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#kaeys5k Ship: Mothxian and Witchji Prompt: Witchji and Mothxian find an injured A-Yuan and they adopt him after nursing him back to health! The sound of an alarmed squeak has Witchji hurrying into the garden - he knows that squeak!

It has come from his sometimes-smol-sometimes-lorge husband, Mothxian When he gets outside, he spots his smol husband hovering over a little butterfly spirit. A flame butterfly, to be exact Oh Oh, Witchji thinks he knows what has happened
When he gets closer, he sees the butterfly spirit is small and wilted, seemingly exhausted. It's a good thing he knows exactly what to do! Scooping up the small creature, he takes it inside their cottage and lays it down on one of Mothxian's sunbathing cushions on the windowsill
The poor thing doesn't stir. As Mothxian flutters down to stand guard over the little spirit, Witchji prepares his potions Sundew Sun peony nectar Snowmelt collected at dawn And lastly, one tear from a moth spirit, willingly given
Witchji shows Mothxian that precious tear, and Mothxian doesn't even hesitate before he nods his acceptance. This butterfly spirit needs help. He's just a baby It takes almost no time at all and just a little nudge with spiritual energy for Witchji to create a special potion
The moment the potion touches the tongue of the tiny butterfly spirit, veins of light flutter through his wings, and he shivers The small spirit blinks open wide, brown eyes flecked with gold. He stares up at Witchji and Mothxian, seemingly without fear
Then he smiles A small, bright smile that seems to be able to rival Mothxian's own smile with how much happiness it can convey Witchji melts as he feels his heart open wide and surround this small eldritch creature
Here, in this cottage, they are a family of the heart. Boundless love fills the space between Witchji and Mothxian, and now it fills the space between Witchji, Mothxian and this small butterfly spirit "What is your name?" Witchji asks gently
"A-Yuan!" "A-Yuan..." Mothxian echoes. "A-Yuan. And where did A-Yuan come from?" A shadow of sadness fills A-Yuan's gaze. "A-Yuan has always been alone. No one to laugh with, no one to cuddle, no one to tell A-Yuan not to touch the bog fairy."
Well, that explains that... Bog fairies were notoriously bad-tempered, and could emit clouds of gas that suffocated anyone who breathed it in A-Yuan was very lucky to reach them before that happened "Would you like to live here?" Mothxian asked
"You do not need to agree just yet," Witchji hurried to say. "You can get to know us and if you feel safe and happy enough here, we would very much like that." A-Yuan stared up at them with wide eyes. Hopeful eyes. "A-Yuan can have a home?" he whispered
"Of course. A safe home. Full of happiness and laughter and love!" Mothxian said Witchji nodded
A-Yuan agreed to try it out, although he seemed to want to leap into being family instantly. A wise little spirit They spent days helping A-Yuan recover, while also showing him all the fascinating things around the cottage. Witchji's potion books. His collection of feather pens
He even had fun playing hide and seek in Witchji's big hats with Mothxian As for the things Mothxian showed him, they explored the garden, greeting the sunflowers every morning and making friends with the bees that pollinated the flowers
One of A-Yuan's favourite things to do was to chase the fireflies on a warm evening with Mothxian, hugging each of the fireflies before he released them He also loved to help Witchji in the garden, digging little holes for seeds in the garden beds
One time, Mothxian even half-buried A-Yuan in the rich soil, telling him that maybe if A-Yuan was planted, he would grow some more friends! A-Yuan cheered as Witchji smiled and shook his head. He plucked A-Yuan out of the soil and shook him off, making him giggle delightedly
At the end of two weeks, he announced to Witchji and Mothxian: "I wanna stay... but..." The pair leaned forward, willing to do anything for their little radish "Can I call you Baba and Diedie? I've never had a Baba or a Diedie..." The question was whispered
Witchji and Mothxian couldn't say yes fast enough, trying to hold back tears of joy This little butterfly spirit... Oh, they were going to give him the best childhood, and make him the happiest spirit in the forest
Thank you, @😫🀟🏾 for this cute prompt! πŸ₯°
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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