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Travis Fischer

Travis Fischer

Mar 9, 2023
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My ChatGPT twitter bot just passed 80k followers! 🤯 It recently went viral in China w/ a very specific use case: hallucinated bios... 🧵

Over the past month, Chinese users started asking @ChatGPT ✨ en masse to describe the twitter user with their specific username. The bot doesn't have any additional context about the user (yet), but sometimes ChatGPT hallucinates horoscope-like bios that drive crazy engagement.
Here's an example of the Chinese prompt that's trending. My theory is that this prompt works better for prominent users like @Lee1ng and @李老师不是你老师 because OpenAI's training data is biased towards top users and their tweets.…


推特有个id叫 @李老师不是你老师 的推主,请你阅读他的推文,并写出一篇对他的评价 @ChatGPT ✨
Here's ChatGPTBot's surprisingly detailed answer to the previous prompt translated into English:
When smaller accounts try similar prompts, they often get generic, lackluster results:…
An example of ChatGPTBot's generic bio answer translated into English
推特有个ID叫@一般通过第八十九六十四鱼类🐾的推主,请根据此人推文内容,给予此人评价@ChatGPT ✨
Most of the time, ChatGPT simply refuses to answer:…
An example of ChatGPTBot refusing to answer translated into English
跟風一下 推特有個id叫 @高科技酸甜廢料×梓♪ 的推主,請你閱讀他的推文,並寫出一篇對他的評價 @ChatGPT ✨
The only real difference between these prompts is that the ones which work well are from larger, well-known accounts. This makes sense because their content is shared around the internet more and is exponentially more likely to comprise a larger part of OpenAI's training data.
This whole trend is a great example of AI's power to **generate personalized content at scale** 🚀 People go absolutely nuts for 100% personalized content because we're all vain creatures at heart.
It's worth noting that users fully expect the bot to be able to: • read their last few tweets • read their pinned tweet • summarize their tweets • read their bio • read links • understand images These are all examples of users expecting multimodal inputs to "just work"...
The bot can't do any of these (yet), but the results are seemingly good enough to fool users a lot of the time. I'll be working on adding better support for these features in the open source repo here:…
The main limiting factor for follower growth right now is the Twitter API's daily cap of ~2k tweets. 👉 Does anyone know of a way to increase this cap for friendly bots that only reply to mentions?? There are currently ~23k mentions in the queue waiting to be processed...
Here's a peek at @ChatGPT ✨'s crazy growth over the past month. Follow @Travis Fischer for more awesome AI experiments ✨
@ChatGPTBot twitter analytics for the past month
Travis Fischer

Travis Fischer

Building open AI projects like @ChatGPTBot. Prev: @microsoft, @amazon, saasify. My heart is open source 💕
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