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All4Ukraine - Support Ukraine

All4Ukraine - Support Ukraine

Mar 8, 2023
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Our calendar made its way to Frank Peter Wilde, famous fashion stylist & designer and staunch supporter of Ukraine! Every day he posts creative selfies wearing 🇺🇦 colours. We are honoured to be featured in such photo and we're grateful to Frank for his unwavering support❤️🔽

Franks draws attention not just to #WarInUkraine but also to our culture by wearing 🇺🇦 brands, showcasing 🇺🇦 art etc. He also partners with various brands and #NGOs for #charity and helps our refugees . THANK YOU dearly, Frank❤️#StandWithUkraine Source:
Frank* 😊
All4Ukraine - Support Ukraine
All4Ukraine can unite people around the world for achieving a great goal - victory over our common enemy!
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