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Mar 10
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Ugh I wanna make a fic/comic of Høbi who crossdresses for various activities one of them a TV show for kids where he plays two characters, a mom and a office worker. It's low budget so they're short on cast but he loves it. He makes up little jingles for each episodes lesson and

Incorporates little dances too. He'll read stories as a mom but as an office worker he'll teach life lessons like how to cross the street properly or ask for help if he needs it. Etc. It's fairly popular for a local station.
His other job is at a cafe where hes a server. It's more androgenous fairlytail where he dresses as an elf. He dons lilac hair and whatever outfit he picks for the days vibe. He's got skirts, shorts, pants, tunics etc the whole works and matches his nails and makeup.
Other than his jobs sometimes he just likes to go out dressed super fem. Short heels for his delicate ankles or cute Mary Jnes. A pleated skirt that shows off some leg and a cute soft top. He grew out his hair a while ago so he'll style it away from him face a bit and
put eye makeup on. He's got tons of cute purses and accessories so he puts those on too. He just looks cute. Stunning actually.
I want jgk to run into him first. At a library of all places the library where his NJ hyung works who's unlucky to be off the day that Hsk walks in.
But when jgk sees the pretty girl he stops in his tracks. She's so slender, boyish, but with an alluring charm that's undoubtedly feminine. She looks so soft and pretty and for the rare occasion he can feel his heartbeat speed up. He doesn't dare approach her only sparing
glances and peeks shyly when he doesn't think she's looking until she goes over to ask him a question. It's an obvious ploy to talk to him and he notices her voice is a lot deeper than it looks like it would be but he fumbles for an answer anyway.
They eventually find themselves chatting and she's quite handsy. He learns her name is Hsk which also confuses him but whatever. When they part it's regretful because he didn't get her number.
When Hsk goes to the Library some weeks later unfortunately busy with his jobs and planning for them jgk is nowhere to be found perhaps having given up on seeking the pretty boy out. But he does meet Joon. Hsk's not as fem today more androgenous pulling his hair back into
A ponytail at the base of his neck but strands hang to frame his face. He's got on bright pants with a crease and is donned in a flavorful business casual vibe. He opted for back high top sneakers with a cute pattern to match his shirt. NJ ofc is floored. Whoever this person is
they are gorgeous. Jgk had told him about a stunning person at the library but he said they were female. NJ has never known the small city to have so many gorgeous newcomers other than his own friends. But he's floored and has to clear his throat when Hsk asks him again
His question with a smile.
Ect ECT he meets them all in whatever style and all six of the boys have to deduce who this pretty person or persons are. It's only when they're flipping through the TV checking out the local stations they find him. They see the mom and jgk calls out that thats her that's who he
saw at the library. Yng on the other hand points at the office worker that's who /he/ saw at the coffee shop. Ofc they all feel like idiots when they realize it's the same person. One Jūng Høseøk. Shenanigans ensure when they try to pursue. Accidentally
sabatouging each other until they all calm down and invite a very confused Hsk over. He's never faced so much whiplash being flirted with by so many men but it's a surprise when they tell him that they're together in various arrangements and want him. They all do.


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