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kaey πŸ’« 🧭

Mar 11, 2023
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#kaeys5k "Ah, he worked so hard, the little radish," WY whispered as he and LZ poked their heads into A-Yuan's bedroom that night A-Yuan was fast asleep, his head cradled on his arms at his desk On the desk itself, they could just make out what looked like a bunny card

The card had all sorts of colourful stickers, glitter, sequins and drawings on it. Wangxian thought it was truly a work of art! As a team, they entered the room, LZ picking A-Yuan up, WY dusting off the glitter, and then tucking him into his bunny pjs
Then LZ tucked the still-sleeping child into bed, where he rubbed his cheek sleepily into his pillow and snuggled up against Tuzi, the toy rabbit that had been passed down from LZ to A-Yuan Wangxian smiled, their hearts full of love. Their little radish was wonderful
Then WY turned and picked up the card that had been left on the desk. He covered his mouth with a hand at the cuteness He showed it to LZ, who read it silently
"Dear Babas, You always take care of me and I want to take care of you always. When I grow up, I'm gonna buy a big farm and we can live there happily forever with lots and lots of bunnies. I will call them all Tofu and Peanut Bunner and Feifei and Mini and Moru.
Our bunnies will be the fluffiest and the happiest. I luv you babas. Forever. The biggest luv ever! Luv A-Yuan." LZ looked like he was about to cry happy tears, and WY didn't blame him. This child of theirs was a wonder
"He will be the best of people when he grows up," LZ whispered "He already is," WY agreed with a kiss pressed to LZ's cheek. "Come on, it's our bedtime too."
They turned on the nightlight and closed the door. "Sleep well, little radish," WY said "Dream good dreams," LZ added --The End!--
Well! That's another fluff fest done! I had so much fun with the prompts I did write, and I hope you all enjoyed them! I might try to do a few more of the prompts in the original tweet over the next few days, because some of them are so amazing!
Thank you to everyone who followed along, you're so wonderful, and I cherish each and every like and comment For now, I'll say good night, and hope you're hydrated and your skin is clear! Lots of love from me! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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