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Marlon Brando was a titanic glutton with consumption habits that strike fear into the hearts of ordinary men. His binge eating was a torment to those he worked with and he displayed truly bizarre behavior in attempt to satisfy his endless hunger *Thread*

In his mid 20s, Brando's diet could be excused by his age and a fast metabolism, a co-star on his first movie said his diet consisted of fast food and peanut butter consumed by the jar. He was known for eating entire boxes of donuts and "Mallomars" as a snack
At this time Brando was in great shape, starving himself before roles, but when his willpower broke he feasted on cornflakes, breakfast meats, eggs, a quart of milk, bananas and towering stacks of pancakes drenched in an entire bottle of syrup (He nicknamed himself "Branflakes")
Brando eventually started to put on weight. During the filming of a movie he directed, his dinners consisted of two steaks, potatoes, two apple pies and a deluge of milk. The costume department couldn't keep up, on his birthday the crew gifted him a belt saying "hope it fits"
While filming "Mutiny on the Bounty", Brando split 52 pairs of pants, had a plane flown into Tahiti full of hams and Champagne and one night rowed out into the lagoon with a 5 gallon tub of ice cream he ate while the director begged him to stop from shore
At an Oscar's after party, Brando challenged Paul Newman to and egg eating contest due to Newman starring in a film where he eats 50 eggs. Newman said no, but Brando had dozens of eggs brought to the party and ate 51, the entire time calling Newman a coward and a fraud
He was known for disguising himself at night and frequenting the hot-dog stands of LA, putting back half a dozen dogs at a time. His favorite sandwich was a pound of bacon on an entire loaf of bread
In a truly bizarre moment during the filming of Missouri Breaks, Brando plucked a live frog out of a pond, took a bite out of it and tossed it back
Film fans may think that in Apocalypse Now, Brando as Kurtz was always shown in the dark for stylistic reasons, but it is actually just due to the fact that he was so large he had to be hidden
Later in life he promised his girlfriend that he would lose weight, but after months of a strict diet there was no change. She discovered that Brando had been paying a local boy to toss bags of BurgerKing Whoppers over the walls of his estate at night
Maids who worked for Brando said they would lock the fridge but he would break in anyway. Mouse traps in his basement would be checked and half of the vermin's body would be gone. Pets in the neighborhood went missing at alarming rates
Brando owned a private island in French Polynesia and he invented a snack he called "Real-life mound bars" He would crack a coconut then stir in sun melted chocolate before devouring
During 9-11 Brando was fleeing NYC in a car with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, the two were frustrated by Brando forcing the driver to pull over every time they passed a fast food restaurant on the highway
In his old age Brando ballooned to an imposing 400 lbs. Workers at an LA diner say that Brando would be wheeled in and order multiple bacon and egg sandwiches which consisted of eggs wrapped in bacon, no bun
I hope you found this thread funny and informative. Marlon Brando gets talked about a lot for a variety of reasons, but I have never seen anyone else mention his binge eating. Thanks for reading -Indy
Lowkey the "Real-life Mound bar" sounds good
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