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Dr Noor Bari

Dr Noor Bari


Children and masks. I have always written that every child that *can* wear a mask should… and I expect most people think immediately of physical issues that may make it difficult to wear a mask… but there is more… ->

Children need to be psychologically ready too… willing to wear a mask. Very little children will often just copy their parent, but there comes a stage when a kid needs to know why… just like any of us.
When introducing masks to children, patience, understanding, and a willingness to accept that they will have many lapses because they are only young… Same way we teach brushing teeth, or wearing sun hats.
It is however very worthwhile teaching kids to wear masks, at this time, because learning good habits early is helpful, and children are in fact negatively impacted by COVID infections.
“We've been looking at children who've got really quite mild COVID but metabolically are the same as adults on intubation. It's quite shocking.”
In Australia there has never been a mandate for small children to wear a mask, but I have seen very little ones in primary school wearing masks all the same. Few, but those that do wear it well, and they wear it even when parents or teachers aren’t looking.
Is there a risk level at which it is safe for children to not wear masks… yes. If you set up a ring fence and have zero COVID within… sure. That way all kids remain included in school and schools don’t rekindle smouldering outbreaks.
Otherwise, the new normal is this. Sick kids, or masked kids. That’s “living with COVID”.
Seriously, there is nothing I nor anyone else can do about this. If you want your kids to live healthy lives without a mask, you must eliminate local COVID circulation. Please address all complaints to the government, cos it wasn’t me that brought this situation about.
Dr Noor Bari

Dr Noor Bari

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