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Mar 11
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cw// a/b/o | cuddling | scenting

yeᴏnjᴜn didn't often come to sᴏᴏbın's room at night, especially not for a scenting down with the alpha. but he really needed to let loose and stop his thoughts from running tonight. so he found himself knocking on sᴏᴏbın's door, asking if he could go in.
inside, sᴏᴏbın was laying on his side from watching ᴏdɪ run around in his pen. but when the omega stepped into his room, he immediately sprang up to sit. yeᴏnjᴜn's scent was a little too sour around the edges, sharp unlike his usual warm scent.
"is everything okay?" he asked but all he got was a shake of a head one second, and an armful of omega the next. yeᴏnjᴜn buried his nose into the crevice of sᴏᴏbın's neck, desperately trying to take in the scent emitting from the alpha.
"hey hey, shh, it's okay," sᴏᴏbın's voice only made him shake in the hold on him, feeling himself get needier when the alpha tried to pull him away. "let's get comfy first, hm?" hearing the quiet 'okay' against his neck, he quickly readjusted their position.
now, sᴏᴏbın had yeᴏnjᴜn laying beneath him, legs on either side of the omega. yeᴏnjᴜn's legs hugged around the alpha's waist, hands grasping on the front of sᴏᴏbın's shirt. needy whimpers escape him as sᴏᴏbın continued to rearrange the pillows around them.
once sᴏᴏbın deemed them enclosed enough within the pillow fort, he threw on the blanket and leaned closer to yeᴏnjᴜn. he relaxed after feeling the omega's nose settle against his neck again, taking big gulps of his scent.
one of his hands rested on the back of the omega's head, patting it down and humming low in hopes of keeping yeᴏnjᴜn grounded. he buried his own nose in the tufts of yeᴏnjᴜn's black hair, inhaling wafts of calming warmth and feeling the tension melt out of the both of them.
after nearly an hour of scenting with only sᴏᴏbın's hums filling up the silence, yeᴏnjᴜn finally spoke. "are you humming to pᴏppɪn' star?" "... i ran out of our slow songs, okay?"
at yeᴏnjᴜn's chuckle, sᴏᴏbɪn huffed in playful indignant, sneaky hands coming down before reaching yeᴏnjᴜn's waist. "you have 10 seconds to beg for forgiveness." "pfft, what for?" "ddaeng! out of time, time for punishment."
the rest of the hour was spent with yeᴏnjᴜn giggling while attempting to apologise between every breathless gasp. sᴏᴏbın laughed evilly whenever the omega let out particularly loud shrieks, hands moving from one ticklish spot to another until they both ran low on energy.
as they both laid lifelessly in bed, they made the mistake of making eyecontact, erupting in another fit of giggles. "stop it!" sᴏᴏbɪn chuckled before he rolled off of yeᴏnjᴜn, pulling the omega until half his body was on top of the alpha. "we should sleep now."
"you mean i should sleep while you spend the night scenting me." sᴏᴏbın only let out puffs of laughter against the omega's neck, tongue already coming out to lick at his scent gland. "just don't drool too much this time." "i got it," sᴏᴏbın chuckled. "go to sleep now, baby."
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