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Kaisoo au; Where Kyungsoo finds out that his project partner is Jongin.. "Hi" he greets the taller with a big smile and sat opposite to him in the library that evening.. "You are so handsome up close" he compliments and since there was no response, he tries to make a-

conversation again.. "So, when are we starting our project? Do you already have any plans regarding it?" "Yeah" Jongin finally speaks.. "And for that I need to change my partner first" Kyungsoo furrows both in confusion and embarrassment.. "What do you mean?"
"Look Kyungsoo, I'm very busy in my dance classes so I can't do these works" Jongin explains.. "I already asked Junmyeon so all we have to do is to switch.." "But I don't think we can do that" "Junmyeon will take care of that..I just need your cooperation.."
"I can handle the project by myself" Kyungsoo says hesitantly.. "I mean if that's why you want to switch" "But Why would you do that?" Jongin asked amused by the shorter's idea.. "Because I like doing projects by myself and there's no hassle of switching partners?!"
"Are you sure?" Jongin asks.. "Because I won't be of any help..Can you manage by yourself?" Kyungsoo nods, smiling.. "Alright.. Thanks.." Jongin stands up.. "Gotta go..bye" "Bye.."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ "I should have never trusted him" Jongin slams on his desk angrily.. It's the project submission day and Kyungsoo took a day off according to the information he got from his friends.. "He's sick" Junmyeon tells him.. "Just tell the professor that your partner-
is not well and you'll present it together when he gets back.." Jongin rolled his eyes.. "You know I don't have good reputation with the teachers, right? They'll use any chance to insult me in front of everyone..ugh"
As they were talking, the professor enters the class and starts the lesson.. Jongin was so anxious the entire class and it hits high when the teacher asked to submit the projects... Everyone including Junmyeon passed the booklet as he bites his nails nervously..
The teacher counted the number of booklets and hums in satisfaction.. "Good..Seems like everyone got it done on time.." At that he takes a look at Junmyeon who had the same confused face.. "Jongin.." he almost jumps, standing up clumsily when he heard his name being called-
by the professor.. "I can't believe you submitted the project even before the given time...Keep it up" The man leaves and he slumps down on his chair with a big sigh.. "Your partner is really something.." Junmyeon chuckles.. "Hey..Can you help me get his address?"
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ After pressing the bell, Jongin waited until someone whom he assumed to be Kyungsoo's mother opens the door.. "Yes?" "I'm Kim Jongin.. Kyungsoo's classmate.." "Oh.." the lady furrowed after taking a good look at him for good few seconds.. "Your face is bruised?"
That's when he realised that he hurried here immediately after the final rehearsal.. "Ah this" he says, touching the scar mark around his eyes, smiling sheepishly.. "Just a makeup.. I'm in dance club.." "Ah.." the lady smiled back with a relief.. "Come on in.."
Entering the house, his partner's mom asked to make himself comfortable before she walked upstairs.. Moments later, she comes back alone.."Sorry, Jongin..He doesn't want to see you now" "Um why? What's wrong?" Seeing the boy's disappointed face, the lady shook her head.."It's
nothing.. He's afraid that you'll get sick too.." "Oh" Jongin felt both relieved and worried at the same time.. "Is he okay?" "Yes" the mom assures.. "He'll back to college in few days.."
He bid goodbye and comes out of the house and bumps on to Baekhyun outside.. The shorter immediately tilts his head in confusion.. "Kim Jongin? Why are you here?" "I came to see Kyungsoo..I heard he's sick.." "Yeah he is..Ok bye" Jongin then stops the other.. "What?"
"He doesn't want to see anyone.. Just now his mom told me-" "Bro, I am not you" at that he raises eyebrows in question.. "He's my bestfriend..I don't need his permission to barge in and he won't stop me, okay?" Saying so, Baekhyun hops inside the house and closed the door behind
Three days later, Ksoo went to college after full recovery.. He greets his friends and his eyes searched for certain someone and when he locks eyes with Jongin, he smiled, waving.. The taller waved back and he couldn't help but notice how clingy Baekhyun is to Kyungsoo..
"Oh so you guys are friends now?" Junmyeon questioned... "I don't think he sees me as a friend yet..I told you he didn't let me see him that day" "And I told you he might not want to get you sick" Junmyeon stated the obvious.. "But he let Baekhyun see him though"
"That's how bestfriends are.. Don't we do that too?" "Yeah... Bestfriends.." he mumbles, eyes fixated on the two friends are hugging and giggling happily..
After class, Kyungsoo asked Baekhyun to go first and waited for Jongin near the class entrance.. When the taller comes out, he greets him with a little 'hey'.. "Hey Kyungsoo.. Aren't you going home?" "I need to go..bye guys" Junmyeon leaves in a hurry before Jongin-
could stop him.. "I was waiting for you" Kyungsoo answered... "I'm sorry that I couldn't see you that day at home.." "Not a problem.. I'm glad that you are okay now.." "Thanks for coming though.."
"I came to thank you that day.." "Huh?" Kyungsoo tilts his head which Jongin felt kinda cute.. "For the project..You saved my face that day in front of everyone.." "How would I let down you after promising that I'll take care of the project?"
There was a brief moment of silence before Jongin breaks it.. "Thank you so much, Kyungsoo.." "Come on.. It's nothing much..I did it for my marks too.." Kyungsoo laughed in embarrassment.. "So" Jongin clears his throat.. "What do you want? Ask me anything..Any kind of gifts.."
"No-" "You can't say no" he interrupts.. "Just ask me anything.." Kyungsoo bit his lower lip, deep in thoughts before speaking.. "I don't want gifts but can I ask you something else?" "Anything.."
"Next time if you get partnered with someone else, just remember that I'll be waiting for you to get switched with me.." Jongin's breath hitched at the unexpected offer..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ "We've got another project" Jongin beams at what Junmyeon just said.. "This time I don't have to help you with the switching.." "Huh?" "I'm your partner.. congratulations" "What? Really?" "Yeah..So glad I don't have to hear you whining.."
Jongin pouts as he side hugs his bestfriend.. "But I want Kyungsoo.." Junmyeon turns to him, fire in his gaze.. "Are you kidding me?" "Please Junnie.." The other sighs.. "Then you have to promise me something.." "Order me.."
"Dramatic" Junmyeon scoffs.. "Just propose him before this project ends and leave me alone for god's sake.." "Oh he will" The two jumps in surprise and turns to see the voice from behind... "Hi Junmyeon... Your partner Oh Sehun is waiting for you.." Kyungsoo points to the-
table where the taller boy was playing with his phone... "Oh okay.." Junmyeon immediately took the chance to leave the place.. "Shall we start ours?" Jongin gulps, nodding timidly.. "I have one condition this time.."
He blinks.. "The project should be submitted on 15th and if I don't get proposed before that, I am not gonna add your name.." "W-what?" The End๐Ÿ’•
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