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IwaOi Doctor AU Part 3 “Why the hell are we watching someone NOT do a surgery?” Hinata slaps his fellow resident in the back of the head, saying, “Shut up, Kageyama. That is the best pediatric surgeon who is going to be performing a never before done +

procedure on Yachi. He’s visualizing the movements and practicing for accuracy and time.” Atsumu snickers from where he’s sitting in his chair, snacking on popcorn. “Just wait til the other one gets in there. It’s sure to be a show.” Kuroo grabs a handful of Atsumu’s +
popcorn, dodging the smack his fellow charge nurse sends him. The door to the operating room opens and Oikawa Tooru walks in. “Ready, Hajime?” “Let’s go through it completely.” The staff in the gallery watch as the Doctors Oikawa walk through the surgery +
step by step moving in perfect synchronization. “Jesus,” Kageyama mutters, “it’s like they share a psychic connection or something.” Kuroo grins and replies, “That’s what happens when you’re married for 8 years.” “Married???” Hinata screeches, causing Atsumu to throw +
popcorn at him to get him to shut up. “Ya really didn’t know? Hajime used to be married to Tooru. Something went wrong about 4 years ago and suddenly they were divorcing and Tooru left for the private sector.” “What went wrong?” Kageyama asks, curious. +
“He fell out of love with me.” The entire gallery jumps when they hear Hajime’s voice come thru the speaker, “yeah, dumbasses, we’ve been able to hear you the whole time.” Oikawa looks up sharply, frowning, “Is that what you think? That I fell out of love with you?” +
Hajime sighs, setting his tools down, “Not now” Oikawa glares up at the gallery. Kageyama and Hinata make a quick escape but Atsumu and Kuroo keep eating the popcorn like they’re watching a reality tv show. “Kuroo?” Oikawa asks, heeding Hajime’s warning, “you bang Daichi yet?”+
Cackling Kuroo chops another piece of popcorn, & replies, “Wouldn’t you like to know, traitor” Atsumu pipes up, “They sneak into the on-call rooms on a weekly basis.” “Atsu-kun,” Oikawa croons, “you are my favorite.” Atsumu bows theatrically but then his smile turns vicious+
“If ya hurt Hajime again, Oika-san, I’ll make sure no nurse ever works with ya.” His threat is received with a wave, as Oikawa replies, “Yes, Miya, we all know who your favorite is. Now go get the room ready for Yachi.” +
Grumbling, Atsumu stands, “fucking asshole. Thinks he still works here. What a joke.” But he pulls Kuroo out of the gallery with him. “Now,” Oikawa says, turning on Hajime, “let’s talk.” “No.” “No?” “No,” Hajime says, “I owe you nothing, Tooru. I’m doing this for Yachi+
There’s no need to talk about the past. I’ve moved on and I’m sure you have too. It’s fine.” Oikawa reaches for Hajime who pulls back. “Yachi’ll be here soon. We should go meet her.” Oikawa knows when Hajime gets into a mood like this there’s no changing his mind. +
So he relents. For now. +
They head back into the maternity wing where they’ll be meeting with Yachi and Kiyoko to talk thru the procedure. Daichi’s demanded to be there too since it’s his hospital. Hajime knocks on the door and waits for the soft “enter” +
“Hi Yachi, I’m Dr. Oikawa Hajime and I’ll be helping your doctor with this procedure.” Time stops.
Britt -10k words in March
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