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Mar 10
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🧵 The terrorist attack the US doesn't want you to know about: Cubana Flight 455 🇨🇺 The CIA trained Cuban exiles who planted 2 time bombs on the plane on October 6, 1976. All 73 passengers & crew were murdered, including the entire Cuban Olympic fencing team.

Of the murdered passengers there were 57 Cubans, 11 Guyanese & 5 North Koreans. The average age of the passengers was 30, including a 22-year-old pregnant woman. The Cuban fencing team was onboard having just won the gold medal at the Pan-American games.
US hostility toward Cuba was growing in 1976, after Cuba sent troops to Angola in 1975 to fight against the invasion by the US-backed South African apartheid regime. Henry Kissinger furiously pushed for the US to directly airstrike Cuba.
But "the US decided on a different tact to humiliate Cuba...they subcontracted work to Cuban-American terrorists who they had trained & funded," like notorious terrorist CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles.…
Posada Carriles orchestrated this bombing (and assassination attempts on Fidel and other bombings) and was never punished. He lived peacefully in Miami under US protection until he died at 90 in 2018, still regarded as "a heroic figure" by counterrevolutionary Cuban-Americans.
As Fidel said, there is no worse punishment for the US-backed terrorists than "the Revolution itself, its efforts, its successes, its victorious march." Here are memorials in Barbados & Guyana to the Cubana Flight 455 victims:
In disgusting hypocrisy, the US continues to label Cuba as a "State Sponsor of Terrorism" Reagan made the designation in 1982. Obama removed Cuba from the SSOT List. In his last weeks, Trump added Cuba back & now Biden refuses to change the designation.…
🧵 What is the "State Sponsors of Terrorism" List, and why is Biden keeping Cuba on this list with zero evidence? Scroll to find out 👇 #OffTheList
As we all know, THE UNITED STATES EMPIRE is the biggest "State Sponsor of Terrorism" in the world. End US terror against Cuba. Biden, take Cuba #OffTheList.…
When he was running for president, Biden said he would even reverse the harsher of Trump’s sanctions and revert to the policies of the Obama administration. But he has not done so, for political expediency...


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