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I wrote something similar before debut I love the idea of beta Hsk finally getting bitten months after the rest and by skj of all people which came as a surprise. It's usually a thing reserved for pack alpha which is technically NJ even though he isn't one in the traditional

Sense. But it's skj instead. He was a beta for the longest time presenting finally at 24 leaving Hsk as the last remaining beta in the group especially after jgk presented as an alpha. Omega skj bites him on a sleepy rainy day. Grey skies and thunder clapping in
the dark clouds. Not gloomy nor scary atmosphere just tired. Skj claims him on the couch. Hsk swaddled in blankets tearing up at whatever sadness his brain had supplied him through the day. Skj found him wrapped in the softest couch blanket lights off, curtains open, and the
only light from the television and ambient outside. Skj jumped immediately. It was much too late at night for Hsk to not be asleep and to be crying of all things. No skj couldn't stand it so he did what he knows best and cooked.
Nothing too expensive or complicated just some soup, one of hsk's favorites and set it in front of him silently. Hsk peered up at his with gorgeous watery eyes and skj felt his heart break a little. "Oh jwehope why the tears?" Skj sat down next to him the crater he made tilting
Hsk's body towards himself. Hsk rested his head on skj's shoulder and explained.
Betas don't get claimed. They love him but they never claimed him. When skj says that it's painful, something Hsk already knows, for betas Hsk just shakes his head. "I don't care." Is all Hsk says. It's a soft thing and skj can hear a crack in his voice. It's painful and has
his heart breaking a little. "Do you want us to claim you darling?" Skj asks. He already knows the answer though. They both do so Hsk nods. "I'll talk to NJ about it then he should-" "You do it hyung." Skj sputters to a stop. That definitely caught him off guard.
"Are you sure? I can do it?" Hsk nods again. "Ok hyung will do it." And he does.
Blah blah blah anyway when Hsk is bitten it hurts like all hell. His senses are on fire and it feels like endless abuse and battering on the back of his head where his skull meets the nape. A sharp pain and deep throbbing. He groans and tried to pull away but skj holds him tight.
Bites for betas /hurt/ it's like a typical presentation but for senses alone. The nose opening up for ability to smell your new mate(s). Your eyes sharpening to see and ears near rupturing to the influx of new sounds and the rain pelting against the window doesn't help
, but it does provide some consistency that a bit of a relief. He feels sensitive all over skin burning on his body only feeling cool where his new mate touches him. He taste blood in his mouth and his incisors hurt where they itch against his gums ready for him to reciprocate
the bite. They're not sharp and it will take about two to three days for them to grow in and until then he has to endure the pain. Skj has to practically be glued to him soothing his heated skin lest he instead be knocked out by natural pain killers and herbs because anything
manmade can alter his body. After the first but ofc it gets easier. His new grown in canines means he can reciprocate the bite from the rest easier. Etc etc. But simply betas sense open up once they're bitten and they feel strongly the thrum of their partners
energy. Betas unbitten are good mediators and steady presences. But bitten betas are like conduits. The conduct the flow of emotion and feeling from their partners. They channel everything and flow like water for their partners the downside is the pain. Too high emotions
can overwhelm. Too low emotions brings them down. Nobody moves like a betas between the seas of the omega and an alpha dynamic and its a blessing, a bitten beta. There's a great hesitation to claim betas for this. The pain, the emotion and if a partner is lost it's dangerous.
Betas are put in the worst position when bitten. Should a partner or partners break a bond with a beta the beta would surely never recover. There are news of betas becoming hospitalized or put into comas from broken bonds. It effects the brain differently. Bond-broken betas
Are essentially in a perpetual high. Overstimulated and overwhelmed always unable to focus and barely think where's water with their bonded without them they're become those that ride the breeze.
Bonding a beta is dangerous and painful and that's why people hesitate. But Hsk is loved and he always will be so they bite him.
Thoughts are sporadic in this one because I cannot think rn but I needed to put this doen


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