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Mar 11
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#kaeys5k Ship: Wangxian Tag: Chosen family The moment WY got the call from his friend MXY, he demanded the younger man arrive at his doorstep within 15min or "I'm hunting you down." Having known WY for years, and knowing exactly what that meant, MXY didn't disobey him

Although he was only four years younger than WY, standing on the doorstep, drenched from the rain outside and carrying a plastic bag of his worldly possessions, MXY looked like he was a teenager again Feeling like he wants to go to war for his friend, WY pulls him inside
"Right. So why are they kicking you out this time?" WY asks, watching as his husband LZ wraps MXY's cold hands around a warm mug of tea MXY takes a long sip of tea before answering, his voice fragile. "The sperm donor decided that since I'm 18 now, he's going to stop paying."
MXY's birthday had been yesterday Although the Mo family enjoyed torturing MXY by kicking him out into the street every few months, they always took him back in - Apparently the lure of money from JGS was too much, and they figured they needed something to show for it
WY and LZ always tried to convince him to stay with them, screw the Mo family, but for whatever reason, MXY always went back But... maybe not this time? WY leans forward. "Does this mean you're going to claim the spare bedroom?"
MXY hesitates, long years of not taking anything for himself creating a road block in his mind "We were going to eventually turn it into a nursery for when we adopt," LZ muses, "but if you want to live here, we will just have to extend the house like Wei Ying always wanted to."
MXY's eyes flick between WY and LZ, as if gauging their sincerity Silly boy, WY thinks, he should know by now that we're always sincere when it comes to him "We're family," WY adds softly. "We always have been. A better family than the Mos."
"Better," LZ adds, "because we're able to CHOOSE this family. That means we only have the best people in it." WY leans back into his chair and smirks at MXY, who looks like he's slowly coming out of his shell again
"Better because we're awesome," he tells their friend. "And we don't accept just ANYONE to become family. Only the best of the best here." He pauses thoughtfully. "You know, maybe we should have a selection process..."
MXY frowns. "You'd make me interview for the position?! After all we've been through? You would treat me so harshly? Jail for you! Jail for abusing your amazing friend Mo Xuanyu! Jail for a thousand years!" And there he was. Their friend was back with his usual snark
WY feels triumphant. Of course, it's not going to be so easy for MXY's internal scars to heal, but it's a start. For now, MXY is safe. That's what matters "Go chuck your stuff in the bedroom. Dinner is almost ready," he tells MXY
When MXY is gone, WY turns to LZ, wrapping his arms around his husband's waist. He sighs. "He's safe." LZ squeezes him tight. "Mn. He'll stay that way. The Mos can't hurt him here." He presses a kiss to the top of WY's head, making warmth ripple throughout WY's body
This. This is what chosen family is all about. Surrounding yourself with the people who make you feel safe and loved and cared for. People who will move the earth to make life better for you. He knows LZ would do that for him, just as he would do for LZ And now there was MXY
It was all going to be okay
Thank you @DuckieπŸ’πŸ₯ for this sweet prompt! I know it probably didn't turn out the way you thought it might, but I love the idea of MXY getting the chosen family he wants and needs πŸ₯°
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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