed to him.
“Are you sure?” he asks; sore muscles are no joke, not to mention Taehyung’s skin is sensitive from the crop. “Yeah, just… can you go slow this time?” Slow isn’t something they’ve done. Their encounters have always been frantic, angry — not slow and intimate.
He tries his best. It’s weird, that’s for sure. Even the prepping feels strange, with Taehyung on his stomach as Yoongi opens him up with tentative fingers. Taehyung says he wants to ride him but he’s in pain so Yoongi fucks him like that, chest to back, and it’s… different.
Different in the sense that they, for the first time, are equally naked and are not cursing at each other like the other occasions. Different because it’s deeper like this, more intimate, Yoongi’s face tucked into Taehyung’s neck as he moves his hips.
Different because, at one given point, Taehyung reaches for his hand and intertwines their fingers, and Yoongi lets him, lets Taehyung hold his hand while he fucks into him and sinks his teeth into his flesh. There will be marks. Taehyung doesn’t complain.
Taehyung’s body shudders and comes with a strained moan, comes again with a hand around his cock when Yoongi flips him onto his back to put some distance between them since things are getting a little too personal for his taste… and his sanity.
It doesn’t help that they come at the same time. Yoongi doesn’t allow himself to think too much of it. Just as he doesn’t allow himself to think too much of it when he crawls back to give Taehyung the kiss he’s most likely going to demand.
Taehyung sighs before smiling into Yoongi’s eager mouth. “What?” Yoongi asks. “Kissed me before I asked”, Taehyung giggles. “I’d say we’re making progress”. The last thing Yoongi wants is for Taehyung to think he has him eating from the palm of his hand.
So he rolls to the farthest side of the bed and stares at the ceiling, wondering what the fuck he just did. “Gotta give it to you, darling. Your massages are definitely something else”. “Should I do it professionally, then?” “Absolutely not, just me”. Taehyung sounds firm.
“I think you already have too many privileges”, Yoongi retorts. “Adding one more to the list won’t hurt anyone”. He’s a spoiled rich brat who always get what he wants. Yoongi has to remember that. He leaves the bed and starts looking for his clothes. “What are you doing?”
“Getting dressed”, Yoongi explains while putting his underwear on. “I told you I was headed somewhere else. I’m late”. That’s a big fat lie but Yoongi has to leave. “Can’t you stick around for a bit longer?” “I also told you I don’t spend the night… with anyone”.
“I’m not telling you to spend the night though”, Taehyung retorts. “I just wanna hang out, you know… talk”. Yoongi grabs his trousers. “You can hang out with your friends”. “I don’t wanna hang out with them, I wanna hang out with you”.
“I literally have nothing interesting to offer you”, Yoongi says. “I’m not the best at maintaining conversations”. “I beg to differ, I believe you’re actually pretty interesting”. Yoongi sighs. “We have nothing in common, Taehyung”. “And that’s why you’re so appealing to me”.
“If you want”, Taehyung continues. “I could just talk, you don’t have to say anything…” “That’s not how conversations work”. In the end, Yoongi yields yet again, settles in bed next to him and Taehyung talks his heart out. Yoongi merely listens.
Most of what comes out of his mouth is nonsense, rich boy problems, gossip about people Yoongi doesn’t know, his upcoming shows, events he has to attend because of his father. It’s probably not a smart move from his part… ~spilling the tea to an activist.
He tells Yoongi about Bora, the announcement he made to the media. “Mom was pretty upset, it was good money… but I told her I just didn’t want to give Bora to strangers anymore”. “I’m sure Bora will be happy to know that”. Taehyung smiles. “Are you?”
“What?” “Happy that I took her off the market”. Yoongi shrugs. “It’s your horse”. “Yeah, but aren’t you glad I did it?” “Are you asking for my validation?” “I’d just like to know I did something right”. It’s not what Yoongi expected to hear.
“I think you did the right thing”, Yoongi tells him. It seems to be enough for Taehyung, who smiles. “Do you wanna see her? She’s in the stables, resting. You should tell her she did a good job”. Yoongi does want to see her, but he shakes his head. “Maybe some other time”.
“Okay”, Taehyung says before closing his eyes and yawning. “I’m tired. Between the show and the things you did to me, I feel like I could sleep for a whole day”. “Then take a nap or something”. “Don’t wanna do that”, he mumbles out. “You won’t be here when I wake up”.
Yoongi neither confirms it nor denies it, he does what he can do, which is kissing Taehyung — short kisses on his mouth, his cheeks, his forehead. They make Taehyung happy, sink even deeper into slumber. Yoongi however gets the urge to take a piss so he attempts to get up.
“Darling?” Taehyung calls. His eyes are still closed. “Nature calls”, Yoongi says before standing up. “It will be quick”. “Hm, okay”. By the time Yoongi finishes his business and returns to the bedroom, Taehyung is soundly asleep.
Well, that’s his cue, isn’t it? At least Taehyung knows what to expect when he opens his eyes. Yoongi gets dressed without making any noise, places the painkillers somewhere visible and after one final glance at the naked body in bed, Yoongi closes the double doors behind him.
There’s a reason why Yoongi is a volunteer at this nursing home. More specifically, a person. The old lady is by the window, staring into space. She seems normal but she’s not, Yoongi and everyone here knows she’s not fine.
“She’s having a good day”. One of the nurses stands next to Yoongi, the two of them looking at the woman. “Why don’t you try saying hello?” Yoongi sighs. “I don’t think that’s a good idea”. “She’s your mom, kiddo”. “That’s the thing, isn’t it? She doesn’t remember that”.
The nurse gives him an apologetic smile. “She remembered my name, though. And like I said, today has been one of her best days. She even talked to some people, made new friends”. “She’ll forget all about them in the morning”. “Aish, don’t be like that, she’s making progress”.
Yoongi doesn’t get his hopes up. He’s done it before and ended up heartbroken when his own mom started screaming after a hug. “I have to go back to the shop, maybe some other time”. “Okay, dear. Will you come next week? God knows we need all the hands we can get”.
“Of course”, Yoongi grabs his coat and keys. “Tell her I dropped by, if she remembers me then you can add that I love her”. “Will do, kiddo. Don’t work yourself to death, okay?” “I’ll try”. It’s only when Yoongi is out of the nursing home that he can finally breathe.
These last couple of weeks have been pure hell. Yoongi loves volunteering here but seeing your mom like that… it never gets easier. Yeji can’t handle it, breaks down when she says “hi mom” and gets a “who are you?” in return. But he tries to be there for her, watch over her.
With work, his mom, his sister and the bills he has to pay, one would assume that Yoongi was too busy to think about nonsense. Yet Taehyung is always on his mind. Well, not always. Only when Yoongi allows himself to think of him. What is he doing? How is he doing?
Yoongi doesn’t regret leaving. The only thing he regrets is not having a way to check on him. He should’ve given him his real number. It’s been a little over two weeks and hasn’t heard anything from him, hasn’t even paid a visit to his shop.
Yoongi participated in a couple of rallies after the resort incident but Taehyung never showed up — it’s as if he had turned into a ghost. Maybe he had finally gotten tired of him. Maybe Taehyung decided to drop him like he did with those other boys.
He’s still standing outside the nursing home, pitying himself as one does, when a car parks right in front of him. Not just any car, that’s a Porsche, what the hell is a Porsche doing in a neighborhood like this? The window rolls down. “Hey, there, barman”. “Jimin?”
“Good, you remember me, that means we can skip the formalities”. He opens the copilot door. “Get in”. Yoongi snorts. “No thank you”. “Listen, ~comrade, I have places to be, so you better swallow that pride like I did before coming here and get in”.
“I’m not going anywhere with you”. Jimin glares at him from behind the steering wheel. “Believe me, I don’t wanna go anywhere with you, I don’t wanna be seen with you, but I’m afraid I have no choice”. The model tuts. “This isn’t about neither of us, okay, it’s about Taehyung”.
Yoongi’s head perks up. “What about him? Is he okay?” “Oh, now you care, huh”. Jimin shakes his head. “He’s the only reason I’m here, I’ve literally run out of ideas to make him feel better”. “What happened?” Jimin sighs. “His suite at SONO… someone broke into it”.
“Excuse me?” Yoongi asks, alarmed. “How did that happen?” “I’ll explain on the way”. Yoongi is not gonna climb into that car unless he’s one hundred percent sure Jimin isn’t tricking him. “How do I know you’re telling the truth? I don’t trust you”.
Exasperated, Jimin takes his phone out, taps on the screen a couple of times before showing Yoongi a picture. The crime scene. Yoongi recognizes the suite, the bed they shared, but everything is torn apart, even the mattress. Yoongi notices police tape and some officers, too.
“Do you believe me now?” Jimin prompts, putting his phone away. “I wouldn’t joke about something like that”. Yoongi gulps and nods. “Doesn’t look pretty”. “It isn’t. Now get in the car. I’ll tell you what I know”. Being inside of a Porsche is kinda surreal.
Don’t get him wrong, Yoongi has never wanted a car like that — it makes him uncomfortable, and the car doesn’t feel very safe either. “It’s been almost two weeks”, Jimin starts. “They haven’t found who did it”. “How come it wasn’t in the news?”
“Aw, have you been watching the news to stalk Tae”, Jimin coos but he sounds disgusted. “No, I watch the news to know whose event I’m gonna ruin”, Yoongi fires back. “So? Why wasn’t it in the news?” Jimin shrugs “Taehyung’s family’s choice. They don’t want people to know”.
“Why, because it’s bad for their image?” Yoongi huffs. “I don’t know why I’m surprised”. “They want to protect Tae, the person who did it left some… unpleasant messages on the walls. I’m not gonna tell you what those messages said, it’s not my place. Maybe he’ll tell you”.
Yoongi raises his eyebrows. “That’s very considerate of you”. “I’m his best friend, I’m only trying to do what’s best for him”. Jimin clenches his jaw before gritting out: “He seems to like you, that’s why I’m taking you to him”. “Is that where we’re going?”
Jimin nods. “Believe me, I wouldn’t be doing this if I had another choice, I hate to be seated next to you -in my car- just as much as you do”. “Don’t worry, my clothes are clean”, Yoongi deadpans. “They don’t look like it”. “You’re right, they’re dirty. Might ruin your car”.
After a glare, Jimin explains: “His parents put him in a safe house of sorts. Only a few people know where he really is. I’m trusting you with that, you can’t tell anyone”. “I won’t”. “You better, or I’ll cut that communist dick of yours Tae is so fond of”.
Yoongi clears his throat. “So you know…” “I know”. Jimin sounds bitter. “Honestly, what was he thinking? He could’ve picked any other guy, but a rioter…” “I’m an activist”. “You cause trouble anywhere you go, you’re a rioter”. “You’re just mad it’s me and not you”.
Jimin hits the breaks and turns to face Yoongi, a menacing little finger pointed at him. “Now listen to me, I know he will never see me as more than a friend, I’ve made peace with it, okay? If I’m upset is because people like you mean trouble and Taehyung deserves better”.
“Taehyung is a grown man who can make his own decisions”, Yoongi fires back. “Taehyung never had to deal with anything like what happened to him till he started messing around with you” “Are you saying it’s my fault?” Yoongi is beyond offended. “I’d never do anything like that”
Jimin side glances at him before starting to drive again. “I know. I’ve been keeping tabs on you, you don’t seem the type”. “You’ve been stalking me?” Yoongi screeches. “I wanted to blame you so much that I followed you around, trying to find evidence”. “I feel violated”.
“I’m not saying you did it, your group isn’t like that, but you do have some problematic friends”, Jimin remarks. “I just want justice for him, that’s all”. Yoongi shudders. “Can’t believe you’ve been following me around”. “You have an extraordinarily boring life, comrade”.
“What I do or don’t do with my life is none of your business”, Yoongi spits out. “And I’d appreciate it if you stayed out of it from now on”. “Happy to. I have better things to do, anyways”. Yoongi crosses his arms and looks out the window. He doesn’t recognize this area.
It’s a rich neighborhood, that’s for sure. It looks nothing like the areas Yoongi frequents. “I have a bone to pick with you”, Jimin announces. “Oh, really? Please, do tell”. “When you use a riding crop on someone, the least you can do is saying goodbye before leaving”.
Yoongi grunts. “He told you that?” “He told me everything”. Jimin laughs and shakes his head. “You gave him a massage? What, you’re part of his staff now?” “If that’s the case, I could say the same thing about you”. “Please, I’ve never massaged anyone in my life”.
Yoongi frowns. “You haven’t?” “No”, Jimin laughs. “I don’t know how to do that. People massage me, not the other way around. Besides, I hate oil. Makes my skin sticky”. Taehyung lied to him, then. He lied to get Yoongi massage him.
“Anyways, my point is”, Jimin continues. “If you’re gonna do hard stuff in the bedroom at least look after him when you’re done. Tae is not very experienced on that area”. “I see”. “I know what you two have is just sex, but it’s common sense, buddy. Aftercare is important”.
Yoongi nods, feeling slightly guilty. “Got it”. The rest of the drive is silent till Jimin stops the car in front of a small but nice looking house. “We’re here. Just knock or whatever, he’ll answer”. “You’re not coming?” “I’m not”. “But why?”
After a deep sigh, Jimin confides, “listen, it was enough having to drive you, okay? You two are probably gonna make out or something and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared for that”. “Oh”. “I’m just protecting myself, you know?”
Yoongi can’t help but to feel a pang of pity for the guy; unreciprocated crushes are no joke. “Does he know I’m- Does he know? What if he doesn’t open the door? I wouldn’t open the door, to be honest”. “He thinks you’re me, I told him I was dropping by”.
Jimin doesn’t wait for Yoongi to even reach the door, he just speeds up and disappears around a corner. Great. Yoongi is on his own. As soon as he knocks on the door, a dog starts barking. It sounds like one of those small dogs, the ones that look cute but are actually evil.
Said dog continues on yapping and Yoongi fears for his life. “Tan-ah, why are you barking like that, hm? It’s just Jimin, uncle Jimin”. The door opens. Feeling quite dumb, Yoongi does a little wave. “Um, it’s not Jimin”. Taehyung almost drops the tiny ball of fur in his arms.
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“What are you doing here?” After coming back to his senses, Taehyung grabs Yoongi by the shirt and pulls him inside, not before making sure no one saw them. “Nice seeing you, too”, Yoongi says, a little offended by the cold welcoming. “In my defense, I didn’t have a choice”.
“Was it Jimin?” Taehyung has the dog clutched against his chest. “He stalked me for days and dragged me here”. Yoongi crosses his arms. “I’m considering filing for a restraining order”. “Well, yeah, good luck with that. His father is friends with the district attorney”.
The revelation doesn’t surprise Yoongi. “He picked me up from the place I volunteer at, ordered me to get in his car. That thing didn’t feel safe at all”. Taehyung huffs, scratching the dog’s ears. “Can’t believe he tricked me like that”. “You tricked me to get a massage”.
“I was really sore and you wouldn’t do it”, Taehyung says over the dog’s incessant yapping. “What Jimin did was totally different”. Yoongi can’t hear his own thoughts, the dog is barking directly at him, trying to escape Taehyung’s arms in order to most likely attack him.
“What is wrong with your rat?” Yoongi says out loud. “Can you make it shut up, it’s impossible to talk like this”. Taehyung scoffs, as if Yoongi just insulted his entire family. “Don’t call it a rat, it’s a Pomeranian! And he’s barking because he doesn’t like you”.
“Well, I don’t like you either”, he says to the dog, even pokes his tongue out. The dog growls. “I’m gonna put Yeontan in his room”, Taehyung announces. “The dog has his own room?” “Of course, that’s where his toys are. His own room, too”. Rich people are ridiculous.
While Taehyung is away with the dog, Yoongi takes the opportunity to examine the place. It lacks personality. It resembles one of those model houses people visit before purchasing one of their own. Minimal furniture, a little cold — Taehyung’s print is missing.
Taehyung comes back not shortly after, heading straight for the kitchen. He grabs a bottle of wine from the fridge and handles the corkscrew with an expertise Yoongi has only seen on barmen. “You’re drinking?” he asks. “Yes”. “I thought you didn’t do that”.
“I’m stuck in here with nothing to do, do you have a better idea?” Taehyung pours the wine into a glass. “Do you want one?” “No, thank you”. “Suit yourself”. And as Taehyung drinks, Yoongi lets his traitorous eyes roam over him. Taehyung looks exhausted.
Gaunt and haggard, bags under his eyes — his flawless skin is now looking a little withered, hair tousled, like it hasn’t seen a comb in days. Yoongi doesn’t know what to do or what to say. “You don’t seem okay”, he prompts. “Well, it’s been a couple of rough days”.
Yoongi nods, glances away. “Yeah, I heard what happened”. “Did Jimin tell you?” “He did”. Taehyung curses under his breath. “He shouldn’t have done that”. “Hm”. “He shouldn’t have brought you here”. Yoongi was definitely not expecting to hear the disapproving tone.
“He thought that I somehow would be able to- cheer you up, I dunno”. Yoongi shrugs “He crossed a line bringing you here, he broke the rules”. Taehyung pours more wine into his glass. “If my parents ever find out they’re gonna—“ “Hey” Taehyung takes a shuddering breath. “What?”
Yoongi approaches him with careful steps, hesitates before reaching for his hands. “He did what he did because he’s worried about you, and I came here because- because I’m worried about you too”. “Cut the bullshit. You don’t care about people like me” “No, but I care about you”
Taehyung glances his way before letting out a small scoff. “You sure have one funny way to show it”. “If you’re talking about what happened last time we saw each other, I admit it was wrong of me to- leave like that, and I apologize. I should’ve at least said goodbye”.
The corner of Taehyung’s mouth pulls up. “Apology accepted”. “Good, now could you please stop drinking? You’ve almost downed half the bottle, I don’t want you to throw up”. Taehyung nods. “What should we do, then?” “Let’s talk in the couch, hm? Do you want some water?”
Taehyung curls up in the couch, a considerable distance between them. He accepts the glass of water Yoongi gives him and stares into the void, eyes lost. Yoongi doesn’t push him, lets him take his time to open up if that’s what he wants to do.
“I wasn’t there when it happened, it was my last night at SONO, so the staff prepared a party of sorts for us”. Taehyung clears his throat. “I knew something was off when there was a guard missing… the other one said he didn’t show up at all, didn’t call either”.
“Well, he’s obviously a suspect”, Yoongi says. “Hm, as far as I know the police is trying to track him down but seems like he gave a fake name and stuff, I dunno, they’re not telling me much”. Taehyung shakes his head. “My parents don’t want me to get involved”.
Yoongi nods. “They’re trying to protect you”. “By keeping me here, like a prisoner”, Taehyung chuckles bitterly. “They cleared my whole schedule for the next month, I can only talk to them and Jimin, I had to beg to at least have Jimin”. “You must be very close”.
Taehyung smiles. “We met each other when we were babies. I’m only sane because of him, I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have him right now”. The pang of pity for Jimin grows. “He’s a good friend”. “He is, but he shouldn’t have brought you here”.
Yoongi doesn’t know what to say to that. “The person who did it”, Taehyung continues with his story. “I dunno. I know my dad has enemies, he’s a politician, a diplomat… and my mom has been targeted by animal rights activists before but- it felt personal”.
“What do you mean?” Taehyung curls up even more. He looks so small like that. “The things they wrote on the walls… they weren’t nice. They—“ He stops. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to”. “It’s fine. It’s just- they called me a whore”. “Jesus”.
“I didn’t do anything, I’ve done nothing wrong, why would anyone do something like that, why would anyone call me that, I-“ Yoongi does the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe he should’ve asked first but he closes the distance between them and wraps his arms around Taehyung.
And Taehyung holds onto him, clinging on Yoongi’s shirt while he sobs quietly. This is something Yoongi never thought he’d do with a person like Taehyung or with Taehyung. What they have isn’t that kind of relationship. “I’m scared”, Taehyung says with a small voice. “I know”.
Taehyung shifts closer, buries his face in Yoongi’s chest. “Jimin broke a lot of rules by bringing you here”. “He was just trying to look out for you”. “I’m glad he did”. “Yeah?” “I’m glad you’re here, darling”. Yoongi sighs. He’s in deep shit.
yoongi’s mistake
Yoongi is currently facing a predicament. Smushed between the couch and a very heavy body, Yoongi has the urge to stretch his legs as they’re getting numb, but doing so would mean waking up said body on top of him, and that’s not something he wants.
After a few more glasses of water and reassuring words, Taehyung announced he was a little sleepy. Yoongi told him he should get some rest, to what Taehyung responded, “are you gonna run away from me again?” “I literally can’t move, you’re on top of me”.
Taehyung giggled. “That’s right, you’re trapped. You can’t go anywhere”. Yoongi didn’t make any attempts to push him off of him, and in the end, he found himself getting drowsy too. Taking a short nap didn’t count as spending the night, anyways.
But now his legs aren’t getting any blood and Yoongi hates having to deal with the tingling sensation of numb limbs. As he tries to come up with a way to untangle himself from Taehyung, his phone buzzes. Yoongi doesn’t check the caller’s id. “Hello?” “Hey, babe”.
Yoongi groans internally. “What do you want?” He seethes with a low voice. “What kind of greeting is that? I’ve been trying to contact you for ages”. “I’m busy”, Yoongi whispers. “Doing what?” “Working”. Mingyu snorts. “Lying to your ex? That’s below you”.
“I’m not lying”, Yoongi lies again. “I stopped by the shop, you weren’t there”. “Okay, so I’m not working”. Yoongi checks on Taehyung, still soundly asleep. “Why did you call?” “Why are you whispering?” “I’m at the movies”. “Is that another lie?” “Yes”.
Mingyu tuts. “I just wanted to chat, but if you’re gonna be like this—“ “I’m just being my regular self”. “No, you’ve changed”. “Of course I’ve changed, I know better now”. “Do you?” Yoongi grunts. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Darling, hung up the phone”.
Alarmed, Yoongi glances down and finds Taehyung looking at him with droopy eyes. Yoongi places a finger on his lips; Taehyung nods. The silence in the other side of the line is short but it feels like an eternity. “Are you accompanied, babe?” “Yes, I am”.
There’s no point in lying this time. Mingyu heard the voice, heard the pet name. Denying it would only make it worse. “Who are you with?” Mingyu questions. “It doesn’t concern you”. “You never really cared if I knew who were you sleeping with. What’s different now?”
“It just is”, Yoongi says. “Things going steady between you two?” Mingyu’s voice has changed. The truth is his ex wasn’t the type to make a fuss about it, not even when he saw Yoongi making out with other men, so this tone, these questions… they’re unnerving.
“That’s not of your business”. Taehyung has apparently decided he doesn’t want to participate in the conversation, so he lifts Yoongi’s shirt and slides his head underneath it. Yoongi makes a strangled sound. “Oh, babe, it appears to me that you don’t know any better”.
Taehyung places a light kiss on his sternum. “What- what are you talking about?” Yoongi asks. “If I were you, I’d take a step back before things get really ugly”, Mingyu says. “It’s for your own good”. He hangs up the phone before Yoongi could reply.
And as Taehyung continues to nuzzle on his bare chest, Yoongi gets this horrible feeling that Mingyu knows. In his panic, Yoongi wonders if he had anything to do with the attack at SONO’s. Mingyu wouldn’t do that, would he?
Taehyung emerges from the nest he made under Yoongi’s shirt. He shouldn’t be allowed to look so cute after just waking up. “You okay?” Taehyung is already dealing with a lot of stuff, he’s got enough on his plate. Yoongi doesn’t want to worry him. “Yeah, I’m fine”.
“You sure? You seem a little upset”. Yoongi ruffles his hair. “Bills and debts tend to do that”, he attempts to lighten the mood. “You can go back to sleep if you want to”. Taehyung smiles before settling on top of Yoongi again. “You know, it’s funny…” “What is?”
“I’ve barely had any sleep after the incident… no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shut my eyes. I was too scared to sleep”. “That’s understandable”. Taehyung chuckles. “But you- being like this with you- I feel like I could sleep for a whole day”.
Yoongi lets out a shuddering breath. “Then do it”. His legs don’t need the blood if he’s lying down, right? “Don’t run away”. “I can’t, I’m trapped”, Yoongi mumbles out. Taehyung says something Yoongi doesn’t quite catch, and then he falls asleep.
Yoongi, however, doesn’t. His mind goes back to what Mingyu said on the phone. Yoongi has learned not to ignore his gut, but at the same time he doesn’t want to believe his ex would do such a thing. But what if his suspicions are true?
He can’t just point fingers at Mingyu if he doesn’t have any proof. Much to his chagrin, he realizes there’s only one person he can talk to about this. Someone familiar with the case, with links to the district attorney. He’s gonna have to talk to Park Jimin. Yoongi groans.
It’s probably the trauma Taehyung went through a few weeks ago, but he doesn’t try to initiate anything while Yoongi is there. And Yoongi behaves, as well. It’s a little unsettling, just like their small “date” at the stables. Yoongi doesn’t know what to do or how to act.
Taehyung seems content enough with having Yoongi around, but it’s kinda weird that Taehyung doesn’t even ask for a kiss — the guy loves kissing, yet he keeps his distance. Yoongi thought he’d demand kisses after their short nap, and Yoongi was more than happy to comply.
After Taehyung’s quick shower to freshen up, they end up in the kitchen, sharing the food delivered to his door. Yeontan the dog is busy with one of his toys, but he still throws nasty glances toward Yoongi. “He seriously doesn’t like you”, Taehyung laughs. “I’ll live”.
“No, but seriously, he isn’t like this with anyone. He’s usually a sweetheart, the lady from the store cried when I got him”. Yoongi points his chopsticks at Taehyung. “You bought that dog?” “Yeah, he’s a pure breed. Really expensive, may I add”. “Unbelievable”.
Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Now what?” “Don’t tell me you bought him from that dog farm rich people get their pets from”. “It’s not a dog farm, it’s a highly respectable store”. Yoongi snorts. “You don’t watch the news, do you?” “They’re too depressing, so I tend to avoid them”
How did Yoongi end up hooking up with a guy like Taehyung? “You know what? Let’s stop before I get too worked up”. Truth be told, they don’t have much in common. Actually, they have nothing in common. Taehyung might talk a lot but Yoongi barely says a word.
The conversation runs a little awkward, like two strangers pretending to be best friends. Yoongi wonders if it’s always gonna be like this, if there’ll be a time when they can actually share something in common and talk about it without being so stiff.
Yoongi looks out the window. The sun is setting and even Taehyung has run out of things to say. “It’s getting dark”, Yoongi clears his throat. “It is”. “I should probably go home now”. Yoongi pretends he didn’t notice Taehyung’s disappointed eyes. “Oh, okay”.
“Gonna lose the last train, so”. “No, no, it’s fine”. Taehyung mimicks Yoongi and stands up as well. “Tomorrow, same hour?” “What?” “I could tell Jimin to pick you up from the shop”, Taehyung says. “I’m sure he’ll say yes”. “Taehyung, I don’t think that’d be a good idea”.
And he doesn’t know why, but he adds a hurried explanation. “If your parents find out- Jimin could get in trouble. You, too. And I don’t want my name on your parents’ list”. “They don’t have a list, they’re not thugs”. “Still, me being here- it compromises your safety”.
Taehyung nods, shoulders sagged. “No, I- I get what you mean. I just- I was really looking forward to see you again”. Yoongi closes the distance between them but keeps his hands to himself. “You’ll see me again. When this is all over, you know where to find me”.
“I’m gonna need an excuse to stop by” Taehyung says, looking at him from under his lashes. “Well, you know me, I’m sure I’ll do something that you won’t like”. “You’ll make me angry, is that it?” “Yes, I will”. “How angry?” Yoongi smiles. “Very angry”.
Taehyung seems pleased. “All right. I’m counting on you”. “Don’t worry, you’ll hear from me very soon”. After a moment of hesitation, Yoongi places one hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Take care, yeah? Make sure to eat and- stop drinking”. “Yes, daddy”. Yoongi groans.
“Tell that spawn of Satan I said goodbye or whatever”. “Aw, I’m sure he’ll like you- eventually”, Taehyung giggles. Out of ways to prolong his stay, Yoongi gives him a short nod. “See you, then”. Just as he’s turning around to leave, there’s a tug on his jacket sleeve.
Yoongi finds Taehyung staring at him with those big eyes of his; he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t have to. Yoongi knows what he wants. Taehyung waited till the last minute to wordlessly ask for it. And Yoongi might not know what the hell is he doing with a guy like him—
He might not know what made him come here and spend his entire afternoon making a nepo baby company. But he does know that all Taehyung has to do is to look at him like that for Yoongi to cave in. The kiss is slow at first, then it gets a little out of hand.
It’s not his fault, it’s Taehyung’s. Why does he have to sound like that when he’s being kissed? Yoongi has Taehyung pressed against the kitchen counter, grabbing him by the neck, swallowing the breathy moans he lets out. Yeontan barks, annoyed, and the spell is broken.
“Can’t believe your dog is kicking me out”, Yoongi huffs. Taking a step back is difficult when Taehyung’s mouth is all red and shiny, eyes a little dazed. “He just has to get used to you”. And that sentence alone carries a lot of weight.
On his way home, Yoongi starts wondering if he should’ve asked for Taehyung’s number. What stopped him from asking? A number of reasons, actually. The most important being the fact that, given the circumstances, Taehyung’s texts and calls could be monitored.
He might sound paranoid, but knowing Taehyung’s family, the connections his parents have- Yoongi doesn’t want to take any chances. Still, he did manage to get someone else’s number while Taehyung was in the shower. Yoongi never imagined he’d have Jimin’s contact on his phone.
// be honest: do you think they're getting too attached way too soon?
he’s back
Yoongi is not having a great day. It kicked off good enough, with the protest right outside that politician’s campaign house — seeing Taehyung there didn’t take him by surprise since he knew he was attending. There was no eye contact but that didn’t matter.
He was one hundred percent sure Taehyung ~knew Yoongi took part in it. And he’d be angry for sure. However, as the day went by, it only got worse. Angry customers called him concerning delayed orders, the heater broke, and the coffee machine stopped working.
The thrill he felt after the protest and the exhilarating feeling of Taehyung’s possible appearance were replaced by despair, sleep deprivation and cold. Yoongi had to resort to those coffee packets that taste like dirty socks and do absolutely nothing to keep him awake.
So yeah, he’s not having a good day. Not even Taehyung barging into his shop, visibly angry, improves his mood. Of course, Taehyung is handsome as ever, with his perfectly combed hair and tailored suit, but Yoongi is in a bad place right now. He doesn’t have time for this.
“Really? A piñata?” Taehyung grits out as a greeting, slamming one of the piñatas that were used during the protest. Despite his bad mood, Yoongi laughs. “It’s not a piñata, it’s a pig-ñata, get it? Because he’s a pig. That’s why we put his face on it”. “He’s my godfather!”
“Well, your godfather is a pig”, Yoongi says with a shrug. “We worked hard on those, spent all night making them. It was a shame we had to destroy them, but hey- that one still has the tail”. “Darling, my godfather is a good man”. Yoongi doesn’t let the pet name distract him.
“Do you have any idea the things he’d do if he becomes a congressman? He’s only gonna make rich people even richer, the reforms he’s putting forward are a nightmare”. Yoongi huffs. “A good man… you’re just saying that because you’re biased. You can’t see his real colors”.
Taehyung slams the piñata on Yoongi’s working table. He seems ready to fight, but Yoongi doubts he has good arguments. Scratch that. He’s taking his coat off. And his scarf. That’s a pretty good argument. Solid, actually. But Yoongi isn’t having a good day. “Don’t bother”.
Taehyung stills for a second before removing his jacket. “Don’t bother?” “My day has been shitty, and my coffee machine broke so I haven’t had any coffee”, Yoongi sighs. “I’m not in the mood for angry sex. Or any kind of human interaction, for that matter”.
“Great”, Taehyung grunts, hands on his hips like a heavily offended white woman. “I came all the way here for nothing”. He doesn’t normally use those words to address their dynamic, so he must be really upset. “Not my problem”.
The good part is that they’re going back to where they first started, their usual bickering, the poisonous words. That’s something Yoongi can work with. Instead of leaving, Taehyung makes himself comfortable and sits on the couch. “So no coffee, huh?”
“Just one cup in the morning”. “Your last taste of coffee was before ruining my godfather’s rally… that’s what I call divine justice”. Taehyung takes his phone out, types a few words before tossing it aside. “What are you working on?”
Yoongi shoots him a confused glance before saying, “something I should’ve finished days ago”. “And why haven’t you finished it? Does rioting take too much of your time?” Yes, it does, but Yoongi is not gonna play his stupid game.
“How come you’re out of your cage? I thought you said you were gonna be there for a month”. Taehyung shrugs. “We’re a busy family and my presence is needed in certain events”. “But what about- Have they caught the person who did it?” Taehyung sighs and shakes his head.
“So what are you doing on the spotlight again?” Yoongi questions. “That can’t be safe”. “Every day I spent in that house cost us millions of won, that’s something we cannot afford”. “We? Or just your parents?” Taehyung snorts. “Believe it or not, I have a job”.
“Your family has billions to spare”, Yoongi retorts. “You’re literally the Kardashian clan on South Korea. I’m sure you can stop working and still have a comfortable life… but you’re telling me money more important than your safety?” “It’s not like that, okay?”
“It kinda is”. Yoongi crosses his arms; he’s getting worked up. “Was your parents’ idea?” “No, it was mine, and besides, why do you care? It is, as you say, none of your business what I do with my life”. Yoongi gives him a pointed look. “I’m worried”.
Taehyung’s eyes soften for a second before hardening again. “Yeah, right”. “I told you, last time we saw each other, I told you”. Yoongi refuses to repeat those words out loud. “And I’m not trying to lecture you, you’re a fucking brat, you never listen to anything I say”.
“I do listen, I put Bora off the market, didn’t I?” “That’s because you only wanted praise”. Taehyung raises both hands in surrender. “You got me. I’m a sucker for praise”. “I know you are”. Both in bed and out of it, but Yoongi doesn’t say that either.
After a long sigh, Taehyung continues, “truth is I was getting tired of being locked up in that house. It was suffocating, I need to be around people, the human touch”. “What about Jimin? Isn’t he good company?” “I love him, but- I just needed to go out, get back to work”.
“Believe it or not, a lot of brands depend on this face”, Taehyung adds, pointing at himself. “I have two grand openings I need to attend to next week, I sighed those papers in Paris, I can’t just cancel them”. “Openings?” Taehyung narrows his eyes at him.
“I know better now, I’m not giving you any details”. “Oh, come on, I’m not gonna do anything”, Yoongi chuckles. “Somehow I don’t believe you”. Amused, Yoongi shrugs. “Fine, don’t tell me. I’ll just google your name and find out myself”. Taehyung’s glare intensifies.
“God, I wanna suck your dick so bad”. The sudden confession makes Yoongi cough, stunned. “Well, that took a turn. Is that something you say to the people who annoy you?” “No, they usually get sued”. “Aren’t I lucky?” “You are, be thankful that you’re really good in bed”.
Yoongi changes the subject because things are getting a little out of hand. “I hope you’ve increased your security if you’re gonna be in public again”. “Oh, yeah, my parents are in charge of—“ A knock on the door interrupts him. “Taehyung-ssi, the drinks you ordered”.
There’s an unknown guy standing there with two carton cups in hand. “Oh, that was quick”, Taehyung gets on his feet and dismisses the (what appears to be) driver after taking the drinks. He gives one to Yoongi. “Here, god knows you don’t deserve it but I got you some coffee”.
Yoongi accepts the cup with hesitation. “Coffee?” “I texted my driver, told him to get us coffee”, he shrugs. “You too? Being imprisoned really changed you”. “I’m drinking tea, and even if I was a coffee person, I wouldn’t drink it at this hour, I’m not an animal”. “Yah”.
Taehyung chuckles, starts pacing around the shop as he examines Yoongi’s equipment and some of the furniture he’s made. “Anyways, it’s freezing in here and you look miserable. What can I say, I’m a very kind person”. “Don’t forget humble”. “Just drink it before it gets cold”.
Taehyung spends some time looking around the shop, fingers tracing the wood and tools Yoongi uses while Yoongi chugs on the coffee, immediately coming back to life. “These things are sharp, do you wear gloves?” “Mhm”, Yoongi points at his pair. “Those look very thin”.
“The professional set is expensive, those work just fine”. Taehyung tuts. “You could get injured, darling”. “~You could get injured if you keep touching stuff with your bare hands”, Yoongi retorts. But Taehyung, as expected, doesn’t listen. “Your tools seem rusty”.
“If you’re here to criticize me and my shop you can get out now”, Yoongi huffs. “No, but look, this saw is falling apart, how can you work with- ow!” Yoongi’s head perks up, alarmed. “What happened?” Taehyung raises his index finger. He has a fucking pout on his lips.
Yoongi’s instinct kicks in and he rounds the table in a hurry, grabbing Taehyung’s hand. “I told you not to touch anything, dammit, you’re bleeding”. “It’s nothing”, Taehyung says. Yoongi grunts and does the first thing that comes to mind: he puts Taehyung’s digit in his mouth.
In his defense, it’s what he does when he cuts himself. It’s what everyone does, right? You cut your finger, you suck on it to stop the bleeding. It’s not weird. Taehyung clears his throat. Yoongi looks up and finds him staring at him with something indecipherable in his eyes.
“What?” Yoongi asks around Taehyung’s digit. “You-“ Taehyung takes a deep breath. “You don’t have to do that”. “But you’re hurt”. “It’s just a small cut and- my hands are dirty”, Taehyung says; his cheeks are flushed. “I think I’ll live”.
After one final suck on the wounded finger, Yoongi releases it. A little ashamed, he prompts, “I’m gonna- get you a bandaid”. Ignoring Taehyung’s protests, he grabs the first aid kit. Kumamon bandaids. That’s all he has. God, this is gonna be embarrassing.
But Taehyung doesn’t say anything as Yoongi tends his wound, he just stands there, letting Yoongi sanitize the cut and wrap the band around it. “Thank you, darling”, he says once Yoongi is done. Yoongi coughs. “Just- stop touching sharp things without protection”.
Taehyung nods and is about to say something when his phone rings. “Ah, I need to go. My godfather is having a dinner of sorts, I’m expected to show up”. Right. Taehyung is the godson of a pig. How could he forget? “Tell him that I hope he loses”.
“Darling, if you watch the news, which I know you do, you should know that he’s gonna win”. Yoongi grits his teeth. “Then I’ll make his life impossible”. Taehyung sighs, annoyance mixed with endearment. “Why do you have to be so cute? Honestly, it’s not fair”.
Yoongi glances down to hide his face. He might be a problematic rioter but that doesn’t mean he cannot enjoy praise. “I have to go”, Taehyung says again. “Okay”. “Can I have my hand back?” Oh, Yoongi is still holding his hand. “Right, sorry”.
Taehyung grabs his coat and scarf. “Well, see you around”. “Hm”. With his hand on the door, Taehyung turns around and calls, “hey, darling?” “Yes?” The other just looks at him for a few more seconds before shaking his head. “Never mind”. “What is it?” Yoongi insists.
Taehyung chuckles. “It’s okay, I don’t wanna be rejected twice in the same day. Take care”. He leaves without another word, and Yoongi spends the rest of the night wondering what he meant by that.
And the next morning, while scrolling through the news, Yoongi sees pictures of the dinner Taehyung attended, sees Taehyung with his godfather and other influential people, the Kumamon bandaid still wrapped around his finger. Yoongi doesn’t know why, but it makes him smile.
anonymous angel
Yoongi hasn’t managed to gather the courage to text Jimin. For starters, he is not 100% sure about Mingyu being the mastermind behind the “attack” at SONO, the only proof he has is his gut but that’s not enough. He needs more evidence, and Yoongi doesn’t have any.
He’s also been struggling with his moral compass: if Mingyu is guilty then he should be punished for it, but is he willing to put his ex behind bars for a nepo baby with privileges to spare and has links to very shady people? Would Yoongi be doing the right thing?
And then there’s Jimin — Jimin who stalked him for days just to prove something? Jimin, who was adamant on blaming Yoongi for Taehyung’s misfortune. Jimin, who looks down on Yoongi every chance he gets, who thinks he’s better than him because he has money and Yoongi doesn’t.
Evidently, Yoongi has some thinking to do. He could wait and see if he gets real evidence, not just a cryptic phone call and a hunch. Regrettably, Yoongi’s time is cut short when Jungkook asks him a question. Once in a while, Yoongi offers to help him with his tattoo parlor.
They share some quality time together and Yoongi learns about Jungkook’s profession: a tattoo artist with no medical license. He has his studio in Hoseok’s basement, so if Jungkook gets caught, then Hoseok would have to accompany him to the precinct.
Yoongi has spent a considerable amount of time down there, to the point where he’s now capable of tattooing fruits — his lines are still a little off, though. “Hyung, do you know what’s Mingyu up to these days?” Jungkook doesn’t normally talk about Mingyu.
They were good friends before but ever since the breakup, Jungkook cut ties with him. “I dunno, he doesn’t share that kind of stuff with me, why?” Jungkook hums. “I think he’s preparing something big”. “Well, that’s him. He likes seeing his face in the news”.
Jungkook stays quiet for a couple of seconds. Yoongi gets worried. “What’s on your mind?” “It’s just-“ the younger hesitates. “I overheard a conversation. One of his guys came here, I’m working on a sleeve for him, and he got a call. It was Mingyu”. “Okay?”
“I was working on the shading so he took the call on the chair”, Jungkook says. “He tried to be discreet but I managed to pick up a few things. They were talking about a job. He assured Mingyu everything was ready, that they we’re just waiting for a special delivery”.
“He never said what the special delivery was, but he- he mentioned something about the opening of a club that was taking place this weekend”. Yoongi stills. Taehyung is attending a club opening this weekend. “Did he mention the name of the club?” “No, he didn’t”.
Attempting to act uninterested, Yoongi nods. “Well, let’s hope that club has some tight security”. “He ended the call saying, ‘yeah, we’ll give that supermodel a night to remember’”. Jungkook sighs, putting his tools away. “It could be a silly prank but the way he said it…”
The thing about Mingyu is that he never does silly pranks. That’s not his M.O. That’s why Yoongi broke up with him in the first place. “Thank you for sharing that with me, Kook”. Jungkook worries his lower lip. “Should we do something? It could be dangerous”.
It will be dangerous, Yoongi is sure of it. But Jungkook doesn’t know Yoongi fucks that supermodel once in a while. Jungkook doesn’t know about the call Yoongi got from Mingyu. The kid doesn’t even know about the SONO incident. “I think we shouldn’t interfere”, Yoongi says.
Jungkook drops the subject and proceeds to examine Yoongi’s work on an orange, and while he comments on his line, Yoongi starts planning his next move. Well, there’s no point in delaying this any further. Yoongi is gonna have to text Jimin tonight.
// round 2 of “yoongi is darling so taehyung is…”
Yoongi’s day starts on a strange note. First thing in the morning, a delivery person knocks at the door with a package for Yoongi. The box is quite heavy and its contents leave him speechless. “Oppa, you bought a new coffee machine?” Yeji asks. “I…”
His sister takes one good look at the machine and gasps. “Woah, that seems expensive. I didn’t know we could afford expensive things now”, she exclaims. “Does this mean I can finally get a car?” Yoongi clears his throat. “It was on sale, we can’t buy another car”.
Yeji rolls her eyes and peeks inside of the box. “That’s a lot of coffee. Was that on sale too?” “I guess”. “Hey, look, there’s a card!” Yoongi swats her hand away. “Leave that and go open the shop”. Laughing, Yeji turns to leave. “Can’t believe coffee is making you blush”.
With trembling hands, Yoongi reaches for the card — it’s very similar to the card he got when his bed was delivered, so Yoongi knows what to expect. Taehyung’s handwriting is unmistakable. «Good morning, darling. I hope you think of me whenever you drink coffee».
Asshole. Yoongi drinks coffee like it’s water, and Taehyung is well aware of that. And Taehyung might not drink coffee and he might always claim to despise it, but he’s got taste: it’s one of the best coffees Yoongi’s ever had.
He is incapable of concentrating for the rest of the day. Sure, the unexpected gift is one of the reasons, but Jimin is coming later and that keeps Yoongi on edge. During their call, they agreed not to discuss anything on the phone.
Yoongi refuses to go anywhere public with him, and Jimin wasn’t fond of being photographed with someone like Yoongi, either… so they are gonna talk here, since Yeji is spending the night with her girlfriend and Yoongi’s friends are busy with their own lives.
As the sun starts to set, Yoongi gets anxious. Having a guest over doesn’t worry him, but this is Jimin we’re talking about, and Yoongi knows how unpleasant he can be. So when the knock on the door comes, Yoongi shields himself: he’s doing this for Taehyung.
Just like he imagined, Jimin doesn’t bother to greet him: he immediately proceeds to examine Yoongi’s place, disdainful evident in his eyes, only sits down on the couch after getting rid of nonexistent dirt with a gloved hand. “What’s that smell?” Jimin grimaces. “Humidity”.
“You should get rid of that, it stinks”, Jimin says. “And you should shut your mouth before I kick you out”, Yoongi fires back. “I don’t want you here, the only reason I agreed to see you is because of Taehyung”. Jimin rolls his eyes. “Aren’t you gonna offer me a drink?”
“No”, Yoongi deadpans. “I drove over an hour to get here, in the middle of nowhere, I cancelled my plans… where’s your hospitality?” “Don’t have any for people like you”. Jimin has the nerve to huff. “Honestly, what does Taehyung see in you? I’m frankly appalled”.
“Dunno, my dick, probably”. Jimin snorts. “Taehyung is more of an ass person, he’s not a bottom”. “Well, I have news for you…” There’s a brief moment of silence. Then Jimin says, “you’re kidding”. Yoongi merely shrugs as an answer.
For a fleeting second, Yoongi thinks Jimin is going to leave. He even grabs his bag and everything, but then proceeds to retrieve a bottle of what appears to be whiskey. “You carry that around everywhere you go?” “I thought I might need it. I was right”.
Jimin takes a gulp directly from the bottle before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “I’d offer you some but I’m sure you can’t appreciate a good whiskey”. “You underestimate me”. Yoongi grabs a glass from the counter. “I’d have some of that”.
Expecting Jimin to refuse, Yoongi is surprised when the model pours some of the liquid amber in his glass. If Yoongi had money to spare, he’d spend it all in whiskey like this. And coffee, of course. Jimin claps. “So, let’s get down to business. Tell me everything you know”.
Yoongi shares every bit of information he has, not leaving anything behind. He won’t lie and say he’s not uncomfortable, but they have to be in perfect synchrony for this to work. Yoongi tells him about his ex, about the call, about his gut feeling. He talks for a long time.
By the time he’s done, the bottle is empty, a few cans of cheap beer scattered over the table. (Yoongi laughed when Jimin gagged at the first sip of stale beer). Jimin spends a few moments of silence. Then, he says, “so let me get this straight”.
“You’re telling me your ex somehow found out about your- affairs with Taehyung, got jealous, planned the whole thing at SONO, threatened you over the phone and is now cooking something up to ruin one of Taehyung’s deals?” “Pretty much, yeah”.
Jimin snorts. “All of that because he’s jealous, how good can you be in bed, honestly…” “Why? Do you wanna find out or something?” Yoongi chuckles when Jimin flips him off. “It has nothing to do with jealousy, he’s just mad that I’m fucking a nepo baby”.
“Damn, does he hate us that much?” “He wants you to go extinct, I’m afraid”. Jimin grabs another can of beer. “There’s something that confuses me, though”. “What is it?” “This is your ex we’re talking about”. Yoongi nods. “I’m aware of that”.
“So let’s say we manage to stop his ~evil plan, he gets caught and goes to jail…” “Yeah”. Jimin leans against the back of the couch. “You’re telling me you’re okay with your ex boyfriend going to jail as long as Taehyung is safe?” Yoongi stills.
“You had a long-term relationship with that guy”, Jimin continues. “You’ve only met Taehyung for a few months, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s only physical, right?” “Right”. “And you’re willing to put your ex behind bars for someone you barely know?”
Yoongi clears his throat and glances away. “Listen, I just don’t want anything bad to happen to him”. Jimin’s eyes dig into his skull. “Are you catching feelings for my best friend, Min Yoongi?” “Don’t be ridiculous”.
“I meant what I said the other day, back at SONO’s”, Jimin speaks very carefully. “Taehyung doesn’t date, has never dated, will never date. I’m telling you this as your drinking buddy, comrade… be careful”. “I don’t have feelings for him, and we’re not drinking buddies!”
Long gone is the scowl on Jimin’s face; now he just looks serious, maybe a little apologetic. “You’re not the only one he’s fucking, bud. You know that, right?” And Yoongi never thought he was, but the words are still a punch in the gut. “I know”.
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Jimin asks, eyeing him carefully. Yoongi might not know much about Taehyung, might only see him every once in a while just to fool around, but he’s not gonna let his ex hurt him. “I’m sure”. “Okay, then we have two options”.
“We could announce Taehyung isn’t gonna make it, say he’s feeling unwell… that way your ex won’t be able to do anything”, Jimin elaborates. “Or we could try catch him in the act. We do that, and he gets arrested. Would that be okay with you?”
Yoongi shrugs. “Just do whatever you think is best”. “Are you letting me call the shots here?” “You’re the one with the connections”. Jimin hums and nods before standing up. “All right. I’ll talk to my dad and the district attorney, see what we can come up with”.
“Would you do me a favor though?” Yoongi prompts while Jimin is putting his jacket back on. Jimin glances at him, surprised. “You wanna ask me for a favor?” “It’s nothing big, just- don’t mention my name, yeah? Say it was an anonymous tip or something”.
“I figured you might want Taehyung in eternal debt to you”, Jimin chuckles. “That’s, um- not what I want”. Ready to go, Jimin shoves his gloved hands into the pockets of his coat. “Does that mean I get all the glory?” Yoongi laughs. “Sure, if that makes you happy”.
He accompanies Jimin to the door, but before they can say their goodbyes, Jimin turns around to face him. “Listen, I still don’t like you that much, but- thank you for this. Looking out for Tae. I think it’s very honorable of you”. “Did Park Jimin just compliment me?”
It’s Jimin’s turn to laugh. “Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s the cheap beer talking”. “You should’ve brought two bottles of whiskey”. Jimin grabs the doorknob. “Hey, I have your number, I’ll text you whenever I feel like having a drink”. “Don’t overuse it”.
Jimin opens the door. There’s someone else behind it. Jungkook has his fist in the air, he was probably about to knock. “Um…” Jungkook starts, eyes wide in surprise, darting from Yoongi back to Jimin. “Hello?” “Hello, indeed”, Jimin slurs. “Absolutely not”, Yoongi warns.
Jungkook shifts on his feet. “Am I interrupting something?” “No”, Yoongi and Jimin says in unison, equally offended. “Actually, this one was just about to leave”, Yoongi gestures at the model. “Weren’t you?” “I wouldn’t mind staying for a bit longer”, Jimin retorts.
“I would mind”, Yoongi says, disgusted at the way Jimin is ogling at Jungkook. “Get out of my house”. “What’s your name, cutie?” Jimin asks, and that’s when Yoongi pushes him out of the door, closing it behind him. “Just ignore him”, Yoongi tells Jungkook.
His friend eyes him carefully. “What was Park Jimin doing at your house?” Jungkook notices the cans of beer and the bottle of whiskey on the table. “Were you two drinking?” “It’s a long story”. “I’d like to hear it”. “Maybe some other time, what are you doing here, though?”
Jungkook throws his gym bag on the floor and sits on the couch, looking discouraged. “You know that cop? The one that wants to arrest me?” “Mhm, the hot one”. “Found him at the gym”. “He followed you to the gym? Must be obsessed with you”.
“He approached me while I was changing and claimed he didn’t know I went there, that he didn’t want to give the impression that he was following me”, Jungkook sighs. “Hyung, he was all sweaty and flushed, I wanna climb him like a tree, I can’t do this”.
“Kook, please remember he wants to arrest you”, Yoongi laughs, patting his friend’s head. “Unless you’re into handcuffs, then I don’t know what to tell you”. “I’m not against them, honestly”, Jungkook admits. “I didn’t want to go home in case he tried something, so I came here”.
“You can stay”, Yoongi tells him. “Don’t worry about it”. “Yeji told me you got a new mattress, she said it’s huge… can I sleep in your bed?” Yoongi flicks his forehead. “Absolutely not, your snores are terrifying, you’re sleeping on the couch”.
“Hey, I don’t snore that bad anymore, and are you seriously going to make me sleep on the same couch Park Jimin sat on?” Jungkook asks, offended. “He’s not that bad”. “Are you two friends now?” “I wouldn’t say that, no, but we have- common interests”.
“Can’t imagine what you could have in common with a guy like him”, Jungkook snorts. He stays a couple of seconds in silence, then he says, “He’s kinda- good looking. Up close, I mean. Better than the retouched pictures we see on ads”. Yoongi points a menacing finger at him. “No”
“No what?” “Stop talking about him like that, it’s weird”, Yoongi says. “You might have a hot cop after your ass but he’s still a better catch than Park Jimin” “I was just saying… and it’s not like I’m gonna see him again, right?” But knowing Park Jimin, anything is possible.
sorry jimin
“Hey, hyung, I have a favor to ask”. Lee Hyun and his family run Yoongi’s favorite pizza place, his father started the business some time ago and now Hyun is the one in charge. “Anything for my favorite customer”. “Well all know why I’m your favorite”.
“Your help has been of great importance to us”, Hyun beams at him. “Because of you we have new customers every week… though I haven’t heard from a new victim lately, are you seeing someone, kid?” Yoongi glances away. “Yes and no. I mean, no, I’m not seeing anyone”.
“Well, I’m sure you’ll find a nice guy soon”, Hyun pats his arm. “What can I do for you? Your usual is in the oven as we speak, did you want a different order?” “No, um. I was just curious about a certain supermodel…” “Oh, you mean V-ssi? Yes, he stopped by yesterday actually”
“He did?” “He’s become a regular”, Hyun says. “At first he was a little shy, gave us a fake name. Van Gogh. But I knew who he was… that face is unmistakable, huh. Such a handsome young man. Really nice, too”. “Oh, really?”
“He was photographed coming here, and all of a sudden the phone wouldn’t stop ringing”, Hyun chuckles. “He’s been such a life saver, to be honest. Things had been a little rough, but ever since showed up we’ve had to hire more people, add more tables. It’s been great”.
“I’m glad to hear that”, Yoongi says. “Poor thing was devastated when he found out he was one of your victims”, Hyun tuts, giving Yoongi a disapproving look. “Offended, yeah, but mostly hurt. I think he really liked you. Aish, why did you do that to him, hm? He’s nice”.
Yoongi scratches the back of his head. “Actually, that’s why I’m here. I was wondering if you could, um- give me his number? I- I’d like to text him”. “After all this time? It’s been months”. “I know”. “What if he doesn’t want to hear from you?” “I have a feeling he will”.
Hyun examines him carefully before letting out a deep sigh, grabbing his phone. “Don’t tell him you got it from me, I really don’t wanna lose him as a client, he’s helped us a lot”. “Hey, I’ve helped you too”. “That’s the only reason why I’m doing it”.
The only reason why Yoongi crawled his way to Hyun is because he hasn’t heard anything from Taehyung; the club’s opening is tomorrow and Yoongi is growing a little impatient. Not even Jimin has reached out to catch up, he’s been ignoring Yoongi’s texts altogether.
Yoongi’s phone buzzes with an incoming text. “There, just sent it to you”. “Thanks, hyung”. “Just- I know he’s a supermodel, and you’re- well, you’re you, I don’t know how that happened, but- be nice to him, yeah? Seems to me he needs more nice people around him”.
“Tell me about it”, Yoongi huffs. “When he came here yesterday he was looking a little- off”, Hyun remarks, a frown between his eyebrows. “Dunno, maybe he’s going through some stuff. Try texting him soon, I think he’d appreciate the distraction”. “I’ll text him when I can”.
He texts Taehyung that same night, after some liquid courage. The whiskey isn’t as great as the one Jimin brought the other day, but it serves its purpose. Maybe a little too much. He drinks the entire bottle. Yoongi passes out before he can hear back from Taehyung.
the message sent
the next morning
more proof
“i miss you”
The club Taehyung was in charge of opening has been running for a couple of days now — the ceremony went on smoothly, according to the media and the man of honor himself. Taehyung texted him that same night, saying he had never partied that hard before.
Yoongi should be glad that there were no hiccups because that could only mean one thing: the perpetrators were caught… but Jimin hasn’t reached out at all, and Taehyung continues to be under heavy surveillance, which -again- can only mean one thing: Mingyu is still at large.
When Yoongi texted Jimin about it, he got a short reply: “working on it”, he said. He didn’t elaborate. He can be a real asshole when he sets his mind to it. It’s not cool to keep Yoongi in the dark like this. Yoongi hears a few things during one of the group’s meetings.
“So what happened to the twins? Did they really get arrested?” Hoseok asks while Yoongi is serving food. “Word on the street is that they got caught before they can finish a job”. “The twins from Mingyu’s gang?” Yunjin prompts. “What we’re they trying to do?”
“Dunno, I heard it had something to do with a club”, Hoseok shrugs. Yoongi almost drops the kimchi container he’s holding. “They aren’t the first ones, more have been arrested”. “You’re kidding”, Chaewon gasps, alarmed. “All from Mingyu’s?” “Yeah”.
“Well, they’re definitely onto him”, Yeonjun wipes his mouth after chugging down some soju. “Breaking their organization apart… they want him to be vulnerable”. “But Mingyu and his crew are always so careful, how did that ever happen?” Yunjin questions.
Hoseok sighs; Yoongi has never seen him so serious. “I think- I think they have a snitch”. The table erupts in scandalized protests. That’s unheard of. It’s one of the rules. Yoongi glances at Jungkook. He looks mortified. “Maybe they got sloppy”, Yoongi suggests.
“Don’t think so, Mingyu isn’t like that and everyone knows it”, Hoseok retorts. “No, there’s definitely a snitch”. “It could be an undercover agent”, Yunjin prompts, which is received by general laughter. “Come on, it could be! Those pigs would do anything to catch us”.
“Jennifer, this isn’t one of those American movies you like to watch”, Yeonjun teases her. “Kiss my ass, Daniel”, Yunjin fires back. “No one kisses my girlfriend’s ass but me”, Chaewon intervenes. “It pains me to admit it, but I don’t think they’re behind this”.
“Mingyu is very particular with the people he lets into his group,” Hoseok continues. “He can recognize pigs from a mile away… no, it’s a snitch. Someone is giving information to the police, and I bet they’re not doing it for free”.
Everyone in the room falls silent. Then Yeonjun says, “well, whoever that person might be… they’re a coward”. “Amen to that”, Chaewon agrees. Yoongi sinks into his chair. Jungkook isn’t doing much better. The poor kid looks like he wants to flee the room.
“I think no one here agrees with Mingyu’s tactics”, Hoseok speaks, sounding rather somber. “But someone stabbed him in the back and that’s unforgivable. Above all, we’re a family, bothers and sisters fighting for a better world. He doesn’t deserve to be betrayed like that”.
“So what’s next?” Yunjin asks after another moment of deafening silence. “If they catch Mingyu then there’s no hope for us”. Yeonjun sits up. “You think they’re gonna come for us next?” “It’s a possibility”, Yoongi says, just to say something since he’s been quite for a while.
“Jungkookie has one cop tailing him, don’t you, Jungkook-ah?” Hoseok says, making everyone turn to stare at the maknae of the group. “Um, yes. For my business. I don’t have a medical license”, Jungkook stutters nervously. “That doesn’t sound good”.
“We gotta protect our baby”, Yunjin exclaims while hugging Jungkook. “As long as he stays out of trouble I think he will be fine”, Yoongi says to calm down the atmosphere. “Maybe cancel some of your appointments, try doing other things to confuse them”.
“He could work with you for a while, hyung”, Hoseok suggests. “You always say you could use an extra pair of hands, and Jungkookie is a fast learner”. “It would be my honor”, Yoongi agrees, giving the maknae a reassuring smile.
“Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, what are we gonna do about Mingyu?” Yeonjun asks. “We need to protect him, right? He’d do it for us”. “We could offer him a place to stay”, Hoseok agrees. “I think he’d do the same for us”.
“He can’t stay here”, Yoongi hurries to say. When everyone turns to look at him, he adds: “Its too risky. I’m his ex, his entire group knows we used to date… and my face has been in the news, he wouldn’t be safe here”. Yunjin nods. “Oppa’s got a point”.
“I don’t have a spare room”, Hoseok intervenes. “My flat can barely fit me and Jungkookie, and he has his parlor in the basement, unless Mingyu stays there—“ “Um, guys?” Chaewon interrupts. She has her phone in hand. “I think we’re too late. They’ve got him”.
There’s a general commotion. Hoseok even gets on his feet, alarmed. “What?” “One of the twins’ girlfriend texted me”, Chaewon explains. “He was staying at his cousin’s basement”. “Jesus”. “Worse part is… there were some containers in the room”. “Containers?”
Could it be…? The special delivery they were waiting for? Yoongi’s mind is going a mile an hour. “Containers of what?” He asks. “Unknown”. Chaewon sighs. “Well, I guess all we can do now is get the funds to bail him out”. “We’d have to bail everyone out. That’s expensive”.
“We could sell stuff…” Yunjin suggests. “We have nothing to sell, Jennifer, we’re poor”, Yeonjun rolls his eyes. “Hyung, that coffee machine, the expensive one… you could sell that”, Hoseok prompts. Absolutely not. “I’m not selling my coffee machine, Hoseok”.
“Oh, come on, I know you love coffee but we could get you another one”, Hoseok retorts, confused by Yoongi’s reaction. “I mean, it wouldn’t be as fancy but—“ “I said no”. Yoongi didn’t mean to slam the table like that. “No one touches that coffee machine, understood?”
Yoongi can feel several pairs of eyes on him. “I worked hard for that thing, waited months for it to go on sale. It’s- it’s special to me. I’m not selling it”. Jungkook raises his hand. “Is bailing him out even a possibility? Considering, you know- the circumstances”.
“That politician’s son that was caught gambling— they bailed him out, didn’t they?” Hoseok says. “The key words here are politician’s son”, Yeonjun clarifies, which makes Yunjin huff. “Nepotism”, she grunts. Nepotism. Yoongi is lying to his friends for a nepo baby.
What has he become? Jungkook shifts on his seat. “I don’t think- I mean, I don’t wanna be that person, but I don’t think we can do anything for him? Trying to help him could jeopardize our group, you know?” “The maknae is right”, Yoongi agrees. “We gotta look out for ourselves”
The next morning, Yoongi wakes up to three texts in his phone:
And Yoongi, still hungover from the soju and the guilt of lying to his friends, doesn’t answer any of them.
There are two things you should know about Kim Taehyung: he always gets what he wants and he never, ever, begs for anyone’s attention. It’s usually the other way around, guys blowing up his phone with texts because they wanna see him and have another night with him. Not Yoongi.
Taehyung is not used to fight or work for the things he wants — money, food, expensive clothes, lovers… everything is handed out to him, he doesn’t even have to lift a finger. Not Yoongi. Yoongi is complicated, and Taehyung doesn’t know how to handle complicated things.
Yoongi hasn’t texted him back, left his messages with no reply, and Taehyung can’t think of a reason as to why he’d do such a thing. The worst part is that, even after being ignored for several days, Taehyung still wants to see him. So he decides to surprise him.
Jimin tries to persuade him. “You’re just gonna drop by unannounced?” “I’ve done it before”, Taehyung shrugs as he styles his hair. “It’s not a big deal”. “Except he’s clearly ignoring you”, Jimin retorts. “Come on, Tae, have some dignity”.
“I’m just gonna tell him that the investigation is closed and the guy who planned it is behind bars”, Taehyung checks his chin for traces of stubble. “I think he’d be happy to hear it”. “You’re gonna go all the way there for that? Just text him”. “I wanna see him, Mimi”.
“Okay but does he feel the same way?” Jimin prompts, vexed. “There’s a hundred of guys out there who are willing to commit murder just to see you, and you’re after someone who doesn’t care?” But Yoongi does care. He said so himself. “I’m sure he does”.
“Do you know who really cares? Seojoon”, Jimin remarks, to which Taehyung rolls his eyes. “He comes from a nice family, he’s not a rioter and he likes you. What more could you ask for?” Seojoon is not Yoongi. “I’m going to see him, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”.
Jimin gives up. “Well, it’s your funeral”. After assessing his appearance in the mirror, Taehyung says, “if mother asks you, you don’t know where I am”. “She’s gonna kill me one of these days”. “My mom loves you, and so do I”. Taehyung kisses Jimin’s cheek before leaving.
The surprise doesn’t go as planned. First of all, there’s a motorcycle parked out front when Taehyung arrives. It’s never been there before. Maybe Yoongi got it recently? Thinking about Yoongi riding a motorcycle excites him a little.
After a moment of hesitation, Taehyung decides to just go for it and walk into that shop like he’s done several times, announce his arrival by showing Yoongi the pizza he bought and the bottle of champagne he took from home. That should both annoy him and make him smile.
But when Taehyung barges into that place and says, “guess who’s no longer a prisoner?”, Yoongi doesn’t react the way he expects him to. He doesn’t smile. Instead, his eyes widen, utter shock in them. “You can’t be here”, he grits out. “What do you mean—?”
“You should’ve texted”, Yoongi interrupts, glancing around the shop as if he were looking for something. “You seriously cannot be here”. “Well, you weren’t answering my texts so I decided to surprise you”, Taehyung explains. “What do you mean I can’t be here?” “I’m not alone”.
Taehyung freezes. “You’re not alone? Who are you with?” Instead of answering, Yoongi curses out loud and grabs Taehyung by the arm before dragging him to what it seems like a storage room. “Stay here, don’t make any noise, okay? Put your phone on silent mode”.
Yoongi closes the door before Taehyung can even protest. A few seconds later, there’s a voice Taehyung’s never heard before. “Hyung, I did what you asked. Should we start cleaning up now?” “You know what? I forgot to ask you- could you bring me the spoon set? It’s in the back”.
“The one I made yesterday?” “That’s the one. And you don’t have to stay to clean, hyung will do it. It’s late”, Yoongi says. The voice he uses is different… sweet, kind. Like they’re close. How close, exactly? The thought irks Taehyung although he doesn’t know why.
Taehyung finds that guy more and more annoying as he protests, saying he should stay, “I want to help hyung”, he whines like a baby. “Just get lost”, Taehyung grits through his teeth. “And hyung is telling you to go home and rest”, Yoongi retorts. “Obey your elders”.
The other guy huffs and protests like a five year old, and then there’s silence. The door from the storage room flies opened. Yoongi has a frown between his eyebrows. “Who was that?” Taehyung asks. “None of your business, now-“ “You sounded friendly. Too friendly”.
“We don’t have time for this”, Yoongi grunts. “Next to the front desk, there’s a door that leads to a hall. You’ll see stairs, on the second floor, open the door to your left. That’s my room. Stay there- keep the lights off or Jungkook will start asking questions”.
“So his name is Jungkook…” Yoongi rolls his eyes and pushes him out of the workshop. “For the first time in your life, just do as I say”. Taehyung has never been treated this way, has never been kicked out of anywhere. Safe to say, he’s pissed.
That’s good. It’s a good thing he’s pissed. They have excellent chemistry when there’s anger in the equation. Taehyung can’t see much since everything is dark, but he notices that the house is small, cold and a little humid. The heater is still broken, apparently.
He opens the wrong door; there’s pro-women posters all over the walls, a giant lesbian flag and stuffed animals in the bed. That’s not Yoongi’s room. Yoongi’s room is completely different, almost empty; the bed takes most of the space, the bed Taehyung gave him.
Seeing the enormous mattress does bring him some pride. Taehyung snoops around a little using his phone flashlight, but there isn’t much to see. It’s rude, anyways. He shouldn’t do that, Yoongi is the type of person who appreciates his privacy, and Taehyung has to respect that.
Yoongi arrives around twenty minutes later. “What are you doing in my bed?” “Hey, I bought it, I think I’m allowed to at least sit down while waiting for you”, Taehyung fires back, ignoring Yoongi’s eye roll. “Is that annoying kid gone?” “He’s my friend”. “Still annoying”.
Yoongi glares at him. “You’re more annoying”. “I know”, Taehyung shrugs with a smirk. “And you like it”. Exasperated, Yoongi asks, “why are you here? What’s the pizza for? And the champagne?” “I’m here because I wanted to tell you that I’m finally free”.
“Free?” “The guy that wrecked my suite, they got him”. Yoongi glances away. Taehyung can’t read his poker face. “That’s great”. “I thought you’d be happier”. “I am, I’m glad”. “That means I can- I can drop by more often. You said I could”, Taehyung says.
“That’s why I brought the pizza, and champagne”, he adds. “Thought we could- I dunno, celebrate”. “Ah”. Yoongi is acting weird and Taehyung doesn’t like it. He expected more, to be honest. But Yoongi’s lack of enthusiasm is kind of unsettling.
“Are you okay?” Taehyung questions, suddenly feeling like, for the first time, he’s not wanted there. Should he leave? “It’s just been a rough couple of days”, Yoongi explains, avoiding eye contact. “Is that why you haven’t texted me?” “Amongst other things, yeah”.
Taehyung shifts. “What are the other things?” After a deep sigh, Yoongi takes a seat next to him. “Listen, I think- I don’t think you should come here anymore”. “Okay, um. Why?” “I have an apprentice now. It’s no longer safe”, Yoongi explains.
“Fine, then- we could- I dunno, meet somewhere else, right?” Taehyung suggests; he has a handful of houses, they could use one of them. Yoongi lowers his head. “I- I don’t think that’s a good idea”. “What do you—?” “I think we should- stop. Seeing each other”.
Before he knows it, Taehyung is on his feet. “But—“ “It’s- it’s dangerous. You know it is. We both know it. It’s for your own good, and mine, I can’t- it’s too risky”, Yoongi babbles out. “Besides, it- it shouldn’t have happened in the first place”.
Taehyung shakes his head. “That’s bullshit, we both wanted it, you- come on, you’re not serious”. “I am”, Yoongi sighs. Taehyung then crouches in front of Yoongi and grabs his hands. “Darling”, he starts, hates the way his voice shakes. “Please, don’t- you don’t mean that”.
Yoongi doesn’t say anything, so Taehyung joins their foreheads, mutters, “please, darling”. Yoongi shudders. “Taehyung…” “Please”. And when Yoongi doesn’t move, Taehyung seizes the chance and presses their lips together.
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Taehyung never begs, rarely says please on a daily basis, something he knows is wrong yet he was raised that way, always used to have whatever he wants just by pointing at it. But he’d beg for this warmth only Yoongi knows how to give him.
He’s almost on his knees in front of Yoongi, saying please as he tries to deepen the kiss, and though Yoongi is in fact returning it, Taehyung can feel he’s pulling back; he’s not touching him either, he’s not cradling his face the way he normally does. Taehyung grows desperate.
“You don’t mean it, right?”, he mutters against his lips, grabs Yoongi’s hands and places them on his waist. Yoongi grunts. “You want this, don’t you? You want me, I know you do”. Yoongi squeezes his waist. “Shit”. “You want me”, Taehyung repeats. “I do”.
Some other time, Taehyung would’ve smiled, pleased with Yoongi’s answer. “Then you can- you can have me”, he says instead. Could he get any more pathetic? How and when did Taehyung reach this low? “Taehyung, I-“ Taehyung doesn’t want to hear it. He pushes Yoongi flat on the bed
Before leaning down to kiss him again, Taehyung removes his shirt, exposing his chest and stomach. Yoongi has always liked Taehyung with no clothes on, after all. “That’s right”, he whispers when Yoongi puts his hands on him. “Touch me”. Yoongi flips them over.
For a moment, Taehyung thinks that Yoongi is just gonna leave him there and put some distance between them, but to his luck, that doesn’t happen. Yoongi kisses him fervently, hands roaming his legs and the skin of his stomach. “How could I not want you?” he asks.
Taehyung shudders. “You’re gorgeous”, Yoongi adds. “I want you- all the time”. He smells like raw wood and sweat, with just a tiny hint of something citrusy. Taehyung clings to Yoongi’s shirt before pushing it upwards; Yoongi breaks the kiss to remove it.
The room is cold but Yoongi’s warmth is more overwhelming; Taehyung drags his fingernails across Yoongi’s back, and Yoongi hisses, hiding his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck, sinking his teeth into the flesh. That’s gonna leave a mark for sure… Taehyung doesn’t care.
He hopes the paparazzi get a good shot of it. But just as things started to heat up, Yoongi pulls away altogether and retreats to the edge of the bed, his back to Taehyung. There are ten red lines all over the skin. “Darling…” “Give me a second”.
The cold bites Taehyung’s exposed body, so he grabs the comforter and wraps it around himself, like a burrito. Yoongi glances at him over his shoulder, eyebrows raised. “It’s like a freezer in here”, Taehyung pouts. Yoongi chuckles. “It is cold”. “Then come here and warm me up”
Yoongi gives him a sad smile. “I’m trying to do the right thing here”. “It can’t be right if my butt is freezing”. Taehyung levels up his puppy eyes. “Come back”. After a moment of hesitation, Yoongi gets under the covers and settles down next to him.
They’re barely touching but Yoongi’s signature warmth is back and that’s what matters. “Much better”. “You punk”, Yoongi grunts. He sounds amused. “A ~gorgeous punk, you said that yourself”, Taehyung giggles. “Insufferable, that’s what you are”.
In order to fill the silence, Taehyung asks, “Heater is still broken?” “The whole system crashed down, I could only fix the workshop’s”, Yoongi explains, then he adds, “and don’t even- I don’t wanna see any electrician showing up at my door, understood?” “But it’s so cold!”
“I know it is, but I’ll take care of it myself, okay?” Taehyung sighs. “Fine. What about portable heaters?” “Absolutely not”, Yoongi says. “I barely managed to explain the bed and coffee machine, how am I gonna explain portable heaters?”
“It’s no one’s business but yours, darling”, Taehyung shrugs. “It’s not that easy”. “It is, actually”. “It’s not when you’re someone like me”, he sighs. “I’m very thankful for those things you gave me but- you have to stop”. “I’m just trying to help”.
“I know you are”. Taehyung turns his head to face him. “Did you really mean- what you said earlier. Did you mean that?” “Fraid so. Jungkook is working here now and I can’t take any chances. It’s bad enough that my sister has already seen you…” “Did she say anything?”
“No, but she’s starting to get suspicious, I know she is”. “Okay, then- what if we find an alternative? Like, another place-“ Yoongi shakes his head. “It’s risky, you could get caught, I could get- my friends, they- if they find out, I don’t even want to imagine their reaction”
Taehyung stays quiet. What can he possibly say? It’s obvious that Yoongi doesn’t want to see him anymore. And Taehyung begged, almost on his knees, and that still didn’t make any difference. “I just think- we should take some time apart”, Yoongi says. “Okay”. “For our sakes”.
“Okay”. Yoongi rolls to his side, looming over Taehyung. “I have a lot in my plate right now, I can’t- I wish I could tell you, but- I have to deal with some stuff first. And you- I need you to be safe, okay?” “You’re not making any sense”. “I’m sorry”.
“Did I do something wrong?” Taehyung asks. “Of course not”, Yoongi runs his thumb over Taehyung’s cheek. “You’re- It’s not your fault, okay? Don’t you ever think that”. “Then I don’t understand”. Yoongi leans down to kiss him. “I’m sorry”, he repeats.
“What am I supposed to do without my favorite darling?” Taehyung wraps his arms around Yoongi and pulls him closer. Yoongi holds him as Taehyung nuzzles his neck. “Stay safe, that’s all I want”. “But I’m safe when I’m with you”. “No, you’re not. I’m trouble”.
“It’s okay, I’m trouble as well”, Taehyung says. “I know you are”. Yoongi places a kiss on his forehead. “I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to let you go”. “Then don’t”. Yoongi’s sad smile breaks Taehyung’s heart. “One day, I’ll tell you everything”.
“Yeah?” “I just- need to talk to some people, figure my shit out. Right now, it’s too dangerous”. “Are you gonna be okay?” “I hope so”. Taehyung pulls the comforter up to his chin. “Can I stay for a bit longer? I don’t wanna leave just yet”. Yoongi smiles. “Sure you can”.
Knowing that spending the night is off the table, Taehyung doesn’t make himself comfortable. Leaving this bed is gonna be hard, that’s for sure. Yoongi clears his throat. “Do you wanna eat the pizza or…?” “I’m not hungry anymore”. “I thought you wanted to celebrate”.
Taehyung shrugs. “It’s fine. You can eat it later, if you want. The champagne too, you can keep it”. “I don’t- I’m more of a whiskey guy, to be honest”. When Taehyung doesn’t say anything in return, Yoongi closes the distance between them and grabs his hands. “Hey…”
Taehyung glances at him from under his lashes. “I’m really glad- I’m glad your safe”, he says, thumb stroking his knuckles. “The person who did that to you- they deserve to be in prison”. “Thank you, darling”. “Did the police tell you- um, did they tell you a name?”
“Nah, they thought it’d be best if I didn’t know”, Taehyung explains. “I guess they didn’t want me to put a name and face to the criminal, I dunno. And honestly, I don’t wanna know. I just wanna forget it ever happened”. “That’s valid”. “I think Jimin knows, though”.
Yoongi gets a little stiff. It’s subtle, yet Taehyung notices. “That so?” “I think he knows something I don’t, he swears he doesn’t, but- he was acting weird during the whole thing”, Taehyung chuckles at himself. “I’m probably just imagining things”.
“What matters is that the police caught the guy and you’re a free man”, Yoongi says with a strained smile. “You can do whatever you want now”. “Not everything”, Taehyung retorts, which gets him a pointed look from Yoongi. “You know what I mean”. “I know”.
Taehyung places a kiss on Yoongi’s knuckles before muttering, “darling?” “Yes?” “Do you think- Could we-“ Taehyung takes a deep breath. “One last time?” “I don’t think that’s a good idea”. “Please?” Yoongi sighs. “Can’t say no to you, can I?”
Between kisses, Taehyung mutters, “Slow. I want it to be slow” “Whatever the little prince wants”, Yoongi says, and pushes him flat against the bed. He fucks into him excruciatingly slow, tearing him apart with careful movements, like a delicious torture, a bittersweet farewell
It’s even better that the time at SONO’s, Taehyung even spills some tears and moans Yoongi’s name into his mouth, leaving more marks on his back. Yoongi does the same on his collarbones and neck, a reminder that they happened, they shared something no one else knows.
As Taehyung catches his breath, Yoongi kisses his tears away, holds him close and tells him things that Taehyung can’t remember, but they’re sweet, they sound sweet; they sound sad, too, and maybe that’s why he unknowingly blocks them out- Taehyung doesn’t want to be sad.
He is sad to leave, but he’s overstayed his welcome and he has to get into his car before he starts begging again. After one final kiss, Taehyung starts the engine and drives off. Taehyung glances at the rear view mirror. Yoongi is still there, waving goodbye at him.
“Hyung, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something…” It’s been a couple of days since Yoongi last saw Taehyung, and he’s been doing what he usually does when he wants to disconnect from the world: working. He barely leaves the shop lately, and Jungkook has noticed.
“I’ve already told you I’m fine, just busy”, Yoongi says, because it’s not the first time Jungkook brings up the subject. “It’s not about that, though now that you mention it… you need to rest, hyung”. “I’ll rest when I die”, Yoongi replies. “What do you want to talk about?”
Jungkook is currently cleaning his workspace, but he stops to take a deep breath. “It’s just a question, really, and- I don’t want you to get upset, okay? But I’ve been thinking about it a lot and- I dunno, I guess I just want the truth”. Uh oh. This can’t be good. “Okay?”
After another deep breath, Jungkook turns around. “Hyung, did you have anything to do with Mingyu’s arrest?” Yoongi drops the tools he was holding. As he bends down to pick them up, he asks, “what makes you think that?” “You can’t answer my question with another question”.
“Sure I can, I just did”. “Hyung…” Yoongi finds support in the nearest table. He hasn’t talked to anyone about this, the only person that knows is Jimin, and though he told Taehyung he was gonna talk to some people, Yoongi hasn’t find the courage to face his friends.
Above all, Jungkook deserves to know, since he was the one who alerted Yoongi about the call. Jungkook broke a rule then, telling Yoongi- you’re not supposed to discuss other groups’ affairs, much less intervene in them, unless they ask you to.
Yoongi lowers his head, unable to look at Jungkook in the eye. “I’m just asking because- well, we were the only ones who knew, and I didn’t say anything, you know I hate cops, and besides—” Yoongi interrupts his rambling. “I didn’t know they were gonna get the whole group”.
He hears Jungkook’s heavy sigh. “Oh, hyung”. “I really didn’t, I thought- I didn’t think it’d get this bad”, Yoongi is the one rambling now. “They’re talking ten years behind bars, ten. I thought he’d only get a couple of months but a whole ass decade? That’s ridiculous”.
There’s a moment of silence in which Jungkook leaves his spot across the table to join Yoongi. Jungkook is a nice kid, quiet and sweet, so it’s no surprise that he’s reacting better than what Yoongi expected. “Can I ask why- why made you rat him out?”
Is he ready to tell Jungkook he ratted Mingyu out for a guy? “Did the police give you money?” Jungkook asks when Yoongi stays silent. “Hyung, is that how you got the coffee machine?” “What? No! I wouldn’t accept money from those pigs”. “Did they agree to clean your file?”
“It was done anonymously, I didn’t get anything from them”. “Then why—?” “The person Mingyu was targeting…” Yoongi starts. “The supermodel”, Jungkook remarks, to which Yoongi nods. “It was Kim Taehyung”. “Oh”. Yoongi clears his throat. “I did it for him”.
“But I don’t understand”, Jungkook says, confused. “Why would you—“ Yoongi gives him a pointed look, and then realization falls on Jungkook’s face. “Oh. ~Oh”. “Yeah”. “You and Taehyung…?” Jungkook makes a gesture with his hands. “We’ve been hooking up, yeah”.
“How the hell did that even happen?” Jungkook doesn’t sound upset, just utterly lost. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’re really cute, you know I had a crush on you when we first met, but- you’re you and he’s- well, he’s him”. “I know”. “Since when?” “The art showcase”.
“You fucked at his art showcase?” Jungkook screeches. “He caught me and then- it sort of happened, I dunno”. “Hyung, we were worried sick for you and you were fucking a supermodel?” “Hey, it’s not like I planned it!” Jungkook huffs. “Unbelievable”.
“I know I shouldn’t have done it, but one thing led to another and- it just kept happening, I really don’t know how to explain it”, Yoongi tries to elaborate. “We met at SONO’s again, and things kinda escalated from then on”. “So you sent Mingyu to prison for a nepo baby?”
Yoongi can tell Jungkook is trying very hard not to sound accusatory. “He found out, Mingyu- he knew I was hooking up with Taehyung, so he- he sent someone to break into his suite at the resort, tore it apart, left some really crude messages”. “I didn’t see that in the news”.
“It wasn’t”, Yoongi tells him. “Then there was the call…” “The call I told you about?” “No, Mingyu called me once, when I was with Taehyung, he knew I was with Taehyung, and he- um, well, he sort of threatened me”. Jungkook gasps, outraged. “He did what?”
“Long story short, he told me that I should take a step back or…” Yoongi takes a deep breath. “Or I’d get hurt. I dunno, his voice- he sounded dangerous, Kook. I had to do something, to protect myself”. “And Taehyung”. Yoongi looks down. “Yeah. And Taehyung”.
Jungkook nods, places a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder. “You should’ve talked to us, hyung”. “Rules are rules, I couldn’t do that”. “But sending your ex to prison…” “I know, I know”. Yoongi runs a hand over his face. “I feel like shit”. “I think- I think you did the right thing”.
Yoongi sends him an incredulous look. “Kook, the whole group is in jail—“ “I know, that was a bit extreme, but you said it wasn’t your fault”, Jungkook shrugs. “It’s just- well, god knows what he had planned for Taehyung, what those containers had”.
“And the call to threaten you- he shouldn’t have done that”, he continues. “We all knew he was dangerous but that- that was personal, hyung, and you did what you had to do to protect yourself”. Jungkook squeezes his shoulder. “I understand”.
Yoongi sighs again. “Tell that to the others”. “We’ll get to that, don’t worry”, his friend assures him. “And I’ll be there for you, hyung. You don’t have to face this alone”. See? Jungkook is the sweetest person ever, not a single trace of malice in his bones.
“Thank you, Kook”. “No problem, hyung”. He then realizes something. “So the coffee machine…?” Yoongi chuckles. “Taehyung sent it to me. The bed, too”. “You’re a sugar baby now, hyung? Seriously?” “It’s not like that, he- he was just trying to make my life easier, I guess”.
“Still sounds like a glucose parent to me”, Jungkook laughs. “Yah, where’s the respect, brat?” Jungkook apologizes with a halfhearted bow. “I saw a fancy car when I left the other day… was that him?” “Yeah”. “Hm, you should’ve introduced us”.
“I kinda- ended things that night, so I guess introductions are no longer necessary”. Jungkook tuts. “For good?” “I dunno, I just need a clear head to deal with this mess. And he’s very distracting”. “I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you two, hyung”. “Don’t be, I’m fine”.
“You’ve been working your ass off nonstop, you’re clearly not fine”, Jungkook retorts. He hesitates before asking, “do you- I mean, were there feelings involved?” Yoongi clears his throat. “It was a physical thing, he came to me when I annoyed him by ruining his events”.
“So angry sex?” “Yeah”. Jungkook nods. “You did send your ex to prison for him, though”. “I know that”. “No one does that for just hate sex”. “I like him and I care about him but- that’s all”. “Okay”, Jungkook says, and he doesn’t sound like he believes him.
“I’m not lying”, Yoongi protests. “Sure thing”, his friend laughs at Yoongi’s defensive tone. “One more question”. “What is it?” “The model Park Jimin…” “What about him?” “He was here once. Did you tell him about it?” Yoongi nods. “He is the one who told the police”.
“That checks out”, Jungkook nods. “His parents are friends with the head of the pigs”. “That’s why I talked to him”. “Do you still do that? Talking to him, I mean”. Yoongi narrows his eyes. “Not really, he likes to think we’re drinking buddies but we haven’t done that again”.
Jungkook hums, pensive. “You should, though”. “What?” “Ask him to come over for drinks, and let me know so I can join you”. “Absolutely not”, Yoongi retorts, mildly disgusted. “Why would you want to join us?” “Because he’s easy to look at”. “Get back to work, you brat”.
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Being the son of two highly influential people has its perks. Taehyung is able to live a comfortable life without having to worry about anything, he’s famous, has money to spare, more houses and cars than he can count, and everyone treats him nicely.
Of course, he only gets special treatment because of his parents… without him, he’d be no one, and Taehyung knows that. He’s one of the top paid models in the world thanks to his mom, and he’s never been arrested since his father is a diplomat with connections to the police.
Taehyung is what people call a nepo baby. He knows this as well. He’s heard other models complain about it, when he gets chosen to open fashion shows or be in the cover of magazines. Taehyung doesn’t even have to audition, he gets everything handed to him on a silver platter.
But even those who resent him have to put up with it, otherwise they’d be jobless in the blink of an eye. That’s how nepotism works, and Taehyung never thought too much of it until recently, after meeting Yoongi and his infuriating activism for “the greater good”.
What is the greater good anyway? What does he fight for? Justice? Equality? Dismantling capitalism? Those concepts are so foreign to Taehyung, who’s lived his life in blissful ignorance, never having to struggle or work for anything.
Taehyung, however, is very familiar with one word: sacrifice. As a kid, he had all the toys he would ask for, but no freedom to enjoy his childhood. He wasn’t allowed to make friends that weren’t previously approved by his parents, wasn’t allowed to get his hands dirty,
wasn’t allowed to climb trees and run without a care like the others did because his mother used to tell him “you’re not an animal”. And no matter how many toys he owned, education mattered more: he was always taking a private lesson - music, painting, English, French, etcetera.
He got his first photo shoot at the tender age of four, next to his mom, when she launched her fashion line. And the general response convinced her that modeling was the right path for Taehyung. He had a phase where he wanted to be a veterinarian… that didn’t go very well.
Taehyung was raised to believe he was better than anyone else, more handsome, more successful. His responsibilities only grew as he got older, but so did his insecurities. To others, he was perfect, and though he knew he was good looking, he never considered himself ~good enough.
When he became an adult, his dad started to give him some minor tasks in politics, nothing major, just openly support certain people; with Taehyung’s large amount of fans and followers, the candidate had the election in their bag, as well as public support.
(Sometimes Taehyung thinks that his father is in Geneva because of his popularity). The responsibilities he has with his mom, in the other hand, are more time consuming. Sure, he’s the most sought after models, but truth is, his mom is his boss, and he does what she says.
Taehyung is key when it comes to her business deals; when Bora was put up for rent, he was in most of the ads, unlike the horse, who only appeared in a couple of them. Fashion contracts, makeup, food - everyone wants a piece him. It’s exhausting, to be honest.
So when Taehyung is called to have dinner with his mom at the family’s house, he prepares himself for more work. He’s not expecting to be joined by another woman, a woman he knows fairly well: Seojoon’s mother. At first, Taehyung doesn’t think too much of it.
They exchange some pleasantries while they eat and drink. It appears to be a regular dinner with a plus one, and the other woman is friends with his mother so Taehyung doesn’t question it. The presence of Park Sunhee is only addressed after clearing out the living room.
Once the staff is out of sight, Park Sunhee gives Taehyung an appreciative look. “You get more handsome with every passing day, Taehyung-ah”, she smiles. The gesture feels off. “Thank you, I try”, he jokes around, getting a stern glare from his mother.
“It’s no surprise that you were named the number one bachelor in Asia”, the woman continues. Taehyung shifts uncomfortably in his seat. “Thank you”, he repeats. “Yes, yes, that’s great, indeed”, his mother intervenes. “But it’s time we change that”.
Taehyung blinks, puzzled. “Um?” “Listen, honey”, Park Sunhee starts with a sweet voice, probably sensing the tense atmosphere. “Your mom and I have been talking and we have a favor to ask you”. “Which I’m sure Taehyungie will do gladly”, his mother remarks.
“Of course”, Taehyung says, without knowing what the favor is. A force of habit, really. Sunhee grins before clearing her throat. “As you probably know, my son- he’s been going through a rough patch. The incident at that bar, you heard about it, yes?” Taehyung nods.
“We tried to handle it as discreetly as we could but unfortunately we didn’t have any luck”, Sunhee sighs, vexed. “The media found out, there were videos and stories from people victimizing themselves… they’d do and say anything for some money”.
The women scoff in unison, and Taehyung manages to chuckle to feel included. “My poor kid was just trying to have some fun, he’s the real victim here”, Sunhee exclaims. “Why don’t you go straight to the point so we can start planning this?” His mom suggests.
Park Sunhee adjusts the collar of his Chanel blazer before continuing. “That unfortunate event has closed some important doors for Seojoonie. It certainly doesn’t help that his latest drama didn’t do well- people has turned their backs on him, Taehyung-ah”.
There’s a prickling sensation in the back of his neck. Taehyung doesn’t like where this is going. “I’m sorry to hear that”, he says. “We could really use your help”, Sunhee says. Taehyung can see and hear the desperation in her face, in her voice. “Could you help us, honey?”
“Help you how?” His mom clears her throat. “It would be a personal favor, between friends. A family business, of sorts. You’d date Seojoon for a while, until he gets back on his feet and the audience starts liking him again”. Taehyung stands up. “Mom…” “Sit down”.
Taehyung obeys her when he hears the strict tone. “We’re not asking you to marry him, the relationship would be fake, of course, temporarily”. Right now, Young Ae isn’t his mom but his boss. “You’d attend some events together, let the world see you. It’s just PR, Taehyung”.
Just PR. Another business deal, except this time Taehyung has to date someone he’s got no interest for, while the person he’s really interested in has been absent for weeks. Almost an entire month. “Seojoonie has already agreed, he’s happy to do it”, Sunhee remarks.
That’s because Seojoon has been after him for years. “You went to him before discussing it with me first?” “He came up with the idea”, Sunhee says, and Taehyung is not surprised. “He knows you’re not interested in him like that, but given your status- you’re our only hope”.
Used to always doing what he’s told, Taehyung has some trouble speaking up for himself. “I dunno if I’m comfortable with that, to be honest, I’ve never dated anyone, people knows I don’t date, and-“ “You two have been friends for so long, they’d buy it”.
Taehyung shifts, suddenly feeling too hot even with just a plain shirt on. “And if I say no?” “Don’t be ridiculous”, his mom chuckles with an air of superiority that makes Taehyung feel small. “You’d say no to our friends? Pay him no mind, Sunhee, he’s already said yes”.
“That’s because I didn’t know—“ “We’ll go over the terms and conditions tomorrow”, his mom interrupts his outburst. After a pointed glare at him, she says, “you’re dismissed, Taehyung. Stay in touch and wait for my call. You can go”. Taehyung has no choice but to leave.
As he drives away from the family manor, Taehyung does the first thing that comes to mind. God knows why, but he tells Siri to “call darling”. It goes straight to voicemail. The texts he sends, undelivered. Breaking his promise, Taehyung drives to the workshop. No one’s home.
The establishment is closed and all lights from the house are off. The car is missing, too. Even the motorcycle is missing. The person he wants to see and talk to isn’t there. Hell, Yoongi might’ve blocked his number to keep his part of the deal, hence the undelivered messages.
So Taehyung, lost and helpless as he is, goes to Jimin. Taehyung doesn’t like to drink, but given the circumstances, he decides to pass out on wine and gin, trying to call Yoongi until his phone ultimately dies.
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Telling Hoseok and the rest of the gang about his involvement in Mingyu’s arrest went better than expected. He didn’t ramble as much as he did when he told Jungkook, but it took him some time to gather the courage to do it.
He even practiced with Jungkook; the maknae suggested going straight to the point, stating facts only. So when Yoongi called for an emergency gathering, he stood in front of his friends and just said “I was the one who handed Mingyu to the police” and waited for the worst.
Why, the group asked. “Because he threatened me over the phone”. Why did he threaten you, was the next question. “Because I was seeing someone he didn’t like”. Was that someone perhaps a certain supermodel, Yeji prompted, causing everyone to gasp in shock. “Yes”.
“Who’s the supermodel?” Yunjin was freaking out, more excited than upset. “Kim Taehyung”, Yoongi said simply, and again, he waited for the worst. “Good taste”, Chaewon whistled, impressed. “I mean, I know we’re supposed to have people like him, but- I’m not blind”.
“Are you two dating?” Hoseok wasn’t as pleased as the others, he still had a little frown between his eyebrows. “We used to hookup, that’s all. But not anymore”. Yoongi explained the incident at SONO and Mingyu’s plan to attack Taehyung at the club. “I had to do something, guys”
Hoseok was the person Yoongi was the most worried about, but then he said “I might never understand why and how you ended up sleeping with him and the nature of your relationship, hyung, but Mingyu shouldn’t have threatened you. You did the right thing. He’s dangerous”.
“And to think we even considered bailing him out”, Chaewon scoffed. “That piece of shit can rot in jail. No one threatens my friends!” “You’re so sexy when you get angry”, Yunjin said as she fanned herself. Ignoring the girls making out, Yeonjun asked, “who fucked who?”
“Hyung!” Jungkook reprimanded him. “It’s a very important and valid question! “I fucked him”, Yoongi deadpans. “Anything else?” “Noice, your butt hasn’t been claimed by capitalism. All is good”, Yeonjun raised his bottle before taking a swing from it.
After that, the group decided to go to an underground bar and get throughly wasted. Yoongi should’ve said no since he had stuff to do but he ended up going anyways. It had been a while since they had done that, just hanging out like friends, not activists plotting their next hit.
It was a blurry night and Yoongi still can’t remember what went down exactly, but he was told he puked on the street and that he lost his phone back in the club. When Yoongi tried to call his own number, it was already turned off. Yoongi mourned the loss for a couple of days.
It wasn’t a fancy phone, the camera quality was shit and he always struggled with low storage. Getting a new one would be expensive. But Yeonjun shows up at the shop one day, carrying a small box. “Hey, hyung, just dropping by to give you something. Thought you might need it”.
“What is it?” Yoongi opens the box and finds a brand new phone, an iPhone. It’s an old model but it’s still an iPhone. “Did you buy this?” “Pfft, of course not, I stole it”, Yeonjun says, chest puffed out in pride. “They don’t call me ‘fast fingers’ for nothing”.
“It’s not a nickname you should be proud of”, Jungkook retorts. Yeonjun pokes his tongue out at the maknae before adding, “it’s all set, by the way. I added my number in there, the girls did the same”. “I’m an Android user, though”, Yoongi remarks.
“I’m just gonna pretend you didn’t say that”. Yeonjun grabs his backpack and heads for the door. “And if you want a Samsung that much, you can always ask your rich boyfriend”. “Thank you, Yeonjun. And he’s not my boyfriend!” Yeonjun is still laughing when he leaves.
“Well, at least you’ve got a phone now”, Jungkook says, optimistic as ever. “And you can use social media, check the news…” “I don’t have any social media accounts”. “Well, if you’re gonna be hanging out with someone like Taehyung, you should”.
But that’s the question, isn’t it? Will it be possible for them to go back to where they left off? His friends might accept him but Taehyung’s friends? They’d never let anyone like Yoongi get near them. And Taehyung is a busy man. Always on the news, out clubbing, working.
Always leaving restaurants and exclusive bars accompanied by extremely gorgeous people, tall and handsome men with their hands over his shoulders or lower back. “Supermodel V spotted with this actor, this idol, this businessman”. Their worlds are so different.
Yoongi attempts to shut down those thoughts by working; having Jungkook as an apprentice is great because the kid gets so focused on his task at hand that he barely talks. Just two introverts carving out some wood. Yoongi is so thankful for Jungkook.
As they get ready to wrap things up and call it a night, someone barges in unannounced. Yeji’s shift ended an hour ago and decided to spend the weekend with her girlfriend, as she usually does, so Yoongi isn’t expecting a visitor. Much less the visit of Park Jimin.
And he doesn’t look happy. “Why have you been ignoring my texts?” “Hello to you too”, Yoongi deadpans. “What are you doing here?” “Been trying to contact you for days, did you block my number? I thought we were drinking buddies!”
After his outburst, Jimin finally notices Jungkook standing by, watching their interaction with an amused smile. “Well, hello there”. “Hi”, Jungkook greets back, and Yoongi is disgusted by the flirty tone in his voice. “Focus”, Yoongi snaps his fingers. “What do you want?”
Jimin leans against the table. “There’s something I want alright…” Yoongi doesn’t have to turn around to know Jungkook is blushing. The kid gets flustered easily. “Why are you here?” Tearing his eyes away from Jungkook takes Jimin a couple of seconds. “We have to talk”.
“Okay, so talk”. “Do you have alcohol? We need alcohol for this”, Jimin says and adds quickly, “the good stuff. Not those canned beers you gave me last time”. “That’s all I have, sorry”. “What about the whiskey I gave you?” “Drank it. Can I get a refill?”
“No”. Jimin huffs, like an upset diva. “Well, then- get dressed. We’re going out”. “I’m not going out with you”, Yoongi scoffs. “What if people see us?” “I’d go out with you”, the maknae says all of a sudden. “Jungkook, ~enough”. Jungkook crosses his arms and pouts.
“Listen, there’s a situation we need to discuss”, Jimin takes his phone out, walks past Yoongi and hands it to Jungkook. “Put your phone number in there, hot stuff, don’t let your mean hyung tell you what to do”. “What do you think you’re doing?” “It’s called multitasking”.
“Jungkook, don’t you dare”, Yoongi warns, but the kid is already out of reach with a grin on his lips, most likely typing his digits. “For fuck’s sake”. “Listen, comrade, we really need to talk, and I’m not doing that sober, so get dressed and let’s go”.
“Where are we going?” Jungkook asks. “You’re not—“ “You can come, too”. Jimin throws a wink at him before addressing Yoongi. “Does he know?” “He knows”. “Okay, then. I’ll wait”. “I’m going like this, I’m not changing”, Yoongi scoffs.
Jimin’s neck veins almost pop out. “You’re gonna damage my brand if people see me with you dressed up like that!” “Take it or leave it”, Yoongi shrugs. “We’re just going for some drinks, there’s no need for me to change clothes”.
“Yeah, but the drinks I have aren’t served in common bars”, Jimin says, losing his patience. “Don’t you know who I am?” “A pain in the ass, that’s what you are”. Jimin takes a deep breath. “I’m doing this for Taehyung, I’m doing this for Taehyung…”
Yoongi’s head perks up. “What about Taehyung? Is he in trouble?” “I’ll tell you when we get there”, Jimin says. “Now, hurry. There’s a car waiting for us”. “Do I have to change?” Jungkook asks. “No, sweetheart, you look gorgeous” Yoongi gags before following Jimin to the car.
They met Hoseok on their way out, and after some awkward introductions and a couple of questions, he ends up joining the gang and jumping into Jimin’s car as well. (Jimin protested for a bit until Jungkook persuaded him, using his characteristic doe eyes).
Jimin takes them to a club Yoongi has only heard of - so exclusive you had to be personally invited, and for a second he thought the bouncer would refuse to let them in. But Jimin doesn’t take the main entrance; instead, they use the back door - through the kitchen.
“They’re with me”, the model tells a member of the staff who approached them. “The second floor should work, and make sure the champagne keeps flowing”. The staff bows and hurries to fulfill Jimin’s wishes. “A please and thank you would be nice”, Yoongi grunts.
“It’s their job to do as I say”, Jimin shrugs. God, rich kids have no manners. From their table, they can see the main floor, people dancing to the beat of the music, some by the bar, others laughing and drinking in the lounge area. Yoongi feels so out of place, to be honest.
It’s exponentially different from the bars Yoongi and his friends are used to - not only the crowd and booze, but the music as well. Very high class and sultry, nothing like the heavy bass of the hip hop tunes they play at Yoongi’s favorite spot.
Jimin would die if Yoongi ever took him there. Taehyung… Yoongi reckons Taehyung would find it interesting. Yoongi imagines Taehyung dancing to the music he likes. He imagines him all sweaty, grinding against him, hot breath fanning his neck—
A waiter brings two bottles of champagne and four glasses. As expected, Jimin dismisses him with a hand gesture - Jungkook thanks the staff with a small bow. “Okay, now that we’re all set”, Jimin starts, “let’s talk”. “Finally”. Hoseok however, stands up.
“Not gonna lie, I still find this whole thing a little weird so if you three don’t mind, I’m gonna use the restroom and just- dance for a bit”. He turns to Jungkook. “Wanna come with hyung, kiddo?” “Nah, I’m staying”, Jungkook says. “You go and have fun”.
Hoseok just shrugs and walks away, disappearing into the crowd. “The less people know about this, the better, anyway”. Jimin sips from his flute of champagne and clears his throat. “Know about what? Enough with the mystery! What’s going on?” Yoongi asks, impatient.
“Don’t use that tone with me after ignoring my texts and calls!” “I lost my damn phone, I told you already!” Jimin huffs. Yoongi pretends he doesn’t notice him leaning a bit closer to Jungkook. “Taehyung’s mom- you know Young Ae, don’t you?” “Fashion designer”, Jungkook says.
“Very good, sweetheart”, Jimin coos. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “She’s like the Kris Jenner from South Korea, only- meaner. She’s got a bit of Yolanda in her, as well”. “I have no idea what you’re talking about”, Yoongi deadpans. “Have you been living under a rock?”
“Just talk like a normal person!” Yoongi snaps. “Young Ae is Taehyung’s mom but she’s also his boss”, Jimin elaborates. “She’s a business woman, you see? Always after the money. And sometimes she asks Taehyung to do things he’s not- totally comfortable with”.
Jimin sighs before continuing. “A week ago, she asked Taehyung to help one of her friend’s son”. “Help him how?” “The guy has the whole country against him, dude can’t even say anything without getting attacked. So his mom wants to change that… with Taehyung’s assistance”.
Yoongi shifts. It could be harmless but Jimin is making it sound like the most catastrophic news ever. “Okay?” “The seed has been planted”, the model says. “There’s been some rumors here and there, they’re gonna confirm them soon, I believe”. “Confirm what?”
Jimin gives him a pointed look. “Are you really that thick? Can’t you imagine what I’m talking about?” Yoongi has an idea but he doesn’t want to say it out loud. Truth is, he doesn’t have to. There’s a general commotion downstairs, interrupting their conversation.
All three of them turn their heads to find the source of the outburst. Jimin is the first to stand up, heading to the handrail. His shoulders sag just a bit, enough for Yoongi to stand up as well and join him. “Did Hoseok get caught?” “It’s not Hoseok”. Jimin points at the crowd
It takes Yoongi a couple of seconds, but he spots the person Jimin is pointing at. It’s Taehyung. And he’s not alone. “Well, it looks like they’re doing it sooner than expected”, Jimin sighs. “Doing what?” Yoongi asks, then- “Oh”. “Yeah, ~oh”.
Taehyung has his arms thrown around his companion, laughing at something said or done, Yoongi doesn’t know. They’re swaying on the dance floor while the people around them clap excitedly, some of them even take pictures. Yoongi grips the edge of the handrail. “Huh”.
“Before you jump into conclusions, it’s fake”, Jimin says. “That’s what his mom told him to do”. Yoongi knows that Taehyung is, as people call him, a helpless playboy. He likes sex, and he doesn’t apologize for it, nor he should. “What am I looking at, exactly?”
“A business deal, that’s all. It’s not even a proper deal, there was no contract, actually”. Jimin shrugs. “Just two families helping each other. Taehyung is gonna date Seojoon until he gets back on track”. “But Taehyung doesn’t date”. “He does now”.
Yoongi stares at the couple for a few more seconds. “His mom told him to do this?” “Yup”. “And it didn’t occur to him to say no?” “You don’t say no to your boss”, Jimin remarks. “He had no choice”. “Of course he did”, Yoongi chuckles bitterly. “We all have a choice”.
“Not him”. Jimin turns to look at him but Yoongi can’t meet his eye. “Taehyung is the person he is because of his mom, disobeying her—“ “Taehyung is his own person”, Yoongi interrupts. “He can make his own decisions” “Seems to me like you don’t know him at all” “Maybe I don’t”
He hears Jimin sigh. “You’re being unfair to him, Taehyung didn’t want to do it”. In Yoongi’s perspective, if someone doesn’t want to do something, they just don’t. Simple enough. “He should’ve said no, then”. “Easy for you to say, you don’t care about anything”.
Yoongi cares about many things, actually: his family, friends. He cares about the movement he’s a part of. And yes, he cares about Taehyung. Yoongi, however, isn’t gonna bother to explain himself to Jimin. He can believe whatever he wants, he doesn’t care. Yoongi’s fed up.
While staring at the couple still dancing very closely, Yoongi chuckles. “He should be an actor”. “He is, actually”, Jimin says. “Not a very good one, may I add, and—“ “I was talking about Taehyung”, Yoongi interrupts. “If that’s fake, he’s really good at acting”.
“Oh, come on, he just knows how to sell it, that’s all. He has to, otherwise people is not gonna buy it”. Yoongi snorts. “Such a businessman he is”. “He tried to call you, you know? But your phone—“ His sentence gets swallowed by loud cheering. The couple shared a small kiss.
Yoongi’s stomach churns at the sight. It’s not jealousy what makes him feel that way, Yoongi is not jealous, he’s never been jealous of anything or anyone in his life. No, he’s upset, upset about the fact that Taehyung agreed to do this and he didn’t stand up for himself.
He glances away. “Well, I think I’ve seen enough. I’m getting out of here now, thanks for the drinks”, he tells Jimin before making his way to the table. “What? Aren’t you gonna do something?” the model calls. “Like what? Going up to him and convince him to run away together?”
“I mean, this isn’t an Ariana Grande’s music video, but you could talk to him!” Yoongi has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells Jimin as much. “He couldn’t even say no to his mother, you think he’s gonna listen to me?” “He does listen. He listens to you”.
But Yoongi doubts he’ll listen to him this time. Truth be told, he’s had enough and he doesn’t want to be in this place for another second. He doesn’t belong here, he’ll never belong. “Jungkook, come on, kiddo. We’re leaving”. Jungkook looks at him with sad eyes.
He must’ve seen the show, as well, but chose to give Yoongi some privacy. Yoongi doesn’t need his or anyone’s pity. He just wants to go home and forget this ever happened. Start anew. Purge Taehyung’s memory from him. “Grab your things”, Yoongi tells the maknae.
Jungkook is a nice and obedient kid so he does what he’s told even when Jimin protests and ~demands them to stay. “Where’s Hobi hyung?” Right on cue, Hoseok appears with a half empty glass. He’s smiling like an idiot. “You’re not gonna believe what happened to me!”
“Do tell us, we’re dying to know”, Jimin says, sounding utterly uninterested. “What happened, hyung?” Jungkook asks after glaring at Jimin. “I made out with someone!” Hoseok does his signature dorky dance. “That’s great”, Yoongi gives him a rather forced smile.
Oblivious to the heavy atmosphere, Hoseok explains: “I mean, it was dark and I couldn’t get a good look at his face, but I know he was handsome. Tall, broad shoulders, excellent kisser, I’m sure he was handsome”. “Did you get his name?” Jungkook asks.
“He gave me one, but it was probably fake. Parents don’t name their children names like RJ, right?” Jimin spits the champagne he was drinking. “Come again?” “He said his name was RJ”, Hoseok repeats. “Why, do you know him?”
Jimin wipes his mouth using the back of his hand. “I know every single person in this club, so yeah, I know him”. To everyone’s surprised, Jimin pats Hoseok’s shoulder, like he’s congratulating him. “You just made out with acclaimed actor Kim Seokjin” Hoseok falls off the couch
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he’s ✨in a mood✨
Yoongi never complains about work, but this order almost made him quit. Jungkook took pity on him and offered to deal with the customer, something he’s grateful for. So many changes, from the wood to the shape, the weight, the ornaments. Getting it done was a nightmare.
But the table is done and Yoongi will never have to worry about it again. Except he still has to deliver the damn thing; the customer told them he wanted the table to be dropped off at his place - when Yoongi saw the address, he rolled his eyes. A rich, exclusive neighborhood.
He should’ve seen it coming. Rich people know what they want but they always make others suffer in order to get exactly what they asked for. Yoongi doesn’t normally offer the delivery service, he doesn’t have a truck to do so, which is why he asked Hyun for his.
Hyun agreed almost immediately, not before telling Yoongi he was sorry that things didn’t work out between him and Taehyung. (The news about Taehyung and Seojoon’s relationship were everywhere; Yoongi eventually silenced Taehyung’s name from Naver).
Not even that extreme measure saved him from hearing about his godfather’s victory in the polls; the fact that he had won meant that people like Yoongi would be the most injured party - social funds would be even more limited now, there’d be cutbacks in financial support.
So to say he’s been in a bad mood for the last couple of days would be an understatement. Jungkook tags along when it’s time to deliver the table. “You’re gonna need my muscles, hyung”, the maknae had said, though Yoongi has no trouble carrying heavy stuff.
The kid always wants to help Yoongi with everything; Yoongi likes to think he raised him well. He parks the truck in front of the house’s gates; they open before Yoongi gets the chance to use the intercom. “They’re expecting us”, Jungkook chuckles. He sounds a little nervous.
“You feeling okay?” Yoongi asks as he follows the path that leads to an elegant two-store house. “Yeah, why would you ask? I’m perfectly fine, haha”. Jungkook looks out the window. “I asked because you’re sweating and it’s really cold”. “I’m just- thinking about that officer”.
The police who’s after his ass - and not in the good way. Said agent has become a regular at the gym Jungkook goes to. “Don’t let him get to you, just keep your head down and stick to the plan”, Yoongi says, patting the maknae’s arm. “We’re here”.
They lower the table and head to the main entrance. A dog barks in the distance. Its eerily familiar. They don’t even have to ring the doorbell - the double doors fly open and Yoongi almost drops the table. “Hello, comrade. I was expecting you”.
“Jimin?” Jimin doesn’t even acknowledge Yoongi’s tone of surprise. “Come on in, the table goes in the living room”. Yoongi tries to confront Jungkook as they struggle with the wood piece. “Jimin? Really, Jungkook? We busted our asses for two weeks for Jimin?”
But Jungkook blatantly ignores the questions, pretending to struggle with the table - it’s heavy but Jungkook is a muscle pig, Yoongi knows this is nothing to him. As expected, Jimin is a little shit and proceeds to boss them around even further.
“More to the left, no, wait- to the right. Align the table with that couch. You know what? I liked it better how you first placed it. Hmm, actually, I think—“ Over Jimin’s instructions, Yoongi shoots a glare to Jungkook, who’s glaring at Jimin in return.
There’s another bark. The hair on the back of Yoongi’s neck stand up. Why is it so familiar? “You can leave it like that, it looks fine to me”, Jimin tells them. Yoongi almost flips him off. “Had I known this was for you, I wouldn’t have made it”. “Oh, but it’s not for me!”
“This isn’t my house”, Jimin explains. “It’s a gift”. “A gift?” A door shuts closed. Then, Yoongi hears a voice that makes him turn his head so quickly he gets dizzy. “Jimin? What’s all that noise? Who’s here?” And then Taehyung shows up. And he is wearing a robe.
Not only that, but Taehyung is wet - he probably just got out of the shower and he’s wet. He has the devil’s spawn in his arms, too. Yeontan sure likes to bark like rent is due. “Um”, Yoongi starts, since Taehyung hasn’t said another word, eyes fixed on Yoongi.
“What’s going on?” Taehyung asks; his voice is low and raspy, serious. Apparently he didn’t know Yoongi was coming. “They just stopped by to drop the present I told you about”, Jimin says nonchalantly. “Ta-da, here it is! It’s a table!” “A table”, Taehyung repeats.
“Yoongi-ssi made it”, Jimin explains. Jungkook clears his throat, so he adds: “And Jungkookie. He made it, too”. Yoongi looks down, fists clenched. “And now that we got that out of the way, Jungkookie and I have to run, right, Jungkookah?” Jimin grabs the maknae’s arm.
“Right”, Jungkook nods. He bows politely to Yoongi and Taehyung as Jimin drags him away. “We- we have to go now. See you later, hyung. And- don’t kill me. Love you. Bye”. The pair disappears, leaving Yoongi alone with Taehyung. Taehyung with a robe. Yoongi wants to disappear.
Silence stretches out between them, thick and heavy; Yoongi refuses to look directly at Taehyung in order to stay sane. He decides to speak first, awkwardness too much to handle. “Hey”. “Hi”, Taehyung says. “Long time no see”. “Yeah”. “Looks like our friends tricked us”.
“Guess so”, Yoongi scratches the back of his head. “I really didn’t know- I had no idea”. “Me neither, Jiminie only told me he had a present for me, I didn’t know you’d made it”. “Mhm”. There’s another impasse, then Taehyung remarks: “it’s beautiful”.
“Ah, glad you liked it”, Yoongi says in return. Jimin enjoyed bossing us around, though. He was a real pain in the ass”. Taehyung chuckles, scratching the dog’s ears. “That’s Jimin”. “I didn’t know he was the customer, Jungkook kept that from me”.
“What’s going on between those two?” “I really don’t wanna know”, Yoongi says while shaking his head. “Just thinking about it gives me a headache”. “They look cute together”, Taehyung smiles. “Jimin doesn’t deserve Jungkook, that’s all I’m gonna say”.
Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Jimin is a good guy, you shouldn’t be so judgmental, you barely even know him”. And that’s true; in fact, being one hundred percent honest, Yoongi barely knows Taehyung at all. “Listen, I don’t wanna argue, I’m just gonna go—“ “No!”
Yoongi freezes on his way to the door. “No?” “I mean”, Taehyung shrugs before placing a kiss on the dog’s forehead. “You’re already here. And I haven’t- it’s been a while since we’ve talked. We could catch up?” The thing is, Yoongi is bitter, so he kinda lashes out.
“Oh sure, what do you wanna talk about? Your godfather’s big win? The fact that he’s gonna screw us up as soon as he takes oath? Or, I dunno, do you wanna discuss your new relationship with me?” Yoongi’s raised tone is all the dog needs to start barking again.
“My godfather isn’t gonna screw you up, he’s a good man!” Taehyung says over Yeontan’s loud yapping. “It wasn’t my fault he won, people voted for him”. “You publicly supported him, people voted for him because you attended his rallies and took pictures with him”.
“Well, he’s my godfather! I had to support him, he’s like family”. Yoongi shakes his head. There’s no point in arguing, Taehyung would never understand. He’d never know what it means to be oppressed by men like his godfather. “Whatever, I’m out of here”, he gives up.
He has a hand on the doorknob when Taehyung says, “it’s fake”. Yoongi stops. “My relationship with Seojoon- it’s fake”, Taehyung elaborates. “A PR move, he’s- going through some stuff. His family asked for my help”. Yoongi already knows that, but he has to pretend he doesn’t.
Still, he’s bitter and he’s petty; he chuckles. “How kind of you”. “My mom made me do it”, Taehyung says. “I didn’t want to- I tried calling you—“ “And what? What did you expect me to do?” Yoongi turns to face him. “Talk you out of it? You wouldn’t have listened to me”.
“I just wanted to see you, okay?” Taehyung snaps, even stomping his foot like a kid throwing a tantrum. “I wanted to see you and talk to you, but you never picked up, never replied any of my texts, why did you disappear on me like that, huh? How dare you do that to me?”
Yoongi is taken aback my his outburst. He even stutters when he explains: “I lost my phone, I- I only got one recently”. “Then how dare you not memorize my number and reaching out immediately?” Taehyung huffs. “Such a terrible lover you are”.
They’re not lovers. They’re just acquaintances who used to fuck every other week, that’s all they were. “I barely remember my own”, Yoongi says, truthfully. He takes a deep breath and asks, “why didn’t you refuse to help him? Why didn’t you say no?”
“It’s more complicated that that, his family is friends with mine and I just- I didn’t have a choice”. “Of course you did, it’s your life, you don’t owe them anything”. It’s Taehyung’s turn to chuckle bitterly. “Not to them, no. But my mom- I can’t say no to my mom”.
That’s what Jimin had told him, that Taehyung couldn’t say no to his mother. His family sounds like a nightmare, now that he thinks about it. As the only child, all pressure is on him, he’s the face of the family, he represents them. “You should’ve rebelled or something”.
“Easy for you to say, you’re a rebel by nature”. “I started rebelling because I refused to be oppressed and manipulated by other people”, Yoongi says. “I didn’t come out of my mom’s womb screaming ‘fuck the system’, you know?” “I wouldn’t be surprised if you did, actually”.
They both laugh, though the atmosphere is still a little heavy. Taehyung places the dog on the floor and after a final bark addressed exclusively to Yoongi, Yeontan struts his way out of the living room. Once the fur ball is gone, Taehyung faces Yoongi. “I don’t like Seojoon”.
“Okay”, he says, because what else is he supposed to say? “You know who I like”, Taehyung adds, using a tone that borders on menacing. “Don’t you, darling?” “You like a lot of people, don’t give me that crap when you’re wearing a fucking robe”. Taehyung grins.
Yoongi feels his willpower crumbling down. “It is pretty, isn’t it?” the little shit has the audacity to say as he plays with the fabric. “Is the robe distracting you?” Yoongi clenches his jaw. “Yeah”. Taehyung takes a step forward. “Why don’t you take it off of me, then?”
If Yoongi had known he’d have to face Taehyung wearing a silk robe today, he would’ve probably stayed home. Don’t misunderstand him, Yoongi thinks it’s one of the most beautiful and sinful sights he’s ever witnessed, but he needs time to mentally prepare himself.
Being ambushed like this isn’t cool, man. And Yoongi had made up his mind, he had sworn he would forget about Taehyung, pretend the things that happened between them never really happened. This isn’t cool, it’s not fair. Taehyung’s grin widens when Yoongi remains silent.
“Cat got your tongue?” Yoongi licks his lips. The robe reaches Taehyung’s knees but one of his shoulders is half exposed. “You got anything under that thing?” Yoongi answers with another question. “Come here and find out”, Taehyung says simply. He’s being a fucking brat.
He wants to play and Yoongi ~swore he wouldn’t fall for Taehyung’s tricks again—but there he is, mouth already watering at the thought of tearing his apart, doing the things he knows Taehyung enjoys. Still, Yoongi tries to be the better person and calls for some reasoning.
“I don’t think—“ Yoongi stops and tries again, because apparently he can’t form coherent sentences without stuttering like a damn fool. “I thought you just wanted to catch up”. “We’d be catching up, don’t you think? It’s been a while”. Taehyung’s got a point.
(Yoongi won’t admit he knows exactly how many days have passed since they last did this). Fighting back is turning out to be a difficult task when Taehyung keeps making excellent and valid points. “We had an agreement”, Yoongi says. “I’m willing to break it. What about you?”
The funny thing is that Yoongi is already wondering what surface he’s gonna bend Taehyung over. The couch? The kitchen counter? The table he just brought? It doesn’t have sharp edges so Taehyung wouldn’t get hurt. “I think it’d be a terrible idea”, Yoongi says.
“I like terrible ideas”, Taehyung shrugs while playing with the knot around his waist. “Especially when they involve you”. He looks at him from under his lashes. “What is it? You don’t want me anymore?” Yoongi gulps, walls shattering at his sultry tone. “Don’t be ridiculous”.
“Then why are you playing so hard to get?” Taehyung asks, and he has the audacity to pout. “Come over here and show me how much you want me”. Yoongi takes a deep breath. “Warning”. Taehyung raises an eyebrow, curious. “It’s not gonna be soft and gentle”.
“It’s okay, darling, we can do soft and gentle some other time”, Taehyung replies with a shit eating grin. He knows he has won—again—and that Yoongi will do whatever he tells him to do. Yoongi stands no chance against Kim Taehyung, that much is clear.
He takes a step forward, Taehyung takes one back. He bumps against the new table and holds onto it for leverage. “There won’t be a next time, though”, Yoongi clarifies, though it comes out rather weak. Taehyung chuckles. “Keep telling yourself that”.
“I mean it”, Yoongi says. He cages Taehyung against the table but he doesn’t touch him—he’s dying to touch him but he needs Taehyung to understand. “Okay”. “I’m serious”. “Sure you are”. Yoongi inhales and allows Taehyung’s cologne invade his senses. “Fuck”.
“Yeah, that. I want that”. Taehyung keeps his hands to himself as well, lets Yoongi call the shots. “Are you gonna give me what I want?” Yoongi grunts. “Take it off”. But Taehyung shakes his head. “You do it”. And so Yoongi does, but not immediately.
Little by little, he uncovers Taehyung’s shoulders until the robe is under his clavicles, takes the sight in—the exposed skin, his long neck, the moles scattered all over it. After one last deep breath, Yoongi presses Taehyung against the table. “Up”.
Taehyung has stopped giggling and obeys, scrambling on top of the table before spreading his legs open. The robe is now barely covering his body, and Yoongi has no idea what to do first. Well, that’s not entirely true. Yoongi kinda wants to blow him.
He takes Taehyung on his mouth and groans when the model lets out the most sinful sound—he wasn’t expecting it, Yoongi has never sucked his dick before nor vice-versa. Taehyung is well endowed, and Yoongi has forgotten how great it is to have a cock down his throat.
Taehyung’s thighs shake as Yoongi laps on his shaft, and it’s not long before he starts whimpering “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna- darling”. “It’s okay, my prince. Do it”. But Taehyung shakes his head, tells him that “I wanna come- with you- inside of me”.
And who is Yoongi to deny him that? He has the habit of always being prepared, and though Taehyung raises an eyebrow when Yoongi retrieves what they need from his wallet, it soon is forgotten as he takes him back into his mouth, prepping him with trembling fingers.
Yoongi doesn’t even bother to take the robe completely off; he just grabs Taehyung’s legs and pushes in, fucks him hard and fast because he knows Taehyung can take it, he knows Taehyung loves it—loves it when Yoongi squeezes his flesh and leaves marks that will last for days.
While pounding into him, Yoongi’s mouth starts running. “He’ll never see you like this, right?” Taehyung lets out a gasp, eyes closed. “Look at me. He is never gonna have you like this, is he?” Taehyung shakes his head. “N-no, he- I don’t want- him”. “That’s right”. “Only you”
Yoongi doesn’t let those words get to his head. Taehyung likes sex and people say anything when they’re horny, even more so when they have a cock inside of them. Still, Yoongi allows himself to smile, pleased and proud—even though he knows it might not be true.
The table is not the only surface Yoongi fucks Taehyung on; they move to the floor, Yoongi’s chest pressed against Taehyung’s back before finishing on the couch— Taehyung rides him, robe still on, rumpled and askew, and when comes, he does it with Yoongi’s name on his lips.
“Do it all over me”, the model breathes out after Yoongi announced he was close. “Just- not on my face”. With a grunt, Yoongi shoots his load over Taehyung’s stomach and collapses on the couch, exhausted. “Fuck, I missed that”, Taehyung sighs.
«That». Taehyung missed sex, which makes Yoongi wonder if he’s had any during their time apart. “Mhm”, he nods. Taehyung probably hears his absent tone because he tells him, “stop it”. “I’m not doing anything”. “You’re overthinking”. “That’s a thing I do, yeah”.
“Then don’t”. Taehyung winces when he sits up, facing Yoongi. “Do you regret it?” It’s more complicated than that; Yoongi will never regret having sex with Taehyung, but there’s layers to it. “I’m supposed to be mad at you, you know?” “Isn’t that how this works?”
Yeah, anger is what fuels their relationship; they annoy each other and proceed to fuck it out of their system. Things changed along the way, though—the occasional softness, the cuddles. There’s longing now, at least from Yoongi’s side, but he’s not gonna admit it first.
How can Yoongi long for someone whose friends and family will only make his life miserable? “You’re pretty calm, considering you have a boyfriend”. “How many times do I have to tell you? It’s fake—“ “Fake or not, you’re still in a relationship. You can still get caught”.
“And who’s gonna be blamed?” Yoongi continues. “Me. I’m gonna be in the receiving end of the backlash and I don’t know- I don’t want that, Taehyung”. Taehyung doesn’t say anything for a couple of seconds, then he crawls up to Yoongi’s side. “We could be careful”.
Hearing that sentence brings back memories—the bad kind. He refuses to do what his father did to his family, refuses to be like him. Also, he doesn’t want to share Taehyung. Not anymore. “All eyes are on you, all the time, every day… getting away with it is impossible”.
Taehyung knows that as well; when he lowers his head and sighs, Yoongi knows they’re in the same page. He gets it too. “I don’t even like him”, he murmurs. “Hm”. “He’s a terrible kisser”. Yoongi remembers that scene back in the club. It haunts him day and night.
“You two kiss, huh?” Yoongi asks, playing along, pretending he didn’t witnessed their first public kiss. “Just for the cameras”, Taehyung hurries to explain. “Only when we’re in public, that’s all”. Yoongi hums. “I see”. “You didn’t kiss me, by the way”.
He’s right; they fucked but Yoongi turned his face or flinched back whenever Taehyung went for a kiss. “I didn’t, no”. “Aren’t you gonna…?” They’re naked, covered in sweat and cum. Kissing shouldn’t be a problem, yet Yoongi hesitates.
It’s just for one second, he’s helpless when it comes to Taehyung asking him for things while using that voice, those eyes. Yoongi cradles his face, presses his thumb flat against Taehyung’s lower lip. Taehyung parts his mouth, impatient, expectant. He’s gorgeous.
Yoongi plays with Taehyung’s mouth, lips and tongue until the model starts to pant and whine; it’s only then when Yoongi grants him with a kiss—soft, deep, the type of kiss that makes your toes curl. Taehyung pulls away, asks, “Can we- do it slow this time?” “Yes, we can”.
They don’t move from the couch, Yoongi takes Taehyung right there, with his long legs wrapped around his waist, breathing into each other’s mouths, fingers intertwined. Longing, you see? Who knows when they’ll do this again, who knows if they’re ever gonna do this again.
Once they get cleaned up and dressed (Taehyung is still wearing that silk robe that shouldn’t be distracting anymore yet it is), Taehyung opens a bottle of wine and pours a drink from Yoongi without asking. He’s trying to stretch this out for as long as possible.
“So this is home, huh?” Yoongi asks, glancing around the place. Taehyung smiles. “It’s the house I’m currently living in, yeah. Close to Jimin’s, some friends live around here as well. It works”. Yoongi wants to ask if Seojoon lives nearby, too. He chooses not to.
“It’s beautiful”, he says instead, because it really is, with floor-to-ceiling windows, an inner garden and tall columns here and there. It’s like a Victorian house. “That place where you held your showcase at… you own it as well?” “Nah, it belongs to one of my friends”. “Oh”.
“Crowd was selected, but most of the guests were strangers to me”, Taehyung sips from his wine. “I don’t let strangers in any of my houses”. Should Yoongi remind him he’s basically a stranger? “I see”. Taehyung’s eyes soften as they land on the table in the living room.
“It truly is a beautiful table”, he says all of a sudden. “And I’m not saying that just cause you made it”. Yoongi clears his throat. “Thank you”. “When I move out, I’ll make sure to take it with me. It’s sturdy, too”, Taehyung gives him the tiniest smirk.
With a tut, Yoongi shakes his head. “Behave, you brat. You change houses regularly?” “Mhm, nothing really ties me to them so yeah, I guess I do”. Taehyung refills his glass to the rim. “I have a dozen of houses and apartments but they’re just so- empty? Dunno how to explain it”.
Yoongi only has one, and it’s not even his; it’s under his father’s name and Yoongi lacks the money to make him an offer and buy it. “Aren’t you planning on settling in any time soon?” “Like I said, I’m not attached to any of them. So no”.
What would it take for Taehyung to be attached to a house? What would make it a home? Memories? A partner? Taehyung doesn’t date, after all. “Well, this is a pretty cool place”, Yoongi notes. “It’s convenient, that’s all”. This whole thing is a little sad, to be honest.
Yoongi has barely touched his glass of wine but Taehyung is drinking for both of them, pouring more and more as the rest of the day goes by. “Easy there, you almost down the entire bottle”. Taehyung snorts. “You’re not my dad…” “Taehyung…” “Was that your final answer?”
“What do you mean?” “You won’t see me again?” Taehyung asks without looking at him. His eyes are fixed on the table in the living room. Yoongi pushes his glass to the side. “I just think- it wouldn’t be a good idea”. “Even though it’s fake?” Yoongi shakes his head.
The gesture makes Taehyung sighs. “I see. I’d be asking for too much, wouldn’t I?” “It’s risky, that’s all”. “Okay”, Taehyung finishes his drink and grabs the bottle, chugging it down till there’s nothing left. “I’m not gonna beg again, you know?”
“I don’t- I don’t want you to do that”, Yoongi mutters. If Taehyung starts saying please, like he did that last time, then Yoongi will start reconsidering his choices. “I just want you to understand where I’m coming from. It wouldn’t be right nor safe…”
“If you say so”, Taehyung shrugs. He’s closed off, like he’s given up with the conversation and wants to be alone. “How long till the contract is over with?” Taehyung shrugs again. “No idea. It’s not up to me”. “Still… you should have an opinion on this”.
“Except I don’t”, Taehyung says bluntly. Yoongi has never heard this tone before, so he’s taken aback. And he doesn’t want to argue, which is why he raises his hands in surrender. “Okay, sorry for asking”. “Thanks for the table, it’s lovely”. Is he kicking him out?
“No problem”, Yoongi says. Hesitantly, he asks, “do you, um. Should I go?” “I think that would be a good idea”. He was kicking him out, after all. They don’t have anything to talk about anymore, anyways. Yoongi stands up. “Okay, so I guess- I guess I’m just gonna go”.
“You do that”. Taehyung grabs another bottle of wine and, without waiting for Yoongi to leave, heads straight to the hall. “You know your way out, don’t you?” Taehyung disappears from his sight and then, a door slams closed. “Goodbye to you too”, Yoongi says to no one at all.
Deep down, he knows he kinda deserved that. Yoongi still feels like pure crap as he drives his way back home.
taking risks
Taehyung hears rustling, someone cursing between their teeth, and then, the unmistakable sound of the blinds going up. He scrunches his face when the sunlight hits him; who the fuck dares to interrupt his sleep, waking him up so violently? It’s rude and uncalled for.
“Get your ass off the bed”, a familiar voice says. It’s Jimin, and judging by his tone, he’s annoyed. Shocking. “Leave me alone”, Taehyung groans; his head is pounding painfully due to the copious amount of wine he drank last night. “Go away”. “It’s past noon, idiot”.
“Don’t care”, he grumbles, covering his entire body with a blanket; Jimin, however, isn’t in the mood to deal with a hungover Taehyung, so he grabs said blanket and tosses it aside, as well as the pillows. Taehyung is left defenseless. “Your mom called. You have a thing today”.
Taehyung knows he has a busy day ahead of him; he didn’t care when he drank two bottles of wine last night, but he sure is regretting it now. “Tell her I’m sick”. “She already thinks I’m a bad influence on you, do you want her to hate me more?”
Jimin is the only person that’s keeping him sane, the last thing he wants is to be deprived of his best friend. He sits up and winces when his head throbs in pain. “Okay, okay, I’m awake, could you please stop yelling? It hurts”, Taehyung whines.
“Not my fault you decided to get drunk on a Monday”. Jimin makes a disgusted face as he opens the window. “Jesus, what did you do in here? It stinks. Go take a shower and meet me in the kitchen, you need to eat something”. Thinking about food causes him to gag, nauseous.
Fresh out of the shower, Taehyung heads to the kitchen and leans against the counter. He groans. “I’m never drinking again”. “That’s the problem, you never drink, but when you do—“ His friend sighs. “You’ve been doing that almost every day, Tae”.
He knows. It’s becoming a problem, he can barely stay sober these days, especially when he has to deal with Seojoon and his wandering hands. His fake boyfriend is quite touchy, and Taehyung doesn’t like that. “This was the last time”, he says.
“Come on, that’s a lie and we both know it”. Jimin slides a plate of fruit across the counter. “It’s been weeks, time for you to move on”. “I’m trying”, Taehyung grits out. “Then try harder! Yoongi was cute and all but there are more guys you can have fun with”.
“Yoongi wasn’t just fun”, Taehyung mumbles out as he plays around with a strawberry. “I liked him”. “You like a lot of people, that’s why you don’t date, remember?” Jimin pats his shoulder. “‘Too handsome to settle down’, that’s what you used to say”.
“Yeah, but- I really liked him”. Taehyung looks down, not knowing how to word it. “I liked him a lot”. Jimin stays quiet for what it feels like hours. “Damn, you’re serious”. “I am”. “You’ve never liked anyone- like that, I mean. This is new”.
It is new. Maybe that’s why Taehyung has so much trouble expressing it. He doesn’t mope around, no one ever lingers on his mind after a night together. And he never begs. Taehyung begged Yoongi once, almost twice. “I don’t know what to do”, he sighs. “Help me”.
“I’m not sure I’m the best person to take advice from”, Jimin scratches the back of his neck. “You know how I felt for you, I mean… all I can tell you is that- You just have to hang in there, I guess”. Taehyung looks up, facing Jimin. “Felt”. “Hm?” “You said felt”.
Jimin blinks. “Huh, did I?” “You did”. Taehyung leans on the counter, smirking. “Are you finally over me, Park Jimin?” “Don’t be an asshole”, his friend rolls his eyes. “I love you, I will always love you, but I guess- I guess there’s someone else in my mind”.
When Taehyung tilts his head, confused, Jimin adds: “His friend, Yoongi’s, um- His name is Jungkook. He’s nice, and no, we haven’t had sex. I think we never will, to be honest”. “How come?” “We’re both- I mean, none of us can top, so…” Taehyung has a laughing fit.
It’s painful; his head throbs again and he’s reminded of his hangover, which Jimin thinks he had it coming. “You haven’t had sex with him but he’s still on your mind, huh”, Taehyung chuckles. “You must really like him”. “He’s cute. And hot. It’s so unfair”.
Giggling, Taehyung shoves a piece of fruit into his mouth. “So what are you gonna do?” Jimin shrugs. “He’s okay with a third party, we just gotta find someone, that’s all. But enough about me, what are ~you gonna do? You can’t keep this up, Tae”.
“I know”. Taehyung sighs, his eyes inadvertently landing on the table sitting on the living room. “But what can I do? He refuses to see me as long as I’m with Seojoon, even if it’s fake”. “Not everyone is okay with being someone’s mistress, he has a valid reason”.
“I know that but—“ Taehyung sighs again, defeated. “Having him around would make this whole thing a little more bearable. I wish- I wish he had said yes”. “But he didn’t, and you have to accept that. Maybe after this is all over you can- I dunno, try again?”
Taehyung laughs bitterly. “I like him a lot, but I also have my pride. I always go to him, you know? I’m kind of tired. It’s embarrassing”. “So you’re just gonna, what? Wait for him to come back to you?” Taehyung shrugs. “Yeah”. “What if he doesn’t?”
“Then he doesn’t”. Taehyung shrugs again, avoiding Jimin’s calculating eyes. “It would be his call, not mine. And I’d accept it and move on, like you said”. But deep down, Taehyung knows that moving on from Yoongi will take an eternity. In other words, he’s screwed.


#taegi: “got you obsessing now.” inspired from @ღona⁷’s nepo baby 🔥
It’s been a little over three months since Yoongi last saw Taehyung. It’s been a little over three months, and Taehyung and Seojoon are still a couple. “Stronger than ever”, the headlines read, praising their relationship; it was a direct quote from Taehyung.
The model really knows how to sell it, his Instagram page filled with pictures of his “boyfriend’s” face. Some people have their doubts, though—they think Taehyung and Seojoon are trying too hard, but most of the audience is happy for them. Yoongi is not. He’s bitter.
But then again, what could he do? Nothing. And he refuses to blame himself—Taehyung made his decision. Yoongi is just a witness, watching their relationship unfold. He has no business being bitter over a person who was never his to begin with.
Easier said than done. Taehyung’s face is all over the city, the TV, the newspaper. The model has been busy, that’s for sure, and Yoongi has his plate full, too. Of course, the shit he has to deal with is very different, and not in a good way.
Struggling is something Yoongi is quite used to by now; he’s struggled all his life—he comes from a dysfunctional family, an extremely poor household. Absent father who eventually left them for good, a mother with decaying health, a job that barely pays off.
Yoongi knows struggle, knows what it feels to be oppressed; by capitalism, injustice, politics that only looked at them when they needed votes. But after his last encounter with Taehyung, everything went downhill. Things got even worse.
Objectively speaking, Taehyung is the last of his problems. Sure, sometimes he misses him, and sometimes Yoongi wishes they hadn’t parted ways the way they did. Yoongi wonders if Taehyung’s presence would make things easier—to endure, to overcome.
Probably not. The table he made for Jimin was the last big order the shop had; Yoongi is spends most of his days with nothing to do, and doing nothing drives him up the walls. Bills keep coming but Yoongi has no money to pay them. He even considers selling the coffee machine.
Crying is something he does, too. He doesn’t let anyone see him, of course; he waits for Jungkook to go home, and he only cries when Yeji tells him she’d be spending the night with her girlfriend. Alone in the shop, Yoongi allows himself to cry, quietly, wishing for better days.
Yoongi’s struggles don’t go unnoticed by the group; they help, to an extent. None of them have money to spare but they bring food and groceries, they make sure Yoongi and his little sister eat their three meals; if Yoongi is still alive, it’s because of them.
But the thing that truly fucks him over is when he goes to the nursing home. Yoongi plays the piano for the patients sometimes; his repertoire consists of bright songs in order to cheer them up. But Yoongi’s been feeling kinda blue lately, he’s not in the right headspace…
He plays classical pieces, ballads and then, before he knows it, he’s playing something he doesn’t immediately recognize. It’s only when someone starts wailing that Yoongi realizes that he played a piece he made for his mother, back when he was a kid.
The person wailing, screaming their lungs out, is his mom, and though the song must’ve triggered a memory, she still doesn’t recognize him. Even worse, she refuses to look at him as the nurses hurry to her side before eventually taking her back to her room.
“I’m so sorry, Yoongi-ya”, one of the nurses tells him while Yoongi just stands there, fighting back the urge to cry. “She was okay this morning, she even smiled at you, didn’t she? She was happy to see you”. “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have played that song, I didn’t mean to—“
“It wasn’t your fault, don’t say that”, the nurse tuts. “Do you want some hot cocoa? I know you don’t like sweet things, but it really helps—“ “No, thank you, noona”. Yoongi grabs his coat. “I’m gonna head out, I’m sorry for ruining things”.
The nurse assures him he didn’t, but Yoongi doesn’t believe her. His mom was having a good day and Yoongi’s dumb ass had to ruin that for her. He deals with his frustration the only way he knows how to: rioting. Except this time, he ends up in jail.
The rally he participated in was poorly organized and it took a bad turn when things started to escalate; he also went on his own, without telling the other members. He shouldn’t have done that, and now he’s stuck with no money to pay his way out.
On the bright side, he’s just detained as the police processes him. “Do you want to call someone?” one of the agents asks him. Yoongi calls Hoseok. “You’re a dumbass”, his friend tells him. “I know”. “Just- hang in there. We’ll come up with something, okay?”
Yoongi only has to wait a couple of hours; a police officer approaches his cell with a pair of keys in his hand. “Min Yoongi-ssi?” “That’s me”. The agent has prominent dimples even though he’s not smiling. His name tag reads Kim Namjoon. “You’re free to go”.
“Are you serious?” “I am”. Kim Namjoon opens the cell and waits for Yoongi to walk out. “Your friend bailed you out”. Oh, Jesus. Hoseok totally sold the coffee machine. “Um, okay. So I can just go?” “I’m afraid so. I’m keeping my eyes on you, understand?”
Expecting to see Hoseok, Yoongi is surprised to find Jungkook waiting for him. “Hyung! You’re out, we were so worried!” Yoongi lets the maknae hug him. “How did you bail me out? What did you sell? Was it the coffee machine? I have to get it back—“ “We didn’t sell anything”.
“Then what did you guys do?” Jungkook scratches the back of his head. “When Hobi hyung told us you were arrested, I- Don’t be mad, okay? I did it because we didn’t have a choice”. Yoongi narrows his eyes. “What did you do?” After a sigh, Jungkook says, “Jimin”.
“For fucks sake!” “Hyung, it’s fine, he wanted you to spend the night but I can be very convincing, you know?” Jungkook giggles. “He’s not here, he just gave us the money and asked not to be involved anymore”. “Great, now I’m in debt with him”.
“He said he doesn’t want it back”, Jungkook shrugs. “It’s like pocket money for him, hyung. Don’t worry”. The maknae stops all of a sudden, paying attention to his face. “Are those bruises? The police did that? I swear to god, I’m gonna—“ “Got them at the rally, it’s nothing”.
It takes some time to calm Jungkook down. “Wanna go home? You must be hungry”. “Did you bring the car?” “No, my motorcycle. But I have an extra helmet—“ “I’m not getting on that thing, I’m sorry”, Yoongi chuckles. “I’ll just grab a cab or something”.
Jungkook protests but eventually waits for Yoongi to jump into a taxi. Yoongi’s intentions were going straight home, taking a hot shower and having some food, but he ends up giving the driver a different route. “Are you sure this is the right address?” the driver asks.
Yoongi looks out. “I guess”. The cab disappears around the curb and Yoongi stands there, wondering why, out of all the places, he decided to come here. No one’s home, though. Taehyung’s car is missing. So Yoongi just sits there and waits.
Does Taehyung still live there? He changes houses like Yoongi changes socks. And even if he does, he’s probably at some event, with his fake boyfriend, holding hands, kissing for the cameras… Yoongi thinks of calling Hoseok, but his phone is dead.
He could grab another cab, but the thought of having to stand up and finding one isn’t that appealing. It’s cold, the icy wind bites his skin; Yoongi decides to try his luck and wait for a miracle. He loses track of time; he even dozes off, curled up against Taehyung’s door.
Yoongi jolts when a car pulls into the driveway. He didn’t know he could feel so relieved just by seeing someone. “Yoongi hyung?” “Hi”. Taehyung approaches him with careful steps. “What are you doing here?” “I just-“ He takes a deep breath. “I didn’t know where else to go”.
//quick! which pov?
Taehyung’s day started early in the morning with some business meetings, a brunch and then hurried fittings for his upcoming shows. He was only able to take one short nap, barely managed to close his eyes before the alarm went off.
His last event scheduled for the day involved dinner with hand-picked friends, and following his mother’s instructions, Seojoon had to be there, too. His fake boyfriend was a pleasant guy to be around, he was nice and good company—but he took the relationship way too seriously.
Taehyung was supposed to attend an after party held at the same club he opened a while ago; he didn’t like his outfit at all, it clashed with the club’s concept, so he announced he was going home to change clothes. He wasn’t expecting to see Yoongi at his door.
Taehyung can’t believe his eyes; it’s been so long, a little over three months, almost four, but who’s counting? Not him. That’s something only losers do, and he’s not a loser. He’s Kim Taehyung, highest paid model in the world, son of one of the most influential people.
But the way his heart jumps out of his chest at the sight of Yoongi makes him believe that he is, in fact, a loser. Yoongi has a hoodie over his head, so he can’t see his face properly. “How long have you been here for?” he asks. “Not sure”, Yoongi shrugs. “Lost track of time”.
Taehyung chooses his next question very carefully. “Are you okay?” Yoongi doesn’t seem okay, but he has to ask. Yoongi chuckles wryly. “I- I don’t think so, no”. A rush of cold wind blows; only Yoongi shivers before wrapping his arms around himself.
“I’m sorry about-“ Yoongi takes a deep breath as he stands up. “I’m sure you don’t want to see me, after- you know, last time. I can go, if you want me to…” Yoongi’s voice is small and barely audible. Taehyung’s never heard him or seen him like this.
“Don’t be silly”. Taehyung approaches the door and presses the code on the keypad. “It’s late, and really fucking cold. I’m not a monster, come on in”. Taehyung tries not to fuss over him because he’s supposed to be mad; but then Yoongi uncovers his face, revealing bruises and—
“Is that blood?” Taehyung asks, alarmed. He hurries next to Yoongi to examine him more closely. “Ah, it’s nothing”. “What do you mean it’s nothing? You’re bleeding, you have bruises, you—“ Taehyung stops to pull himself together. “Who did this to you?” He grits out.
“I’m fine…” “Did you get into a fight?” “I mean, kinda, but—“ “Who was it?” Taehyung notices his own hands shaking as he cradles Yoongi’s face to look at the wounds. “Tell me a name and I’ll make sure they regret touching you”. Yoongi snorts. “That’s gonna be difficult”.
“Have you forgotten who I am? I’ll make it happen, I’ll make their life a living hell, I just need a name and I—“ Yoongi grabs Taehyung’s wrists. “Most of the wounds were accidental, it was a rally that went bad, okay? There’s no need for you to go all John Wick”.
Taehyung frowns. “Who’s that?” “It’s a movie, a guy murders the people who killed his dog”. Yoongi shakes his head and lowers Taehyung’s hands. “It was my fault, I shouldn’t have participated in that rally anyways”. “Are your friends okay?” “They didn’t go, I was alone”.
“You were alone?!” “Listen, I learned my lesson, okay? Got these for breaking the rules”, Yoongi points at his bruises. “I even went to jail and—“ “You went to jail?!” Yoongi tilts his head. “You didn’t know?” “No! What- When- How did that happen?”
“I thought Jimin told you”, Yoongi frowns. “He bailed me out”. Taehyung is gonna kill Jimin for not telling him. “He didn’t say anything. But what happened? How did you end up in jail?” “The rally got messy, someone called the cops. That’s pretty much it”.
“Did you come here straight from the station?” Taehyung asks after taking one good look at Yoongi’s appearance. Yoongi glances away. “Yeah”. “Can I- May I know why?” “Dunno. I was supposed to go home but- I ended up giving the driver a different address. Sorry”.
Taehyung has the urge to pull him close and hold him tightly against his chest. “Don’t apologize, I only asked because- Well, you said- you said we couldn’t—“ “I know what I said”, Yoongi mutters. “But I guess- I just wanted to see you”. “I see”. “I missed you”.
Truth be told, Taehyung never thought he’d get to hear those words from Yoongi. During their time apart, he wondered if Yoongi missed him, thought of him as much as Taehyung did. Taehyung would’ve smiled, but the confession only shatters his heart even further.
“I know it’s not fair for me to say it”, Yoongi continues when Taehyung remains silent. “I shouldn’t have come here in the first place, but I just had a really shitty day and you- you were the first person that crossed my mind”. He looks down. “Sorry again. I can go if you—“
“I don’t want you to go”, Taehyung interrupts him. “I- I missed you, too, darling”. Yoongi smiles before gesturing at Taehyung’s appearance. “Had a fun night out?” “Ah, crap”. He totally forgot about the after party. “I’m expected somewhere, I only came here to change clothes”.
“Oh, then- I guess I should get going”. “No!” Taehyung blurts out. “No, let’s- I just need to make a quick call. Just- wait here, sit by the fireplace, warm up. I’ll be with you in a second, yeah?” “Are you sure? Aren’t you gonna be in trouble?” Taehyung couldn’t care less.
Jimin picks up the phone with a “where are you? Seojoon has been trying to call you, he’s getting on my nerves”. “Listen, something came up. I won’t be able to make it, I’m so sorry”. “You’re gonna leave me alone with these assholes?!” Jimin screeches. “Mimi… he’s here”.
There’s a brief moment of silence. Then Jimin asks, “he as in… you know…” “Yeah”. Taehyung glances at Yoongi, finds him curled up on the couch with his eyes closed. “Tell Seojoon I’m sorry or whatever, make something up”. “Ugh, he’s totally telling your mom”. “I don’t care”
Taehyung ends the call without waiting for a response. Yoongi opens his eyes when Taehyung sits next to him. “Did you get in trouble?” “It’s okay. I’m all yours now”. Yoongi smiles, sad. “No you’re not”. And those words hurt like hell. “Then let’s pretend I am, darling”.
He can tell that Yoongi isn’t a fan of the idea, lips pursed into a small pout, slight frown between his eyebrows. “Are you still with him?” Taehyung sighs. “Yeah”. After a nod, Yoongi asks, “how are you holding up?” “I’d rather not to be with him, but what can I do?”
“Is he- Does he treat you well?” Yoongi speaks without looking at him. Taehyung chooses his next words very carefully. “He’s a good guy, and we’ve been friends for a while, so yeah, he’s nice”. “Do you guys- ?” “Darling”, Taehyung interrupts. “I don’t wanna talk about him”.
Yoongi wraps his arms around himself. “Right, sorry”. “It’s just- you’re here, let’s pretend Seojoon doesn’t exist, yeah?” Yoongi shrugs and stares at the fireplace. He seems a little lost. “Tell you what?” Taehyung prompts. “Why don’t you take a shower, hm?”
“Are you trying to tell me I stink?” “You got me”, Taehyung teases him. “No, you just look like you could use a warm shower, change your clothes… and when you’re done, I’ll take a look at those wounds, hm? Give you something comforting to eat, how does that sound?”
Taehyung notices that Yoongi struggles to accept it, like he isn’t used to being looked after, and that breaks his heart even more. He doesn’t know much about his family or background but it appears that Yoongi is the kind of guy that always gives and never asks for anything.
While Yoongi is in the shower, Taehyung deals with the aftermath of his rebellion: Seojoon didn’t like being stood up, and Taehyung has to apologize for the inconvenience. He justifies his absence by telling him that he wasn’t feeling well and needed to get some rest.
He’ll be hearing from his mom soon since everyone was expecting to see Taehyung and Seojoon together; he’s gonna have to do so much damage control that just thinking about it gives him a headache. But then Yoongi shows up and suddenly Taehyung doesn’t care about the consequences
Because Yoongi is at his house, wearing his clothes, clothes that are too big for him, he’s practically swimming in them, and oh my god, Taehyung wants to grab his face and kiss him. He can’t, though. Yoongi said they couldn’t. “Feeling better?”
“Yeah, thanks”. Yoongi pads his way to the kitchen, where a plate of warm food is waiting for him. “Water pressure was amazing, it was like heaven”. “You’re more than welcome to come here everyday to take a shower”, Taehyung smiles. “Sounds tempting”. “I’m serious”.
“Oh, I know you are”, Yoongi chuckles. “But it wouldn’t be smart”. Taehyung wants to ask him if he’d consider it once the deal with Seojoon is done, but chooses not to push his luck. “Before you eat, can I treat your bruises?” “They don’t hurt at all”. “I still wanna do it”.
It takes him some convincing to finally get in Yoongi’s personal space and clean the small cuts on his cheekbone, eyebrow and a particularly ugly wound right on his temple. Taehyung doesn’t have bandaids but he uses a solution to stop the bleeding.
Having Yoongi so close is distracting but Taehyung decides to fill the silence in order to avoid any awkwardness. “So… wanna talk about it?” “About what?” “You said you weren’t doing great… besides being arrested, did something else happen?”
Yoongi’s face closes off; it’s barely there but Taehyung can tell. “You don’t have to tell me”, he hurries to add. “I didn’t mean to intrude”. “It’s just personal stuff”, Yoongi says, flat. “Don’t worry about it”. “I am worried, though. I’ve never seen you like this”.
“We don’t know each other that well”, Taehyung adds while he tends Yoongi’s wounds with a light hand. “But you’ve always been a strong guy, stubborn and maybe a little spicy… but now you look so—“ “Pathetic?” “No, helpless”. “I do feel kinda helpless, actually”.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” Taehyung asks even though he knows Yoongi will never accept his help. “I dunno, can you make my mom remember me?” Taehyung’s hands still. “Your mom…?” “She’s sick, she doesn’t know who I am, doesn’t know she has children”.
Taehyung lowers his arms; what can he possibly say? “I’m so—“ “Don’t say you’re sorry”, Yoongi interrupts. “I don’t want your pity, okay? I don’t want anyone’s pity. I shouldn’t have said it in the first place. Just- forget it, yeah? Let’s change the subject”. “Darling…”
“Please”, Yoongi grits out. His lower lip trembles. “You don’t wanna talk about Seojoon, I don’t wanna talk about my mom, okay?” Taehyung sighs but decides to respect his wishes. “Okay. You’re all set, by the way. I’m not a nurse but I think I did a pretty good job”. “Thanks”.
“Do you wanna eat now? Are you hungry?” Yoongi munches his food in silence; the food isn’t that great since they’re practically leftovers but he’s thankful for the meal and expresses his gratitude before and after eating. They move to the couch once he’s done, by the fireplace.
Taehyung wants to ask him many things but he’s afraid Yoongi will close off again. “This is a nice place”, Yoongi says. “Planning on making it home?” “Not sure, but I might stay here for a while. That table is not easy to move around, you know?”
“Don’t you have tables in your other houses?” “Yeah, but I’ve grown attached to it, it’s pretty”. Taehyung hesitates before adding, “and it reminds me of you”. Yoongi chuckles but he still looks a little sad. “Don’t say stuff like that”.
“You’re one to talk”, Taehyung teases him. “Showing up at my house, saying that you missed me… I have a heart too, you know?” Yoongi doesn’t say anything in return, and that’s fair, Taehyung did cross a limit there. Outside, the night has taken over the city.
“It’s late”, Yoongi remarks. “It is”. “I should get going”. Taehyung isn’t ready to let him go, but he’s not gonna beg. He will only ask once, make the suggestion, and if Yoongi says no, then Taehyung would leave it at that. “Or… you could, you know…” “What?”
“Look, it’s late, it’s like a damn freezer out there, and taxis don’t frequent this area”, Taehyung remarks, trying not to sound too eager. Yoongi blinks. “I—“ “Darling”, Taehyung says. “Why don’t you stay?”
“There’s a spare bedroom, you could sleep in there”, he hurries to add. “You don’t have to sleep with me, you could—“ “Okay”. Taehyung smiles, relieved. “Okay?” “I’ll- I’ll stay. I’ll sleep in the other room, if that’s okay”. “That’s more than okay, darling”.
Later that night, just as Taehyung is about to fall asleep, there’s a subtle knock at his door. Yoongi has a blanket wrapped around himself, he looks so small and fragile and Taehyung wants to cry. “Can I- Can I sleep here? Please?” Taehyung smiles. “Of course you can”.
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enemies to enemies-who-fuck to lovers taegi but make it nepotism baby taehyung versus anti-capitalism yoongi
It’s still dark when Yoongi opens his eyes; it probably has to do with the sunblock curtains in the bedroom. He has no way of knowing the exact time, since his phone is still dead and there’s no clock on sight. Yoongi can only assume it’s early in the morning.
Wide awake but too lazy to move, Yoongi assesses the situation he’s currently in: he’s in Taehyung’s bed, under the covers, wearing Taehyung’s clothes. There’s also something draped over his stomach, and when Yoongi looks down, he realizes it’s an arm. Taehyung’s arm.
Taehyung is pressed against him, snoring quietly, warm breath fanning across his neck. It doesn’t surprise him: he always thought Taehyung would be a guy who enjoyed cuddles, and Yoongi might not be used to it, but he can’t deny it’s kinda nice.
It’s not exactly what he had in mind when he decided to come here; he wasn’t planning on staying the night, never thought Kim Taehyung would feed him and treat his wounds, or give him clothes that were too big for him. Taehyung is a spoiled brat, but he does have a kind heart.
Taehyung stirs next to him before completely freezing; he must’ve realized the position they’re in, which is very intimate. He can’t see his face at all so Yoongi just waits for his next move. “Are you awake?” the model mumbles out. “Yeah”.
Taehyung removes his limbs from Yoongi’s frame and rolls to his side. “Sorry. I kinda need something to hold onto when I sleep. I usually end up hugging a pillow but you were right there and—“ “It’s fine, I don’t mind”. “Totally forgot how you sounded right after waking up”.
Yoongi hums. “It gets pretty deep, yeah. Yours too, you know?” “Not as deep as yours, what the fuck. Warm me next time”. «Next time». Yoongi doesn’t point it out in case things get more personal. Taehyung shifts next to him and smiles. “Hi”. “Hey”.
“Good morning”, Taehyung’s grin widens. “Good morning”. Taehyung spends the next ten seconds just staring at him, and Yoongi gets a little self conscious. “Do I have something in my face?” “No, I just- it’s just really unfair, you know?” “What is?”
“That you’re here, in my bed, wearing my clothes and I can’t—“ When Taehyung doesn’t finish his sentence, Yoongi asks, “you can’t what?” Before answering, Taehyung sighs. His smile turns sad. “I can’t touch you. Can’t kiss you. It’s really unfair”.
Yoongi is just waking up so his brain is still a little foggy; maybe that’s why he says, “I dunno about kissing, but you can- you can touch”. Taehyung’s eyes widen. “I can?” “I mean, not- not like /that”, Yoongi clarifies. “But you can”. Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice.
With hesitant hands, Taehyung cradles Yoongi’s face for a couple of seconds before tracing it with his fingers; jaw, cheeks and nose, his neck. Yoongi keeps his eyes closed until Taehyung’s index finger lands on his lips. Yoongi presses a light kiss on the tip. “So unfair”.
“Sorry”, Yoongi apologizes. “What about an indirect kiss?” Without waiting for an answer, Taehyung kisses his own thumb and then places it on Yoongi’s lips. Instinctively, Yoongi kisses it back. “There, an indirect kiss”. “You tricked me!” “And you liked it”.
Yoongi did enjoy it, but he huffs and pretends to be annoyed for a while. At some point, Taehyung ends up pressed against Yoongi again, their limbs tangled together. “You’re so warm”, Taehyung mutters. “Don’t wanna get out of bed”. “This is a really good mattress”. “Right?”
“You should’ve given me one of these, the bed you got me isn’t that comfortable”. “That can be arranged”, Taehyung chuckles, face smushed in Yoongi’s neck. “I was joking, I better not see any delivery guy at my door”. “But I wanna spoil you!”
The way Yoongi perceives the concept of “spoiling” doesn’t include material things. Unbeknownst to him, Taehyung is already doing it, with his presence, his company, his cuddles. “I don’t need a ridiculous mattress to be happy”. “Then what do you need?” “This. I like this”.
Taehyung tightens his grip on Yoongi’s shirt. “Darling…” “Hm?” “Tell me to break up with him”. The sentence takes Yoongi so aback to the point he can’t up with an immediate answer. “Tell me to break up with him”, Taehyung repeats, “and I’ll do it”.
Truth is that there’s nothing Yoongi wouldn’t do to make that happen, but it’s not his decision to make. “I can’t do that, Tae”. “Why not? Isn’t that what you want?” “It doesn’t matter what I want. If you’re gonna break up with him, that’s great, but it has to be your choice”.
At Taehyung’s silence, Yoongi adds: “It’s your life, you have to stop letting people tell you what to do”. Taehyung sighs. “You’re so infuriatingly righteous, you know?” “Sorry”. “If you weren’t, would you have told me what I wanted to hear?” “I’d rather not answer that”.
And the thing is, even if Yoongi told Taehyung to break up with his boyfriend, what difference would it make? Yoongi is a broke and struggling carpenter, and Taehyung is- well, he is The Kim Taehyung. A supermodel and a rioter? That would never work out.
Besides, Taehyung has “suitors” to spare; he’s been a bachelor by choice his whole life, except now, of course, but once the agreement is over and he’s single again, Yoongi can’t imagine the amount of guys who will be blowing up his phone, asking for some fun.
And Yoongi can’t hold that against him; Taehyung likes sex, he’s always been loud and clear about that. Just because they got close doesn’t mean they’re gonna have a happy ending, whatever the fuck that means in this case. Yoongi knows he’s just one of the bunch, that’s it.
“My mom would be furious”, Taehyung says. “Seojoon’s popularity is getting better but it’s nowhere near as good as it was”. “Well, that’s his problem, not yours”. “She’d probably punish me for it”. “Punish you? You’re not a kid”.
“But she’s my manager”, Taehyung reminds him, voice tired and sad. “It wouldn’t be that bad, she’d send me back to Paris or something. Or I’d have to stay with my dad, get a little more political. She knows I hate that”. “Paris doesn’t sound so bad”. “But I’d be alone…”
Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I’m sure you’d be accompanied, I thought you were super famous over there with the croissants”. Taehyung laughs. “Okay, lemme rephrase that. /You wouldn’t be there”. Yoongi prays Taehyung missed the way his heartbeat sped up.
“No, I wouldn’t”, he mutters, staring fixedly at the ceiling. “Can’t say I’m interested in Europe”. Taehyung leaves his spot on Yoongi’s chest and sits up to face him. “If I end up being sent back to Paris, would you go with me?” “What? No!” “Why not?” Taehyung pouts.
“Because!” Yoongi is starting to get agitated. “My life is here, my job, my friends and family. There’s people I have to take care of, I can’t just turn my back on them and go to fucking Paris”. “You deserve a break, after all you’ve been through”. But Yoongi shakes his head.
His mother is sick, locked up in a nursery home, and though she doesn’t remember him, he’s not going to leave her. “People like me can’t afford those luxuries, I have to work if I want to eat”. “Have you forgotten who I am? I can help with that”. “I said no, Taehyung”.
The model’s pout grows stronger. “I just think it’d be nice having you there, you know… two lovers in the city of love”. Yoongi huffs. “We are not lovers, and you’d find someone else, someone as convenient as me”. “Convenient?” Taehyung asks after a beat of silence.
“Yeah”. Someone better, Yoongi wants to add. Someone who fits the standard, someone less- problematic. “Do you really think i hookup with you just because you’re convenient?” “Isn’t that what hookups are supposed to be?” Taehyung clenches his jaw. “You’re a moron”.
He’s about to retaliate with a petty remark when a phone starts ringing. Taehyung makes sure to glare at Yoongi before taking the call. “What? No, I woke up not so long ago- I haven’t checked my messages, what-? Yes, he’s still here- Shit, she’s coming here?”
Taehyung sits up so abruptly that Yoongi startles. “No, no, thank you for telling me, I- Yeah, I’ll get to it. How much time do I- Okay, that’s not good. Yeah, thanks again, love you, bye”. Taehyung ends the call and leaves the bed. “My mom is coming, you have to go”.
While Yoongi gets dressed with clothes Taehyung takes from his closet, the model starts cleaning up the house, putting away the first aids kit, washing the dishes, making the bed. Taehyung is not only nervous but he’s also scared—scared of his own mother.
“Calm down”, Yoongi tries. “I can’t calm down, she’s gonna be so mad”, Taehyung mutters as he walks around the living room. “Fuck, Seojoon must’ve told her I skipped the after party, that snitch. I’m sorry, darling, I really don’t want to do this but—“
“I have to go, I know”. Yoongi doesn’t say anything as Taehyung practically kicks him out, and after a hurried goodbye, the main door closes behind him. While he’s trying to come up with a way to go home, a stupid idea comes to mind. God, he’s so stupid.
But in the midst of all the chaos, Yoongi forgot one thing, a very important thing. He forgot to thank Taehyung for the attentions, and Yoongi might be a rioter but he has some manners. So before he gets cold feet, he knocks on the door and waits.
Taehyung looks shocked to see him there again. “What happened?” “I just forgot something”. “Tell me what it is and I’ll send it to you—“ “No, no, it has to be in person”. “In person? What-?” Yoongi stands on his tippy toes and places a kiss on Taehyung’s lips.
It doesn’t last long, the clock is ticking and time isn’t on their side; his mom could be here any minute now so Yoongi kisses him until Taehyung sighs against his mouth, until he relaxes into the kiss, and then he pulls away, just enough to say “thank you”.
Kissing him wasn’t the plan, but Yoongi just had to; who knows when they’ll see each other again, after all. It could be three more months, or even more than that. Without waiting for an answer, Yoongi turns and leaves, hoping that Taehyung got the message.
Taehyung huffs again; a strand of hair just won’t settle in place, and it’s annoying him more than it should. It’s been like that for the last couple of days, him getting cranky and annoyed at the most trivial things. Using his mom’s words, he’s been insufferable lately.
“Would you stop that? You sound like Bora”, Jimin groans from the bed. He’s ready to go but Taehyung is not satisfied with the way he looks yet. “It’s just a wild strand of hair, it gives you character”. “I paid that stylist thousands of won to fix my hair, not to ruin it”.
“We both know it’s not the stylist you’re moody about”, Jimin says with a know-it-all tone. “You just haven’t had any in months and it’s driving you up the walls”. Taehyung glares at him through the mirror. “You think I’m some kind of animal who can’t live without sex?”
“Then what is it? Because honestly, you’re starting to piss me off”, Jimin crosses his arms over his chest. “And I’m not the only person who feels that way”. “Good to know people’s been talking about me behind my back”, Taehyung grunts, trying to tame his hair. “I need names”.
“No, you need to calm the fuck down. What’s gotten into you, anyways? I swear I almost don’t recognize you”. Taehyung sighs; he knows he’s been a pain in the ass recently, things that didn’t matter to him before are now unbearable. “I’m just tired”.
“Tired of what? You haven’t been sleeping well?” “No, it’s just- I’m tired of this, you know? Doing stuff I don’t want to do”. “Are you talking about tonight’s dinner?” Jimin’s question is tentative. “Yes, but also- I’m tired of Seojoon”.
Taehyung sees Jimin shifting on the bed. “Is he really that annoying? You two were friends before all of this, he can’t be that bad”. “No, he’s nice, but I’m- I dunno if I wanna keep doing this anymore”. “This as in—“ “As in being his fake boyfriend. I’m tired of it”.
Jimin doesn’t seem surprised by his confession. “So what? You’re gonna break up with him? Is that what you’re saying?” “I’ve thought about it”, Taehyung admits. “Would it be a bad idea?” “I mean”, Jimin chuckles. “You’d be disobeying your mom’s orders, so yeah, a little”.
Taehyung huffs again before giving up on his hair. That strand of hair will not stay in its fucking place. “What’s the worst she could do?” “You know her better than I do, you take a guess”. “She can’t kill me, I’m her only son”. “But she can make you miserable”.
“She already does that”, Taehyung chuckles bitterly. “I’m thankful for the opportunities I have because of her but- I’m her son, she shouldn’t- Parents are not supposed to force their children to do stuff they don’t want”. “That’s cute, I’m not sure that applies to her, though”.
“I guess not”. Jimin remains quiet for a moment before asking, “if you broke up with Seojoon, would you be doing it because you want to or is there another reason?” “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean”, Jimin says, rolling his eyes.
Taehyung clenches his jaw. “Yoongi”. “Yeah”. Jimin flattens the fabric of his trousers even though they’re perfectly ironed. “Come to think of it, you’ve been a pain in the ass ever since he showed up at your house that night, a month ago or so”.
“Well, things didn’t end well between us, but… He has nothing to do with this, okay?” Taehyung huffs yet again, annoyed. It’s been a month since he last saw Yoongi, and he hasn’t heard from him ever since. “I’m just tired”. “You told me he said things you didn’t like…”
“Yeah, so why would I break up with Seojoon when I know what Yoongi thinks of me? Come on, I have my pride”. Taehyung omitted the part where he asked Yoongi to tell him to break up with Seojoon. “I wouldn’t do it because of him”. Jimin raises his hands in surrender.
“Okay, sorry I asked”, he says. He laughs and shakes his head. “That guy, really… he’s unbelievable”. Taehyung hums, not wanting to talk about Yoongi anymore. He’s already late for dinner hosted by his godfather and he can’t show up moody and temperamental.
Jimin, however, continues to speak his mind, unaware of Taehyung’s distress. “Dude said all those things to you, acted like a total douchebag as if he hadn’t sent his ex to jail to protect your ass and—“ Taehyung drops his earrings. “He did what?”
Jimin seems to have realized what he’s done; he covers his mouth with one of his tiny hands and shakes his head frantically. “Nothing! He did nothing, he’s an useless piece of trash, he has never done anything right in his life!” Taehyung points a finger at him. “Start talking”.
“He asked me not to say anything!” Jimin screeches, backing away like a scared cat. “You weren’t supposed to find out, don’t make me talk!” “Well, if you won’t tell me then I’m gonna get the answers myself, right now!” “You can’t skip this dinner!” “Then start talking!”
Jimin groans and kicks his feet. “Listen, it’s a long story and we’re already late—“ “Park Jimin…” “I’ll tell you, okay? I’ll tell you everything, but after dinner, I swear, just- Let’s not make your mom angry, she already hates me and she’s still kinda mad at you”.
Taehyung only agrees to head over to his godfather’s dinner after pinky promising that Jimin would tell him every single detail. And after that, Taehyung tells himself that he’d pay Yoongi a surprise visit… His darling has some explaining to do.
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A little angsty Taegi inspired by @ღona⁷ ‘s latest au because I’m obsessed 🙈💜💜💜 🐯🐱 #taegi #nepobabyTae #AnticapitalistYoongi
Taehyung ends up going to bed at five in the morning, once Jimin is done with his story. Though he’s tired and knows he has a busy day ahead of him, Taehyung barely gets any rest, trying to understand what Jimin just told him and how is he gonna approach it when the time comes.
With bags under his eyes and the bitter taste of coffee in his tongue —he had to drink coffee in order to stay awake— Taehyung goes on about his day, fittings, rehearsals, meetings and an orchestrated lunch with Seojoon, media waiting for them outside the restaurant.
All he wants is to ditch his responsibilities and rush to Yoongi’s workshop to get some answers. Granted, he already knows what happened but he wants and explanation. He wants the truth, and he wants to hear it from Yoongi’s mouth.
So after his schedule is complete and Taehyung is finally free, he jumps into his car and drives straight to the shop, determined to face Yoongi and demand his side of the story. Expecting to see him there, Taehyung barges in and asks, “you sent you ex to jail for me?!”
Taehyung could’ve phrased it differently, and he could’ve made sure Yoongi was actually in the shop before asking that question. Yoongi is not there, as it turns out. “Um, you’re not Yoongi”, he says. “No, I’m not”. The man is familiar, though. “I’m Hoseok. Yoongi isn’t here”.
“Oh”, Taehyung says dumbly. The name does ring a bell. “Where is he? I need to talk to him”. “He had a family emergency”, Hoseok explains while he puts away some tools. “Hyung asked me to close the shop for the day, you almost missed me, by the way”.
“I see. Didn’t see his sister either… Is his mom okay?” Hoseok narrows his eyes. “You know about his mom?” “Not much”, he shrugs. “Just that she doesn’t remember him”. “Well… I’m not gonna tell you the details but she’s not having a good day so they’re with her now”.
Taehyung scratches the back of his head. “Sorry to hear that, I hope she gets better soon”. “She will, she just needs to be around people who cares about her”. Hoseok sighs. “So I take it you already know about Mingyu”. Taehyung squares his shoulders. “Yeah”.
“You weren’t supposed to find out”, Hoseok remarks. “My friend Jimin told me, it was an accident”. “If you’re up to date, why are you here, then? You wanted to hear it from hyung, is that it?” Taehyung looks away, feeling slightly self conscious. “I guess”.
Hoseok takes a deep breath, shakes his head. He’s not the friendliest guy Taehyung’s ever met. “Why can’t you just leave him alone?” “Excuse me?” “What’s the point of interrogating him about it? What are you looking for, exactly? Validation?” Taehyung scoffs.
“I’m not—“ “You wanna brag about it? Rub it on his face?” “No!” Taehyung is starting to get annoyed. “I just wanna know why he did it!” “And then what? What do you expect him to do? Besides, don’t you have a boyfriend? What are you even doing here?” “It’s fake!”
Hoseok looks taken aback. “What?” “My relationship with Seojoon, that actor”, Taehyung explains. “It’s fake. It’s just PR”. “I- I didn’t know that”. “Clearly”. Taehyung averts his eyes. “I like Yoongi”. “You like a lot of people, from what I’ve heard”. “I like him the most”.
Hoseok assesses him for a couple of seconds, still unsure. He then sighs. “A recipe for disaster, that’s what this is. Listen, I’m not sure today’s a good day for you to bring it up, you might want to wait a little”. “How long is a little?” “Dunno, give him a couple of days”.
“Days?” “His mom isn’t the only thing he’s dealing with right now”, Hoseok says. “Actually, he might not want to see you at all, he’s really pissed about your dear godfather’s latest antics”. “My godfather is a good man-“ “Says the guy who profits from nepotism”.
“I’m not-“ “You don’t watch the news at all, do you?” Hoseok laughs, a condescending tone in his voice. “If you did you might’ve known what he’s been up to, nothing good, may I add”. Taehyung opens his mouth to retort but Hoseok beats him to it. “Gonna close the shop now”.
“Okay”, Taehyung nods. “Thanks for the, um. Talk. What was your name, again?” “Hoseok. Jung Hoseok”. That’s when Taehyung puts two and two together. “Did you by any chance make out with someone famous?” Hoseok’s face turns white. “I did, yeah”.
Taehyung throws a fist in the air. “Ha! Totally knew your name was familiar”. “Has he- Did he talk about me?” “He hasn’t shut up about you”, Taehyung grins. “Just to be sure, tell me his name and I’ll see what I can do for you”. Hoseok clears his throat. “RJ. Kim Seokjin”.
Taehyung nods, pleased. “Well, this nepo baby is gonna help you out, Jung Hoseok”. “Are you serious?” “I am, even though you were rude to me, I’m willing to give you a hand, you’re welcome”, and with that, Taehyung leaves the shop, giggling to himself.
He was planning on going back to his house and just spend some time with his dog, but his stomach decided to demand food — that’s why he ends up driving to the pizza place, since it’s in the neighborhood. “Long time no see, V-ssi!” the owner greets him.
“Ah, yes, been busy”, Taehyung says after a bow. “But you know what they say, one always goes back to the place you were happy, and your pizzas made me really happy, so here I am”. “Here you are, indeed!” Lee Hyun smiles brightly at him. “The usual?” “Yeah, to go, please”.
The usual means Yoongi’s favorite pizza, but none of them bring it up. Lee Hyun doesn’t talk about Yoongi at all, Taehyung notices he promptly avoids mentioning his name during their conversation. He talks about other stuff, though, even after the order is ready.
Taehyung is hungry so he starts eating as the man talks his ears out, complaining about politics, the weather, his annoying neighbors, the competition. Whenever Taehyung tries to leave, Lee Hyun addresses a new subject, and before he knows it, he’s been there for an hour.
He really needs to go. “Thank you so much for the pizza, hyungnim, I-“ “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been keeping you here for too long, and you’re a busy man, aren’t you? Well, I hope—“ The doorbell rings and Lee Hyun’s head perks up. “Yoongichi! Didn’t expect to see you here!”
When Taehyung turns his head, he sees Yoongi coming to a halt, eyes landing momentarily on him before clearing his throat and approaching the counter. It hasn’t been that long since the last time they saw each other, but Yoongi looks like he’s aged 10 years.
Tired, disheveled, with bags under his eyes, puffy nose—his bleached hair is a mess, too, the roots are quite noticeable. Yoongi leans against the counter. “Why are you surprised? I told you I was dropping by”. “You did, you did”. Lee Hyun hums. “I have your order ready”.
“Thanks, can I have it now, please?” “Of course, let me just get that for you”, the pizza man says. “It’s in the back”. “Okay”. “I’ll give you guys some time to- catch up”. Yoongi sighs. “That won’t be necessa—“ But Lee Hyun is gone before Yoongi can finish his sentence.
Taehyung doesn’t know what to do with the awkwardness hanging in the air. There are other customers and though they’re minding their business, he needs to be careful. He could just take the rest of his pizza and leave, but he decides to stay. “I think he did that on purpose”.
“Did what on purpose?” Yoongi is not looking at him; his eyes are fixed on the door Lee Hyun disappeared a few seconds ago. “Keeping me here. My order was ready an hour ago and he wouldn’t let me leave, I didn’t know a person could talk that much”. “Funny you say that”.
“Why is it funny?” The corner of Yoongi’s mouth pulls upwards. “It’s the same thing I thought when I first met you”. Taehyung huffs. “I am not that much of a talker”. “Denial is a river in Egypt”. Yoongi finally turns to face him. “Hey”. “Hi”.
“I didn’t know you were still a regular here. You like Hyun’s pizzas that much?” Taehyung shrugs. “I needed a good pick me up, what can I say? And this place- Let’s just say it’s very close to my heart”. Yoongi looks down. Taehyung fears he might’ve crossed a line.
But his cheeks are slightly pink and he’s smiling—it’s small, barely there, yet Taehyung notices it, so maybe he’s got nothing to be worried about. “I’m glad you think that way”, Yoongi mutters. “It’s very special to me, too”. “Yeah? How so?”
“Hyung gives me free garlic bread whenever I get him a new customer”, Yoongi chuckles. There’s a hint of a smirk on his lips. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Figured. Though I hope- I hope you haven’t done that recently”. “Done what?” “You know. Gotten him new clients”.
Yoongi throws a quick glance at his direction before looking at the kitchen doors again. “Not recently, no”. Taehyung never thought a couple of words would make him feel so relieved. “Ah, good”. “Good?” “It’s very unethical, darling”. “Right”.
“I think it would be best if you stopped doing that altogether”. Taehyung doesn’t dare to face him while he says that. “It’s not classy”. “But what would Lee Hyun do without my help?” Yoongi sighs dramatically. “He’ll live”. “I’m just trying to be a good samaritan.”
Taehyung narrows his eyes. “You’re a pain in my ass, and not in the sexy way”. “You started it”, Yoongi huffs. “Asking me not to do anything while you get all the action you want”. “What kind of action are you talking about?” “Oh, come on…” “I haven’t- in a while”.
Yoongi stares at him for a couple of seconds. “Sure you haven’t”. “I’m supposed to be in a relationship, remember?” Taehyung mutters through his teeth. “Oh, right. Someone could talk, is that what you’re saying?” “Exactly, and besides—“ “Besides what?”
Taehyung is about to respond with a cheesy remark when Lee Hyun barges in carrying a large paper bag. “Here’s your pizza, kiddo. I added some garlic bread in there, I know how much you like it”. Taehyung scoffs. “I’m sure he does”. “Thank you, hyungnim”.
“No problem”, Hyun says cheerfully. “I hope you guys had some time to talk”. “Yeah, we did”, Yoongi smiles at the man. “Though it wasn’t necessary”. “You’re welcome!” Hyun waves at them and disappears again. “That guy is really a piece of work”, Yoongi grunts.
Taehyung hums absently. It appears that their moment has come to an end; perhaps Yoongi will stand up, say goodbye and leave, and Taehyung will have to accept that. Yoongi, however, stays on his seat and asks, “Are you busy right now?” “No”.
He doesn’t tell him that he cleared his schedule because of him. “Do you-“ Yoongi stops and clears his throat. “You wanna get out of here?” “And go where?” “I dunno, somewhere less crowded”. “Okay, and do what?” Yoongi just shrugs and glances away.
“We have pizza, we could- I dunno, eat. Talk”. He sighs. “I just- I kinda need a distraction”. Taehyung nods, remembering that Yoongi is not having a good day. “Yeah, I’d like that”. “Yeah?” “Sure, I know a place. No one will bother us there”. “Oh, is it like, a secret spot?”
“More like a personal spot”, Taehyung says. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone about it”. “Or you’ll sue me?” “Exactly”. Taehyung grabs Yoongi’s arm when he attempts to stand up. “Before we go, I wanna make something clear, darling”. “What is it?”
Taehyung doesn’t know why he has the need to say this now, in a crowded restaurant, but Yoongi seems to have the wrong idea and Taehyung doesn’t want that. “I really haven’t had- I haven’t been with anyone- in a while”. “Oh”. “And it has nothing to do with Seojoon”.
“Oh”, Yoongi repeats. “Do you understand what I’m trying to say?” Yoongi doesn’t respond. He merely stands up and grabs his order. “I think we shouldn’t discuss these things here. Someone could hear”. “But do you-“ “I understand. Can we go now, please? I’m hungry”.
Yoongi is putting his seatbelt on when he says all of a sudden, “By the way…” “Yeah?” “I’m glad”. “Hm?” “I’m glad you haven’t, either”, he mutters before falling silent and looking out the window. Taehyung starts the car with a pleased smile on his face.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “How’s your mom doing?” Taehyung’s sudden question takes him aback; they haven’t exchanged any words ever since they left the car, barely spoke during the drive here. “She had a rough day but she’s better now, thanks for asking”, Yoongi replies.
“Glad to hear that”. “How come you brought that up?” Taehyung shoves an entire slice of pizza into his mouth to avoid answering him, to which Yoongi sighs. “Who told you?” “No one”. “I was wrong, you’d be a terrible actor, you can’t lie for shit”.
“Excuse me, I’ll have you know that I had a role in a drama back in the day”, Taehyung huffs, offended. “Oh, really? How big was it?” “I only said one line but I totally nailed it, and I was eight years old”. “I’m surprised you didn’t get an Oscar for that”. “I was robbed”.
Yoongi chuckles. “What a tragedy. So? Who told you?” “Hoseok”, Taehyung pouts. “When the hell did you talk to him?” “I dropped by the shop earlier, found him there and he told me you had a family emergency… I asked him if it had anything to do with your mom and he said yes”.
“He didn’t give me any details, if that’s what you’re worried about”, he hurries to add, apologetic. “He said it wasn’t his place to tell and I totally understand, I didn’t mean to intrude”. “It’s fine, and he was right. I don’t talk about my mom that much”.
“I get it”, Taehyung nods. “It’s a sensitive subject for you”. “You could say that”. Suddenly Yoongi isn’t hungry anymore. He wonders if he should share this part of his life to Taehyung; he barely addresses it with his close friends, after all. “She has Alzheimer’s”
“Oh”, Taehyung clears his throat. “You don’t have to tell me—“ “I wanna tell you, it’s fine”. It’s not fine, but Yoongi has discovered that talking to Taehyung is rather calming, when they’re not bickering about fake boyfriends, privileges and nepotism. “You’re a good listener”.
After Taehyung’s small yet reassuring smile, Yoongi sighs. “Well, long story short, she has dementia and she doesn’t know who I am, even Yeji, who was always her favorite. We tried looking after her ourselves but it reached a point where we just- we couldn’t do it anymore”.
“It was too much, she’d run away and get lost, or she’d do things like- I don’t even remember anymore. So we used our savings to put her in a nursing home… I was felt so guilty about it, I’m his son and I wasn’t able to care for her”. “You did what you could”. “I guess”.
Yoongi pushes the box of pizza to the side. “Most of the money I make as a woodworker goes to the nursing home, and I volunteer there from time to time, to check on her”. “What kind of work do you do?” “I cook, fix things when they break, sometimes I play the piano”.
“You play the piano? I didn’t know that!” “I used to do it a lot when I was a kid, but ever since my mom started to get sick I stopped… I dunno, I guess it’s another sensitive thing that I don’t really like to talk about”. “Would you play for me?” «Absolutely». “Maybe”.
“It would be an honor to hear you and see you play”, Taehyung says, and he sounds sincere. “Thanks, we’d have to go to the nursing home, though… I don’t own a piano”. “I’d like that, darling”. “And maybe, once we’re there, I’d introduce you to my mom”.
Yoongi doesn’t dare to face Taehyung but he can feel his eyes on him. He’s hanging by a thread and making eye contact would totally break what’s left of his defenses. “That sounds lovely”, Taehyung mutters. “She doesn’t talk much but- she’s a nice lady”. “She raised you well”.
“God”. Yoongi pushes the palm of his hands on his eyes. “Stop, you’re gonna make me cry”. “It’s okay to cry, darling”, Taehyung hesitates before placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m here if you want to- I’m not gonna judge you or anything”. Yoongi shakes his head.
“I’ve already cried today, and I’m a ugly crier, I don’t want to embarrass myself anymore”. Taehyung doesn’t push. “Well, if you change your mind, my shoulder is here for you”. “Thank you”. “Can I ask- What about your dad?” His sadness is replaced by bitterness.
“He’s not around anymore. He left when my mom was pregnant with Yeji. Ran away with his secretary, they were having an affair”. “Jesus, does he at least help you guys with money or something?” “Nah, and to be honest, it’s better that way, I don’t want to see him”.
“Understandable”. “That’s why I couldn’t- when you asked me to be with you while you were with Seojoon- I just—“ “Hey, I get it. It wasn’t fair to ask you that, I wasn’t thinking”. “I almost said yes, you know?” “Well, I’m glad you didn’t”.
Yoongi chuckles. “Good thing you didn’t say please, otherwise I would’ve folded like a piece of paper”. “Is that word really that powerful?” “It is, actually. Especially when it comes from you”. Taehyung smiles. “I’ll start using it more often, then”. “Spare me”.
It’s really late when Taehyung drives Yoongi home. Parked outside his house, there’s a brief moment of awkwardness that is hard to describe. “I liked-“ Taehyung clears his throat. “It was nice. Talking to you”. “It was”. “I kinda wish i didn’t have to go”. “Then don’t”.
Taehyung’s eyes are wide as saucers. “What?” “I just- I don’t want you to go either”, Yoongi admits. “Would you- would you like to stay?” “Stay as in…” “Stay. Spend the night. With me. We’d be alone, Yeji is at her girlfriend’s”. Taehyung licks his lips. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Just- to sleep, if that’s okay”. Yoongi looks at him. “Please”. “You’re right, please is truly a powerful word”, Taehyung laughs though he still seems taken aback. “I’d like that, darling”. “I think I have some clothes that could fit you”. “I might steal them from you”.
With Yoongi next to him in bed, Taehyung realizes a couple of things. One of them is that he does have romantic feelings for a rioter, and the other is that he cannot live in a lie anymore. Taehyung takes his phone out. He knows what he has to do.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Yoongi wakes up to an empty bed. The spot next to him is cold, so that means Taehyung left long ago. The realization of it makes Yoongi chuckle bitterly — what did he expect, really? Good morning cuddles? Kisses? Sex? He can’t even be mad at him, to be honest
Still, he’s hopeful when he checks the bathroom, but finds it empty nonetheless. His clothes are there, though, Taehyung didn’t bother on changing in his hurry to leave. It’s a little disheartening — he thought things had shifted between them. He thought they were okay.
Apparently not. But Yoongi doesn’t blame him; he left Taehyung multiple times, so he’s not going to hold it against him. They might like each other but what did he expect? Yoongi doesn’t belong in Taehyung’s world, he’s just a simple woodworker with too many struggles.
Bummed out but knowing there’s nothing he could do, Yoongi gets dressed and gets ready for the day. The sun outside tell him that it’s late, he should’ve been up way earlier, but he went to bed emotionally exhausted, so that’s probably why he overslept.
He’s going down the stairs when he hears voices; they’re coming from the kitchen and Yoongi can’t quite make any sense out of them, but he recognizes them immediately. One of them belongs to Yeji, and the other is— “Taehyung…” “Hi, darling”.
The scene before him is a little surreal, he never thought he’d find Taehyung in his kitchen with his sister, yet there they are. “I thought you’d left”, Yoongi clears his throat. “Excuse me, I have manners, I’d never do such a thing”.
Yeji giggles. “Oppa, I’d ask you if you had something to tell me, but V-ssi has already filled me in”. Yoongi turns to Taehyung, alarmed. “You told her?” “I had no choice, she saw me having a mild panic attack”, Taehyung’s demeanor changes, turning miserable. “I’m doomed”.
“What’s going on?” Yoongi asks while approaching the table. “Your boyfriend made everyone mad, that’s what’s going on”, Yeji pats Taehyung’s back. “And now he’s going through it”. “He’s not- we’re not boyfriends”, Yoongi says. “What did you do?” Taehyung just whines.
“V-ssi is currently avoiding his mother’s calls”, Yeji says sympathetically. “He refuses to deal with the consequences of his own actions”. “Being mean runs in the family, I see”, Taehyung grunts. “But why? What happened?” “He broke up with his fake boyfriend”.
Yoongi almost drops the coffee mug. “You did what?!” When Taehyung merely whines again, unable to speak, Yeji sighs and shows Yoongi a few articles on her phone.
It takes Yoongi a couple of tries to form a coherent sentence. “When did this happen?” “Last night”, Taehyung says, head still on the table. “I- I kinda did it on a whim, before falling asleep. Now my mom won’t stop calling me—“ “You did it without telling your mom?”
“I just said I did it on a whim!” “Did you at least tell Seojoon?” Taehyung shakes his head. “What about Jimin?” “I didn’t tell anyone, I just did it because I thought it was the right thing to do”. “And it was”, Yeji says. “It was very brave, right, oppa?”
Yoongi takes a seat next to Taehyung and sighs. “I mean, yes, it was but- what’s gonna happen now? What are you gonna tell your mom?” “I dunno, I don’t know what I’m gonna do”. Taehyung groans. “Maybe I should stay here forever, hm? She won’t find me here”.
“I’m sure oppa would like that”, Yeji says with a mischievous grin. Yoongi rolls his eyes. “This place is too small to fit two people, let alone three”. “I just don’t want to face her”, Taehyung mutters, eyes on the floor. “I did it without thinking and now—“
“Hey, calm down”. Yoongi places a hand on top of Taehyung’s. “You can stay here for as long as you need, I’m not kicking you out, but you will have to face her at some point, you know that, right?” Taehyung nods; he turns his hand so they can intertwine their fingers.
“Does anyone know you’re here?” Yeji asks after clearing her throat. Taehyung shakes his head. “Well, you have to tell someone”, Yoongi remarks. “Jimin, at least. He deserves to know, he must be worried about you”. “I guess”. “Can he keep a secret from your mom?”
Taehyung makes a face. “He’s always been my confident, though he did tell me one thing I wasn’t supposed to know”. He glances at Yoongi for one fleeting second before returning his attention to the floor. “He told me about Mingyu”. Yoongi bangs his head on the table.
“Were you ever gonna tell me?” Taehyung asks when Yoongi doesn’t say anything. “No, not really, though I always figured you’d find out eventually”. Taehyung squeezes his hand. “I can’t believe you did that”. “I can’t believe you broke up with Seojoon”.
“Are you pleased?” Taehyung questions, thumb stroking Yoongi’s knuckles. “That depends”, Yoongi says. “Was it a decision you made on your own, or was it because someone told you to?” “I did it for me”, Taehyung states. “And for you. I did it for us”.
Someone clears their throat. Yoongi had totally forgotten about Yeji. “Well, if you two don’t mind, I’m gonna open the shop. I don’t wanna hear any suspicious sounds coming from your bedroom, oppa, or I will present my resignation”. His sister leaves after a cheeky wink.
Taehyung’s face is visibly red when Yoongi turns to him. “Your little sister is- something”. “She’s a pain in the ass, that’s what she is”. Yoongi hesitates before asking, “what did you mean by that, though? When you said you did it for us?” “Do you really need an explanation?”
Yoongi stands up and starts walking back and forth around the kitchen. The idea does sound like something Yoongi would enjoy, but he knows better — he knows how this world works, and the world doesn’t favor relationships like theirs. “You don’t date”, Yoongi reminds him.
“No, I don’t, but I’d date you”, Taehyung says simply. “You said- in your statement- you said that you weren’t interested in a relationship”. “I only said that so people would leave me alone”, Taehyung stands up as well. “But I’d like one- I’d like one with you”.
Yoongi stops on his tracks just to say, “you’re out of your damn mind”. “I’m just telling you what I feel”, Taehyung grabs his arm and pulls him closer. “I’m being honest. Isn’t that what you always told me I should do? Speak my mind?” “Yeah, but—“ “I like you, darling”.
Yoongi lets out a shuddering breath. “Taehyung…” “Do you- do you like me back?” “We’re not in high school, it’s not that easy—“ “Do you like me or not?” “Of course I do, but—“ Taehyung places one of his fingers on Yoongi’s lips. “Don’t ruin this for me, okay?”
Fighting back the urge to kiss the digit over his mouth, he nods. “This day started rocky but I got to hear that my darling likes me back”, Taehyung smiles. “I suddenly feel like I can face my mom and her wrath”. “You’re crazy, where is Taehyung and what have you done to him?”
“I guess he’s starting to do the things he wants”. “You’re out of your mind, I’m scared". “It’s your fault”. Yoongi chuckles. “Spending so much time with me made you a rebel, then?” “That’s one way to put it”. Taehyung smiles. “Can’t believe you sent your ex to jail”.
“It was a lot of work, I hope you know that”. That makes Taehyung chuckle. “What?” “Nothing, it’s just- You put your ex boyfriend behind bars- for me”. “I wasn’t gonna let him hurt you”. “Oh my god”. “What?” “You’re totally in love with me”.
Yoongi rolls his eyes and glances away. “You’re so full of yourself, did you want to me to stand by and do nothing?” Taehyung grabs his chin and turns his face so he can look at him. “No one’s ever done that for me before. No one’s ever cared about me the way you do”.
“It wasn’t just me, I had help and-“ Taehyung silences him again. “I know you had help, but it was your idea. I was in danger and you made sure nothing bad happened to me. I’d like to thank you for that”. “You’re welcome, but-“ “Let me thank you properly, hm?”
Taehyung leans down and kisses him. It’s doesn’t last long (at least not for Yoongi’s liking), but it’s soft and tender and it definitely makes Yoongi’s heart speed up. “How was that?” Taehyung asks against his lips. “It was- nice”. “I can think of other ways to thank you”.
Yoongi rolls his eyes at the mischief in his voice. “I know you do, but that was more than enough”. “You’re such a spoilsport”. “I just don’t want to be murdered by my own sister”. Taehyung places a small peck on his lips. “So, did you mean it?” “Mean what?”
“Can I stay here for a bit?” “Yeah, of course”. Yoongi glances around. “I mean, it’s not much, you’re probably used to bigger houses—“ “I like it, it’s cozy, very homey”. “Well, I have to work but you’re welcome to stick around if that’s what you want”.
“Can I watch you while you work? I promise I won’t cause trouble”. Yoongi narrows his eyes at him yet he nods. “Sure. Jungkook isn’t coming today so-“ “Oh, I could help you then! I’d be your assistant!” “That’s a recipe for disaster”.
Taehyung huffs, offended. “Excuse me, I’m a fast learner”. Knowing he can’t win when Taehyung is pouting at him, Yoongi gives up. “Fine. I’ll give you a quick tour around the house and then we’ll see what you’re made of”.
“A tour, I like that”. Taehyung smirks. “You could show me your bedroom first”. “I know that tone, and absolutely not, Yeji is gonna kill us”. “She won’t if she doesn’t hear us”. Yoongi looks at him. “You are loud as fuck, though”. “I can keep it down”.
“Oh, can you?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow. His eyes are already dark and hungry. “Only one way to find out.” Yeji is totally gonna kill them. Yoongi gestures at the stairs. “After you, my prince”. Taehyung giggles and rushes up the stairs, Yoongi following right behind him.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ “This is nice.” Yoongi doesn’t tear his eyes off the book he’s reading. “What is?” “This. Us, having a quiet night together.” “It is,” Yoongi hums. “Have you given some thought to your dilemma?” Taehyung groans. “Ugh, why did you have to bring that up?”
“Because,” Yoongi closes the book with a soft thud, “it’s almost a new day and you haven’t said what you’re gonna do.” “I just don’t want to deal with it right now,” Taehyung huffs while crossing his arms. “She knows I’m not dead or kidnapped, that’s enough for me.”
Yoongi wraps a hand around one of Taehyung’s ankles that’s resting on his lap. The gesture is comforting and Taehyung feels at ease almost instantly. “I know you don’t want to face her, but you have to, at some point. And she might be strict but she’s your mom.”
Taehyung lets out a shaky breath and looks out the window. There isn’t much light pollution here, so Taehyung can admire the clear night. “She knows I’m safe, and that I’m not alone.” When Yoongi opens his mouth, he adds: “You’re safe, Jimin didn’t mention you”.
“At least I don’t have to be nervous about that.” Yoongi squeezes his foot. “Though I still worry she might send someone to collect you”. “Jimin said she even called the police,” Taehyung says with a grimace. “But he intervened, pulled some strings to stop the search.”
“It’s scary how influential Jimin is with the police,” Yoongi shudders. “Remind me not to mess with him.” “A police officer showed up at his door to question him. He didn’t give me any details but he bought us some time, there won’t be an investigation.” “Again, scary”.
“Aren’t you glad?” Taehyung presses the sole of his foot against Yoongi’s inner thigh. “We can enjoy more time like this, or are you already tired of me?” Yoongi tightens his grip around Taehyung’s ankle. “Of course I’m glad, but you’re gonna have to face the reality soon”.
“Yeah, but in the meantime,” Taehyung crawls all his way to Yoongi’s lap. “It’s just the two of us.” “I live here too!” Yeji calls from the kitchen. Taehyung giggles against Yoongi’s neck. “Is she still mad at us?” “She is, I’m afraid, but she’s not gonna poison your food.”
“Don’t try me!” Yeji says before they hear the distinct noises of her going up the stairs. Taehyung spends some time pressed against Yoongi, just enjoying whatever intimacy they can get now that Yeji is gone. For a rioter, Yoongi’s overall presence is soft and soothing.
“What are you reading?” “I was, till someone decided to turn into bear cub and use me as a tree,” Yoongi huffs with fake annoyance. “It’s an Uruguayan journalist, Eduardo Galeano.” “What’s the book about?” “Europeans’ impact on Latin America, slavery and political dominance”.
Taehyung frowns. “Sounds depressing as hell. What are you reading that for?” “Because it’s the reality.” Yoongi sinks his fingers into Taehyung’s hair. “He might talk about a region we don’t live in, but he tackles poverty, privilege and inequality. I can relate to that.”
“I don’t wanna sound ignorant here,” Taehyung starts after a moment of hesitation, “but what’s the point? I mean, reading those books and rioting in the streets, what difference does it make? And it’s dangerous, remember when you showed up all bruised and bloody?”
“We all have causes we believe in.” Yoongi starts to play with Taehyung’s hair. “Environmental activist protect our planet, animal rights activists do the same for the animals — your mom stopped using fur after a few protests outside her office, didn’t she?”
“I guess.” Taehyung glances up to look at Yoongi. “What do you believe in? What are you fighting for?” The man pressed against him takes a deep breath. “I guess my fight is against the political and economical inequality that oppresses the poor but further enriches the rich.”
“So you’re against rich people?” “It is deeper than that, let’s just say I don’t like rich people who uses their wealth and power to take advantage of the poor.” “But you like me, and I’m rich.” Yoongi hums. “That’s why I hated you.” “Hated me so much you fucked me.”
“Let’s just say I took ‘fuck the rich’ to a new lever,” Yoongi laughs. “I hated you but I hated myself even more for having a soft spot for you. It took me some time to realize you weren’t- I mean, you’re still a spoiled brat but- you’re not evil. You’re good.”
Taehyung smiles. “I like it when you say that to me.” “See? A spoiled brat.” Yoongi resumes his ministrations in Taehyung’s hair. “To be honest, I still have a hard time knowing I’m with someone whose godfather is busting my balls.” “What is my godfather doing?”
Yoongi grunts. “I’m actually enjoying this peace and quiet, I don’t want to get upset talking about that pig- I mean, man.” “I really want to know, though. I want to understand because in my eyes, he’s a good man.” “In the eyes of the rich, yeah, he is. Not to us.”
Taehyung sits up to nuzzle Yoongi’s jaw. “Will you tell me one day?” “If you want to hear me rant about the crap he’s done and planning on doing, then I’ll be happy to.” Yoongi sighs. “Okay, you gotta stop that because it’s very distracting.”
Taehyung giggles and presses a soft kiss on his neck before pulling away. “So there’s one thing you mentioned…” “What?” “When you said you’re with someone- what did you mean by that?” “Well, I’m with you right now, aren’t I?” “Yeah, but- what does that mean?”
Yoongi glances away. “I dunno.” “Darling, have you thought about the stuff we talked earlier?” When Yoongi says nothing in return, he adds: “The dating stuff?” “I don’t have an answer for that yet.” “What’s taking you so long?” “It’s not that easy, Taehyung.”
“Why not? You said you liked me, and I like you too. Sounds easy enough for me.” “I just don’t think—“ The doorbell rings, interrupting their conversation. “That must be Jimin. He said he was gonna drop by to bring me some clothes.” “I hope no one followed him.”
When Taehyung opens the door, he does find Jimin on the other side, except he’s not alone. Jungkook is there too, next to someone else Taehyung doesn’t know. The other man is wearing civilian clothes but he’s definitely a cop, that much is obvious. “Um, hello?”
“Kim Taehyung,” the man greets him with a polite bow. “Glad to know you’re safe.” “Did you seriously bring a cop to my house?” Yoongi asks as he approaches the door. “Are you kidding me right now?” “I’m sorry,” Jimin says, apologetic. “He insisted on coming.”
“Min Yoongi-ssi.” The agent squares his shoulders. “Why am I not surprised to see you’re involved in this?” “Do you know each other?” Jungkook seems confused. “He’s the reason I ended up in jail,” Yoongi replies. “You arrested him?” Jimin gasps.
The other man raises his hands in surrender. “I wasn’t the person who arrested him, I just happened to be there.” “I’m sorry,” Taehyung interrupts the glare competition. “Who are you? Why does everyone know you except me? And I thought there wasn’t an ongoing investigation.”
“There isn’t one,” the police assures him. “My name is Kim Namjoon, I’m here to make sure everything is in order.” “Of course everything is in order, he’s with me,” Yoongi pushes Taehyung behind him, acting like a shield. “You can go now.” “I’d like a word with Taehyung-ssi.”
“If you wanna speak with him then go ahead, but I’m not going anywhere,” Yoongi says. The authoritative tone in his voice makes Taehyung feel things. “I’d like a word with him ~alone.” “No way, you’re not even wearing your uniform, so my house, my rules, officer.”
Kim Namjoon glares at Yoongi for a second before turning his attention to Taehyung. “Is there a place where we could have a chat?” He’s evidently disregarding Yoongi. “You heard the man.” Taehyung tilts his chin up. “You can talk, but they’ll get to hear what you have to say.”
Realizing that he’s fighting a lost battle, Kim Namjoon sighs. “Very well. Can I at least come in? This won’t take long.” Taehyung notices that Yoongi isn’t happy to welcome a police into his home; it must be a nightmare to him, having a “pig” in his living room.
“Like Min Yoongi-ssi said, I’m not here on duty, whatever we discuss it’s off the record. Just pretend I’m not an officer.” “Yeah, right,” Yoongi scoffs. “If there isn’t an investigation ongoing then why coming here? Who sent you?” “I came to deliver a message.”
Jungkook turns to look at him. “You never said anything about a message when we—“ Jimin stops him by wrapping a hand around his arm. “Just let him talk, baby.” That was weird. Even Yoongi has a small frown between his eyebrows. “What’s the message about?” Taehyung asks.
Namjoon clears his throat. “Before I get to that, I want to ask you a few questions.” “Okay.” “Are you here willingly?” Yoongi scoffs. “Of course he is—“ “I asked Taehyung-ssi,” Namjoon interrupts with a warning tone. “Yes,” Taehyung says. “Yes, I am.”
“Okay, and are you safe?” Taehyung nods. “I am safe. I’ve never been safer.” The police agent glances at Yoongi. “What’s the nature of your relationship with Min Yoongi-ssi?” Yoongi is more than ready to answer but closes his mouth when Taehyung looks at him.
“Is that question really necessary?” “I’m afraid so.” How is Taehyung gonna answer when even he has been asking the same question for days now? “We’re friends.” “It’s a rather particular friendship for you to have, don’t you think?” “Well, the world works in funny ways.”
Namjoon doesn’t seem too convinced but he doesn’t push. “How long are you staying here for?” Taehyung gulps and looks away. “I dunno.” But Yoongi has his back. “He’s gonna stay here for as long as he wants to, till he feels safe to go home.”
Home. Taehyung doesn’t have a home. The closest thing to a home he’s ever had is this small house in the outskirts of the city. It’s Yoongi, and that realization brings him to tears. “See what you’ve done? You’ve upset him,” Yoongi grunts. “That was never my intention.”
“What’s the message you’re here for?” Taehyung asks, desperate to change the subject. Namjoon takes a deep breath. “As I said, I’m not here on duty. The police didn’t send me, okay? I want you to know that.” “Then who did?” “I’m here on behalf of your mother.”
Yoongi stands up. “That’s even worse.” “You never said anything about his mother!” Jimin gets on his feet again, visibly upset. Jungkook, on the other hand, shakes his head. “I told you we shouldn’t trust him, he’s hot and nice but he’s still a fucking cop.”
“I’ve never felt more betrayed in my life,” Jimin exclaims, to which Jungkook just chuckles bitterly. “We had a deal!” “And I’m keeping my side of the deal, okay?” Namjoon tells him. “I’m not going to tell her where he is, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
“Kinda hard for us to believe that,” Jungkook grits through his teeth. “Come on, cut me some slack, I’m not the bad guy here.” “In case you haven’t noticed, there are four people here that want to gut you alive, so yeah, you are the bad guy,” Yoongi spits out.
“What does my mother want?” Taehyung asks, wishing this was over. “She just wants to know if you’re okay, she’s worried about you since you haven’t answered any of her calls.” “So she didn’t send you to get my whereabouts? That doesn’t sound like her.”
“She did, but I’m not going to tell her,” Namjoon says, looking at Jimin and Jungkook. “She also wanted you to know that she expects you to come back home as soon as possible, apparently you have some explaining to do.” “He doesn’t have to do anything,” Yoongi grunts.
“Also, that sounded like a threat,” Jungkook intervenes before letting out a huff and glancing at Jimin. “And to think you wanted him to be our top.” “Well, he’s hot, I didn’t know he was a complete asshole!” Namjoon looks like he’s having a hard time finding his voice.
// who do you ✨want✨ to say ily first?
“I thought you had taste in men,” Yoongi says, disgusted. He’s not even trying to hide how little he likes Namjoon. “Hey, don’t gang up on me,” Jimin exclaims before pointing a small finger to Jungkook. “You said you wanted him, too!” Yoongi gasps. “Jungkook!”
“Well, I’m not blind!” The maknae crosses his arms, tips of his ears bright red. “I didn’t know he was the reason you ended up in prison and that he’d betray us like this.” “I haven’t betrayed anyone, and I wasn’t responsible for his imprisonment,” Namjoon clarifies.
“Besides,” the policeman hurries to add, “I don’t work for you. I’m an agent of the law, and we might’ve had a deal but I still gotta do what’s right.” “You just said you’re not here on duty.” Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. “How much did she pay you for this little visit?”
“Not only he’s a cop, but he’s also dirty.” Jungkook shudders. “God, we even made plans on how we’d seduce him.” Taehyung interrupts the argument Jungkook’s remark caused. “Agent Kim Namjoon, you on my mother’s payroll?” “I am not.” “Does she have dirt on you?”
At this, Namjoon clenches his jaw. “No.” “So are you doing this just because she asked you?” Yoongi fires back; he must’ve noticed the awkwardness in Namjoon’s posture. “Are you friends with her?” “You’re not the one asking the questions here, Min Yoongi-ssi.”
Yoongi chuckles and walks to the door. “As far as I’m concerned, this interrogation is over. You can get the fuck out of my house.” The officer takes a deep breath and stands up. On his way to the door, he turns to Taehyung. “Just remember what I told you, okay?”
Taehyung wants him out of his sight but he asks one last question: “What happens if I don’t? What happens if I don’t- if I don’t come back?” “She didn’t say,” Namjoon shrugs, “but knowing her- nothing good, I imagine.” “So it is a threat.”
Namjoon shrugs again, adjusting his jacket. “You’re his son, surely you know what she’s capable of. I’ll be leaving now.” “You do that,” Yoongi grunts. The agent blatantly ignores Yoongi’s dismissive tone and turns to Jimin and Jungkook. “We should talk.”
Jungkook lets out a scoff. “You want to talk after shattering our fantasy? You and your stupidly adorable dimples can totally forget it.” “Yeah, what he said,” Jimin huffs. “Come on, guys,” Namjoon says. “It won’t be long, I promise. Please?”
“Can you please take your lovers quarrel somewhere else?” Yoongi intervenes; he grabs them by their coats and drags him out of the room. “And I better not find out you two are bottoming for that cop, or we’ll have words!” Yoongi slams the door closed. “Morons.”
“You think they’re gonna do it?” Taehyung asks, relieved that they’re finally alone. “I have faith in Jungkook, Jimin on the other hand… I’m not sure.” He takes a seat next to him, and Taehyung immediately feels better. “How are you doing? Are you okay?”
“I mean, I’m a little scared, but it will go away, I guess.” Taehyung curls up against Yoongi. “My mom is just displaying her power, I’m familiar with her antics. I know she won’t hurt me though, deep down she loves me.” “You don’t have to do anything, you know that, right?”
Taehyung nods. “You’re more than welcome to stay here, for as long as you want. I mean it,” Yoongi tells him. “Until you feel safe, until you feel ready. I don’t have the luxuries you’re used to but- my home is your home, I think that’s how the saying goes.”
It’s a little funny. They could be anywhere else, even in a deserted island, but Taehyung would be home anyway, because he’d be with Yoongi. “Thank you, darling.” “I really care about you, Taehyung.” “But you won’t date me.” Yoongi sighs. “Let’s not talk about that now.”
And for a few days, everything is fine—they coexist in peace, waking up at the same hour, having breakfast together, discussing books Taehyung doesn’t understand but Yoongi is there to help him. And at night (not every night), they make love. Isn’t that what it is? It’s love.
Taehyung doesn’t know what romantic love is but he thinks this could be it, and the thought scares him. But even with that present in mind, Taehyung enjoys his time living under the same roof as Yoongi. That is until he makes a small mistake, and the media gets involved.
who is he?
it’s time
Yoongi tried to convince him that he didn’t have to do anything, that people would eventually forget about it. “I’ll be fine, I promise,” he had told him—but Taehyung has lived this life for over 20 years, he knows better, and he knows the only solution is resort to his mom.
Youngae is surprised to hear from him “sooner than expected,” though she doesn’t go around the bushes when Taehyung shows up at her office. “You want me to clean up the mess you made,” she says before he can explain the reason he’s there. Taehyung nods. “Can you do it?”
“Of course I can, honey, you’re my baby boy.” She gets on her feet and rounds the desk to stand next to him. “We have our differences but I’m your mom and I’m always going to protect you.” “Thank you, mom.” “I started working on it as soon as I heard the news.”
“You did?” Taehyung feels a wave of relief washing over him. “Is he gonna be safe?” “You’re both going to be okay, I just need to talk to the lawyers to touch up the final details—they’ll be in big trouble if they ever bring it up again.”
Everything sounds great, it’s exactly what Taehyung wanted and more, but like he said, he knows better, he’s been in this business ever since he was a kid, so though he’s happy, there must be a condition. There’s always one when it comes to his mom.
“Thank you,” he says again, preparing himself for the next part. “Don’t mention it.” She sighs and clicks her tongue. “I didn’t particularly enjoy the sudden announcement, you know? Breaking up with Seojoon like that, without telling me? I was disappointed.”
“You would’ve said no.” “You should’ve come to me first, explain your reasons, I’m sure we could’ve come up with something.” Taehyung can’t help the snort that leaves his mouth. “Explain my reasons? I tried telling you I didn’t want to do it and you still forced me.”
“Force you?” Youngae gasps in shock. “Taehyung, it was a favor for our friends, we all want Seojoon’s happiness, don’t we?” “But what about my happiness?” Taehyung didn’t mean to raise his voice. “I want to be happy too, making me do things I don’t want doesn’t make me happy.”
When his mom doesn’t say anything, too shocked by his outburst to speak, he continues: “I wanna do things I enjoy, like painting, taking pictures, doing art. What was the point of all those lessons if I can’t do any of them? Im more than just a model, I want to ~live.”
Youngae huffs. “You have the life most people would kill for.” “A shallow life that revolves around money? I wanna experience things, I want a calm life, I don’t even know how to buy groceries, cook my own food, wash my damn clothes.” “Why on earth would you wanna do all that?”
“Because,” Taehyung says with a sigh, “that’s what life is all about. Experiencing the little things, next to people who care for you. I got a small glimpse of what’s it like and I- I don’t want to give that up.” Youngae raises an eyebrow. “You’re not made for that life.”
“Of course I am, mom, I want—“ “That man will never be able to give you the things you’re used to, you’re a high maintenance person and he’s just a carpenter… a carpenter and a rioter.“ Taehyung looks at her. “You’ve been spying on him.”
“I didn’t spy on him, I just wanted to know what he does for a living. You met that kind officer, right? He helped me with that”. His mom shakes her head, disappointed. “What relieves me is that this infatuation for a common carpenter is not going to last.”
Taehyung huffs. “You don’t know that.” “Of course I do, I’m your mother,” she says with a smile. “You’ve always been like that, ever since you were a kid, dropping toys when you got bored of them.” “He’s not a toy and I’m not ‘infatuated’—I’m in love with him.”
It feels weird saying that out loud. It’s the first time he’s spoken those words and he always thought he’d admit it to Jimin, not his mother. Definitely not the right person to tell he’s in love with a rioter who can barely support himself. But that shouldn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter to Taehyung, who has all the money in the world. It doesn’t matter to Taehyung, who loves Yoongi’s home made food and listening to things he might not understand yet but is willing to learn. It doesn’t matter, because Taehyung loves him. Unconditionally.
It’s a new and scary feeling but it is what it is—Taehyung has never been so sure of anything in his life. His mother, just like he expected, isn’t thrilled to hear this. She scoffs, full of disdain, and has the nerve to tell him, “You’re young, you don’t know what love is.”
“I do, every time I look at him, I see it, I feel it, mom,” Taehyung retorts. “And you might not accept it, but you can’t dictate what I feel.” “You’re like this for a low-life who is drowning in debts and can’t even look after his own family?”
Taehyung sees red. “Did that kind officer tell you that, too?” Youngae gives him a pointed look. “Of course not, do you know who you’re speaking to? He was useful but I have my ways, you can’t trust anyone these days.” “Yeah, not even your own mother.”
“Mind your tone, I gave birth to you, show some respect,” she snaps. “As your mother, you thought I was just going to sit there and see how that man took advantage of you?” “Advantage?” “Don’t be naive, he’s only with you for your money, probably wants you to pay his debts.”
“He’s never asked me for anything, he doesn’t care about my money—“ “I know his kind,” she sneers. “They string you along till you’re at their feet and then they either start demanding money or scam you—“ “He’s not like that!” Taehyung snaps. “He’s with me because he likes me.”
“He likes your money, that’s all.” “Is it so hard for you to believe someone actually cares about me and not how rich I am?” Youngae looks at him in a way he’s never looked at him before. There’s pity in her eyes; she’s sad. “Honey, that’s all people care about.”
“Sounds rather personal, are you talking from experience?” Taehyung dares to ask. Expecting her mom to lash out, he’s surprised when she glances away and avoid answering his question. “You say you love him, does he feel the same?”
Taehyung shifts. He doesn’t have an answer for that, doesn’t know what Yoongi feels. His silence is everything his mom needs. “You’re willing to risk everything, talk back to your mother, for someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings?”
He hesitates before saying, “He cares about me. That’s all I want. That’s enough for me.” Youngae shakes her head. “Don’t be a fool. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.” “Love isn’t a disappointment, don’t you love dad?” She doesn’t answer that question either.
Instead, she reaches for a box of cigarettes and lights one up. Taehyung scrunches his nose when the smoke hits him on the face. “I didn’t know you smoked,” he says. “Only when I had a bad day, or when I have to make difficult decisions.” “What is it today?”
“Both, I’m afraid.” She places the cigarette on her lips and takes a hit. “None of us is going to like this but I’m afraid you’re giving me no choice.” Taehyung kinda expected this; he came here prepared for the worst. “I won’t do whatever you have planned for me.”
One of the corners of her lips tugs upwards. “Of course you will, it’s not a request.” She exhales the smoke and sighs. “I’ve arranged everything for you to leave for Paris two days from now. You’re staying there for a couple of months.”
He shakes his head. “I’m not going.” “It’s not negotiable, Taehyung. The team is already coming up with a schedule for you in France, we have to keep you busy.” “I’m not—“ “I’m your mother but I’m your boss as well, we have a contract and you’ll do as I say.”
Taehyung tilts his chin up. “And if I don’t? What are you gonna do? Lock me up like you did the last time?” “I did that for your safety, and I’m also doing this to protect you.” She takes another hit from the cigarette. “You’ll realize that once you clear your head.”
“You’re being selfish,” Taehyung grits out. “And I’m not going anywhere.” “You will, and if you’re so adamant on rebelling, remember—I’m not just some common woman, I have the means to put anyone in their rightful place.”
Taehyung realizes she’s not talking about him. “Leave him out of this.” She puts her cigarette out and rounds the desk before sitting on her chair. “I’m giving you two days, make of them as you wish. Think of that the next time you want to call me selfish.”
“Isn’t it too late for you to be here?” The voice startles Yoongi, because he knows that voice and never thought its owner would address him so suddenly and casually. “Yeah, I guess it is.” His mother smiles. “You’re not one of the nurses, right? You’re a volunteer.”
“I am, ma’am,” Yoongi says, a little surprised that she remembers him. “I try to come here every week.” “That’s what I thought, you don’t normally stay this late.” Yoongi closes the piano lid. He had stopped playing a while ago but hadn’t moved from the stool.
“That’s true,” he chuckles. Getting to talk to his mother doesn’t happen regularly so he’s glad to be able to have this moment with her for as long as it lasts. “I just heard some news and I’m- trying to process them.” “Good news, I hope?” Yoongi sighs. “I’m afraid not.”
She drags the closest chair next to the piano and sits down. “Do you want to talk about it? I know I’m a stranger and old but I could listen.” Yoongi almost tears up. “You’d do that?” “Of course! I’m all ears. What’s your name?” He clears his throat. “Yoongi. Min Yoongi.”
He doesn’t expect her to remember who he is, so when she reaches out to shake his head, Yoongi isn’t very disappointed. “Nice meeting you, Min Yoongi. I’m Shin Aera.” “Likewise.” “Do you think we could get something to drink this late? How about some tea?”
Yoongi has never been a fan of tea but he agrees because his mom used to drink it back in the day. She asks for some chamomile tea since it’s late and she has to go to bed soon, otherwise the nurses will scold her. “So, tell this old lady what’s bothering you.”
“It’s silly, to be honest.” “Can’t be that silly if it upsets you,” she says. “What’s it about? Family?” Yoongi shakes his head. “No, it’s- I guess you could say it’s about someone I really like and care about.” “Oh, girls problems, then?” “Um…” “Is it a boy?”
Yoongi hesitates before nodding. What’s the worst that could happen? She might freak out and call him hurtful things but that’s a risk he’s willing to take. “I see,” she nods with a pensive look. “What did this boy do to you?” “I just found out he’s leaving.”
“And that makes you sad.” “Well.” Yoongi takes a sip from his tea. “Yeah, it makes me sad. I don’t know the details and I kinda saw it coming but it still- I mean, it hurts, you know?” “Tell me about it, I know what heartbreak feels like.” “I just don’t know what to do.”
She hums again; it’s a miracle that she’s been able to hold a conversation for this long and hasn’t had one of her episodes. “Have you talked to him? Told him how you feel?” “No, I haven’t had the chance. A friend told me the news a few minutes ago.”
“And how are you planning on approaching it?” “I have no idea,” Yoongi chuckles bitterly. “What we have is- I mean, it’s kinda complicated. I actually don’t know if we’d ever work out. He’s from a totally different world and his mom doesn’t like me that much.”
“A different world? Like an alien or something?” Yoongi smiles. “No, he’s an earthling, but way richer than me. His family is very powerful and I’m just a woodworker who can barely pay his debts.” “If you love him, that shouldn’t matter.” “I dunno if I love him.”
“You don’t?” She sounds surprised. “My boy, I think you do.” Yoongi stills. He’s never considered the fact that he could be in love with him, truthfully. “I care about him a lot, but I- I mean, to be honest, I’ve never been in love before, so I wouldn’t know.”
“You’ll know it once it comes to you,” his mom smiles at him affectionately. “If you ask me, I’d say you already are, but the realization hasn’t come to you.” Yoongi laughs, nervous. “Great, another thing to stress about. Him leaving is more than enough.”
“Ah, love is a stressful thing, is it not? But it will be worth it, mark my words. I hope you and your boy find happiness in the end.” Yoongi’s eyes start watering. “Thank you. I was nervous to tell you about him.” “Really? Why?” “Cause most people are against people like me.”
She frowns. “People like you?” “Gay.” “Oh.” His mom makes a pensive face. “I don’t like judgment or prejudice, it’s so old fashioned.” “I guess it is.” “My son is gay, too.” Yoongi almost drops his cup of tea. “What?” “He didn’t like girls. He never told me, but I knew.”
Yoongi in fact never came out to her; he considered doing it once but she wasn’t well and he didn’t want to upset her. “Would you have wanted him to tell you?” His voice comes out shaky. “I would’ve liked that, but he must’ve had his reasons not to. He was probably scared.”
“Yeah, maybe he- he didn’t want to disappoint you.” “He’d never do such a thing.” Yoongi knows he shouldn’t ask but he still does. “What would you’ve done, had he told you?” His mom hums. “I would’ve hugged him, told him that I loved him, and that I was very proud of him.”
Yoongi glances away to hide his tears. “That’s very sweet of you. I’m sure he would’ve loved to hear that.” “Mhm.” His mom takes a deep breath. “I don’t know where he is. I haven’t seen him in so long.” I’m right here, Yoongi wants to tell her, but it could upset her.
“What’s he like?” She blinks, eyes a little lost. “I- I don’t know, I can’t remember.” Yoongi fights back the incredible amount of pain that washes over him and tries to calm her down. “It’s okay, don’t worry too much” He catches the attention of a nurse. “Let’s get you to bed”
“Okay,” she says. “It’s late.” “It is.” Yoongi watches as the nurse helps her to stand up. “Thank you for the talk, I really needed that.” She frowns at him. “What did we talk about?” Yoongi sighs and smiles. “It’s alright. Goodnight, ma’am.”
He waits till the woman is out of sight and heads straight to the nearest bathroom. In there, he cries his eyes out, mostly because of his mom, but also because of Taehyung and the scary possibility of being in love with him. It’s really not fair at all.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ It’s late when Yoongi leaves the nursing home; the streets are almost empty, just like his stomach, so he decides to grab something to eat on his way home. Jungkook gave him a ride earlier since his car broke down yesterday, so he chooses to walk.
He could’ve grabbed a cab but the night is beautiful and he needs time to think. His mind, however, is a mess as he walks to the nearest ramyeon spot; if anything, he only ends up more confused and sadder. His conversation with his mom had that effect on him.
His phone died a while ago so he has no way to reach out to his sister or Taehyung. Yeji isn’t gonna be happy, she hates it when he disappears like that. He’s kinda expecting a cold welcome from her when he gets home a little past midnight, according to the clock on the wall.
Yeji is at the kitchen table drinking some tea. She looks up and sighs. “Do you have any idea what time it is?” she whispers. “Quarter after twelve,” he points at the clock. “Sorry, my phone died. Why are you whispering?” She makes a gesture to the living room.
He never imagined to see Taehyung sleeping on the couch, a book resting open on his chest. Yoongi is glad Taehyung is there but it pains him to see his book like that. Pushing back the urge to rescue the precious item, Yoongi joins his sister. “What’s he doing here?”
“Jimin oppa brought him,” Yeji explains, still talking in whispers. “Taehyung oppa wanted to wait for you but I guess he was tired.” “Did he try calling me?” “He said he did but it went straight to voicemail, I told him you were with mom so he said he wasn’t gonna insist.”
Yoongi nods, eyes betraying him and landing on Taehyung. “Ah, that makes sense.” His sister sighs. “I heard what happened, he has to go back to Paris.” “He does, yeah.” “I’m guessing his mom had something to do with it.” “How the hell do you know so much?”
“I’m offended, I’m your little sister, it’s my job to know your business,” Yeji smiles at him. “And I also kinda overheard them mentioning her.” “You have to stop eavesdropping, it’s not polite.” Yeji sticks her tongue out before wearing a more solemn face. “So how are you?”
Yoongi takes a moment to answer. “I mean, I don’t like it, but what can I do? He is leaving for god knows how long, I’m staying, life goes on” “Aren’t you gonna try to talk him out of it?” “I don’t see the point, he does what his mom tells him to do, it’s always been like that”
“Someone needs to bang his head against the wall, that’d make him get into his senses.” Yeji glances at Taehyung. “He’s not happy either, you know? I don’t know him that well but it’s obvious. I think- I think he’s trying to desperately cling into this place.”
“It’s gonna be hard to let him go,” Yoongi agrees. “I mean, this house can barely fit two people but he- I got used to him. He was a good addition, don’t you think?” “You’re biased, oppa. That guy is useless, can’t even wash his own dishes.” “But he looked cute trying.”
Yeji shakes her head. “I’m afraid you’ve fallen into his trap, oppa. You can’t be saved.” “No, I cannot,” he admits. “How the hell did I get involved with someone like him? Someone who represents the system I despise so much?” “Because he’s not like the others, that’s why.”
Yoongi allows himself to smile. “He’s not, you got that right. He’s different, isn’t he? He’s good.” “He’s not good at washing the dishes,” Yeji snorts. “But he’s a nice person, and he cares about you a lot.” “I care about him, too.” “Then why not fight for him?”
Yoongi bangs his head against the table. “Fight for him how?” “You’re known for fighting for the things you care about, you have years of experience,” his sister remarks. “If you like him, like him enough for him to stay, eat your food, mistreat your books… then do something”.
“I can’t think of anything right now, it’s been an eventful day.” Yeji sits up. “How did it go with mom?” “I talked to her,” Yoongi tells her with a giddy smile. “I mean, she didn’t know who I was, but we talked for like half an hour. Then I cried in the bathroom.”
Yeji seems happy to hear it though she’s always sad when they talk about their mom. “I wanna see her.” “Then you should pay her a visit, it’s been a while.” “You know I can’t see her like that,” she says, misty-eyed. “I don’t know if I can—“ “You might regret it later.”
Yeji nods. “Oppa, I’ve given it some thought and I- I wanna go to college.” “Yeah?” Yoongi smiles proudly at her. “What do you wanna study?” “I want to be a nurse, do you think it could be possible?” “Well, we’d have to sell some stuff, college is expensive.”
Yeji nods. “I’ve been saving some money, too, but- I don’t want to ask for too much, I know things aren’t going well for us right now.” “Leave that to me, yeah? Oppa will take you to college, that’s a promise.” “Thank you.” A noise comes from the living room.
Yoongi and Yeji stop talking and glance at the source of said noise; Taehyung is still sleeping, but the book is now on the floor. “Are you gonna wake him up?” his sister asks. “Nah, he looks comfortable there, and he must be tired. Let him rest.”
“What are you gonna give him as a farewell gift? And don’t say sex because I might barf.” Yoongi chuckles. “I dunno, he has all the money in the world, what could I possibly give him that he doesn’t have?” “Something meaningful? Something to remember you by?”
“I’ll try to come up with something.” Yoongi sighs. “You should go to bed, it’s late.” “What about you? Don’t take this the wrong way but you look terrible.” “I’m gonna stay here for a bit longer, just get some sleep.”
Yeji is long gone by the time Yoongi decides to stop staring at Taehyung like a weirdo and leaves the kitchen. He is exhausted but he knows he won’t be able to get any rest, so he goes straight to the shop, Yeji’s words present in his mind.
Yoongi has never been a romantic person, or someone who gives people gifts. It’s a rather capitalist concept, to be honest. And yet— «Something meaningful, something to remember you by» After a sigh, Yoongi grabs a log of wood and gets to work.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Taehyung wakes up to the smell of fried rice; his mouth immediately waters and for a second, he almost forgets where he’s at. The last thing he remembers about last night is that he was trying to read a book about neoliberal culture, whatever that means.
Yoongi wasn’t there to explain it so he didn’t understand much. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself on the same couch he passed out yesterday, only there’s a blanket over him that wasn’t there before. Taehyung rubs his eyes and glances around, slightly confused.
“Good morning,” a voice greets him. Yeji is in the kitchen, and the delicious smell is coming from the pot she’s stirring. “How’s your back? Any sore muscles?” “Not really.” Taehyung sniffs. “What are you making?” “Fried rice with eggs, want some?” “Is it as good as Yoongi’s?”
She huffs, hands on her waist. “You’ll eat it whether you like it or not, or you can starve if you want.” “Okay, okay, I’ll eat it.” Taehyung grabs the blanket. “Where did this come from?” “It wasn’t me, so I guess oppa gave it to you,” she shrugs. “It’s his favorite.”
“His favorite blanket?” “Mhm.” She chuckles before returning her attention to the stove. “He’s very protective of it, you should be flattered.” Taehyung hides his smile by sniffing the blanket; it does smell like him, like citrus and wood. “Where is he?”
“At the back,” Yeji says. “I think he didn’t sleep last night, I saw him making some coffee and then he disappeared. When you see him, beat his ass for me, and tell him breakfast is ready.” “Should I go—?” “Yeah, just follow the music. You’ll find him.”
Taehyung doesn’t know what that means so he folds the blanket and leaves it on the couch before making his way out. Just like Yeji said, there’s music, hip hop tunes, muffled and far away, leading to a part of the house he’s not familiar with. It’s like a garage of sorts.
The music is coming from an old fashioned radio, and Taehyung might not be an expert on that particular genre but the songs sound “vintage”. There’s no one on sight, except a car that looks like it’s about to crumble down. “Hello?” he calls. There’s a thud and a curse.
And then Yoongi is sliding from under the car, and Taehyung’s knees almost give out. Granted, Taehyung has seen him naked multiple times, so he doesn’t know where that reaction is coming from. Yoongi has a sleeveless shirt and a pair of loose jeans, and he’s covered in sweat.
He has grease stains all over his face and even his clothes are dirty, too; Yoongi might be a small man but he definitely has some muscles, broad shoulders, strong neck, and his biceps— paired up with his bleached hair, Yoongi looks like a full course meal. “Hi”, he greets him.
Taehyung has to clear his throat. “Hey. I didn’t know Danny Zuko lived here.” “Who’s that?” Pretending Yoongi didn’t just say that, Taehyung approaches the car. “So besides being a talented carpenter you’re a mechanic too?” “I wouldn’t say that, I just know the basics.”
“Lee Hyun taught me a few things, taking your car to the shop is expensive,” he adds before grabbing a towel to clean himself up. “Did you sleep well?” “Couch was comfortable.” “I can’t tell if that was sarcasm.” “Shocking, since you’re a master at it… but it wasn’t.”
Yoongi nods. “Well, I’m glad.” “You didn’t wake me up,” Taehyung remarks. “Did you come home late?” “Yeah, I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt your sleep,” Yoongi says. “Besides, you would’ve insisted on sleeping together and I wasn’t that tired, really.”
“You know me so well,” Taehyung giggles. “Yeji said you didn’t get any sleep, told me to kick your ass.” “That sounds like her.” Yoongi puts the tools away. “I needed to take care of some things and I didn’t have much time.” “Fixing that old thing?”
“This old thing has been with me ever since I was a teenager,” Yoongi points out, patting the car. “I bought it with my own money, perks of having to work from a young age. Have you eaten?” “Not yet, Yeji made breakfast. Smells good but I’m not sure if it’s gonna taste well.”
“Don’t let her hear you say that.” Taehyung shrugs. “I’m used to her threats. How did it go with your mom?” Yoongi’s demeanor shifts; his eyes are sad but there’s a smile on his lips. “I was able to talk to her. It was just for a few minutes but it was nice.”
“She didn’t know it was me, she thought I was just a volunteer,” Yoongi says. “Why didn’t you tell her you were her son?” “I’ve learned from my mistakes, I used to do that when I was younger but the outcome- no, it’s better this way.”
Taehyung wants to ask more but it’s early and Yoongi might not be in the mood for that. Instead, he walks around the garage, examining it—it’s pretty modest, just like the rest of the house, yet Yoongi has taken good care of it. “So, are we gonna address it?”
Taehyung stops, avoiding eye contact. “Address what?” “Come on, Tae.” He kinda likes when Yoongi calls him that. “You’re leaving. Tomorrow. Are you gonna pretend that it’s not happening?” “Yes, actually, I’d like that.” “Well, I don’t wanna pretend. I don’t want you to go.”
Hearing him admit that out loud takes Taehyung by surprise; it’s not like he thought Yoongi didn’t care about him leaving, but he doesn’t express how he feels very often. “I don’t wanna go either,” he says, unable to look at him. “Then don’t. Stay. You can stay here.”
Yoongi doesn’t know about his mother’s threat, and Taehyung can’t bring himself to tell him, in case Yoongi decides to take action the way he usually does, which would only bring more drama. And his mother wouldn’t like it, there would be repercussions for sure.
“I really can’t,” he says, lower lip trembling and eyes watering. “I have to go, darling. But I won’t be gone for long, it’s just a couple of months.” “Oh, please, a couple of months could be half a year,” Yoongi retorts as he approaches Taehyung. “Or even a whole year.”
Taehyung fights back the tears and faces Yoongi with, what he hopes, is a reassuring smile. “I’ll be back before you know it, you won’t even notice I was gone.” “Believe me, I will.” Yoongi sighs. “Is it final, then?” “I’m afraid so.” He nods, eyes a little sad.
“I thought you’d say that, it didn’t hurt to try.” Taehyung stops Yoongi from walking away by grabbing his arm. “I wanna stay, I really do, but I already have a schedule and I can’t just not show up.” “I get it.” “Hey, come here.”
Yoongi is slightly reluctant but he eventually accepts the short kiss Taehyung places on his lips. He’s tired, Taehyung can tell. It’s like there’s a heavy weight on his shoulders and he doesn’t know what to do to make it go away.
“Let’s not fight on my last day here, yeah?” Taehyung presses their foreheads together. “Let’s just stop talking about it, I wanna enjoy the time we have left together.” “But—“ “Why don’t you tell Yeji to take the day off? Tell her to visit her girlfriend or something.”
Yoongi’s eyes shift. “Oh?” “Don’t open the shop today, tell Jungkook he doesn’t need to come, tell him you’re gonna take a break,” Taehyung grabs Yoongi by the waist. “That way we could have the house all to ourselves, how does that sound?”
Yoongi huffs, taking a step back and reaching for his phone. “It sounds like you’ve lost your damn mind, I can’t take any days off, I need to work if I wanna eat.” Taehyung feels a little disappointed but he understands; it was selfish of him to ask that. “You’re right, sorry.”
Yoongi just shakes his head while he taps something on his phone. “What are you doing?” Taehyung asks. “I’m telling Yeji to leave the house if she doesn’t want to be traumatized.” “But you said—“ “I know what I said, but I’d rather starve than spending the day without you.”
Taehyung can’t help the grin that stretches across his lips. “You’re not gonna starve, though. I’m rich, I could buy you food for a whole month.” “I was hoping you’d say that,” Yoongi remarks, eyebrow raised. “There. I told Jungkook not to come, happy?”
“Very,” Taehyung smiles even wider as he gives Yoongi a loud smooch. “You know, I never fully understood why people would do your every will without hesitancy,” Yoongi confesses. “But I think I get it now.” “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.”
Yoongi takes a deep breath and explains, “I always thought you were like the others, I mean, you were at first, you know you were. You’re still a privileged nepo baby and sometimes I wonder how the hell I got so attached to you.”
“I guess my prejudice stopped me from seeing the real you,” he continues. “I didn’t want to get involved with you because of what you represented, the people you are linked to but—you’ve changed. You’re trying to understand, and that- that makes me like you even more.”
Taehyung is speechless by the time Yoongi is done talking. He just blinks at him, not knowing what to say. “I liked you from the first time I saw you.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. “You like a lot of people.” “But I could tell you were special, you know? Feisty, a troublemaker.”
“I’m not a troublemaker, I just fight for what I believe is right.” “By causing havoc everywhere you go,” Taehyung remarks. “But hey, I like that, I like bad boys.” Yoongi grunts, annoyed. “And I don’t like a lot of people anymore. I just like you.”
Yoongi glances at him from under his lashes. “You mean it?” “Of course I mean it, why do you sound so surprised?” “It’s just- I dunno, you know a lot of attractive guys, guys that can give you nice things, the life you’re used to…”
Taehyung cradles his face and looks at him straight in the eyes. “I don’t need other guys to give me stuff, I can get nice things with my own money. I have a lot of nice things as it is but you- you’re my favorite out of all of them.”
Yoongi might’ve huffed but his cheeks get slightly pink. “How dare you objectify me.” “Listen darling, I want you to understand how serious I am,” Taehyung says as he strokes his cheekbones. “I did hookup other people in the beginning but then- something changed.”
“When you showed up at the safe house,” he adds, “I can’t explain it but after that I just couldn’t- I stopped fooling around with other guys. It felt wrong, I wanted them to be you and that’s when I realized that I liked you more than I should.”
Taehyung has never had to confess his feelings to anyone before, since he’s never had feelings for anyone; he’s worried that he might be saying too much, or too little, that Yoongi might not grasp how serious he is, that he doesn’t want anyone else—just him.
Yoongi smiles sheepishly and licks his lips. “You know, it sounds like /you are the one who’s totally in love with me.” The problem is, Taehyung is actually in love with him, at least that’s what he thinks. He’s no connoisseur of love but he’s almost certain that he is.
Admitting it, telling Yoongi… it would be unfair for both of them; Taehyung is just hours away from leaving to another continent for an indeterminate amount of time, and what if Yoongi doesn’t feel the same? It would be so embarrassing, he’d leave the country ashamed.
So he just rolls his eyes. “Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, darling, we’re just getting to know each other.” Yoongi plays along by saying, “If we’re just getting to know each other, I assume sex is out of the question, right?” “No, that’s not what I meant!”
“I’m an old fashioned guy, I like to court and be courted,” Yoongi shrugs, visibly enjoying the situation. “That’s bullshit, you hate gifts.” “I’m against consumer culture, it’s different.” “Can you stop being political for one second and just take me to bed?”
Yoongi grins before eyeing the cat with interest. “That’s a long trip, why don’t we just do it here?” “Here?” Taehyung is scandalized. “Against the car, or we could do it inside the car if you’re feeling shy.” “I doubt that old thing will be able to hold out.”
“How dare you, I’ll have you know that this car has survived many accidents and it’s still standing.” “It says a lot about your driving skills.” “Hey, at least I can wash my dishes and make my own food.” “We’re wasting time by arguing about nonsense!” “You started it!”
Taehyung doesn’t know how is he gonna survive god knows how many months in Paris without him. “Okay, allow me to finish it by racing you up the stairs,” and he starts running, grinning when he hears Yoongi following him right after.
➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The rest of the day goes by faster than Taehyung had hoped; they barely leave the bed, coming down the stairs merely for eating and following Yoongi’s habit of reading two hours a day, though he only reads one when Taehyung gets naked in front of him.
When the sun starts to set, Yoongi gets a little anxious. He tries to hide it but Taehyung can tell he’s not being himself. He approaches Yoongi when he’s washing the dishes from dinner and wraps his arms around him. “Talk to me, darling. What’s wrong?” “I’m fine.”
“Of course you’re not, you didn’t play footsie with me when we were eating,” Taehyung places a kiss on his nape. “There’s something on your mind.” Yoongi sighs, relaxing against Taehyung’s embrace. “I just don’t want the day to end.”
It kills him to hear him like this. “It doesn’t have to. Mom said I could spend the night.” Yoongi turns around, shocked. “She did?” “Well, I didn’t ask her, I just let her know. I also told her that Jimin is gonna pick me up tomorrow.”
Yoongi throws his arms around Taehyung’s neck, smiling. “Look at you, standing your ground. That’s hot.” “Weren’t you sad a few seconds ago?” Taehyung chuckles. Yoongi ignores his question. “What time do you have to leave?” “Around noon, that was the agreement.”
“Okay, so we don’t have much time, then,” Yoongi remarks. “We have some, we have tonight and the morning after.” “Still, it’s not enough.” Taehyung sighs and leans down to kiss him. “I’m gonna miss you terribly, darling.” “Don’t- Let’s not talk about it.”
“You wanna join me in my game of ‘I refuse to acknowledge the fact that I’m leaving for Paris’? It’s fun.” Sadness in his eyes, Yoongi nods. “I’d like that.” “The rules are simple.” “There are rules?” “Just a couple—kiss me at all times and never let me go.”
Yoongi grabs one of Taehyung’s hands and kisses his knuckles. “I’m not someone who likes to follow rules but I can make an exception.” “You’ve made a lot of exceptions for me,” Taehyung points out. “Should I feel special?” “You are special, you have no idea how much.”
Taehyung was doing a good job trying to fight back the tears but Yoongi’s words do it for him—he feels his eyes watering up, lower lip trembling. “All my life, people have told me I was important and I never believed it… but you- I believe you.”
“And don’t you ever doubt it,” Yoongi remarks, using his thumbs to dry Taehyung’s tears. “No matter what the media says, no matter what others think of you… they don’t know you, you are special, and you matter a lot, okay?” He nods. “Thank you. I needed to hear that.”
Yoongi ruffles his hair to make him smile. “So, what do you wanna do? It’s still early, we don’t have to go to bed just yet.” “Dunno,” he shrugs, glancing around. “What do you usually do at this hour?” “Working.” Taehyung rolls his eyes. “What do you do after work?”
“Well.” Yoongi scratches the back of his head. “I usually stay late at the shop, even after closing. If I’m hungry I’ll grab a quick bite while going through the news, see whose party I’m going to crash. I’m not gonna do that now cause you might tell on me.” “I’d never!”
With a pointed look, Yoongi asks, “you wouldn’t tell your godfather I’m planning on ruining his next public presentation?” “I’d ask you if there’s a good reason for you to do such a thing.” “Would you believe me if I told you he’s planning cutbacks for social welfare?”
Taehyung frowns. “He wouldn’t do that.” “He would, he is,” Yoongi says; it’s interesting how his whole demeanor changes when he talks about stuff like that. “And guess who’s gonna take the blow? People like us, public hospitals, nursing homes…” “I-I didn’t know.”
Taehyung notices the way Yoongi has to take a deep breath to calm down. “Of course you didn’t, and it’s okay, now you know. And I’d say sorry for getting political again, but I’m not, that’s who I am.” “I like it, I like you.” “And I like you too.”
Attempting to change the subject, but storing what Yoongi just said in the back of his brain, Taehyung asks, “so what else do you do? After plotting your next hit?” Yoongi chuckles. “Well, I water my plants.” “At this hour?” “It’s the way my mom used to do it.”
“Is it some ancient technique or something?” “She learned that from her mom, so you could say it is,” Yoongi agrees. “Wanna give me a hand? We might get wet and dirty though.” “Ha! We might get wet and dirty, title of your sex tape.” Yoongi frowns. “What?”
“Seriously, how the hell am I into you?” Taehyung sighs, shaking his head. “You keep breaking my heart; let’s just go to water your damn plants before I change my mind.” The house Yoongi lives in is quite small, but the land is vast so there’s plenty of room for vegetation.
Trees, flowers, bushes—there’s a whole array of plants and Taehyung is kinda surprised to see that most of them are well taken care of, bright green and healthy. “I try to get plants that are low maintenance, that way I don’t have to worry too much.”
Yoongi has some favorites, flowers that remind him of his mom, a tree that Yeji planted when they first moved in, another one under which Yoongi made out with his first crush. “I’d like you to cut that tree down, please,” Taehyung jokes around.
“My dad almost caught us, it was fun.” “Your dad doesn’t know you’re gay?” “God, no. He was never a nice man.” “Cheated on your mom, abandoned you when you were just kids, and a homophobe,” Taehyung whistles. “Sounds charming.”
Yoongi doesn’t like to talk about his father so they quickly move on to another topic and a different plant. By the time they’re done, it’s past midnight and, as Yoongi warned him, they’re wet and covered in soil, so Yoongi suggests a shower and change of clothes.
Taehyung assumes they’d hit the bed as well so he gets ready for that; Yoongi, however, has a different plan. “I don’t wanna go to sleep,” he confesses, avoiding eye contact. “Aren’t you tired? You didn’t sleep last night either.” “We took naps, I’m okay.” “You sure?”
Yoongi nods. “Yeah, we were lazy today so I’m not tired.” “Okay.” Taehyung sits up. “What do you wanna do?” “I was thinking… You’re gonna laugh at me.” “No, come on, tell me!” Taehyung bounces on the bed, excited. “I won’t laugh.” “It’s silly.” “I’m sure it isn’t.”
Yoongi’s cheeks turn bright pink. “I dunno, I thought we could make us some warm drinks and- grab a blanket and just- watchthesunrisetogether.” “Sorry, I didn’t get the last part.” After a huff, Yoongi glances away. “We could watch the sunrise… together. If you want.”
Taehyung can’t stop the grin that stretches across his lips, an action Yoongi eventually notices and makes him sulk. “I knew you’d laugh, just forget I said anything.” “I’m not laughing, I’m smiling! I think it’s a lovely idea, darling—unexpected and romantic.”
That seems to calm Yoongi down—with his cheeks still pink, he grabs a blanket and clears his throat. “Shall we, then? You like hot cocoa, right? I could make you some.” “What are you drinking?” “Probably some coffee, I’d hate to get sleepy while waiting for sunrise.”
They put on some warm clothes and go downstairs to make their beverages—actually, if Taehyung is being 100% honest, he barely moves a finger. He doesn’t know how to work the coffee machine and though he loves hot cocoa, he’s never had to make it himself.
Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, though; he assures Taehyung he’s glad to do it, and the only thing he asks him to do is grab the blankets and some pillows. “Gotta make sure my little prince is comfortable out there,” he says with a smile, and Taehyung blushes in return.
The chosen spot turns out to be the tree under which Yoongi kissed his first crush. “You’re ridiculous, it’s only a memory,” Yoongi laughs. “And now you’re making new memories… with me. We should probably make out, just in case, you know?” “Taehyung, that was years ago.”
Taehyung shrugs. “I just want you to have something to remember me by.” “I have plenty of things to remember you by,” Yoongi retorts. “A coffee machine in my kitchen, a mattress in my room, several mistreated books on my shelf, a chipped mug… that was my favorite, by the way.”
“It was an accident, how many times do I have to tell you?” Yoongi laughs before grabbing his hand and kissing his knuckles. “My point is, a feeble memory of years ago can’t possibly erase your imprint on this house, on me… There’s no comparison, Tae.”
Cheeks burning, Taehyung smiles. “We should still make out.” Yoongi rolls his eyes but agrees to give him all the kisses he wants, right there in the middle of nowhere, under the moonlight, with dirt under his ass and body shivering with cold—Taehyung has never felt so loved.
“Who would’ve thought you’d be such a romantic?” Taehyung mutters when they break the kiss. “Shh, don’t tell anyone, it could ruin my reputation.” After rolling around on the grass and kissing some more, they both return their attention to their drinks.
There’s a million reasons why Taehyung is gonna miss Yoongi—sure, he’ll miss his kisses, the sex, how hot he looks with a towel wrapped around his waist, his homemade food… but mostly, he’ll miss their talks, their shared moments of peace and quiet, just the two of them.
Taehyung appreciates his friends, those who live here and those in Paris, but like Yoongi said, it just can’t compare. He’s gonna have to endure empty conversations, gossip, hypocrisy… Taehyung used to enjoy that kind of stuff, but he’s changed.
Jimin told him once that he barely recognized him; “I miss the old Taehyung,” he had said, and he felt slightly offended at the time yet now he’s actually quite proud of it. Yoongi did that, Yoongi opened his eyes and taught him that the most important things can’t be bought.
While he still has so much to learn, Taehyung likes this new version of himself, and doesn’t think he’ll be able to go back—that’s what saddens him the most. The only real, authentic person he’s ever met is right there next to him and Taehyung has to leave him.
According to the weather app, sunrise is just minutes away; Yoongi, however, announces that he’ll be back in a minute. “You’re gonna miss it!” Taehyung protests. “I won’t be long, I promise.” Yoongi seems anxious as he leaves, and Taehyung wonders what could be so important.
Ever the dramatic, Taehyung is fidgety during Yoongi’s absence, worried that the sun will come up while Yoongi is gone, but just like he said, he’s back in no time—and he brings something with him. “What’s in there? Snacks?” “No, I-um, this is for you.” “For me?” “Yeah.”
Taehyung takes the small box Yoongi hands to him. “What’s this?” “Just a farewell present.” Yoongi sounds like he’s having troubles to find the words. “You bought me a present?” Yoongi chuckles. “Of course not, just- open it, I hope you like it.”
The box is pretty simple and there’s no tape, ribbon or bow. Curious and moved, Taehyung opens the box and takes a look. There’s a small wooden figure inside—it’s a bear. Delicately carved, it’s not overly detailed but it’s beautiful either way. “Darling…” “Do you like it?”
“I love it,” Taehyung breathes out as he takes the figure in his hands. “Did you- You made this?” “Yeah. Last night, actually. When I couldn’t sleep.” Taehyung hates being a crybaby but this is too much. “Can I ask… why a bear?” “You always cling to me like a bear cub.”
He lets out an ugly sound, a mix between a laugh and a sob. “I do that, yeah.” “There’s something else inside,” Yoongi says, stuttering as he speaks. After another look, Taehyung finds an envelope. “What—? Darling, is this a letter?” “It is.”
Before he can say anything else, Yoongi grabs his hands. “Don’t open it now, okay? Wait till you’re in Paris, that’s my only request” “But why? What does it say?” Yoongi shrugs. “I’m not good at expressing my feelings, so I wrote them down. Took me a lot of time… and courage.”
Taehyung’s lower lip quivers. “Darling…” “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I hope that after you read the letter you’ll understand- just how important you are to me, how much you mean to me, because you are and- fuck, I’m gonna miss you so much.”
Taehyung wraps his arms around him, and though Yoongi isn’t crying like he is, he hugs him just as tightly, face hidden in the crook of Taehyung’s neck. “I don’t want you to go,” he mutters. “I’ll be back,” he assures him. “I’ll come back home to you.”
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