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Mar 10, 2023
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#taekookau their teen son is embarassed a little of having two gay dads because everyone asks to meet his mom and dad but he has 2 dads and... does not tell anyone Tries his best to not let his friends over But when they insist to have a sleepover at his place, truth comes out

Taehyung and Jungkook were amazing parents to Haejoon, who loved them equally as much as they did. Ever since they had Haejoon in their arms, they did their best to give him everything they possibly could for him to lead a comfortable life.
But they did notice some changes... Of course, they were aware that kids go through a phase when they become teenagers where they get rebellious and all. They've been there themselves. But with Haejoon... they weren't really prepared. Everything was fine until it was not.
As soon as Haejoon turned 13, he began acting weird around them. He would seem visibly disturbed when they would hold each other, maybe talk in a flirty way, or just... do things every couple does. Today, they were all having family time and were cuddling on the couch.
while having a movie marathon. Jungkook was a very chill dad, and Taehyung was too, except he had a few rules he expected Haejoon to follow. Haejoon's gaze shifts from the screen to his parents on the couch when he notices that they were holding hands under the blanket.
His dad was curling up against Taehyung's side, smiling, pressing a soft peck to Taehyung's inner arm. Haejoon looked away, gulping. He was getting uncomfortable. "Appa, could you guys do this when you're alone, please?" He speaks, interuppting the movie.
Taehyung sits up, confused. Jungkook does too, a little worried because of the expression on Haejoon's face. "What's wrong bub? Did we do something?" He asks softly, reaching out to cup Haejoon's cheek. Haejoon pushes his arm away, turning away. His dad frowns.
"Don't call me 'bub'. I'm not a kid anymore." He states, hurting Jungkook a little but he maintains his composure. He nods slowly. "Alright. Well, what happened though?" He asks now. Tae sits up, listening in. "I just... you guys need to stop this." Haejoon closes his eyes.
Taehyung decides to speak up. "Stop what?" He questions. "Stop being all I don't know... coupley?" He struggles to answer, finding some explanation for what he feels. He has two dads. That's not normal. When he has to write stuff in school, he has to write both their names.
Or when he gets asked by his friends if he likes his mom or his dad better... how does he tell them he has two dads? "Coupley?" Taehyung questions, confused. "Don't hold hands in front of me. Don't kiss in front of me... maybe do all that in private? Like you do other things?"
The parents go silent at that. A little shook. Haejoon too goes silent, staring at the wall infront of him. The TV keeps going on, the movie going ahead. "We've always been this way though...? Other parents are this way tooㅡ" Taehyung tries to explain.
But Haejoon does not seem to want to hear it, he stands up immediately. "But you are not like other parents. They all have a mother and a father. Not two fathers. I never asked for two dads." He says loudly, walking away upstairs. "Haejoon-ah, please don'tㅡ" Jungkook triesㅡ
to bring him back kindly but the teenager storms away to his room. Jungkook looks back at his husband who still sits on the couch, bewildered. "Why d-did he say that... Tae?" He asks slowly, tears in his eyes. "He doesn't mean it love. You know that." Tae answers, notㅡ
wanting to think that their son actually meant what he said because that would hurt way more ㅡㅡㅡ Back in school weeks later, Haejoon and his friends walking back home, bickering and laughing "Yah did you see her? She's so hot man." His friend Han says, pointing at the phone
"Nah dude, you have no taste. Did you see Yunseo? Now that is what I call hot." Another friend pipes in, Jun. They turn to look at Haejoon who awkwardly smiles. "What do you think?" Han asks him. "Uh... sure they're hot I guess?" He agrees reluctantly. "No I mean do you not-"
"like anyone?" Han asks again. Haejoon thinks for a bit and then shakes his head no. "Nope." "I don't believe youㅡ oh my home is here. Well, we should plan a sleepover or something so we can talk and have fun you know?" Jun suggests. Haejoon agrees, nodding.
"Hae, your home? Your room is pretty big too, better than ours." Jun suggests. Now he freezes, a little scared. "Um... how about Han's place?" He suggests. "Dude, I literally share a room with my sister and you know how she's like. She always has her boyfriend over anyways."
"Yeah, plus we wanna see your home dude. And your parents. I'm sure your mom cooks really well, I mean, the food you bring to school always looks so good oh my god." Jun almost starts drooling. Haejoon gulps and nods. "U-uh yeah sure. My house is fine I guess."
ㅡㅡㅡ Going home, Haejoon begins to walk away whenever he found his parents being affectionate with each other. And his parents would notice it... Each time Hae would just leave the room even if they would just peck each other on the lips.
They wanted to talk to him, but Hae did not really want to talk to them about it so the males did not want to push it. Since then, his parents begin to keep to themselves around him and when he is not around, they think twice before holding hands... etc.
One night, before bed, as Jungkook scrolled through his phone, Taehyung lay wide awake next to him. "Do you think marrying me was a mistake Jungkookie?" He asks softly. Jungkook puts his phone away and looks at his husband with a worry in his eyes. He slowly brushes hisㅡ
fingers through the older male's fluffy hair and sighs softly. "I would never think that baby. You know I love you right? Why do you say that?" He asks softly, having an idea of why. Hae's words were probably getting to him. "I love you too. But you know... maybe if we wereㅡ"
"a normal family... then Hae would have his grandparents right now. He would have someone else other than just us..." Taehyung says, deeply thinking about it. "A normal family? You mean marrying a girl and settling down?" "That's what our parents wanted, wasn't it?"
"But it was not what we wanted. What we desired." Jungkook answers back. "I had to lose my family for the sake of love... but I would not change anything about it. They would have been disappointed in me either ways, for I would still have chosen a guy." He explains.
"But I chose you. Lost them. You lost yours too. But we have each other. We are no less normal than any other family baby... just a little different, but we're normal too." Jungkook says, cupping his husband's cheeks now. A tear rolls down Tae's cheeks. "I love you so much."
ㅡㅡㅡ A few days later, Jun and Han both walk with Haejoon to his place. Now of course, Haejoon was more than nervous, he was scared. And out of fear, he came up with something. "So um, my parents had to like leave.. they had some work and they'll be back on the weekend."
"Oh?" Han asks, eyes wide. "Wait so is no one home?" Jun questions. Haejoon shakes his head. "Ah, um, my....u-uncles are. Yeah, they came over to stay until my parents get back." He answers, coming up with something.
"Oh. I mean, that's alright. Are your uncles cool?" Jun asks slowly. Hae nods. "Yeah, they're pretty cool." He answers back. They make way home and Haejoon knocks on the door nervously, wondering who'd open it. It was his dad. Jungkook.
He looked pleasantly surprised at seeing his friends behind him because Haejoon never introduced his friends to them, let alone bring them home. Haejoon smiles awkwardly. "So um, they are here for a sleepover" He tells his dad who nods, smiling. "Great! Come in~"
Taehyung looks up from the kitchen, smiling when he sees two other boys. "Ah, are these your friends Hae?" He asks softly, walking to the living room. "Yeah, this is Han. This is Jun." He introduces them. The boys smile and bow in respect.
"O-okay, um, lets go to my room then." Haejoon says, immediately walking upstairs. Jun, the curious one looks around and smiles, liking the house. "Dude what a bummer that your mom went out though. Wanted to try her food so bad." He says. Hae just coughs nervously.
Jungkook and Taehyung look a little confused as they watch the kids go upstairs. "Wait, were they talking to Hae?" Jungkook asks his husband. Taehyung shrugs. "His mom?" He questions. "Maybe we heard wrong. They could be talking about the other boy too." Jungkook lets it go.
ㅡㅡㅡ Soon enough, Taehyung goes upstairs to call the boys for dinner while Jungkook just gets back from walking the dogs, Bam and Tannie. As he goes to knock on the door, he hears the other boy, Han, talk. "Hae, how do your parents look like? I saw a picture of mine from when
"they first got married. And they looked so young, I couldn't even realize they were my parents." Han says, laughing. Hae laughs too, but a little forced. Taehyung knows he should not eavesdrop, but he wanted to know what his son would say. "Uh..."
"Do you have a picture of them somewhere?" Jun asks. Hae shakes his head. "Uh no. But they look nice. My Dad looks handsome... and so does my m-mom too." He answers. Taehyung frowns. "Your mom looks handsome too?" Han questions playfully.
"Ahㅡ I meant beautiful. Yeah, mom looks beautiful." Hae corrects himself, smiling awkwardly. In reality though, he knew that both of his parents looked really good. Taehyung hurts a little. Was Hae really trying so hard to hide this about them? Because he had no mom?
He knocks on the door, holding his composure. "Hey kiddos, sorry to disturb but dinner's ready, wanna eat?" He asks slowly, avoiding Hae's gaze. The other two boys smile and nod, jumping up and following Taehyung downstairs. Hae stays back, a little scared and feeling bad.
ㅡㅡㅡ "So um, may I know your names.... Hae's uncles?" Han says once they are all seated at the dinner table. Haejoon stiffens a bit at that. Taehyung does not look surprised. And Jungkook looks confused. "Wait, unclㅡ" he was stopped by his husband's palm on his thigh.
"Oh uh, my name is Taehyung, and his name is Jungkook." He answers instead, smiling. Jungkook is very puzzled now as he looks to his son for an explanation. But Haejoon just keeps his head down, staring at his lap, playing with the food instead of eating.
Jun pipes in suddenly, smiling. "Ah, this tastes so good. Who made it?" He asks. Jungkook smiles, a little proud of himself. "Aw I'm glad you liked it. Would you like some more?" He offers. Jun does not reject it "It tastes like Mrs. Kim's cooking. Bet it runs in the family"
"Mrs. Kim?" Jungkook questions finally. "Yeah? Hae's mom?" Han responds, equally confused. Finally Jungkook gets it, and tries to ignore the way his heart hurts. "Oh... yeah. Sh-she does make good food." He answers back, in a low tone.
Haejoon finally had had it, he could not continue this anymore. He hated that he was making his parents feel this way. "I lied." He says suddenly, startling everyone. "Huh?" Han questions out loud, confused.
"Th-they are not my uncles..." Hae answers slowly, feeling so bad. "Oh. Then who are they?" Jun asks softly. Jungkook looks at Hae with so much pain in his heart. His son was unable to accept his parents being gay. "They are my parents. I don't have a mom." Hae says.
There was silence in the house at that, both their dogs taking a nap too, putting it in deep silence. "Dude... that's actually kinda cool?" Han answers, staring at Taehyung and Jungkook "C-cool?" Hae asks, confused. "Yeah? Imagine having two dads. Must be really fun." Jun says
"B-but it's not normal though..." Hae says back. "Who cares? They are still your parents." Han answers, exclaiming. "Woah though. So um, Jungkook-ssi, you make really good food!" Jun compliments him. Jungkook smiles a little.
Hae finally realizes that his thinking had been wrong and tries to imagine how hurt his parents must have been because of his actions and words. He stands up from his chair and walks over to their side. He gently takes both their hands and tears up.
"I'm so sorry appa... papa... I really am." He says through the tears. "I just... I was scared. I thought that this makes us not normal... especially a-afterㅡ" then he pauses. Jungkook wants to cry too. "After what baby?" He asks slowly.
Hae never told anyone but as a young kid, he was bullied at school for telling the other kids that he had two dads. They called him mean names, taunted him, insulted him, his parents... Made Hae turn on his own parents for not being "normal" He went through all that alone.
"T-they hit me... called me names... said bad things... when I told them I had two dads." He explains, referring to his elementary years. Taehyung got really worried now. "Who hit you? Who did all that?" Hae shakes his head, dismissing it. "It was a while ago."
"But... I thought having two dads was wrong. Was bad... I wanted to have a mother very much...." He admits. There were times where he would cry because his friends would talk about their moms and he could not.
Or when their moms would come to pick them up from school and his mom would not. Because he never had one.
"I'm sorry. I know my words hurt you a lot. IㅡI don't deserve you guys..." He says, breaking down completely. Taehyung and Jungkook share a little smile and pull their son closer. "Don't say that baby. I'm sorry you had to go through all that... alone. It must have hurt."
Jungkook says, sympathizing with him. "But you should have told us. We could have helped. You didn't have to go through it alone Haejoon-ah." Taehyung says in response. "No matter what, you will still be our little Haejoonie, okay?" Jungkook says, smiling.
"And it's okay to not be normal. Normal is boring anyways." Taehyung concludes, smiling. They pull their son into a warm embrace that the family share for a few minutes It makes the two boys drop their chopsticks and begin clapping "Haejoon is so lucky to have two caring dads"
Taehyung and Jungkook smile, pulling away. Haejoon brings their hands to each other, urging them to hold it. They hesitantly do so. "Now please do kiss. Hug, do whatever you want to. I don't mind at all. I kinda miss it to be honest." He says.
Taehyung and Jungkook smile at each other, turning to look into each other's eyes. Jungkook feels his heart flutter even today as his husband smiles at him flirtatiously. "Yah, stop flirting. The kids are around~" Jungkook says, playfully hitting him.
Taehyung gets closer, the tips of their noses brushing as they both burst into giggles as their lips meet for a soft kiss. Love is love. Be it between any gender. Taehyung loved Jungkook. Jungkook loved Taehyung. They both loved Haejoon. Just a small happy family.
ㅡㅡㅡ Fin ♡
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