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Mar 6, 2023
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tw // breeding , tae has a pussy and breasts , creampie , mentioned past mpreg Taehyung loves his big family, all 8 of his children and his loving husband. Jeongguk loves them too, of course. But he also loves the best part : having sex to make the babies.

“Gukkie, what’re you doin?” Taehyung giggles. He’s lying flat on his back, snuggled under the brand new grey duvet he bought while out at the store. His husband, Jeon Jeonggk, has snuggled up with him too. Except, he’s under the blanket with his head up Taehyung’s shirt.
“Gukkie!” Taehyung squeals and giggles again. Jeongguk is tickling him with soft kisses, he’s peppering them all over his torso before moving up to his breasts. “Shhh, baby,” Jeongguk breathes quietly. His hands caress Taehyung’s thighs and before Taehyung can protest,
Jeongguk has taken one of his sensitive nipples into his mouth. He’s three months postpartum, having birthed a healthy baby boy named Minjun, and frankly, the idea of sex disgusted him for a while. Breastfeeding, cooking, cleaning, caring for 7 kids and a newborn— he was
always tired. Tired and sleepy and sore everywhere. Their oldest, Dahyun, is an 8 years old girl and she required a little more attention than the others due to her severe separation anxiety. Taehyung was always tired. Despite four of their kids being in school, he was left
with a curious three year old, a clingy two year old, and the newborn, who actually required the least amount of attention other than him being hungry or needing a diaper change. He was so wrapped up in his motherly duties that the idea of Jeongguk touching him made him upset.
“Mmm,” Taehyung moans softly. His sex drive returned to normal maybe a week ago, but how was he supposed to tell Jeongguk after denying and rejecting him for so long? Jeongguk must’ve taken the hints. Taehyung showering extra long and always smelling like vanilla, wearing
silk panties and small t-shirts without a bra when they’re in the room alone, even going as far as not wearing panties at all when they go to bed— he wasn’t being subtle about the fact that he wanted to have sex with his husband. Jeongguk continues to tease his nipples,
swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud all while pinching the other one between two fingers. The act of being under his shirt is silly, but Taehyung’s giggles have been replaced by soft and breathy moans. This is soothing, actually. His nipples are always being tugged on
day-in and day-out from feeding the younger kids, but Jeongguk is taking his sweet time. After a few minutes, Jeongguk comes from under Taehyung’s shirt and kisses his lips gently. “Let me take care of you.” Jeongguk’s words are soft and full of love, tender and sweet.
Taehyung nods. He doesn’t protest when Jeongguk helps him out of his panties and t-shirt. Hell, he’s practically shaking at the thought of his husband touching him. The kisses on his neck are wet and open-mouthed, sloppy and unlike the others. They make his stomach tingle,
his pussy wet, and his mind foggy. He loves when Jeongguk kisses him like that. He gasps when the duvet is thrown from the bed, leaving him exposed to the open air and dim lighting. He’s beautiful. “Can I touch you?” Jeongguk asks tenderly. He must’ve known how tired
Taehyung was before. Don’t be mistaken, Jeongguk does his part when he’s home. He cooks dinner and helps to feed and bathe the smaller kids and tucks them into bed. He can’t do much during the day because he works a 9-5, but /this/, he can do. He can take care of his husband.
Taehyung nods again. Jeongguk rubs his hands together to warm them a little before touching the most sensitive part of Taehyung’s body. “Ngh,” the younger moans. Jeongguk has always been skilled with his hands. Now that he is gently rubbing his clit while fondling one of
his large breasts, Taehyung really remembers. Jeongguk has always been good in bed ever since they met 12 years ago. His breathing gets a little heavier the more Jeongguk teases his clit, and when two fingers finally slide into him, he arches off the bed. “Ah,” he whimpers.
Jeongguk hums and plants kisses along his neck, sucking briefly to leave small red marks over his skin. He thrusts his fingers in slowly and scissors them a little to stretch his husband’s cunt open. “You’re so tight,” he whispers. That’s always been a mystery to him.
How, after eight kids, is his pussy still so tight? It’s always so snug inside, so warm and wet too, his pussy is better than anything he’s ever had. “Relax for me, my love.” Jeongguk’s voice is so gentle, Taehyung can’t help but to obey. His body relaxes back onto
the bed, and he spreads his legs a little wider. “That’s it,” he whispers and thrusts his fingers a little faster. “Give it up to me.” Taehyung bites his lower lip and tries to stay quiet— they just put the kids to sleep after all— but it’s nearly impossible.
His inner walls flutter and clench around his husband’s fingers, and he grips the sheets tightly. He’s going to cum. “Give up, baby,” Jeongguk talks him through it. “It’s okay, cum for me.” Taehyung’s body shivers harshly, and his back arches high off the bed.
“That’s it.” He leans down and runs his tongue along the length of Taehyung’s neck before stopping just below his ear. “Cum all over my fingers.” The rubber band finally snaps and Taehyung accidentally moans out loud. Jeongguk shushes him with a kiss, still thrusting his fingers
in and out throughout Taehyung’s orgasm. He loves the way his husband’s pussy clenches around his fingers, the way it pulsates and gets more slick with the passing moments. “Ahhh, ahhhh.” Taehyung’s voice is smooth like velvet as he goes through the stages of release.
He’s reached the peak and now he’s coming down. His pussy clenches around nothing, feeling empty and cold once Jeongguk removes his fingers. He sucks them clean, never once breaking eye contact, and moans softly at the taste. “Delicious.” Taehyung is lost in a daze.
His mind is foggy and his chest is heaving as he tries to catch his breath, but that doesn’t work out too well. Jeongguk slaps his cock onto Taehyung’s clit a few times and watches with glee as his husband shivers again. “Please, Gukkie,” Taehyung begs quietly.
Subconsciously, he’s also listening to the four baby monitors resting on the nightstand near their bed— each one is labeled with two names, as their kids share rooms. “I’ll give you whatever you want, my love. All you have to do is ask for it.”
Taehyung’s face burns hot and he breaks the eye contact. Jeongguk isn’t having that, however. He clears his throat is displeasure and cocks an eyebrow, waiting until Taehyung finally looks at him. “Please.. can you fuck me, Gukkie?”
“Of course I can, sweetheart,” Jeongguk chuckles. “Tell me how you want it.” Taehyung shakes his head a little. “I don’t care how, I just.. want you to fuck me, please.” He reaches a hand down and lightly touches his clit, rubbing small circles over it and moaning as his
pussy throbs. “So eager,” Jeongguk laughs again. “Always so eager, baby. You want me that badly?” Taehyung nods and his hair bounces— Jeongguk thinks he’s adorable. He’s lying there with pink cheeks and perky nipples, swollen breasts and a sopping wet cunt.
Using two fingers, Taehyung spreads his folds and leaves his pussy on full display. Slowly, oh so agonizingly slow, Jeongguk slides his cock in until he’s buried to the hilt. He groans softly and lets out a long sigh, relishing in the warmth that spreads under his skin.
Taehyung is no better off— he’s pink all the way down to his neck and now pinching both of his nipples. His eyes are closed in bliss and he’s moaning quietly. It starts slowly with Jeongguk thrusting lazily and watching as Taehyung’s pussy swallows the entirety of his cock.
It glistens with each pull-out from Taehyung’s slick, and the sight only makes Jeongguk want to fuck him more. “Ngh,” Taehyung moans. He’s on fire again. After a long pregnancy and three months postpartum, he’s finally feeling that spark again. “Y-Yes, Gukkie.”
Jeongguk thrusts into him harder, faster, with more vigor and purpose. The squelching of Taehyung’s now sloppy and soaked cunt is loud enough for them to hear, and Jeongguk bites his lip. He reaches down with one hand and rubs circles over Taehyung’s clit.
“Ah!” He cries out, only to slap a hand over his mouth. He’ll be damned if he wakes any of their kids. “So tight and wet,” Jeongguk groans. He thrusts harder and watches as Taehyung’s breasts bounce, perky nipples begging to be sucked on and licked.
Jeongguk’s mouth is salivating; he wants Taehyung’s nipples in his mouth, but he’ll wait until later. “M-More,” Taehyung whines. His breasts bounce more with each hard thrust and he tightens his grip on the white sheets. “Please, more.” Jeongguk places each hand on the back of
Taehyung’s thighs and presses them open, almost folding him completely in half. He uses this position as leverage and thrusts harder, watching in awe as Taehyung loses his mind. “Y-Yes, Gukkie,” he cries, eyes beginning to water as his pussy is continuously stuffed full.
“Right there, love?” Jeongguk pants, chest swelling with pride when Taehyung nods again. “Fuck,” Taehyung sobs, body shaking as he nears another orgasm. “‘M g-gonna… cum. ‘M gonna cum.” Jeongguk loves these moments, when Taehyung is so vocal and open about how good he feels.
He always feels thoroughly satisfied in the end knowing he pleased the man he loves. “Go ahead, sweetheart.” Jeongguk pants, hair sticking to his face with sweat. “Cum on my cock.” Taehyung arches and shakes, pussy spasming and pathetically squirting on the sheets.
He sniffles, holding his tits as they continue to bounce, and tosses his head from side to side in pleasure. Jeongguk slows down before stopping, taking a moment to catch his breath, and pulls out. Taehyung is left gaping and empty, pussy still hungry for more.
“Hands and knees, baby.” Taehyung shakily moves to position himself just how Jeongguk wants him. They fall back into rhythm once Jeongguk slips his cock in again. He grips his husband’s hips and drills into him, balls slapping against Taehyung’s clit. “Mmm!” Taehyung whines.
He muffles himself with a pillow, biting down on it and soaking it with drool. His eyes, they slowly roll back and he arches his back deeper. Taehyung wants every inch inside of him. He wants Jeongguk to fuck his womb and breed him again, make him round and swollen with yet
/another/ baby. “Fuck me,” Taehyung whimpers after releasing the pillow from his mouth. “Fuck me, fuck me, yes.” He can’t think straight anymore, not when his whole body is on fire again. He’s lost in the heat of the moment, sweaty and slick between his legs.
He squirts again, this time more than before, and sobs as Jeongguk relentlessly takes him without hesitation. “So fuckin’ wet,” Jeongguk whispers. He drapes himself over Taehyung’s back and softly speaks into his ear. “Such a sloppy pussy, it’s all mine.”
“Want you… to cum in me,” Taehyung babbles. His eyes are rolling back again and his mouth hangs open, drool now soaking the pillow even more. “F-fuck .. me full of your cum.” “Yeah?” Jeongguk asks with a smug smirk on his face. Taehyung can’t see him, but he /knows/ the look.
“Want me to breed you again like a bitch in heat, huh?” He fucks into Taehyung harder, slamming into him until the head of cock slightly brushes Taehyung’s cervix. It hurts, the younger won’t lie, but it arouses him even more. “You’ll look.. so pretty.”
His thrusts are getting sloppy, and the knot in his stomach is starting to tighten. Taehyung’s cunt drips onto the bed and he arches his back as deep as he can. “Cum in me, pl-please. Cum in my pussy.” Jeongguk whines softly and bites down onto Taehyung’s shoulder as he finally
spills his seed into his husband’s womb. This is a cycle they love to repeat. Some call it irresponsible, having eight kids before they hit 35, but Jeongguk and Taehyung don’t care. Taehyung moans as the warmth spreads through him— he’s sure to get pregnant again.
Once Jeongguk finally let’s go and pulls out, the mess of cum and slick ooze out of Taehyung’s pussy and pool onto the sheets. Taehyung pants, holding still as the mixture of fluids continues to drip out of him, and catches his breath. “Shit.”
Jeongguk makes way to clean him up, wiping him down with a warm cloth and cleaning his swollen pussy. “I missed doing that with you,” Taehyung hums. After changing the sheets, they finally snuggle up in bed. “So what are we naming baby number 9?” Jeongguk laughs.
Taehyung loves his big family. Eight beautiful and healthy children, a loving husband, a lovely home— he couldn’t ask for anything else. “I love you, Gukkie.” “I love you more.” Just then, a shrill cry comes through the monitor. It sounds like Minjun, but he
shares a nursery with Seohyun so they don’t know who’s crying, actually. “I’ll go,” Jeongguk sits up. He plants a soft kiss on Taehyung’s forehead and gets up from bed. “Get some rest, babydoll.” Taehyung snuggled under the duvet and hums. He really is the luckiest man alive.
[ ❣️ FIN ❣️ — thanks for reading this kinda short thread .. I just wanted to write some smut again lol love you guys !! ]


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