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Mar 10
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Welcome along to Friday's thread covering the war in #Ukraine. #Russia's illegal invasion continues as do these daily threads. Today is Day 380. If you're able to support what I do, please buy me a coffee (see bio)💙💛 Here's the link for yesterday's 🧵…

Day 379 of #Russia's attack on #Ukraine, here's my daily thread. The fierce fighting around #Bakhmut and other hotspots in the east continues. Bakhmut is 35 miles (55km) from #Kadiivka in #Luhansk region which has been under Russian control since 2014. 35 miles in 379 days!
A lot of fears about the nuclear power plant in #Enerhodar. An excellent article here (in Ukr but translates well with Google) about the problems experienced by workers at the #Zaporizhzhia plant from the first day of the invasion.…
The former General Director of aviation giant Antonov has been arrested by authorities in #Ukraine. Serhiy Bychkov will be detained for 2 months while investigations continue into several senior Antonov employees obstructing the Armed Forces which tried to save Hostomel airfield
What happened? Did the sanctions on Russian banks stop some cash arriving into Budapest? Orbán suddenly cautioned against #Hungary's cosy relations with Putin and his fellow war criminals.…
An anti-war group in #Russia has discovered 26 fresh graves in the city of #Krasnodar. Activist Vitaly Votanovsky said that 406 #Wagner fighters are now buried in the cemetery, just in one city. That's not including the "missing" or incinerated to avoid payments. 📷Reuters
Many areas of #Ukraine still have problems after yesterday's mass missile attack by #Russia. In #Kharkiv the metro is only to be used as a bomb shelter. There are also no electric trams. Civilians still struggle without power. #RussiaIsATerroristState
Tim White

Tim White

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