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the parallelism in yoongi's lyrics: dreams - a thread

the theme of dreams have been recurrent in all of bts' (agust d inclusive) songs ranging from no more dream to yet to come. the "dreams" are in two motifs, one of success and one of an alternate reality. but no one speaks on the dual sideness of some of the lyrics. so i will :)
1. tomorrow vs paradise In Tomorrow: "follow your dream like breaker" the song produced by yoongi, the chorus is telling listeners to follow their dreams and never give up on them. In Paradise: yoongi's verse he explicitly goes "I don't have a dream"
in paradise, he's saying its okay to not have a dream. he's saying it's overwhelming and he knows how the world would judge one for not having a dream even though the world doesn't teach a person how to dream. his lyrics come from a place of understanding and experience.
2. 140503 at dawn vs so far away In 140503 there's no blatant use of the word dream but yoongi is talking about how he lost personal relationships and developed sociophobia bc of his dreams. he's basically saying his dreams took everything from him.
In So far away, yoongi's berating himself for not having a common dream, for just doing what he's told to do, like college. but later on in the song he keeps chanting dream like a prayer. he's saying to dream that even though the beginning would be rough, the future would be good
3. moving on vs shadow In Moving on: he's just saying he'll have bigger dreams, he's moving on to a better and new start and beginning In Shadow: "now im scared, don't let me shine" now he's scared and worried
he's getting everything he wanted and realizing the consequences of that. he now has the big house, big cars, big rings, yet it feels empty now. he wants the measures of success but not the issues that comes with it. this is very contradictory and it just shows how human he is.
4. moonlight vs moonlight In the first verse he's greedy for more. but im still hungry would this be karma?" BUT In the second verse, he complains about how much it is on him but he accepts it and says there's nothing more he can do, all he has to do is keep running.
yoongi's music is a reflection of who he is as a person and that makes him really human. humans are contradicting and its wonderful to see how empathic and understanding he is in his songs. so he can be this this moment and that the next moment.
this is a short and open thread, so you can always add what you want,, but i hope you see what i see too!
@rain 潃 sobok sobok yoon hyune @rain on the street w my hope thank you for helping me w this,, idk how to be absolute im sorry 旦


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