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Rimi⁷ | Yoongi Day 🍊

Rimi⁷ | Yoongi Day 🍊

Mar 9, 2023
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Why me 🖇 #taekookau where Taehyung smiles as Jungkook kisses his forehead, “I'll see you in evening okay?” The omega nods, “Chandra say bye bye to appa“ The little pup waves his hand, mouth wrapped around the nipple of his bottle. Jungkook crouched down in front of tae. +

His hands automatically rest over the four month old baby bump. The alpha smiles as he kisses taehyung’s stomach, “I'll see you two in the evening too okay? Love you my babies. Stay safe inside mama and do not trouble him too much okay?“
Taehyung chuckles as the alpha stands up with a shit eating grin. “Love you, stay safe okay? ” Jungkook nods, moves to kiss him. “Love you, baby. And I love you too, my pup“ Jungkook smiles at chandra. “Lobe you alfa“ The alpha chuckles, kisses his forehead.
“It's appa, bun“ The baby scrunched his face, annoyed about needing to correct himself. “Lobe appa“ Jungkook smiles. “That's correct. Love you, bun“ “Are you done with your love dove sheet? We're getting late for hunting, Junglekook“
Jimin rolls his eyes in annoyance. Yoongi rolls his eyes at the ridiculous behavior of his alpha. “Not you acting as if you did not cry for a whole hour before saying that I should come along you even though I absolutely hate hunting” The beta gives him a pointed look.
Jimin flushed, “Shut up! I did no such thing!“ Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Sure, the tear streaks on your cheeks are for show no?” Jungkook rolls his eyes at the couple.
“I'll see you,” Taehyung nods, “You said that for the 10th time. Go now“ Jungkook rolls his eyes, “Whatever. I'll go now. “ The alpha turns to leave, dropping a quick on chandra’s forehead and stealing a kiss from his pregnant omega.
Taehyung waves him bye, a hand on his bump and a hand holding the little pup’s hand. Chandra waves his appa bye, shouting a big lobe you. As if he's going for a war rather than a simple hunting. Jungkook chuckles, waving them bye.
♡ Here's the full drabble, as I had said it's for Patreon/kofi membership only ♡…
If patreon isn't working, join my kofi tiers (Lily tier) instead or you can buy me a kofi if you don't want to take membership (dm and I'll sent) Interact with the main fic and if ppl actually took the membership then I'll let one random person read it <3
Here's the whole fic in case you haven't read it ♡…
‘I need someone to treat me soft and tender, Can you love me like that?’ —— • Why me au
Rimi⁷ | Yoongi Day 🍊
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