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Lorna MacGillivray

Lorna MacGillivray

Mar 8, 2023
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Okay, stop scrolling. This thread right here is the only thread you need to read today. @Thread Reader could you work your magic. Yet NONE of the UK media has covered anything like this. Instead they amplify the Tories' xenophobia. @BBC News (World) @ITV News @Sky News to name fails.

SOMETHING FISHY WITH MIGRANTS DINGHIES Something truly does not add up with the Government narrative about migrant crossings. What follows is just a theory, but if proven true, it could bring down everybody involved. Make your own conclusions. 🧡/1
Lorna MacGillivray #ScottishIndependence #Scotland #LornasForIndy allied with #BriansForIndy Artist. Scot in Scotland. SNP until Indy.
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