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Dern, a #yoonminau “All you have to do is be his friend,” Mr. Park spreads the files on the table, placing another hand on Jimin's back, “be on his good side and earn us this partnership. Yeah? There's nothing wrong, Minnie. You are just being a friend. Don't think too much.”

The Yoonmin arc of the taekook au, ONSRA :…
Onsra; a #taekookau “Isn't it Taehyung?” Jimin sips his drink and points the edge towards the guy on the dance floor. Jungkook ignores Jimin's words, his eyes fixed on the guy sitting almost on top of his lap. “Isn't he Taegeun's younger brother?” Jin wonders aloud.
~ Commissioned tags — ~ ambiguous characters ~ f'cked up decisions ~ emotional hurt/comfort ~ deception ~ they are hurt and end up hurting e/o ~ angst with a happy ending ~ insecurities ~ miscommunications — more tags or TWs will be added if needed down the lane
🔞 Yoongi grunts, pulling out of him, “shit.” Jimin is trying to catch his breath, his forehead still pressed against the wall. He can't believe he let Yoongi have him at the back alley of the damn club. He fixes his jeans, fastening the belt quickly.
He looks around them, trying to see if anyone saw them. He can't believe what just happened. He looks over at Yoongi who is combing his hair back. He looks impeccable. As if nothing happened. Jimin is still reeling. He can still feel Yoongi in him. Yoongi looks at him then.
“Is this how Parks do their business?” Yoongi wonders, coming forward to press his lips against Jimin's jawline, “are you going to tell your appa how you bent over for me?” Jimin feels the chill run down his spine, “wha-” Yoongi chuckles, “what? You didn't I would find out?”
“Y-you knew?” Jimin tries to breathe, his chest tightening. Yoongi chuckles, “of course, I did. I always know what goes on around me, Jimin. Your father is not as clever as he likes to think he is.” Jimin grips Yoongi's wrist when Yoongi tries to pull away, “please!”
“Please, what?” Yoongi traces Jimin's lips with his thumb, “hmm? What now?” Jimin forces his legs to work, he steps up to Yoongi, “please, don't break the deals with appa,” he begs, “our company needs you. Our business is in shambles otherwise. Please.”
Yoongi's eyes wander over Jimin's face, a sardonic smile on his lips. “I will help your father,” he takes a hold of Jimin's chin, “as long as you go down on your knees for me. Hmm? How does that sound?” Jimin grips Yoongi's jacket, eyes snapping close when Yoongi kisses him.
“How does that sound for payment?” Yoongi wonders, “Jiminie?” Jimin pulls back from the kiss, his ears ringing with his father's words. His vision blurring with his mother's helpless tears as they watch their business face the loss.
“Your father caused me enough trouble,” Yoongi speaks, voice tight, “he leaked those photos to the press,” his eyes are oozing fire as he looks at Jimin, “he sent that guy in my life. To create the drama. To throw mud at our family. Now that it is all going down, he wants help?”
“Then, let me take something too, yeah?” Yoongi crowds Jimin up against the wall, face burying in Jimin's throat, “I want you at my beck and call every day. Whenever I call, whenever I tell you, you will show up wherever I want. Does that sound good to you?”
Jimin snorts, “do I have a choice?” “Of course, you do,” Yoongi pulls away to face him, “you can walk right off. Find your leech of a father someone else to suck blood from. You can leave, Park. I am not stopping you.” Jimin nods, “I am in,” he juts his face out, “sir.”
Yoongi kisses him then, the kiss intense, demanding. Jimin lets the man have it. “I will send for you,” Yoongi speaks against his mouth, “you better be available, yeah? I can't care less if you date or have any relationships. Just show up when I want you to.” Jimin nods.
Yoongi doesn't call him. He sends messages. '20:00, my apartment.' 'In an hour, *address attached*' Jimin shows up. It's a Monday when his phone rings, Jimin frowns at it and picks up to see Yoongi calling. “Hello?” he rolls on his bed, sleepy. “Come to my office. Now.”
Jimin blinks at the phone when Yoongi cuts the call. He gets dressed and by the time he is reaching the Min's Entertainment, it's past ten in the morning. “I am here to see Min Yoongi?” he says to the receptionist. The receptionist looks up at him, “Park Jimin?” Jimin nods.
“Sir is in a meeting right now,” she holds out a card, “but, you are to join him. Go to the 20th floor. Second door.” Jimin gives a small nod and follows the order. When he is knocking on the door of the conference room, he hears Yoongi's voice. “Come in.”
Jimin pushes the door open to freeze. His father and his men sit around the round table. At the head of the table sits Yoongi. Hoseok on his right. Namjoon on his left. Everyone turns to him and Jimin is staring at Yoongi and back at his own father who is staring at him, agape.
Yoongi holds his hand out, “come here.” Jimin can't move. His eyes stay stuck on Yoongi, but he can feel his father looking at him. He swallows, feeling his face heat up the more he stands. Yoongi's eyes never waver from him. The man arches a brow, a challenge.
Jimin takes a deep breath and slowly steps inside the room. Namjoon and Hoseok have their heads bowed. They are focusing on the papers in front of them. Namjoon's jaw taut, Hoseok looks sick. Jimin doesn't look at his father. He can't. He walks up to Yoongi to stand beside him.
Yoongi pushes his chair back a little, taking a hold of Jimin's wrist. “Sit,” he speaks, clear for everyone to hear, “I need a distraction to get through this boring affair.” Jimin lets the man pull him on his lap. He sits and forces his eyes to stay glued on the table.
Yoongi's arm comes around his waist, pulling him flush against the man. Jimin squirms, feeling Yoongi's lips press against his nape. “You were saying, Mr. Park?” Yoongi asks, “go on, now present the offers to me.” Jimin feels the way Yoongi's thumb rubs over his hip, slowly.
Jimin hears his father cough, clearing his throat. “Look at him,” Yoongi murmurs against Jimin's ear, “look at your father give the presentation.” Jimin grips the edge of the table, forcing his eyes up to see his father who is doing everything to not look at him.
“Do you think he will have the spine to stand up for you if I tell you to go down on your knees here?” Yoongi wonders idly against Jimin's ear, “or, do you think you will have the guts to deny it? I wonder if anyone in Park family has a spine or they sold it for money too.”
“Your father should have killed me by now,” Yoongi lets out a breathy chuckle, “instead, he is feigning nonchalance. He should have the balls to stand up for his own son,” Yoongi hums, “this is the man you are rooting for? This is the father you are losing yourself for?”
Jimin lets out a deep breath, “everyone is a shithead in this world. He is,” Jimin nods, looks over at Yoongi, “you are.” Yoongi's lips twitch, “and, you are still here.” Jimin doesn't answer because his father is starting the presentation then. The room turning dark for it.
Yoongi takes a hold of Jimin's chin and turns Jimin's face towards him. Jimin can hear his father talking about something, but Yoongi is kissing him, and Jimin closes his eyes. Yoongi licks into his mouth, deepening the kiss. Jimin can't help the shiver that runs down his spine.
“So, as I was saying,” Jimin's father stops when Yoongi holds his hand up. “Get out,” Yoongi waves his hand, “Namjoon,” his eyes stay glued on Jimin, “handle it for me.” Namjoon springs up as if he was waiting for that order, “yes, okay.” Yoongi flicks his hand, “all, out.”
Jimin watches them leave. His own father almost rushes out. He snorts and lets out a gasp when Yoongi plants him on the table. Jimin leans back when Yoongi goes to kiss him. “No,” Jimin shakes his head, “no,” he fixes his shirt, "fuck you, Min Yoongi.”
He sits on the table, breathing erratic, “fuck you, really,” he hides his face in his hands, “I am out,” Jimin shudders, “I am not doing this anymore,” he looks up at Yoongi, eyes brimming with tears, “whatever you two have going on, your sick, twisted game, I am bailing out.”
“Can you afford that?” Yoongi wonders, taking a hold of Jimin's chin, “hmm? Can you afford this much self-respect? Can you? When your father is going to know you blew it all up, he will send you right back. Can you afford it?” Jimin looks at Yoongi, “my self-respect is mine.”
Jimin fixes his shirt, hopping off of the table, “I didn't sell it to you,” he shakes his head, “I didn't give it up to my dad. I have given too much to you two. I won't anymore,” he takes a step back, “I won't come back to you. No matter what.” Yoongi chuckles, “are you sure?”
Jimin takes several steps back from Yoongi, “I am sure,” he swallows, “I will never let you touch me ever again, Min Yoongi. Never again.” Yoongi leans against the table, “tell your dad he can kiss the deals goodbye for me, yeah?” Jimin falters, his insides churning.
Yoongi arches his brow, a playful smirk on his lips, “can you afford that?” he stands up, slowly walking up to Jimin, “hmm? Born and brought up in rich, can you afford being on the street? Can you afford it? The prince of the Parks? Who doesn't know a word of hard work?”
Jimin shrugs, “I will learn,” he gives a hollow laugh, “I will find a way. But, I won't ever let you near me, that's for sure.” Yoongi shrugs, “the door is open. Just tell your father-” “I will,” Jimin nods, turns on his heels, “I will.” He storms out of the office.
Jimin takes the fire escape. He can't stand still in an elevator. He wants to run and he does. He runs down the steps, vision blurring. The humiliation clouds his mind and he can't help the sobs that tears through him. He lets himself go soft for this man. This sick man.
He hates himself for trying to see more in those eyes. For finding solace every time Yoongi touched him. Jimin feels his stomach churn when he thinks about the times he held Yoongi close to him and wished for something more. He really has no self-respect, he thinks.
When he gets out in the lobby, he runs blindly for the door. “Jimin!” Jimin flinches, crashing against the door, when his father comes to take a hold of his elbow. “Why did he break the deal off?!” his father demands, right there, in the lobby, “what did you do?!”
Jimin can see people stopping and looking at them. His father looks frantic. “What did you do?” his father jerks him, “why is he pissed?!” Jimin tries to free himself, “let me go.” His father curses, “Jimin, all you had to do was stick around! Just a few more months!”
Jimin shoves his father away, panting hard, “fck you!” He runs out of the building, blindly rushing through the lunch crowd. He is not sure where he is going, he just wants to be far away from all this. As far away as he can manage. For now, he doesn't want to be found.
“What were you thinking?!” Yoongi ignores the shrill voice and keeps staring outside through his floor-to-ceiling glass. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Hoseok rounds on him, “are you out of your damn mind?! Why are you going after someone who has nothing to do with-”
“He is a Park,” Yoongi keeps his eyes stuck on the view, ignores Hoseok altogether, “a snake births only snakes.” Hoseok looks like he is going to burst, “you are not hearing yourself right now. There is no way my friend stoop this low for sick mind games!” Namjoon comes in.
He sits on the mahogany desk, watching Hoseok rain on Yoongi. “You didn't remember that when you were f'cking him, I assume?” Hoseok grits out. “How are you forgetting what they did to me?” Yoongi finally glares up at Hoseok, “did you forget the crap they pulled on me?!”
“No, I didn't forget how Mr. Park sent that Jaehyun in your life,” Hoseok murmurs, “I didn't forget how that guy fcked you up,” Hoseok's eyes soften a little, “I didn't forget how that guy started spiking your drinks with substances. How he slowly got you addicted.”
“He is Jimin's friend,” Yoongi looks ahead of himself, “Jaehyun and Jimin used to be best friends,” Yoongi's voice dips, “you can't tell me he didn't know. You can't tell me he had no idea.” Hoseok rubs his hands down his face, “Yoongi-” “I suffered, hoba,” Yoongi stands up.
Yoongi's eyes are red, “in rehab, you have no idea how they treated me,” he balls his fists, “you didn't stay there for months. You didn't struggle to get out of an addiction that you didn't pick up yourself. You didn't see the world crash around you without you doing anything!”
“How can you tell me to be nice to a guy whose first words that I remember were, 'I will message you when you need to double the dose,' hoba?” Yoongi lets out a delirious laugh, “he might act all innocent and think that I still don't know about his involvement, but I do!”
“That's the first time I saw Jimin,” Yoongi grips Hoseok's elbows, “giving Jaehyun that pouch and telling him this. You want me to treat him right? I did. I treated him right. He doesn't deserve less. He never did.” Hoseok blinks, “you didn't tell us about Jimin... why...”
Yoongi turns away, “I told you Parks did it. I don't need to explain. All of them are snakes. They held the shares and if they could get me out of the line, Mr. Park would swoop in and buy our company. That was the deal. They didn't think I will fight through my addiction.”
“So, no, hoba,” Yoongi growls, “whatever happened, they both deserve it. Their greed for money is going to take them down, and I will make sure I be the reason for that. I stood there, fighting for my life, as Jimin fed more drugs to Jaehyun to give to me...”
“I will stand here and watch them both scramble to make it up to me,” Yoongi glares at Hoseok, “each backlash, each pain, each sleepless night, each nightmare, each physical pain I went through, they will pay for it. I didn't deserve it. I will make sure they do.”
Hoseok watches Yoongi storm out of the room and looks at Namjoon. Namjoon looks back at him. “Did you know Jimin was involved?” Hoseok asks. Namjoon bobs his head, “yes. It was in the case file. Jimin's fingerprints on those packets. Yoongi is sitting on those proofs.”
Hoseok combs his hair back, “then why isn't he pressing charges?” Namjoon's shoulders drop, “it will bring more attention to a case Yoongi wants to bury as much as he can. He doesn't want to bring that up. Those few months are traumatizing to him. He doesn't want to go back.”
“That I know,” Hoseok swallows, “those months…” his eyes blur, “I thought he will die. I thought I lost him.” Namjoon pulls Hoseok in a hug, “Hobi.” Hoseok gulps, “I know he wants to get past it but for once, he has to face it all and get the closure.” Namjoon nods, “I know.”
“We have to let him handle it his way,” Namjoon murmurs, “yeah? We have to give this much control to him. We have no other options.” “Yeah,” Hoseok pulls back, nodding, “yeah, just...” he frowns, “Jimin doesn't strike like that to me, you know?” Namjoon stays silent to that.
Marrying Taehyung is a decision Yoongi takes to give himself a distraction. The burning fire that eats him up every time he thinks of Jimin is starting to affect him. He finds himself thinking about that night when he first saw Jimin more and more. It brings nothing but pain.
He doesn't go back to his past. He likes to think he burnt that bridge. But, he refuses to believe he burnt the bridge while he was on it. Now he is falling, and he can't grasp onto something to break the fall. Yoongi thinks maybe this wedding will distract him.
Yoongi didn't think he will see Jimin again during the preparation. He does. When Taehyung comes into his office, arm looped around Jimin's waist. Jimin looks physically ill, but he smiles every time Taehyung looks at him. Yoongi wonders what Jimin is trying to gain from this.
He doesn't tell Taehyung off about Jimin. He wants to see what Jimin wants. If this is Jimin's way of trying to get close to him. The thought makes something churn in Yoongi's guts. That Jimin is probably going to try to seduce him while Taehyung considers him a friend.
“He is my best man,” Taehyung says one night, “I hope it's not a problem?” Yoongi is about to go to bed, he shakes his head, “why would it be a problem?” Taehyung looks at him, “well... you two have history.” “I am over it,” Yoongi snorts, “it was just hookups.”
Taehyung gives Yoongi a look, “he doesn't know that I know about you two. Can we keep it that way? He would feel awkward otherwise.” Yoongi thinks Jimin would love for Taehyung to not know about their history. It would be easy for Jimin to try something stupid.
“Sure,” Yoongi waves his hand, “if you don't want to, we don't have to tell him anything.” = So, when Jimin shows up with Taehyung for the wedding shopping, Yoongi takes Taehyung's hand in his and ignores Jimin by Taehyung's side. “The theme is black and white,” Taehyung says.
“You would need a suit,” Taehyung looks at Jimin, “get something sexy.” Jimin gives Taehyung a small smile, “that's okay,” he stands awkwardly in the shop, “I have many suits. I will find something.” Yoongi looks at Jimin, knowing very well why Jimin doesn't want a suit.
His father is going through hell right now. Surely he doesn't have much to spare of a suit. Yoongi watches Jimin stand beside Taehyung and choose suits for him. “How about you go to the changing room?” Jimin points, “and, I will get you the suits? You don't need to stress.”
Taehyung grasps Jimin's elbow, “get something for yourself too. Don't forget!” Jimin's smile dims, he nods right away, “of course, I will. You go.” Yoongi sits on the couch, watching how Jimin inhales deeply before going forward with the salesman to choose something.
The shop is empty. Yoongi made the owner open it on a Sunday. Just to avoid the crowd. He enjoys the wine the woman holds out for him, while his eyes move with Jimin. Jimin is immersed in his duty. He is going through each clothing items personally before taking them to Taehyung.
Yoongi gets up after a while, nodding as the salesman asks him to try out his suits. He goes from one batch to another, trying to find something he might like. “This one will look best on you,” Jimin speaks by the door of Taehyung's changing room, “your shoulders are broad.”
“Did you find something for yourself?” Taehyung sounds winded, “Chim, you better find something for yourself. You don't need to run after me. Please, look at something for yourself. I am fine.” Jimin steps back, “I will, I will, you decide first.” Yoongi goes to change.
Yoongi gets out of the changing room after he selects one suit. Taehyung is already out. “How do I look?” Yoongi wonders. “Great!” Taehyung nods, smiling, “now, we have to choose the matching items. Tie and all. Right?” Jimin nods, “what colour are you thinking?”
Yoongi sits, watches the salesman bring out a catalogue. Jimin and Taehyung going through it. “Hyung, you won't mind red, right?” Taehyung asks, “red tie?” Yoongi shakes his head, his eyes immediately finding Jimin, who is frowning at the page. “Red and black,” Jimin winces.
“How about beige?” Jimin holds out a sample, “are you going for bow-tie?” “I am clueless,” Taehyung whines, “you decide. What would you want if it was your wedding?” Yoongi watches Jimin flinch. Then Jimin is letting out a shaky smile. “It's your wedding, Tae,” Jimin mumbles.
Taehyung rubs his hands down his face, “you handle it. I am exhausted. You tell me,” those large eyes find Jimin, “what would you want if it was indeed your wedding.” Jimin looks at the pages, “I…” “Help me out here,” Taehyung whines, “come on, chim. Please.”
Yoongi watches Jimin look at those samples, gripping the edge of the book. “I think,” Jimin whispers, “I think, you should go for silk ties. A Boutonnière of either rose or Astilbe tied With ribbon,” Jimin smiles down at the pages, “it looks good. You know?”
He blinks at the samples, “grooms can walk down the aisle hand in hand. So, no need for only black and white suits,” Jimin looks lost in thoughts, “you can wear any colour that you like.” Yoongi watches how Jimin shakes his head to look back at Taehyung with a forced smile.
“You can choose a colour,” Jimin gestures vaguely, “you both.” Taehyung turns to Yoongi and Yoongi looks at him with a small smile. “Which colour, hyung?” Taehyung wonders. Yoongi smiles at Taehyung, “whichever you want. I have no preferences.” Taehyung hums, “wine red?”
From the corner of his eyes, Yoongi notices Jimin pulling out a bottle of water from his backpack. He drinks and denies the wine the salesman offers. He leans back towards the book, flipping through the pages. “Whatever you want, Tae,” Yoongi assures, “I am fine with it.”
The suits take too long to select, and the shop owner promises them a fast delivery after they tailor it properly. “Now where?” Yoongi wonders, coming out of the shop. Taehyung looks at Jimin, “we need to go check the venue, right?” Jimin nods, “I will take your leave here.”
Taehyung takes a hold of Jimin's hand, “first, let's have some lunch. I am starving.” Jimin shakes his head, pulling away, “I really have to run, Tae,” he gives a hesitant smile, “I have some errands to run.” Taehyung frowns, “what is it? We can drop you off.”
“No, it's fine,” Jimin waves his hand, “I am going to meet Jaehyuk hyung.” “Oh,” Taehyung watches him, “is everything okay?” Jimin hesitates, risking a glance at Yoongi and back at Taehyung, “I... uh...” he smiles at Taehyung, “I am going for an interview at his office.”
Taehyung blinks, “why do you need to do jobs somewhere? You can join your father's company?” Jimin grips the strap of his backpack, “my father might lose that company very soon,” he forces himself to just look at Taehyung, “I really need this job. Let's hope I get it.”
“He needs a secretary,” Jimin holds his hand up, fingers crossed, “hopefully, I can do that?” “Of course, you can,” Yoongi says with a nod, “that man has a reputation of fucking his secretaries. Just know how to do that, you will get in.” The silence is heavy.
“Hyung, what the f'ck!” Taehyung gapes. Yoongi looks at Taehyung with a carefree laugh, “what? It's true? I am just telling him. He can do with some information. He f'cked over Hoba. Married Taegeun. Both were his secretaries. Now, it's you,” he looks at Jimin, “so...”
“Well,” Jimin shrugs, “he is handsome. Rich. A nice guy,” his eyes bore into Yoongi's, “I had a crush on him growing up. If something does happen,” he smiles, “I won't mind,” he shrugs, looks at Taehyung, “see you, Tae.” Jimin walks out of the shop, slamming the door behind him.
Jimin meets Yoongi and Taehyung again for the dance practice. Their first dance. “Have you two selected a song?” Hoseok asks, “which one will it be?” Taehyung and Yoongi both share a look. “Uhhh,” Taehyung hesitates, “whichever? We don't mind.” Hoseok looks stressed.
“For your wedding, you two are not minding a lot of things,” Hoseok says, “and, I am not sure how to take that.” “Just choose a song, hoba,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, “it's just a stupid dance. I am not even fond of dance.” Taehyung smiles, “if he can, he will just drop it.”
“The way you look tonight?” Hoseok asks. Yoongi and Taehyung cringe, “too sappy.” Hoseok goes through the playlist. Yoongi and Taehyung rejecting each one of them. Jimin sits, cross-legged, and watches them go back and forth. Hoseok looks like he will lose his temper now.
“Can we skip this?” Yoongi wonders, “the whole dance thing is just not sitting well with me.” “Your appa wants it,” Hoseok arches a brow, “so, choose a damn song, young man!” Taehyung makes a face, “all of these are romantic.” Hoseok gapes, “are they... not supposed to be?”
Yoongi makes a face, “it's just... romance is cringe.” Hoseok stares at the two of them, “you are getting married! What do you mean-” Jimin gets up when Hoseok's voice goes loud and louder, “how about Perfect by Ed Sheeran?” They all look at him. Jimin nods.
“Never heard the song,” Yoongi deadpans. Taehyung winces, “too cheesy.” “Get your asses on the dance floor,” Jimin walks up to Hoseok, “right now!” They both walk up to each other as the song starts to play. Yoongi bites down on his lips when the hears the lyrics, “oh, god.”
Yoongi matches Taehyung's eyes and realizes they both are trying not to burst out laughing. The song is too cheesy. Taehyung leans in against Yoongi's ear, “I will die because of how cringe this song is.” “I think it's us,” Yoongi nods, biting back a giggle, “for sure.”
“We were not kids when we fell in love,” Yoongi stops to look at Hoseok, “I never gave him up,” he lists, “we never had to fight for our love...” Yoongi looks at Taehyung, “this song doesn't match us at all.” Taehyung nods in agreement, “also, none of us want children.”
Hoseok's head drops on Jimin's shoulder with a groan, “hold me back before I kill them.” Jimin feels the frustration in him too, “then dance on, 'I want to break free' or something! What do you two want?! Us to compose a song for you two?! Just go with it! For god's sake!”
“You two need to learn the steps of leading and following,” Hoseok breaks them apart, “you dance with me,” he takes a hold of Taehyung, “and, Jimin, teach Yoongi the steps. I know if I dance with him, he will eat my head off about one thing or another!” Jimin feels frozen.
“Just imagine you are in love,” Hoseok holds Taehyung, “and, you are dancing your first dance. What song you want it to be?” Taehyung looks at Hoseok, then looks away, “I don't love anyone though.” “Just, imagine, Tae,” Hoseok sighs, “come on.”
Hoseok blinks, “you don't love... anyone?” he nods when Taehyung doesn't answer, “fine. Just a song you would want your special someone to sing for you? Something close to it? Just a song that you would want to hear the person you love sing. We can dance on it.”
Taehyung bites down on his lower lip, not matching Hoseok's eyes, “You Are The Reason by Calum Scott? I like that song nowadays.” Hoseok lets out a relieved breath, “we can dance on it-” “No,” Taehyung shakes his head, adamant, “no. It's not,” he pauses, “it's just mine.”
Jimin takes a hold of Yoongi's hand, his eyes focused on nothing but their hands as the song starts. He can feel Yoongi's other hand on his hip, spread over the skin. Jimin forces himself to give instructions and not think about how close they are standing.
He hates how his eyes burn when the man's perfume reaches his nose. That scent so achingly familiar. His sheets, his skin, his fingertips remember that scent. Jimin feels nauseous when he thinks Taehyung might smell like this perfume from now on. That thought is nerve-racking.
“Taehyung is taller than you,” Jimin says, steadying his voice, “so, this is the right position,” he swallows, “you can decide on the spins or…” Yoongi spins him, pulling him right back. Jimin holds his breath, his hand resting on Yoongi's chest. He refuses to match those eyes.
Yoongi's voice is rough, “was that fine?” Jimin nods, jerky, “y-yeah.” He pulls away, looking at Hoseok, “I think the couple should practice together. So, they don't mess it up on the actual floor.” Hoseok hums, “okay, let's see how they do it.”
As Taehyung and Yoongi dance, Jimin stands. His eyes on them. Hoseok is instructing them. Jimin can't help but notice how they smile at each other, talking under their breath. They look comfortable together. Jimin leans against the glass, his knees feeling weak.
==== Jimin didn't expect the call when it came. He didn't expect to have Yoongi right outside his house. When he comes out of his building, Yoongi is furious. “Taehyung is missing!” Yoongi hisses, “he went missing after Taegeun dropped by!” Jimin feels disoriented, “huh?”
“That friend of yours went back to Taegeun, and he came running to gloat about it to Taehyung,” Yoongi curses, “now, I can't find him anywhere,” Yoongi grips Jimin's biceps, eyes blazing, “if Tae gets hurt, I swear, I will make sure your friend suffers! I promise you!”
“Get in the damn car,” Yoongi points, “and, call your friend up. I need to see where he is!” Jimin gets in the car, worried about Taehyung. He dials Jungkook's number, but the line is busy. He cuts it and dials again. Yoongi watches him. “He isn't picking up,” Jimin whispers.
“I am going to hunt him down,” Yoongi thunders, starting the car, “and, when I do, it will be his last day-” he jerks to a pause when Jimin grips his wrist. Yoongi looks over at Jimin, a little startled, Jimin is already looking at him. Jimin looks desperate, a little fearful.
“Don't do something stupid,” Jimin's hand tightens around Yoongi's wrist, “okay?” he gulps, “Jungkook...” Jimin looks away, “he won't hurt Tae. Not anymore, please, don't lose your temper on him.” Yoongi watches him for a second, “if he hurts Tae again, I will hunt him down.”
Yoongi starts the car. Jimin sits, dialling Jungkook's number over and over again. When they reach the building, Yoongi storms inside. Jimin sits in the car, not sure if he wants to be there when the two meet or not. He feels the way his heartbeat picks up speed as time goes by.
When Yoongi comes back, Jimin sits up straight, looking at the man. Yoongi gets inside the car and slams the door. “He is not here,” he hits the steering, “he is not here. Tae is not found. I swear, if he went after Tae-” “Tae will be fine!” Jimin curses, “can you calm down?”
Yoongi looks at Jimin, “let's hope Tae is fine. Really, for your friend's safety, let's hope Tae is fine.” “Otherwise, what?” Jimin demands, “you will kill him?!” he turns to face Yoongi, “what will you do?” Yoongi chuckles, “you won't want to know. Trust me.”
“If anything, Jungkook can help,” Jimin dials Jungkook again, “you don't need to piss him off.” “Taehyung is spiralling since he talked to Taegeun,” Yoongi thunders, “and you want me to take Jungkook's help?!” “Yes,” Jimin nods, calm, “for Tae, remember? You need to calm down.”
As Yoongi drives, Jimin keeps calling Jungkook, but to no avail. Jimin feels the headache building. According to Yoongi, while leaving, Taehyung said he didn't want to see any of them at that moment. He is not sure if Taehyung would be with Jungkook. But, that's his only hope.
They are a few streets away from Jungkook's building, when Yoongi's phone starts to ring. Yoongi parks the car and pulls out his phone, “unknown number,” he picks it up, “Jungkook, I presume.” Jimin hears the voice and lets out a deep breath when Jungkook answers.
Yoongi gets out of the car to speak, and Jimin closes his eyes, leaning back against the seat. He dials Taehyung's number again, hoping Taehyung would pick up the call. No. Taehyung's calls are never picked up, and Yoongi is coming back to the car. “Let's go and meet him.”
“Please,” Jimin grips Yoongi's elbow, “be nice,” he begs almost, “please. Kookie is going through a lot,” his voice catches as he thinks of Jungkook, “he has a lot on his plate,” Jimin holds Yoongi's arm with both of his, “I know he hurt Tae but right now, he is hurting too.”
“If not nice,” Jimin swallows, “be considerate to him. He is hurting too,” Jimin feels his eyes gloss over thinking about Jungkook, “I know you are angry on Tae's behalf but, he is in pain too. Just, please be nice.” Yoongi's eyes wander over his face, “are you crying for him?”
Jimin wipes his eyes, he doesn't want Yoongi to see him cry, “he is hurting.” “He deserves it,” Yoongi grits out. Jimin looks at Yoongi, “you are not god. You are not going to punish him for it. You'll treat him like a human and you will behave. I don't care what he deserves!”
“Whatever he deserves, you are not serving him that,” Jimin shakes his head, “am I clear? You won't go and hurt him more? He didn't do shit to you. Whatever happened, it's not your business.” Yoongi's lips curl up, he looks amused, “and, why do you think I will listen to you?”
Jimin has no answer to that. “Are you thinking your opinions,” Yoongi chuckles, “your views, hold a penny's worth to me?” Jimin feels those words in him. Yoongi laughs, “god, you really think you will dictate me what to do and I will do it? Who do you think you are?”
Yoongi starts the car, “don't forget your place, Jiminie. You are in no position to tell me anything.” Jimin pulls his legs up to himself, leaning against the window to look outside. He hopes Taehyung is found soon. He wants to be away from all this mess as fast as he can.
“I will get up there,” Yoongi turns to Jimin, “what? Don't want to come up?” Jimin shakes his head, “no. I don't want to be in that mess. Whatever you do, I don't want to be present.” Right at that moment, Yoongi's phone rings and Yoongi lets out a deep breath.
“Tae?” Yoongi picks up the call, his voice instantly changing to something warm and soothing, “shit, Tae, where are you? Are you okay? Bub, you took off like that, do you know how worried-” A sick part of Jimin hurts. Terribly. A part of him hears that change and loathes it.
But, that part is quickly overpowered by Jimin's worry about Taehyung. He is turning to face that phone to hear Taehyung's voice. A little clear over the speaker. “Hyung,” Taehyung sounds broken, “hyung, I can't do this. I can't go through with this wedding. I am sorry.”
Yoongi's eyes close, “it's okay, bub. Just tell me you are fine. Where are you?” Taehyung sniffles, “I am taking a walk. I needed to clear my head. I…” he hesitates, “hyung, I am so sorry.” “Shh, it's okay,” Yoongi sighs, “your decision means the most, Tae. Whatever you want.”
“When Taegeun hyung was speaking,” Taehyung whispers, “I realized, it still hurt me. I still have some feelings that I was running from. I don't want to emotionally cheat on you, hyung. After our wedding.” Jimin turns away, feeling like an outside while they talk.
When Yoongi cuts the call, Jimin turns to him. Yoongi is getting out of the seat then. “I still need to see Jungkook,” Yoongi says, “if Tae is there or not. Just for my satisfaction.” Jimin watches the man leave, leaning back on the seat and closing his eyes.
When his phone rings, Jimin looks down at the phone to see Taehyung, and he immediately picks it up. “Tae?” Taehyung lets out a sniffle, “mimi, do you know a motel or something where I can stay the night? I want to be alone for now.” Jimin's heart feels heavy, “tae, listen.”
“Stay the night at mine,” Jimin begs almost, “I don't want you to be alone like that. Please. I will tell my security. I am not going home. You will be alone. Just, please?” Taehyung sounds tired, “are you sure?” Jimin hums, “yes, Tae. Just, please, stay there.”
Jimin cuts the call and dials Yoongi's number to let him know. After that, he dials Jin's number. “Can I stay with you the night?” he asks. “Mimi, I am out of town,” Jin sounds stressed, “what's wrong?” Jimin shakes his head, “nothing,” he looks at the building, “nothing.”
He cuts the call after assuring Jin and walks out of the car. When he gets to Jungkook's flat, the two men are still talking. Jimin goes to sit on the couch, feeling the exhaustion take over him. He doesn't remember what he and Yoongi talks afterwards. It all passes in a blur.
He finds himself inside Jungkook's shower, and he can't do it anymore. He sinks on the floor. He sits there, immobile, feeling the water wash over him. Jimin pulls his knees up to himself, hugging them and burying his face between them. He doesn't cry. Tears don't come anymore.
Jimin just sits there, eyes cast on something he doesn't really see. He sits and feels the water cascading down on him. There is a fear in him that he won't be able to ever get out of this shower. That, he will never be able to get up. Jimin feels like drowning.
“Are you crying in the shower like those saps?” Jimin startles, his eyes blinking towards the voice, and he feels like that voice is pulling him out of the quicksand he was slowly sinking into. Jimin feels his chest tighten, the first teardrop rolling down his cheek.
Jimin burst out into tears but a laugh bubbles out of him too. He feels the pain course through him but he welcomes it. Anything to not feel that emptiness. "“I have access to your shampoo and body-soaps,” he says, “I will pour them all out if you don't leave me alone.”
Jungkook chuckles, “we are going for that trip together now. Okay?” Jimin wants to ask why. He wonders what he did to deserve Jungkook and Jin. He wonders why they like him. Why is he so important to them. But, he is glad. He is glad, to at least two people, he is enough.
“Yeah,” Jimin answers then, “okay.” --- The trip does not distract him. Not when his dad keeps calling him and telling him what exactly his going wrong. “The photos, Jimin!” he whispers, “the photos are leaked.” Jimin feels the crippling anxiety, “can't we retreat those?!”
“Why would we?” his father laughs, “Jimin, we leaked those for our gain. Come on, pick up! You are going to have to take care of my business. You can't be this naive!” Jimin goes still, “what do you mean we leaked those?!” His father chuckles, “to trap the Mins?”
“Why?!” Jimin stands up, feeling the stress, “why do you want to trap them?!” “Because, they are the biggest fish in the entertainment industry right now? Do you even know how much their share costs?” his dad sighs, “Jimin, you need to loop that man into your trap anyhow!”
“Only they can save our company!” his father begs almost, “only they can-” “We can ask Jaehyuk hyung-” Jimin tries. “Jeons are not as deep in this business as Mins are, Jimin. You don't have to do anything. Sit back and leave it on me. If you can't beat them, join them.”
“Don't worry, Jimin,” his father laughs, “the Mins are very particular about their reputation. How do you think the chairman, Yoongi's father, react to his son's another scandal? The CEO of the company having more scandals than any idols in his company? Not a good look.”
Jimin sits on the bed, his head pounding, “the marriage will be nothing but a scam.” “Who cares, Jimin?” his father curses, “you need to bear this for a year at most. The moment our company gets back on its feet, you are divorcing him and getting the fuck out of there.”
“Sometimes, you have to play dirty for business, Jimin,” his father's voice dips, “you need to learn all this. You are my only heir for this business.” Jimin wishes there was someone else to take this load off of him. He wishes his parents left him alone and out of all this.
“I don't want to, appa,” Jimin whispers, “a year is too long if I have to stay with a person who hates me-” “Bear with it,” his father sounds dismissive, “you are a grown man, Jimin. Don't whine like a kid. Bear with it for a year. I don't want to hear any excuses!”
So, Jimin kind of expects the backlash. He expects the way Yoongi comes to pick him up when he comes back from the trip. As Yoongi gets him in the car, Jimin feels goosebumps break on his skin. He feels sick to his stomach with thoughts crowding his brain.
Yoongi looks at the driver, “put the partition up.” The driver does as told and Yoongi turns to Jimin, “so I got people searching the leak,” he says, voice hard, “I needed to know who clicked those photos and who published them. You know, who it is?” Jimin swallows.
“It's your daddy dearest,” Yoongi says in a sing-song voice, “now, he doesn't know that I know it's him. So, when he reached out to my father, telling him about the scandal and how I 'used' you,” Yoongi air-quotes, “my father got really pissed at me. He wants me to resign.”
“Now, you see,” Yoongi reaches, his index finger tracing Jimin's jawline, “I worked really hard to be where I am. I worked my ass off to get the company where it is today. So,” he takes a hold of Jimin's chin, lightly, making Jimin look at him, “I won't give my post away.”
When their eyes meet, Jimin feels the chill run down his spine. Yoongi's eyes are seething, those orbs hold so much anger, Jimin feels breathless. “Your daddy dearest didn't want me to resign either,” Yoongi smiles, a smile that makes Jimin shiver, “so, he proposed something.”
Yoongi's thumb rests on Jimin's lower lip, slowly tugging on it. His eyes never waver from Jimin's eyes. “He wants us to get married,” Yoongi smirks, a condescending tilt of his lips, “how convenient, huh? My dad hates your entire family,” Yoongi chuckles, “you know it.”
Jimin holds his breath when Yoongi leans forward, their breaths hot against each other's faces. “How do you think your married life will be, Jimin?” Yoongi wonders, “how do you think it will go down? I promise you, I will take your father down. I will get his company too.”
“He has it coming,” Yoongi seethes, “but, you will be stuck under the pile too. You deserve it, but, are you sure you want to willingly get into this mess?” he chuckles, “because, one year or one month, it will be the worst time of your life. I will make sure of it.”
“So, are you sure you want that?” Yoongi wonders, “because, don't be delusional. I won't make it easy. If you tie me down, I will make sure you feel the consequences. I suggest you find an alternative. Yeah?” Jimin grips his shirt, “Jaehyuk hyung.” Yoongi arches a brow, “yes?”
“He can get me out of this,” Jimin says. Yoongi leans back on his seat, “what is that scum going to do to help you?” Jimin shrugs, “I will see to it.” Yoongi waves his hand, watches how Jimin pulls out his phone. Yoongi's eyes wander over Jimin as Jimin dials Jaehyuk's number.
Jimin is wearing a black, baggy jumper. His hands hidden in it. The red beanie on his head sits neatly, the blond locks spilling out here and there. That sunglass hides those eyes. Long earrings swinging as Jimin talk, head bobbing to whatever Jaehyuk is saying.
Jimin bites down on his lower lip, a tense habit that Yoongi knows. Rage fills him at the knowledge that Jimin is tensed because he probably didn't think Yoongi will figure it all out. He probably didn't think, just as his father, that Yoongi will catch up to his lies so easily.
He hates how Jimin holds his composure. Yoongi expected the man to break down. He expected Jimin to beg him, ask him to spare his father. Break down. At least break down. But, Jimin sits there, composed, nothing showing on his face, as he talks to Jaehyuk.
Jimin comes off mature. Too mature for his age. Yoongi doesn't understand, and at the same time he does. Jimin is cunning. He is just like his father, Yoongi knows. Deception and lies run in his blood. Yoongi feels the distaste fill in his mouth when Jimin chuckles over the call.
“I will see you then,” Jimin cuts the call, looks at Yoongi, “I think we can sort it out.” Yoongi arches a brow. Jimin sighs, “appa won't let me get past this,” Jimin plays with the phone, “Jaehyuk hyung said, he will come to talk to appa. Appa always listens to him-”
Yoongi snorts, “of course, he does. Both are on the same boat.” Jimin ignores the jab, “so, Jaehyuk hyung will try to sort it out. You don't have to go through this.” “Or, maybe you can stand up to your appa,” Yoongi tilts his head, “or, you can't because you are involved too?”
“Why can't you stand up to your father on your own, Jiminie?” Yoongi wonders, “why can't you when you make it seem like you don't like his decisions?” “Because, I love him,” Jimin states, “and, he is my dad.” “He is sick in the head,” Yoongi murmurs, “maybe, you are the same.”
Yoongi doesn't stop, “maybe you both are so hungry for money and power, you can't care less who you step onto. You both are sick and you both are twisted. You don't mind twisting others in your plan. Is that it?” Jimin chuckles, “possibly I am. What's it to you?”
Yoongi can't answer. They are already in front of the mansion and Yoongi gets out. Jimin follows him inside. Yoongi has to hold himself back from lurching when he sees Mr. Park sitting on a couch, talking to his father. “There they are,” Mr. Min says, “took you long enough.”
Yoongi takes a seat, “the flight was late.” Mr. Min looks at Jimin and gestures for him to take a seat, “what did you two decide? There's no other option?” he looks at Yoongi, “Yoongi, we have to put out a statement and make it quick. What did you think?”
“There's nothing to think,” Mr. Park says, sipping his iced-tea, “they have to get married. We can say they were in love and that guy came in the middle-” “His name is Taehyung,” Yoongi growls, “and, you will take his name respectfully!” Mr. Park flinches, “sorry.”
“I won't marry him,” Jimin says, earning three pairs of eyes on him. Jimin's father reaches, desperately holding onto Jimin's wrist, “what nonsense are you-” “Sir,” a butler comes in, bowing to Mr. Min, “Mr. Jeon wants to meet you. Right now.” Jimin looks at Mr. Min.
Yoongi answers for Mr. Min, “let him in.” Jimin watches Jaehyuk come in, still in his formals. He probably came directly from office. Jaehyuk's eyes find Jimin and the man gives a small smile, coming over to bow at Mr. Min and Mr. Park. Jimin feels fresh air fills his lungs.
“Sorry to interrupt,” Jaehyuk says, “but, he can't marry Yoongi,” he looks at Mr. Min and Mr. Park's flabbergasted expressions, “I don't know where those photos came from or how old those are, but,” Jaehyuk smiles at Jimin, “we are kind of in a relationship.”
“What?!” Mr. Min looks at Jaehyuk and glares at Mr. Park, “so, you were throwing your son at us when you knew he was in a relationship with Jaehyuk. A recently divorced man?!” his lips curl, “or, you two were seeing each other even before that? God, I don't trust you Parks!”
Jimin grits his teeth, “first, I am not an object that will be thrown at anyone,” he glares at Mr. Min, “and, second, no. I am not a homewrecker.” Mr. Min snorts, “you broke my son's engagement. Are you really saying you are not a homewrecker?” Jimin feels Yoongi's eyes on him.
Jimin doesn't want to sell Taehyung out like that. He doesn't want to discuss Taehyung's feelings like that. So, he doesn't say anything. “Those photos are old,” Yoongi speaks then, pinching the bridge of his nose, “how can you blame him alone when I was kissing him in them?”
“Can we stop going off-topic?” Yoongi dismisses his father, “tell me how a wedding will solve anything?” Jaehyuk takes a seat beside Jimin, squeezing his hand. Jimin lets out a deep breath. “A wedding will tell the media that you two were always in love,” Mr. Park says.
“But, what about us?” Jaehyuk frowns, “you heard-” “An affair can go on even after the wedding,” Mr. Park dismisses Jaehyuk, “the wedding is just a business deal. We save our faces and then go our ways.” Jimin watches how the vein on Yoongi's forehead starts to show.
Yoongi's jaw tightening the more he looks at Mr. Park. “As long as the deal sticks,” Mr. Min says, “it's not like they are in love. My son loves Taehyung and Jimin, being a Park, couldn't let that happen. He had to insert himself in the narrative. No wonder he was always there.”
“Can we drop that wedding?” Yoongi curses, “you are blaming him for it but forgetting it takes two to tango. If you are blaming him, it is coming onto me too. Nothing happened. This is all the situation. What happened is these photos got leaked and can we focus on that?”
“We can clearly make a statement that you two dated for a while,” Jaehyuk says, “then, it all was done. You found Taehyung and we started dating. Now, these photos just resurfaced and that's it?” “You think people will believe that crap?” Mr. Min growls, “after all this?!”
“Your wedding got cancelled, Yoongi-” “He has nothing to do with that!” Yoongi throws his hands up, “I don't want to marry him and get more into this mess. Why can't you understand? I can revive my reputation. I can't stand the thought of being married to him!”
“He is a Park, and, I refuse to be tied to him in any way!” Yoongi slams his hands on the arm rests, “come on, appa! I am not an idol, who cares what my personal life is?! The people will move onto another drama. You are making me get stuck here!” Mr. Min shakes his head.
“That's not it, Yoongi-ah,” his father grits his teeth, “your reputation is terrible in the market right now. If I leave the company in your hands, there will be backlashes. We work in entertainment industry. We have to have a good reputation. Professionally or personally!”
“Then, let's go with my plan,” Jaehyuk says, “let's announce what I said. What's the problem in that?” Mr. Park shakes his head, “it's not-” “Profitable,” Mr. Min sneers, “he didn't send his son after mine to catch a subpar fish like you, Jaehyuk. He wanted the biggest one.”
“I will take care of the scandal,” Jaehyuk says, “Mr. Park, you don't have to worry about it.” Yoongi scoffs, “Mr. Park is not worried about the scandal. Trust me. He is worried about his failing company and for that he can spread his own legs if that gets him somewhere.”
“But,” Yoongi gives a smirk, “who would take him up on that offer?” he leans back on his seat, crossing his legs, one over the other, “so, that's that.” “So, he sent his son,” Mr. Min says. Yoongi curses, “that's not what happened. How loud do I shout for you to get it, appa?”
“We slept around before all this,” Yoongi waves his hand, “it has nothing to do with whatever now happened. Can you seriously drop it?! I keep telling you to not mix it all up, and you keep doing just that!” “Are you taking Jimin's side?!” his father growls, “is that it?”
“No,” Yoongi rubs his temple, “I am just stating facts. We slept together way before this shit happened.” “Why?” Mr. Min asks, “you knew who he is, Yoongi! Why did you?! You knew he is a Park! Why?!” Those eyes find Jimin, but Jimin is not looking at any of them.
“That's not important,” Yoongi's voice is low, “what's important is right now. What will do about this. Tell me, Jaehyuk's solution sounds good to you.” “No, it doesn't,” Mr. Min curses, “it doesn't-” “I will take the blame,” Jimin sighs, looking up at Mr. Min, “yeah?”
Jimin nods when Mr. Min looks at him, “I will say I was in love with him and I indeed tried to frame him,” he holds his hand up, “that will get you all out of this mess.” “What about our company-” Mr. Park goes quiet. Jimin shakes his head, “I will take care of it.”
“The company will be mine soon,” Jimin looks at his father, “I will turn it to ashes than sit here and listen to this crap anymore. I will handle it,” he looks at Mr. Min, “you take my confession and put out a statement. I will handle my company. I don't need you all for that.”
“Trust me, I can't care less who thinks what of me,” Jimin snorts, “I have two pillars I know I can fall right back on and those two are enough for me. I won't go out fighting faceless people's opinions and my company, if it does well, will turn back on simple hardwork.”
“As motivational as that sounds,” Mr. Min chuckles, “your company is too much in debt. The shares are,” he shakes his head, “you won't be able to turn it around.” Jimin shrugs, “then, I will sell it and work under someone. I refuse to stoop this low to save it though.”
“Or,” Jaehyuk takes Jimin's hand in his, squeezes it, “we can join our companies and families,” he looks at Mr. Park, “you heard him. He is desperate enough to give up your company. Isn't it better to settle than lose it all?” Mr. Park's shoulder's sag, “Jimin...”
“You know what we discussed-” Jimin shakes his head, “no, appa, I am not marrying him.” Mr. Park looks troubled, his eyes moving from Jimin to Yoongi and back to Jimin again. He looks at Jaehyuk and Jaehyuk nods. “I will try to turn the company back, I promise,” he swears.
“I think this is your best idea,” Yoongi shrugs, “because, I am not marrying him. So,” he crosses his hands on top of his lap, “you really have nothing else to do.” Mr. Park looks at Jimin, “so, you are fine with this wedding.” Jimin is not, but he nods, “yeah. Yeah, okay.”
Jaehyuk smiles at him and Jimin feels the hollow in his grow. He smiles back, hopes it looks better than he feels. Jaehyuk's hands are holding his and Jimin feels clammy. He wants to be out of that room. Out of that mansion. “You will do an interview, you both,” Mr. Min says.
“You will talk about the mess,” Mr. Min points a finger at Yoongi and Jimin, “and, get it all on its track. I am still not after this idea. So, I need to see the result of that interview before I decide.” Jimin and Yoongi nod. Jimin gets up. “I will go now, then.”
Mr. Min nods, “don't leave the country. We will send you a message about the interview. You need to report to our office then.” Jimin gives a curt nod, looks at Jaehyuk and his own father, “let's go?” Jaehyuk gets up readily, but Mr. Park looks a little hesitant.
“Get out,” Yoongi says, eyes focused on Mr. Park, “get out before I kick you out.” Mr. Park follows Jimin out then. Jimin ignores the rant Mr. Park dives onto. He goes to Jaehyuk's car and settles in. “Thank you, hyung,” he tries to smile at Jaehyuk, “for the help.”
Jaehyuk squeezes his hand, “don't mention it.” Jimin leans against the window, closing his eyes. He feels the way his heart pounds against his ribcage, making him feel dizzy. He forces himself to settle. Whatever lies ahead of him, he will handle it.
Jimin shows up to the Min's office the next week. He goes alone, his father against the entire idea still. Jimin finds Mr. Min and Yoongi in the conference room. The room holds memories he would rather forget. The setting is just the same. Now, there are a few cameras.
“You two will record a statement,” Mr. Min says, “make it look and sound believable, and then you are free to go.” Jimin nods, looking at the cameras. Yoongi takes a sip of his coffee, putting it aside. He looks calm, just as usual. He doesn't cast a look at Jimin for once.
Jimin lets out a deep breath when Mr. Min nods at him and the cameras focus on him. “The photos that surfaced on the internet,” Jimin has practised this, but as he speaks, his voice starts to thin out, “I,” he looks at Mr. Min and back at the cameras, “leaked them.”
“I needed to break them up,” Jimin grips his hands together, hearing his own voice ring in his ears, “I did it because my family needed the Min Entertainment's help with our family business and I wanted to trap the only heir of the Mins with me. That's why I did it.”
“Then why are you confessing now?” the person who is recording asks, “out of the blue?” Jimin looks at the man, “because, I got caught and if I didn't confess, there would be a lawsuit against us, and we can't afford that right now,” he looks at the camera again, “I am sorry.”
“Is there going to be any lawsuit?” the man asks Yoongi this time. Yoongi looks bored, he shakes his head, “no. Whatever they tried to pull, we caught on, and he is confessing. That's all we needed. Now, we will put all this behind us and move forward.” Mr. Min nods at Yoongi.
“He cost you a loved one, aren't you upset about that?” Yoongi chuckles, tracing patterns on the table with his phone, “well, I don't believe in being upset," his eyes find Jimin then, “I believe in karma though. It comes back.” Jimin looks away, feeling exhausted.
“There's no bad blood between the families,” Mr. Min says, smiling at the cameras, “we sorted it out and that's all I am glad about.” The cameras stop rolling and Mr. Min's smile dims. He looks over at Jimin. “You can leave now,” he nods, “we will post this by tonight.”
“This is not over,” Yoongi says then, eyes focused ahead of him, watching those men pack up, “I will come after your company,” he looks at Jimin, “tell your father, I will come for his business. I will rip it out of his hands,” those eyes sharpen, “he will be on the streets.”
“I won't stop until I see him in a rehab,” Yoongi murmurs, “or an asylum. Tell him, I said this. He won't be able to get past me. No one is going to save his ass, not the Jeons. I will get to him,” Yoongi watches Jimin, “and, you. I will get back to both of you. Soon.”
“Spreading your legs for Jaehyuk won't help your case,” Yoongi chuckles, “trust me.” “Yoongi!” Mr. Min hisses, “there are people here!” Yoongi gets up, eyes still focused on Jimin, “good. They should get used to public humiliation.” He storms out of the room.
Yoongi sits on the couch, eyes cast outside at the dark city beneath him. He sips the scotch in the glass, his mind reeling. Another night he can't sleep. He looks at the phone on the glass table when it starts to ring. Mr. Park. He picks it up, “saw the evidence?”
Mr. Park's voice is nothing but terrified, “y-yes.” Yoongi feels the intense pain on his shoulder, he tilts his head, trying to ease it. “It can destroy you and your son.” Mr. Park lets out a cry, “spare him,” his voice cracks in fear, “please. Whatever it is, spare him.”
In front of Yoongi's eyes, he sees himself. Curled up in a ball, trying to get as far away from the guard as he can. He can clearly see himself, trembling, hands held up in fear and body trembling with sobs. He can still hear the crack of his bones. Yoongi swallows.
He feels the pain on his shoulder again, it goes ticking, slowly rising and Yoongi knows soon he will have to take some pills. He closes his eyes. “He confessed, and it got out,” he murmurs into the line, “that's a blow to your reputation. Can you take another? Can he?”
tw// past torture, eating disorder, mental torture/trauma (idk, how to say this, but fragments of his past will keep popping up. Keep that in mind)
Behind his closed eyes, Yoongi can see himself. Thrashing, trying to reach for the water that's kept on the other side of the room, he hasn't drunk anything in a day. The man picks up the glass, taking sips and looking at Yoongi, making him watch. Making him thrash harder.
“Remember the glass of water?” Yoongi asks, smiles, “remember how you let that glass drop and the water went everywhere?” “I am sorry,” Mr. Park whispers, “Yoongi-” Yoongi hums, “I licked the floor off in my thirst. You enjoyed it. Didn't you? The sick sense of power?”
“You never thought I will get out of there,” Yoongi swallows, “you never thought I will recover. You never thought you will have to face me here, did you?” he chuckles, “now, you will be on your knees for mercy. Here's the deal, Mr. Park. Hear me out carefully.”
“I will buy your company off of your hands,” Yoongi says, “in return, you will be given freedom. Your son will be spared. He can do whatever he wants,” Yoongi sighs, “or, I take all these evidence to court and you and Jimin get locked behind the bars. You choose.”
“Why?” Mr. Park wonders, “why are you going to give me freedom?” Yoongi laughs, “because, you did everything to keep your business. You stoop that low to get me, your biggest rival, out of the race. Now, when you lose your only love, you will die suffering. I want to see that.”
“You will be on the street,” Yoongi grits out, “if you are in jail, you have a roof and food in your stomach. I want you to starve to death. I want you begging on the streets of Seoul. So, choose, Mr. Park. Your son joining you on the streets, or you're going alone?”
“Jimin's reputation is already touching the low,” Mr. Park whispers, “he won't land himself any job-” “He helped you torture me, didn't he?” Yoongi seethes, “I am going soft on him. Trust me!” “He didn't know,” Mr. Park begs, “he had no clue! He did what I told him!”
“Don't lie to me,” Yoongi snarls, “don't try to lie to me, I swear! Don't utter your bullshit to me ever again! Do you get it?! You have a day to think, and then you will call me.” Yoongi cuts the call, feeling drained. He gulps down the scotch, closing his eyes to calm himself.
“What do you mean, you are selling the company to them?!” Jimin shouts, “why would you do that?!” he looks at his father, “you understand, the money they are offering won't even cover a mortgage for a small house, right?! Where will you go?! Where would I go?!”
“I have our farmhouse in Busan,” Mr. Park murmurs, “me and your mother will relocate there.” Jimin feels the dread, he shakes his head, “I can't just leave like that. Appa, why are you doing this?” Mr. Park's eyes are tender on Jimin, “I have no other choice.”
“Why not?” Jimin grasps his father's hands, “we decided we will merge with the Jeons. We decided on the wedding. Everything was going fine!” Jimin begs almost, “appa, why didn't you ask me?! Why didn't you just consult with the board? Come on! There has to be another way!”
“There has to be a way,” Jimin shakes his head, feeling nauseous, “there has to be a way!” Mr. Park holds his hands, “you can still marry Jaehyuk,” his voice is desperate, “that way, you can have a smooth life. Otherwise, you have to leave your penthouse, we can't afford it…”
Jimin shakes his head, “I won't marry him, there's no need anymore for me to impose myself on him like that,” he pulls away from his father, “but, I will see to this. You can't just agree to this deal, appa. This is so wrong! They are paying so less for everything!”
He rushes out of the house and gets in his car. The drive is spent reeling. Jimin doesn't remember how he manages to reach the Min Entertainment and talk to the receptionist. “Sir is in an important meeting,” the receptionist smiles at him, “if you could wait an hour?”
Jimin shakes his head, “he can stop a meeting for me, I don't have an hour today!” He marches to the elevator, pressing the button for the floor where the conference room is. Jimin ignores the guards and shoves the door of the room open.
Yoongi looks over his shoulder at him, standing by the PowerPoint presentation. The round table is seating at least twenty people. On the other end sits Mr. Min himself. Jimin marches inside, his eyes burning with unshed tears.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?!” Jimin demands, standing in front of Yoongi, “why are you trying to get us on the street?! I did everything you asked me to! I took all the blames you put on me! What more do you want?!” he screams, “what else do I have to do?”
“What else do you want from us?!” Jimin ignores the murmurs around the table, “what did we do to you for you to be so up our asses?!” Yoongi tilts his head, composed as ever, “your dad is about to go bankrupt. So is his company. How much do you think that trash is worth?”
“If it's trash, why are you buying it?” Jimin demands, “if it's so worthless, why can't you just drop it?!” Yoongi chuckles, “because, I am doing god's work. Your father keeps leaving that trash everywhere. I will buy it and put it to rest.” Jimin curses, “you are sick!”
“There is a meeting going on here!” Mr. Min stands up, “you are out of your mind-” Yoongi's smile dims, his face morphing into something primal, “yes, I am sick. You got it. I am sick,” he steps up to Jimin, “and, I want to ruin the ones who made me sick. You and your father!”
“Everyone,” Mr. Min slams his hand on the table, “get out. Right now!” Jimin can't be bothered to look at the others who scurry out of the room. Yoongi doesn't look away from him, either. “No, I am pretty sure you are born sick,” Jimin hisses, “your family is cruel!”
“You have to be sick in the head to stoop this low,” Jimin whispers, “we did nothing to you-” Yoongi laughs, “who are you acting for?!” he seethes, “the cameras in the room? Appa?” he looks at Mr. Min, “leave. Let's see if he can be honest with only me.” Mr. Min looks hesitant.
Yoongi gives his father a look and Mr. Min steps back, nodding before he leaves. Yoongi's eyes find Jimin then. “Now, let's be real,” Yoongi steps closer to Jimin, the projector casting a shadow on his face, “beg me for mercy and I might let you off the hook.”
Jimin shakes his head, “there's nothing to tell. Is there?” he snorts, “you just hate me,” his voice goes a little hoarse, “why do you hate me so much? What did I do?” Yoongi throws the projector on the floor, “stop acting so naive and innocent! Stop trying to outsmart me!”
“You want the sick satisfaction of me telling you what you did?” Yoongi thunders, “I am not reliving my past for you! You are,” he points a finger at Jimin, “you are not getting a single word out of me. But, know this,” Yoongi takes a deep breath, “you and your father are over!”
Jimin thinks Yoongi is talking about when he came to seduce Yoongi because of his father's plan. He still regrets it. “I apologized for it,” Jimin hisses, “I paid my due for it! Whatever I did to you,” he swallows, “I worked it off!” Yoongi blinks, “so you accept, you knew?”
Jimin nods, “I accept,” he shakes his head, “but, I worked it-” Yoongi places his index finger on Jimin's lips, “you have talked enough,” his voice goes back to being absolutely blank, “now you listen to me. I will buy that company in that rate. You can't help it. No one can.”
“But, you know how to spread your legs,” he chuckles, “don't you?” he smirks, “is Jaehyuk not feeling it? If he is, he would keep you. You can still have a better life, earning a life on your knees-” The slap rings in the room, Yoongi's cheek feeling hot.
Jimin trembles with rage, his eyes watering with humiliation, “fuck you,” he whispers, “enough is enough. I have heard enough of your crap for making a mistake. I apologized, I took all the blame, if that's not enough-” “It's not,” Yoongi's cheek looks red, he looks livid, “no.”
He takes a hold of Jimin's elbow, jerking him closer, “now, you will pay for this too,” Yoongi crowds Jimin, “I didn't feel the slap, but you will, Park. I will make sure of it. I was going to let you off the hook,” he smirks, eyes glimmering dangerously, “not anymore though.”
Jimin jerks his arm free, “do whatever you want,” he takes a step back, “because, this time if you come for me, my life,” he holds his head up, “I will come for you too. I got nothing to lose anymore, Min Yoongi. You should always fear a person who has nothing to lose.”
Jimin shakes his head, “I lost everything. You should be careful because you have everything and I will come for it,” Jimin grits out, “watch me. One day, I will sit on that chair,” Jimin points at the head of the table, “and, you will be on your knees for me. I promise you!”
Jimin smiles, “you made my life miserable, watch me make yours a living hell. You will burn with everything you have because I will not let you enjoy anything as long as I am alive. Now, you watch me!” Yoongi arches a brow, “what are you going to do? You literally have nothing.”
Jimin calls the media. He sits in the studio, holding the contracts in his hands and showing it to the camera as it goes live. He explains the unfair trade and how the Min Entertainments deceived them. “What else did they promise though?” the reporter asks, “the Mins?”
“Well,” Jimin looks down at his hands, “first, their son played dirty tricks with me,” he shows remorse, feigning a small smile, “those photos, you all saw, weren't fake, no? They were very much real. He lied about being in a relationship with me.” Behind the cameras Jin winces.
“While he slept around,” Jimin chuckles, “I was so blindly in love with him, I never caught on,” Jimin looks at the camera, “but, when I did, we broke up. Then you all know about his engagement. Same pattern,” he sighs, “Yoongi cheated on Tae, so Tae broke off the engagement.”
“You took the blame though,” the host leans forward, interested. Jimin hums, “as you see, by that time, our company was already under his mercy. So, I had to do what he told me to. Why would I cheat with him and if I did, why would Tae still be one of my closest friends?”
Jin sits behind the focus, wondering where this will lead and how badly it will affect Jimin and Taehyung's friendship. But, he can't blame Jimin and he knows he won't blame Taehyung if Taehyung charges Jimin either. Jin feels the headache building and he hates Yoongi for it all.
The interviewer nods, “What was the promise, though?” Jimin leans forward, eyes focused on the camera, “he promised to marry me,” Jimin offers a smile that his eyes never reciprocate, “make me a partner of his business. He and his father, both, and like a fool I believed it.”
Jimin looks at the host, “I have nothing to prove, but I had to come clear. I got nothing to lose, why would I lie?” he looks at the camera, “I just wanted the audience to know the actual face of the Mins. That's all. Thank you for having me.” Jimin stands up and bows.
As soon as he walks out of the set, Jin is on him, “Taehyung,” he hisses, gasping Jimin's elbow, “did you think about him?! What will he say-” “I talked to him,” Jimin sighs, “I won't just throw him into the mess without a fair warning. He said he will stay out of it.”
Jin blinks, “huh?” Jimin nods, taking the mic off of him, “I went to talk to Taehyung. I told him about everything that happened, and he said, he is both of our friend. So, he will just stay out of it. He doesn't want to take a side.” “And, Jungkook?” Jin wonders.
Jimin gives a short laugh, “no, Jungkook wants to kill Yoongi.” Jin rubs his temple, “Tae was fine?” Jimin nods, “he said, he understands my side, and he apparently talked to Yoongi. Yoongi told him to stay out of it. So, he said, he will take a backseat and let us handle it.”
Jin rubs Jimin's back, “what will you get from this, chim? What are you expecting?” Jimin looks ahead of himself, his expression blank, “whatever it is, I will face it. I won't let them get away unscratched. This is a huge blow to their reputation. No matter what.”
Jin sighs, “what if they do offer a marriage proposal? You can't possibly-” “I will,” Jimin nods, “I want to get in his inner circle. I want to tear his empire down from the inside, and what's better than being that close to him?” his jaw tightens, “I will ruin him, hyung.”
“I want him to know I don't need to spread my legs to get places,” Jimin walks out of the studio, “I will ruin him piece by piece. He hates me, I will give him enough reasons for it. I have suffered enough, hyung. Enough.” Jin follows him, “are you sure, mimi? This is not you.”
“A person can have different faces for different people, hyung,” Jimin takes a hold of Jin's hand, “this is the face he deserves to know.” Jin follows Jimin out of the office to his car. He watches Jimin start to drive. “Jimin?” Jin calls, reaching out to take his hand in his.
When Jimin hums in acknowledgement, Jin pulls his hand up to kiss his knuckles. “Don't lose the face I know,” Jin whispers, his voice chocked, “don't ever lose the kind one. Promise me, in this chaos, you won't lose the actual Jimin.” Jimin swallows, “I will try, hyung.”
It's almost midnight when his intercom rings. Jimin frowns, getting up from the bed to stare at the clock. He walks out to press the button. “Yes?” The security guard answers, “sir, Mr. Min is here to see you.” Jimin wraps his arms around himself, “let him in.”
Jimin opens the door when there is a knock. He looks at the man who stands there. Yoongi has no expression on his face. His eyes focused on Jimin. Jimin turns away, walking back to the living room. He hears the door close. “So, I cheated on you.” Jimin's lips curve.
He turns towards Yoongi and Yoongi is looking right at him. Jimin shrugs, “you got to do what you have to survive.” Yoongi's jaw tenses, “you understand, this is going to end terribly, right?” Jimin chuckles, “you came running to me at midnight. Who is it ending terribly for?”
Jimin walks up to Yoongi, face to face, “you are here, you are trying hard not to burst into flames. You are seething. I know. You came running the moment the backlash begun. Public sympathy is on my side, and you and your dad know it. That's why you are here. No?”
“Don't bring my father into this,” Yoongi's hand shoots up to hold Jimin's elbow. Jimin huffs out a snort, “you brought my entire damn family into this,” he glares, “so, don't blame me if I do the same for you,” a smile blooms on his lips, “are you liking the backlash?”
“What do you want?” Yoongi wonders, “because, no way in hell I am giving your father his company back.” “I don't need the company anymore,” Jimin shrugs, “it's a dead weight. You were right. It's drowning in debt. I don't need that on me.” Yoongi stares at him, “then...”
“Oh, come on,” Jimin laughs, “spit it out. Where's the proposal. You are here for it. Don't try to act smart around me,” his smile dims, eyes hardening, “I know you. Better than you think.” “I don't really care about my reputation, you should have known that,” Yoongi says.
Jimin nods, “you don't. But, that greedy father of yours does,” he hisses when Yoongi's grip on his elbow tightens, “he cares and you will not go against his wishes. Because, in this world, you only care about one thing. Your company. You won't let him take it from you.”
“What will be your image if you marry the one you claim cheated on you?” Yoongi wonders, “how do you think the public will see you-” “I can't care less,” Jimin snorts, “I can't care about some faceless opinions. I care about my family and I want them off the streets.”
Jimin pulls away from Yoongi, “so, go on. Do a proper proposal. I want to hear it.” Yoongi shoves his hands in his pockets, eyes fixed on Jimin. Yoongi's voice is tight, “we will say we both were in love,” he looks away, “and, it took us some time to figure it out. Me, mainly.”
Jimin chuckles, “no, what you will tell the world is none of my business. I want to hear the deal I am having.” Yoongi looks at him, “what do you want?” Jimin sits down on a kitchen stool, nodding, “I want a monthly salary for the months I have to stay married to you.”
“Also, I need access to your card. I can spend as much as I want,” Jimin smirks, “basically, you are going to sponsor me. I will drain your money and build up my company. Then I will kick you off of my life to go my way.” Yoongi watches him, “speaking like a true Park.”
Jimin nods, “I am a Park. So, obviously.” Yoongi watches him for a few seconds, “what you are asking is too much.” Jimin laughs, “you and I both know that the Mins are too uptight and scared of losing their face in the market. You are in show business. You want a clean sheet.”
“You can't afford scandals,” Jimin shakes his head, “pay me what I am offering and watch me play my role extremely well. I will be a great fake husband as long as I stick around,” he pouts, exaggerated, “when we break up, I will make sure it hurts you so bad, no one blames you.”
Yoongi slowly walks up to Jimin, standing between his legs. “Fine,” Yoongi hums, “I agree to whatever you just said. But, your card will have a monthly limit. You can't spend more than that.” Jimin rolls his eyes, “I will see the limit.” Yoongi agrees, “that can be arranged.”
Jimin gives Yoongi a look, “we will sign a contract with the amounts clearly mentioned,” he counts on his fingers, “also, the time will be mentioned. For how long this needs to go on.” “Six months,” Yoongi whispers, “I can't tolerate you more than that.” Jimin hums, “fine.”
“I will scar you enough in six months,” Jimin pats Yoongi's chest, “Yoon.” Yoongi grips his wrist, stopping him, “let's see about that.” Jimin doesn't falter, “oh, you will,” he pulls his hand back, “let me know when the meeting will be held. We can proceed after that.”
“Another clause,” Yoongi holds his hand up, “you aren't expecting actual wedding rules from this. Are you?” Jimin frowns, “what?” Yoongi's eyes are hooded, “we are not going to be tied to each other, really. You are free to have affairs. So am I. Just don't get caught. Simple.”
Jimin watches Yoongi for a few seconds and then he nods, “okay.” Yoongi gives a firm nod, “so, we have a deal?” Jimin hums, “we do. But, I still don't know why you are agreeing. You are losing too much.” Yoongi takes a step back, “you are so naive,” he turns away, “see you.”
Jimin stands in front of Yoongi after they sign the deals. The papers still fluttering on the glass table of the man's office. He takes the ring he bought from his father and holds it out for Yoongi. It's a thick gold ring with a giant ruby on it. Yoongi cringes at it.
Jimin holds back a laugh, seeing Yoongi's expression while he pushes the ring up his finger. Yoongi looks at his father and back at Jimin, “I didn't get a ring.” “Oh, that's okay,” Jimin waves his hand, “I don't need to wear one.” He eyes the ring on Yoongi's finger.
Jimin watches Yoongi take off the platinum ring he wears on his pinkie. He reaches for Jimin's hand and they both watch how perfectly the ring fits on Jimin's ring finger. Yoongi pulls back, “I think we are done?” Mr. Min gets up, sighing, “he needs to meet eomma.”
Yoongi groans, “I really don't think that's necessary-” “Are you kidding?” Mr. Min glares at Yoongi, “she is dying to meet your fiancé!” Yoongi curses, “this wedding is a farce. She doesn't need to get involved in this!” Mr. Min shakes his head, “you tell her that, then!”
“She is expecting you two soon,” Mr. Min points at the two of them, “just find a day and visit her.” Yoongi looks at Jimin, gritting his teeth, “when do you have time? It might take a day or so.” Jimin blinks, “uh… I am free during the weekend.” Yoongi nods, “Saturday, then.”
=== Yoongi likes to drive in silence. He doesn't really like the radio. He sits in silence, driving up to Jimin's apartment. Jimin is already waiting. Yoongi watches the man get inside the car. He startles a little when Jimin throws a backpack on the back seat.
Jimin moves around, fixing the seatbelt, the AC. He reaches for the radio as Yoongi starts driving. The shrill noise of a pop song reaches Yoongi and Yoongi can already feel the frustration build in him. “Since when you are this noisy?” he wonders, “damn, lower the volume.”
Jimin reaches to lower it a notch, “I have always been like this. Just,” he leans back against the seat, looking outside, “around you, I used to try to respect your boundaries. No more.” Yoongi frowns when the smell of flowers reaches him. He looks at the car's air purifier.
He glances at Jimin. Jimin is wearing a black, round neck, full sleeve shirt. His hair parted in the middle, it's not styled. The locks flop around his face. His face is bare too. He looks fresh, but not dolled up. Yoongi himself is wearing something exactly similar. He groans.
“Shit, she is going to think we are matching,” Yoongi curses, “why did you have to wear everything black?” Jimin gives him a look, “why did you have to wear casual?! You are always suited up! How would I know that you won't be doing it today?” Yoongi curses, “It's weekend!”
Jimin turns away, “whatever. Then, deal with it now.” Yoongi doesn't say anything more. By the time they reach the destination, Jimin is fast asleep on his seat. Yoongi gets out of the car and goes around it to open the door for Jimin. He smirks when Jimin almost falls off.
“Are you crazy?!” Jimin pants, startled awake, “I was about to-” “You have seatbelts on,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, “also, maybe next time try to stay awake.” Jimin grumbles, getting out of the car, “maybe I would if the company wasn't so damn boring!” They walk inside the house.
Yoongi takes Jimin's hand in his, making him jump. “Don't drag her into the mess,” Yoongi says, his voice tight, “she lives far from us, and she is, just,” Yoongi's face contorts, “she is not involved in the business or politics. Just-” Jimin sighs, “I know how to behave.”
Yoongi can't speak anymore because the woman in question is already walking up to them. “There you are!” she smiles, wide, “I was waiting!” Yoongi smiles, tension leaving his face, “halmeoni,” he walks up to her to bow and then pull her in a tight hug, “how are you?”
She pulls back to cup Yoongi's face, “oh, now you remember me?” her eyes are tender, smile more so, “it has been a few months since I last saw you.” “I am sorry,” Yoongi sighs, “I got busy.” She looks over at Jimin with a playful smile, “oh, I see that. I see that.”
Yoongi holds his breath, expecting Jimin to do something to ruin it. He watches his grandmother walk up to Jimin. He grips his hands in front of him. Watching. Jimin bows, deep, “hello, ma'am.” She pats his back, “get up, bub, let me see the boy my Yoonie finally settled for.”
Her eyes are a little wide as she watches Jimin, “I see why, though.” Jimin's ears are a little red, he offers a small smile to her, “nice to meet you, ma'am-” “Call me halmeoni too,” she caresses Jimin's cheek, “god, you have the prettiest smile I have ever seen.”
She looks over at Yoongi, “take care of this smile, Yoonie.” Jimin's smile dims for a second, his heart swooping down to his stomach. He doesn't force it back on his face. He doesn't want to fake one for her. She doesn't deserve that act, he thinks. He just stands there, silent.
Yoongi looks over at him and back at his grandmother, “we are tired, halmeoni. Let's get inside.” She loops her arm around Jimin's arm, “come on, I will show you my house. Where your Yoongi grew up until he had to go to college.” Jimin stumbles, following her silently.
“We are tired, halmeoni,” Yoongi sighs, “let's freshen up-” “It's okay,” Jimin murmurs, looking down at her, “you can show me,” he smiles, “he doesn't need to join us. Does he?” “No, he doesn't,” she looks at Yoongi, “you freshen up. I will steal him from you for now.”
Yoongi doesn't trust Jimin enough to leave him alone with his grandmother. He follows them, leaving the bags with the servants. Jimin doesn't falter, he wanders around with Yoongi's grandmother. Yoongi watches Jimin look around, ask questions about some photos here and there.
“This was on his first day of school,” she points at a picture on the wall, “he was crying. Didn't want to leave my side.” “Halmeoni,” Yoongi groans, “come on, stop!” Jimin watches the photo, his eyes tracing over the baby. Yoongi watches Jimin's face break into a soft smile.
“And, this?” Jimin wonders, “here?” “Oh, that was the way he was born,” she chuckles, “he was like a fluff ball. So small and cute.” Jimin smiles, “yeah.” Yoongi leans against a wall, watching his halmeoni take Jimin around. Showing him the photos and then the house.
Yoongi wonders how good of an actor one has to be to indulge someone like this. Jimin asks questions, listens to her rant as answers. They are now holding hands, going from one room to another until they end up outside. In the garden. It's a huge garden. Yoongi loves this place.
He feels nauseous when his grandmother takes Jimin's hand and pulls him towards the depth of the garden. Yoongi didn't bring Taehyung here. He didn't bring anyone here. This place is his. He grew up in this household. He spent hours and hours in this garden, under those trees.
“This is your Yoongi's favourite part of the house,” she says, “this path. Well, not the path, the trees.” Yoongi watches her lead Jimin down the narrow path. The cherry blossom trees shadowing it, pink blossoms all over the place. Jimin steps onto them. Yoongi feels each step.
Yoongi watches Jimin look up at the trees. His eyes wide, his smile awestruck. The petals slowly cascade down on them. Some getting stuck on Jimin's hair, he doesn't brush them off. Yoongi follows a step behind, watching Jimin in a place that's so close to his heart.
“We installed that bench there for him,” his grandmother says, “he would sit there for hours. Write songs-” “Write songs?” Jimin blinks, “him?” She nods, “yeah. He has diaries filled with-” “Okay,” Yoongi comes up on her other side, “can we get inside? I am hungry!”
She smiles at Yoongi, “you two stay here. Show him around, Yoonie. I will go and check the preparation. Then we can have some tea?” Yoongi nods, “it's almost evening. Sure.” She hurries towards the house and Yoongi looks back at Jimin, “you are a good actor.”
🌘 🌒
Jimin ignores the jab and walks over to the bench to sit. He looks at the bench, picking up a few blossoms in his hands to admire. “They are so delicate,” he murmurs, mostly to himself, “and beautiful.” Yoongi sits on the bench too, “yeah. Cherry blossoms are delicate.”
Yoongi looks at Jimin, his expression breaking into a sardonic smirk, “kind of like you.” Jimin looks at him, frowning. Yoongi's gaze never falters, “they are easy to smash under one's feet,” he tramples his shoe over a few blossoms, “in this sense, they remind me of you.”
Yoongi leans back against the bench, “blossom.” Jimin gets up, “you are unbearable.” Yoongi watches the man go, and he sits on the bench, looking at the trees he admired growing up. The sense of solace feels tinted now because of Jimin's presence. He gets up to follow Jimin.
They share snacks and tea in the garden. Yoongi and his grandmother, Yujun, talking, while Jimin joins in time to time. “I have cleaned your bedroom,” Yujun says, “you are staying the night, right?” Yoongi shakes his head, “no, we will head back-” “Nonsense,” she frowns.
“You are staying the night,” she holds up her hand, “I don't want to hear anything. You are not driving the entire way back home.” Jimin looks at Yoongi and back at her, “halmeoni, we have so much preparation to do-” “Just one night,” she looks at him, pleading, “please?”
Jimin gives in then. She squeezes his hand, a thankful smile on her lips. Jimin follows her around in the living room, talking, laughing, while Yoongi goes to change. The dinner is spent in easy conversations and her promising to join them a day or two before the wedding.
Jimin changes into Yoongi's clothes because he bought none to sleep in. He doesn't look around the room, it's not his place to explore this room. He lies down at the edge of the bed, feeling the other edge dip as Yoongi lies down. “Keep the lights on,” Jimin says.
“I can't sleep with lights on,” Yoongi grunts. “Put something on your eyes, then, I can't sleep when the light is off,” Jimin hisses, “darkness scares me.” “Tough,” Yoongi turns the lights off, “deal with it.” Jimin curses, turning the lights on, “no, you deal with it!”
“I said,” Yoongi turns it off, “deal with it.” Jimin turns it on and turns to face Yoongi, “how about I help put a pillow on your face, so you can't see the light, eh?” he presses down a pillow on Yoongi's face. Yoongi coughs, grabbing Jimin's wrist and shoving him, “get off!”
Jimin sits on his leg, the pillow held in his hands, and he can't help himself. He lets his frustration speak for him, and he is hitting Yoongi's face over and over again with it. Yoongi escapes, snatching the pillow from Jimin. “Have you gone mad?!” he hisses, “what the fuck?!”
Jimin watches the man, for a second just watching Yoongi, “you make me mad,” he whispers, “you make me so mad.” Then he gets off the bed, snatches a pillow and goes to the couch at the other end of the room. Jimin lies down there, the light by the couch on. He closes his eyes.
“Thank god, I got another room for you in my apartment,” Yoongi lies down, “I don't trust you to not kill me in my sleep.” Jimin ignores the jab, forcing himself to fall asleep. The next time, when he wakes up, it's morning and Yoongi is already dressed to leave.
Jimin rushes through the shower and gets dressed before going downstairs. Yujun and Yoongi are waiting for him by the breakfast table. Jimin sits down, and they finish breakfast before they have to leave. “This is for you,” Yujun holds out a small box, “for my Yoonie's fiancé.”
Jimin opens it to see a chain, attached to it is a diamond pendant. Just the diamond and nothing else. Jimin stares at it. “Halmeoni,” Yoongi's voice is tight, “that's yours,” he whispers, “it's from your appa.” “And?” she arches a brow, caressing Jimin's cheek, “it's his now.”
Jimin bows, lets her pull him in a hug and press a kiss against his forehead. “Visit me anytime,” she murmurs against his ear, “this is your house now. Okay?” Jimin feels the bile clog in his throat, he hugs her tightly, “thank you.” He knows, he will never come here again.
Jimin gets in the car and waves at her. As soon as they are out of the boundary of the mansion, he holds the box out for Yoongi. Yoongi looks at it and back at Jimin, confused. “It's not mine,” Jimin looks ahead, “keep it for the one who it would actually belong to some day.”
Yoongi looks ahead too, “keep it. You have to wear it when she comes over anyway. Otherwise, she will ask,” he shrugs, “when the divorce is finalized, I will take it back.” Jimin pulls his hand away, nodding. He shoves the box in his bag. Not even looking at it again.
“You called me, sir?” Yoongi looks over his shoulder at the man who lingers by the door, “Minjoon, yes, come in.” Minjoon walks in, bows, “good morning, sir.” Yoongi gestures for a seat, “there's something I have to offer you, Minjoon. Something very important.”
“You have been working really hard as a trainee,” Yoongi goes through a file, “but, let's be honest, you are twenty-four now. Launching you this late is a risk I am not sure if we can take.” Minjoon's face turns pale, “sir, I just need a chance. I will do anything.”
Yoongi hums, “anything?” Minjoon nods, eager, “anything, sir.” Yoongi leans back on his chair, looking at the man, “before I tell you, you have to sing some papers,” he chuckles, “so, you can't rattle me out. Is that fine?” Minjoon swallows, “it's... it's not illegal, right?”
Yoongi laughs, “no, it's not illegal. But, it's ambiguous.” “As long as I am not in trouble with the law,” Minjoon whispers, “What is it?” Yoongi holds out the NDA papers, “read and sign. Then we can talk.” Minjoon starts to flip through the papers before signing.
Yoongi takes the papers back, locks them up in a drawer, and looks back at Minjoon. “I am getting married next week, as you know,” he nods when Minjoon congratulates him, “I need you to start an affair with my husband,” Yoongi smirks when Minjoon coughs, choking, “Jimin.”
“I need you to lure him in,” Yoongi leans forward, his elbows on the table, “and, I need you to have him on video. I need those.” “Lure him in…” Minjoon gapes, “where?” “In your bed, preferably,” Yoongi snorts, “I would like solid proofs. Also, do it after our wedding.”
“What if he doesn't fall for it?” Minjoon asks, begs almost, “why would he do this? Why would you want-” “You can walk out, Minjoon,” Yoongi shrugs, “of this room and the company. I won't be needing you. Find a way. I am offering you a solo deal if you can do this.”
Yoongi pauses for a second, “just don't force him or use some drugs or anything. Just make him trust you enough to come to you naturally,” Yoongi drops a few papers in front of Minjoon, “if you can, this is the offer I will give you. That's the money and the contract.”
“Because, forcing him physically will be wrong?” Minjoon trembles, taking the papers to read through, “you can emotionally fuck anyone over?” Yoongi chuckles, “that's right. No one keeps track of emotional damage. It doesn't show.” Minjoon glances at him, his eyes fearful.
Minjoon nods, “okay.” “You will do it?” Yoongi arches a brow. Minjoon lets out a deep breath and nods, “yes, I will.” Yoongi smiles, “perfect. You are invited to the wedding. You can start the plan since that day itself. Yes?” Minjoon looks pale, he nods, “okay.”
Yoongi burns when he sees Jimin wearing that necklace. The diamond, he grew up watching his grandmother wear, sits between Jimin's collarbones. He burns when he sees their wedding card. Their names snugly fitted side by side. He finds himself racing through the ceremonies.
It's the wedding day and Yoongi feels nauseous. He looks at himself in the mirror, nodding when Hoseok pins the flower on his chest and asks him if he is feeling fine. “You look good,” Namjoon says, patting his back, “really good.” Yoongi can't care less.
“Jimin is ready,” Namjoon says, on call with Jin, “you both are walking down the aisle together. Come on.” Yoongi casts a last look at himself and walks out of the room. Jimin is getting out of his room too, dressed in his royal blue suit that matches Yoongi's perfectly.
“You two are to hold hands,” Taehyung says, sighs when they both glare at him, “there are media present in the wedding.” “I am not holding his hand,” Jimin hisses, “let's walk. For god's sake!” Yoongi stands beside Jimin and waits for the music to start for them to walk.
Jimin and Yoongi walk down the aisle, their eyes focused on the priest who stands at the altar. They walk up to the priest and stands facing each other. Behind Jimin, stands Jin and behind Yoongi is Hoseok. The others are sitting and watching them.
Yoongi doesn't hear anything, except for the time when the priest asks him, “do you take Park Jimin as your lawfully wedded husband?” Yoongi nods, “I do.” Jimin does the same, his face has no expression, “I do.” “I now announce you two as lawfully wedded husbands.”
“You can kiss your groom now,” the priest smiles, patting their backs. Yoongi doesn't move, Jimin doesn't either. They both stare at each other. Their hands clasped in front of them, both of them feeling the weight of the ring on their ring finger. They are married now.
There are cameras. Yoongi can see the flashes from the corner of his eyes. Jimin can see it too. Yoongi goes still when Jimin takes the step forward to press a light kiss against his cheek. Jimin pulls back right away. Yoongi turns towards the guests too. They both smile.
The claps are light and cheers make them both cringe. Jimin walks down the altar and Yoongi follows. Their first dance is awkward. Yoongi have learnt the dance, but he hasn't heard the music. Jimin was supposed to choose it. He is hearing it for the first time as they start.
Yoongi arches a brow at Jimin, “really?” Jimin doesn't match his eyes, “Jin hyung knows which song I wanted to dance on for my wedding. He won't let me change it.” Yoongi sighs, “this is so damn irritating. Can we rush past it?” Jimin snorts, “I wish.”…
Yoongi watches how Jimin's expression falters when the song starts to play. He watches how Jimin closes his eyes for a second. His throat bobbing. Yoongi starts to move, leading Jimin on. Jimin looks at him, eyes focuses on the mole under Yoongi's eyes.
Yoongi looks over Jimin's shoulder at the guests. They are watching them with bright smiles. Except for their friends. They look sombre. Taehyung has his arm looped through Jungkook's and they both are looking like lost puppies. Jin has tears in his eyes. Namjoon beside him.
Hoseok forces a smile on his face when Yoongi's grandmother holds his hand. But then their eyes are meeting and Hoseok looks melancholic. Yoongi focuses back on Jimin. Jimin is looking over his shoulder too, not really at anyone. His eyes have a faraway look in them.
They don't say a word, pressed so close together. Yoongi spins Jimin, pulling him back to himself. Jimin's eyes are somewhat shiny, his lower lip sucked into his mouth. Yoongi watches how Jimin blinks faster. His eyelashes glistening. Yoongi spins him again.
Yoongi watches the way Jimin's eyes brim with tears and Jimin is struggling to hold it in. There are too many eyes on them. Too many cameras. The wedding doesn't feel personal at all. It feels like a gimmick. A drama where they are acting. Jimin is failing miserably right now.
Yoongi pulls Jimin in a hug, his arms looping around Jimin. He feels the moment Jimin breaks against him. His face buried in Yoongi's chest while he cries. No one sees it, but Yoongi feels it. Feels how his shirt soaks up the tears. “You ruined my wedding,” Jimin whispers.
Yoongi buries his face against Jimin's neck, lips pressed against Jimin's ear. The murmurs around them rise, the cheers and teasing words are intense. Yoongi can hear shutters going off. “I didn't ask you to marry me,” Yoongi whispers, “blossom, you did.” He holds Jimin closer.
Yoongi sways them side by side, not ready to let anyone see Jimin's tears. “Now, pull yourself together,” Yoongi murmurs, “this is not the last wedding you are having. You can do it all over again some day,” he pulls back a little to match those eyes, “that time, do it right.”
He wipes Jimin's eyes, smiling at him, “now smile. Yeah?” The song comes to an end and Yoongi laughs at the guests. “He got overwhelmed,” Yoongi waves his hand, “too much happiness.” Jimin forces a smile on his lips. The others gather around them for the next dance then.
“May I have a dance?” Jimin looks over to see a man smiling at him, he frowns, a little confused. “Ah, Minjoon,” Yoongi lets go of Jimin's hand, “he is about to debut from our label,” his eyes find Jimin, “I invited him.” Jimin nods, “oh. Hello. Uhm... I am so tired-”
Minjoon takes Jimin's hand in his, “oh, one dance. Please, you are the groom.” Jimin can't speak before the song is starting, and he is whisked away on the dance floor. He watches Yoongi go over to the bar, pick up a glass of champagne, and sits on a stool. Watching them.
“You look gorgeous tonight,” Minjoon says, breathless, “really, really beautiful.” Jimin looks at the man, nodding, “thank you.” He hears the giggle and looks over to see Taehyung and Jungkook dancing together. A small smile curves Jimin's lips as he watches them.
Jungkook is making silly faces at Taehyung, and Taehyung is biting back his honking laugh as he watches the man. They lean closer, giggling with their foreheads touching. Jimin watches them, his heart swelling in his chest. “They look good together,” Minjoon says. Jimin hums.
“You dance so well,” Minjoon says, “why didn't you try to be an idol?” Jimin looks at the man with a soft smile, “it takes a lot to be an idol. I don't think I have that.” “Nonsense,” Minjoon waves his hand, “you dance so well. You sing so well, too, I heard your clips.”
“Where did you watch my singing clips?” Jimin asks, a little confused. “On your college's website?” Minjoon laughs, “I am actually your batch mate from the same college.” “Oh?” Jimin's eyes widen, “oh, I see.” “Yeah,” Minjoon blushes, “you never noticed me. I see.”
Yoongi watches them talk, he watches Jimin smile at something Minjoon says. “I spent millions on this wedding,” Mr. Min walks up to him, “it better pay me off, Yoongi. You better have a plan. I can't see those Parks laughing around and being all jolly on my account.”
Yoongi finishes a glass and picks up another, “oh, I am, appa,” he chuckles when Jimin giggles at something Minjoon said, “I am. You will get your money's worth.” His father looks over at the dance floor, “now, get your groom off of there. He looks happier with a stranger!”
“Let him,” Yoongi sloshes the liquid in the glass, eyes never wavering from Jimin's face, “a groom looking happier in another man's arms, on his own wedding day, while his husband drinks by the bar. You see where I am going?” Mr. Min's eyes widen, “you...” Yoongi laughs, “yes.”
“Whatever it is,” Mr. Min says, “it better ends with destroying the Parks. You get it, Yoongi?” Yoongi holds out a glass of champagne for his father, “it will. Enjoy a drink because this is the start of their downfall.” Minjoon bows to Jimin, telling him something in his ear.
Jimin shakes his head, his eyes searching the crowd until he finds Yoongi. Then he is coming over to sit beside Yoongi. “Can we eat now?” Jimin wonders, “I am tired. I want to sleep.” Yoongi sighs, “of course,” he looks at his watch, “we have to leave for our honeymoon though.”
Jimin groans, “I forgot about that.” Yoongi looks at him, “no worries. I am going to have too much work. I will be busy,” he waves his glass towards Minjoon who is on the other side of the room, “we are recording his music video there. I will be busy with it.”
“You can do whatever you want,” Yoongi leans back against the bar, “you are free.” Jimin nods, “I will just rest.” Yoongi watches Jimin, following him to the buffet. He has a plan and if things go according to his plan, by the end of the honeymoon, this wedding will be over.
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