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Mar 7, 2023
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#yoonmin au where fans of singer Jimin think rapper Agust D obsessed with him after he has been posting similar things, trying to overshadow Jimin, Yoongi’s fans say it’s just coincidence. The only thing that connects them is that they both dated rapper RM in past

or au inspired by a beef between some popular celebrities:)
Tags 🏷️ - short but funny - happy ending - did they really date namjoon? - side ships:) - CRACK - #teamyoongi - #teamjimin
it’s a bday gift for my loveliest baby girl @❁ nolli⁷ ❁ happy early bday love
DONT BE A SILENT READER!!!! hope you will enjoy
🧵7. the battle begins #yoonmin #yoonminau
🧵16 me all the time #yoonmin #yoonminau
🧵17 here comes delusion #yoonmin #yoonminau
🧵23 jimin is finally opening twitter #yoonmin #yoonminau
🧵35 not me using my acc as some kind of meme hole #yoonmin #yoonminau
🧵44 when you are bad at damage control #yoonmin #yoonminau
thank you for reading this au. i hope you had fun. love you, take care, stay safe
thread of my other works <3




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