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Tony Dinh 🎯

Tony Dinh 🎯


Introducing It's a better UI for ChatGPT! Here are some short demos GIFs 👇

Faster response. ✅ scan the whole text easier without waiting for the typing animation
Use your own API key. No signup No account No logging you out every day Conversations are stored locally on your browser You can also self-host the app
Instantly search your past conversations
Manage your prompt library, explore community prompts.
🧩 Integrations: ✅ ask AI for domain name suggestions ✅ check domain availability
Open code in CodePen editor with 1 click
Chat with AI characters:…
Added a bunch of AI characters on 😄 (no doubt these character profiles are all... AI generated!)
Automatically highlight colors…
A small improvement for show colors 😄
Customize model & system instruction:…
Added Model Settings to, so you can select a custom ChatGPT model with a custom system instruction 👀
Added voice input to Sadly it doesn't work on the Home Screen app on iOS 😅
Tony Dinh 🎯

Tony Dinh 🎯

Indie hacker. (New!)┆@devutils_app 🛠┆@blackmagic_so 🪄┆@XnapperHQ 📸
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