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Mar 6, 2023
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Mhm pet own Hsk and his rabbit jgk and retriever NJ. He's had them for years now but jgk has just come into maturity. He's more touchy with Hsk, possessive even, stomping his foot when NJ gets near. His ears pressing to his skull when Hsk tries to push him away to continue

his work. It's gotten so bad. Hsk used to let him sleep in his bed too, but after a long night of jgk rutting against him humping his ass in his sleep Hsk had to put a stop to it. "What is wrong with you jgk? I'll give you a chance to tell me before i tell you what I know."
Jgk keeps his mouth shut looking at the floor eyes wide and unblinking. His nose gives him away twitching often while Hsk explains that jgk is going though a maturity stage where he's going to be extremely horny until he can kit another bunny or at least simulate it enough for
his body to believe he had. When Hsk suggest taking him to a center jgk stomps angrily voicing his complaints. NJ watched with a slow-wagging tail. His own rut is pretty bad so he gets it, but Hsk never sent him to a center. NJ smiles as their conversation dies down. It ends in
Jgk Ingnoring everything coming out of hsks mouth much to hsk's increasing frustration. "Fine I'll drop it. For now. But if you don't chill out these next weeks I'm taking you." Hsk says with finality. NJ knows Hsk himself doesn't want to knowing it'll but a strain on him and
the bun, but he also knows how much better it'll be for jgk after it's out of his system. NJ however has a plan. It's when Hsk is alseep and it's the dead of night he sneaks into jgk's room. It's a nest of pillows and ripped out fluff from his increasing aggression. Clothes are
slung everywhere, most belonging to Hsk "Why are you here NJ." It's a statement rather than a question. HEs not looking at him. NJ and jgk typically get along good. Great even, but jgk's body and his hormones have been putting quite the strain on their relationship atm.
NJs tail wags and his dimples show with an easy smile. It's hiding something sinister that jgk can't see with his back turned to him. The taller lopes over gathering against jgk's back licking a stripe up his nape. The reaction is immediate.
Jgk gasps whirling around slapping his palm against the offended spot. His neck is sensitive and NJ knows this. He hides his nape in his palm and stares NJ down with flared nostrils and squinted eyes. He's panting rather hard though and is very obviously effected.
NJ glaces down clearly amused so quick had jgk not been watching him so intensely he would've missed it. Jgk follows his gaze landing where he's straining against his pants. His face blazes and he backs away further from the retriever. NJ doesn't follow instead squatting
down on his haunches so they're on equal levels. Jgk's bed is on the ground and NJ is a rather large hybrid even for his large breed so he's still a looming presence. Jgk's heart is, well, rabbiting inside his chest. His ears twitch where they're pressed against his skull.
He's not scared but he's very aroused and now dizzy. "What do you want NJ." It's not as strong as he'd like it to be when it come south of his mouth. He sounds breathless. "Just a little advice," NJ muses, "Hsk-hyung would do anything for you y'know?" His dimpled smile widens
It's a beautiful look on his face. Eyes sharp canines bright and face breathtakingly handsome. Jgk is already insanely horny. He doesn't say anything instead waiting for NJ to elaborate. "May I?" NJ asks gesturing to jgk's bed. The younger is wary ofc but he wouldnt
mind the big breed in his mess of a nest. He smells good. NJ makes the short step into the bed crawling until he's by jgk's side. He leans against the wall the bed is next to and leans his head back exposing his neck. It drives jgk damn near feral. His eye twitches
as does his dick. NJ knows what he's doing. "Hsk would let you breed him y'know?" NJ closes his eyes. The look on his face is pure relaxation. "He'd let you fuck him. All you have to do is ask." When he opens his eyes again turning to jgk they're dark. Hungry. "Anything for
you jgk." Jgk is still. What does he mean by that? "Has he let you?" Jgk asks instead? Hs knows NJ goes through ruts. He's been with Hsk longer. He wonders how many times Hsk has let NJ take him. When NJ doesn't reply he knows the answer. He shakes his head taking a deep
breath to calm himself. It's a terrible idea in hindsight when he inhales Njs woodsy scent. He smells like sweet wood. Damp from rain and nature. An outside smell that's just sweet enough it's soothing instead of strong. And fuck he whines. His eye twitches again and
his body fully jerks with the intensity of the tension in his muscles. NJs staring. His easy smile is gone but he's still so relaxed. Jgk can feel where his eyes are on him. Can see the perk of his own floppy blond ears. He can probably hear his heartbeat like jgk can feel it.
Jgk side eyes him. He's tense like prey but his body hungers. "Would you do anything for me?" He asks. It's his turn to smile when Nj's smile returns. ___ Thuroughly sated, for now, and dick sore he flops back down on his bed pushing sweat slick hair back. He's definitely
going to be sore tomorrow. He doesn't regret shit though as he looks over to the completely knocked out NJ. He's snoring a bit resting on his stomach. One of his arms is slung to the side of him half off the bed brushing the floor. His body is shining with sweat and
he's still nude. His body is near covered in bruises, but more prominently, bite marks. They start from his nape extending all the way to his ankle. Some even overlap like the ones on his torso where his neck meets his shoulder. Jgk recalls the way he cried out with that one as
Jgk plunged into him over and over again. The sound of skin on skin deafening and rhythmic along with Njs gasping moans. Deep and raspy with his breathless pleasure. He didn't say much, he couldn't with jgk's fingers in his mouth prodding and playing with his tongue
while NJ attempted to suck them with a slack mouth. Jgk can't remember how many times they both had gone, changing positions, tempo, switching so that jgk was taking what he needed riding a fucked out NJ like his life depended on it. The stamp a split between a rabbit
hybrid and retriever near endless. Mindful of the ache of their empty balls they only stopped when sensitivity bordered on pain, and even then jgk still wrung one last orgasm out of NJ that had him dipping in and out of consciousness trying to escape the attack on his
prostate from jgk's surprisingly long tongue and jgk's grip on his wrist with his fatigued body. Had the room been clean it would've most definitely been pushed into havock with their erratic fucking. Jgk's dresser swiped of items when jgk pushed NJ over it and fucked him hard.
More stuffing bleeding from the pillows from Njs teeth sinking into them when he rutted into jgk trying his best to hold back while jgk quaked through one of many orgasms. They'd lost count at this point. Claw marks gouged into the wall from NJ splayed against it while jgk
sucked him into his mouth. Hot, wet, and heavenly as Njs eyes rolled into his head as he fought gripping jgk's long soft hair damp with sweat and fucked his skull til he could cum down his throat and hear the bun choke on it. Threads coming apart from the mattress with jgk's
own nails, not nearly as sharp, but grip intense everytime NJs throat constricted around his dick. He couldn't take it like jgk could, sensitive gag reflex, but the sounds. God the sounds. The audible gulps and small hurks as NJ tried to suppress it. Eyes watery and soon teary
making tracks down his cheeks when jgk started fucking his face chasing his orgasm. Having none of the restraint of NJ until he painted Njs face white with his release. A stripe across his cheeks and right eye while NJ held his mouth open best he could with his aching jaw.
His hand around his dick jerking off while he worked coming to a stop as he made a mess against the side of the mattress some dripping to the floor. Jgk apologized and licked his face clean before NJ pulled him into a kiss tasting the bitterness on his tongue. It wasn't the
first time that night nor the last, but it was certainly one of the hottest that made jgk harden up again at a dizzying rate. They fucked like rabbits to put it simply. For once the long month of jgk's brain attacking him. He was sated. His body no longer on constant edge and
he drifted off to sleep nuzzled into Njs big warm body into his neck where he had lay his claim, over and over again. He heard more than felt his pulse. A slow sleepy beat that killed him to a deep sleep.
___ Hsk found them like that when he woke up. He had opened the door. It was well past 2 pm and he'd never known the two to be late risers, usually up by 9 or 10 am begging Hsk to take them outside. Well, go outside with them as they could very well function on their own.
Hsk was flabbergasted at the sight. The mess, the NJ covered in bites and jgk looking as equally put through the wringer, but gods the smell. Sweat, blood,and sex. It was extremely obvious what the two had gotten up to and Hsk found himself with a hand over his face and burning
hot. He quickly closed the door carful as he could. He couldn't do this right now. He ran back to his own room. When he closed the door behind him he climbed back into his bed and lay down. He'd already made it so he didn't bother messing it up again, so he stared at the
ugly popcorn ceiling. Mind blank occasionally wondering if he should go back in just to open the window. He lay like that still, head empty until he dozed off. When he woke again his pants were damp and he was curled into himself. He was mortified. He hadn't had a wet dream
since he was in high school. Let alone one about... He couldn't remember. No. He was choosing to ignore it. Nobody thinks about their companions like that. /Knock knock knock/ "Hyung?" Jgk's voice called from outside his door. Hsk bolted upright, big mistake, he cringed at the
cold wet stickiness of his boxers. Shit. "Shit. Coming!" He called out. He felt his face heat. Wrong choice of words. He waddled his way to the bathroom wetting a rag and wiping himself down after grabbing a new pair of boxers and some shorts. He had wanted to take the two to
the park but it was well past 4 now. The day was a bust. No pun intended. He cleaned up and slipped on his new clothes burying his ruined ones deep in his hamper. He'd have to wash today. He whipped open his door just as jgk was about to knock again. "Ah hyung. You sleep in?"
Hsk has half the mind to lie. Tell him he had but not only was he a terrible liar, but it seemed like jgk almost had a sixth sense when it came to him. Able to smell a lie on hsk like an awful perfume. "Ah no. I made breakfast and knocked on yours and NJs door
but nobody answered. Was he in your room?" Hsk already knew the answer ofc, but it was not technically a lie. He /did/ make breakfast. Jgk's face heated. "Ah yeah. Sorry about yesterday hyung." He rubbed the back of his neck. Out of nervousness or genuine regret
Hsk didn't know but he found himself smiling regardless. He had already forgiven the youngest. He couldn't ever stay mad at him. "Oh my bun." Hsk coos dragging jgk into a hug. He sniffed loud and dramat faking a cry talking about how his precious jgkie ignored him.
Jgk smiles at the olders antics hugging him back rubbing into his nose into Hsk hair. Vanilla. His body felt so small in his arms.


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