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John Mappin

John Mappin


🧵The Injection is Lethal. It kills some instantly, some after a few weeks, some after a few months and some after a few years. But it does kill and will kill many, perhaps not all, but many, of its recipients. The cellular level damage is still not fully understood.

The fact is, that anyone that has been exposed to mRNA or COVID injections should immediately DETOXIFY the body. The sooner you get this poison out of your cells the better.
This week we have met with the leading minds of influence in the world in Switzerland.🇨🇭 The data that they now have proves beyond any doubt that the injections kill and maim. They and their families are livid. A surprising number did not take the injection.
I was informed that the doctors and nurses were issuing fake injection certificates like confetti. The list of recipients reads like the who’s who of the world. The same is true in London, Madrid and in many other places. There is some urgency to sharing this data.
A full detoxification for anyone exposed is essential to restore immune function, hormone function, and to prevent further cellular damage. It is not known whether those sterilised will have their fertility restored. But there is some hope if one detoxifies the body.
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