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IwaOi Doctor AU -Part 2- “Daichi-kun!” Sawamura Daichi, chief of surgery, freezes in place as he hears /the voice/. Turning around slowly, he faces the doctor who abandoned his hospital. “Oikawa, you can walk right back out the door you came in.” Hajime sighs+

“Sawamura, I’m asking you to hear him out.” Looking from Oikawa’s smug face to Hajime’s pleading one, he relents, pointing Oikawa towards his office. Hajime plops into a chair outside the door, forcing Daichi to ask, “You aren’t coming in?” +
Shaking his head, Hajime replies, “He needs to convince you first and then I’ll come in.” “Are you gonna owe me a drink after this?” Daichi sighs. Hajime grins, “Probably. I’ll buy the good stuff.” Daichi walks into his office and shuts the door. Oikawa hands him a file.+
“Female. 28. 32 weeks pregnant. Read the file for all the details but I want to do /that/ procedure with Dr. Iwaizumi.” Daichi looks up, “Oikawa, that procedure was something we dreamed up as residents. I can’t in good conscience-” “It’s Yachi.” Daichi drops the file.+
“It’s Yachi & her baby girl. If we don’t do this, one of them will die. Kiyoko will have to choose. But Hajime and I can save both of them.” Daichi temples his fingers in front of his lips, “You’re asking to do a ground breaking surgery in my hospital on one of my best friends”+
Oikawa gives him a sly look, “that doesn’t sound like a question.” “It’s not.” “It’d be good publicity for your hospital,” Oikawa adds, “and it’d be called the ‘Iwaizumi-Oikawa procedure’.” +
Daichi gives Oikawa a questioning look, “Why would it be called-oh shit. You don’t know.” Daichi gives Oikawa a little smirk and yells “Oh Dr. Iwaizumi, please come in.” Hajime opens the door with a look of dread on his face, but his eyes plead just enough that Daichi +
decides to not be a total dick. He points to the chair next to Oikawa and says, “Walk me through the ‘Iwaizumi-Oikawa procedure’ step by step.” Two hours later, Oikawa leaves to go call Yachi and set up an appointment at the hospital to talk things through. +
Daichi stops Hajime from leaving, “You know he’s gonna find out, right?” Hajime sighs, “yeah, I know.” Daichi sighs, the messiness of their divorce is still haunting him, “Why didn’t you ever tell him?” +
With a shrug, “I’d just finalized everything when he sprung the divorce on me. And it’s not like I’ve kept it a secret.” Daichi slaps Hajime on the back, saying, “You’ve come a long way, Dr. Oikawa. Please don’t let this set you back.” “It’ll be fine.” Famous last words.
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#IwaOi , doctor AU Oikawa Tooru is the best surgeon in the country. He knows this, his patients come to him because of this and all the medical journals continually rate him the top neonatal surgeon. He is the best but he can’t do everything. +
Britt -10k words in March
Iwaizumi Rarepair acct ✨HQ multishipper✨NSFW ✨30+✨🔞 under 18 dnf/dni ✨pfp by @satanflowers and header by @KMyuutsu
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