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OF MYTHS ABOUT FREE FACILITIES FOR ARMY OFFICERS Myth-1: Army officers pay no electricity bills & rent of their official residences Reality: House rent is deducted at source for all officers. Higher the rank, higher the rent. All pay electricity bills as per govt rates 1/10

Myth-2: Army officers get free house at retirement. Reality: Officers obtain membership of housing scheme at start of service and pay monthly instalments all along. Remaining amount is paid in lump-sump at retirement… 2/10
… Normally complete gratuity is consumed in this terminal payment at retirement. Army manages it through transparent system. It is all on self help basis. You pay for it and you get it. 3/10
Myth-3: Army Officers get free plots in DHA Reality: All officers pay for their plots at the rates applicable for that particular DHA. Since amount is huge so facility of instalments is provided through a transparent system. 4/10
Myth-4: Only officers get plots and lower ranks are not entertained Reality: Pakistan Army has the best welfare system for its lower ranks which is absolutely transparent in nature. All ranks are given plots. However, lower ranks are given on comparatively less price. 5/10
Myth-5: Army officers are provided free rooms in Army messes Reality: All ranks pay charges of rooms including electricity and all other services. However, Army provides free messing facility to its lower ranks. 6/10
Myth-6: Maintenance of official residences is free Reality: All officers pay 5% of their salary for maintenance on monthly basis as long as they occupy the house. 7/10
Myth-7: Army officers have exemption from income tax and all other taxes Reality: Tax of officers is deducted at source as per govt rates even before salary is credited in bank 8/10
Myth-8: Army officers are exempted from toll tax Reality: Army officers pay all toll taxes on motorways and NHA plazas while traveling in private cars. Only official vehicles are exempted. 9/10
Myth-9: Children of Army officers don’t pay any fees in APS and NUST Reality: All ranks pay fees applicable for classes of their kids. Education institutions are being run on self help basis. TRUTH PREVAILS; ALWAYS WE ALL LOVE PAKISTAN EQUALLY 10/10
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