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Mar 7, 2023
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LOSERs of ASIWAJU's VICTORY 4. NDIGBO: I must start on this note, that d most beautiful ladies I d Legendary ever dated up to 2016 are Igbos, wonderful cooks, industrious and splendid in other PG areas...and my friends, Igbos among them, have proven to be astute and intelligent,

-Politics however, Igbos have proven time and again to always go with hearts but not their heads, they are perpetually led by emotions not reasoning, sentiments not strategy and tend to fault everyone else but themselves. Shall we cast our minds back to Biafra? Ojukwu consumed by
-ego and inebriated by ambition led millions of his people to an unwinnable War but who do d Igbos blame? Not Ojukwu who led them to avoidable bloodbath, not even Gowon whom they accused of renegeing on d Aburi accord, Igbos blame Awolowo, laying forth a tripod of faults.
1. He changed d currency. 2. He cut off food supplies. 3. He banned Okrika and Stock fish. etc.. For d purpose of this article, only No2 would be attended. Even d War trained Head of State Gowon didn't visit Biafra during d war but Great Awo took d risk and found
-rather shockingly children with swollen heads and protruded bellies, clearly malnourished and painfully starved and conversely Ojukwu and his men were fresh, well-fed and healthy looking, even Awo may not have looked as fresh. Awo knew, all d food supplies from Nigeria are being
-cornered by d Biafran soldiers at d expense of d millions, whose freedom they claim to be negotiating. Awo returned and concluded, No! We can't be feeding our enemies, pumping them with strength and vigor to fight us back. Awo desired a quick end to d war and starvation a
-necessary tool. The Igbos would perpetually punish Awo at subsequent polls for ensuring a quick end to their sufferings, they would never vote him, at Aba, he was stoned and left bloodied...Again, heart above Head. Fast Forward, how do we explain that Ndigbo had for 20 years
-voted in one direction? The PDP. Had d PDP presented Danjuma, d man who led Ironsi to d journey of no return, Igbos would still have voted for PDP. And to what end? NOTHING!!! In 2023, d party betrayed d zone, its 20 years of 100% devotion and loyalty notwithstanding, Igbos
-would reply as they should, withdrawing their support and switching loyalties to another. We thought lessons have been learnt, and eggs would no longer be put in one basket. We were wrong, d combined efforts of d 2 major parties was only able to fetch 200k ± from a possible 2M+
Even d Devil managed to garner ⅓ of all possible votes from d Celestial election held in Jehovah's stronghold, the angels voted against their creator. Now, Asiwaju is d next president, and if politics remains a game of numbers, with what will d Igbos negotiate? I would advice
-BAT to cede the Senate Presidency to d Southeast zone to enhance national cohesion but I'm also aware that d leading politicians would approach d negotiation table with their numbers and if d numbers begin to speak for themselves, how loud can d Igbos be heard. Shall I Begin?


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