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Catherine w/ MCAS

Catherine w/ MCAS

Mar 9, 2023
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Putting this important 🧵 in right order (to unroll)

What the study found: ✅ Out of 59 patients who qualified for #FND diagnosis by DSMV criteria, 88% had autonomic symptoms!!! ✅ 27% were positive for ganglionic acetylcholine receptor antibody (gAchR Ab) via LIPS assay. ✅ 50% had #POTS. ✅ 50% had orthostatic hypotension. 2/🧵
Why is this important? ✅ Our patients are often misdiagnosed with #FND, and this study proves that. ✅ When #FND is diagnosed, treatment is psychotherapy & physical therapy, which is not a treatment for #Dysautonomia. ✅ We MUST identify and treat #Dysautonomia symptoms. 3/🧵
✅ Perhaps FND society and DSMV should rethink their diagnostic criteria for #FND if 88% of their patients have #Dysautonomia. ✅ #Dysautonomia is not #FND. ✅ #Autoimmunity and what to do about it in patients with #Dysautonomia should be a priority #research topic. End 4/4
What I didn't mention, but probably should have is that 9 patients who qualified for FND diagnosis were excluded because of concomitant neuroimmune disorders, like Sjogren's, myasthenia and CIDP... This too is very important because it's 13% of their FND cohort!
Catherine w/ MCAS
MCAS = Mast Cell Activation Syndrome MCAS is the equivalent of having an immune system with PTSD
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