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#taekookau + #yoonminau + #galaxyfest - sirius @Amy 🪄 Prince Taehyung and Prince Jimin tell their children the story of two villains, Agust D & JK, who were defeated by heroes Vante and Minnie.

My gorgeous Amy, I'm still working on it but I wanted you to have the prompt in the mean time 💜
There were two very powerful kingdoms, the Min Kingdom and the Jeon Kingdom. Both equally powerful and both equally intimidating. The ruler of the Min Kingdom was King Min, better known as Agust D.. He was ruthless, unforgiving, tough and murderous.
The ruler of the Jeon Kingdom was no better, King Jeon, or as he was known, JK, was as ruthless and as challenging as Agust D. And for this reason, the kings were enemies. Agust D wanted to take over the Jeon Kingdom and overthrow the king.
While JK wanted the same with the Min Kingdom. Sadly, those who were to suffer the enemy relationship between the kings would be that of the villagers of each kingdom. Agust D had a brother, a younger brother. Prince Vante, the one person the king loved and protected the most.
The prince did not approve of his brother’s doings, wanting things to be better between both kingdoms. He felt it would be better to live in peace than in constant war. And over at the Jeon Kingdom, there was Prince Minnie. Best friend and adoptive brother of JK.
The prince of the Jeon Kingdom would constantly ask his best friend to stop the war against the Min Kingdom. “I cannot do that, Prince. You know that the Min Kingdom is the reason for our parents’ deaths. I will not rest until I've burned the Min Kingdom down,
Agust D along with it.” JK said as he looked over at the prince. Minnie sighed and watched the king walk out of the hall, leaving him with a broken heart. Because, how was he to tell the king that he was in love? In love with the king of the Min Kingdom.
How could Prince Minnie possibly tell King Jeon that he was in love with King Min? The little ones gasped, looking at their papas with wide eyes, “Prince Minnie was in love with the enemy?” Mi-Sun asked, her eyes on her papa. Jimin nodded and held her close to him,
while Taehyung held onto Haneul the same way. “He was, and he was scared to tell his best friend, because-” “Because it could start a war?!” Haneul asked excitedly, making Taehyung laugh. “Yes, it could start a war.” He confirmed and his son looked at him in shock.
“Can I continue the story?” Jimin asked, both kids nodding impatiently. Prince Minnie would sneak off in the middle of the night, he'd walk a mile east and half a mile west. Meeting his lover on the top of a hill where a single cherry blossom tree stood. “Hyung?”
The King would turn and rush over to the prince, engulfing him in a hug. The prince felt at home in the arms of the king. “Minnie, I've missed you.” The prince blushed and looked at the king, “You saw me yesterday.” He said and it made the king smile.
“Hyung, this war with my brother must end..” Minnie said quietly and the king pulled away, a frown on his face. “I cannot do that. He started this war, I will end it.” The prince looked at the elder with teary eyes, “Do you love me?”
The king’s expression softened as he reached for the younger male’s hands, “More than anything.” “End this. End this war on a good note or..” He trailed off and the king squeezed his hands gently. The prince took a deep breath before continuing,
“End this on a good note or this between us will come to an end.” The king watched as the prince pulled away, they looked at each other for a few seconds before the prince ran off back to the palace. “That's so sad.” Mi-Sun said with a pout, Jimin placed a kiss on her head.
“It was, but they weren't the only ones hurting.” Taehyung added, making his son look up at him. “Who?” The little boy asked so Taehyung continued. “Prince?” Prince Vante gasped as he turned around and watched King Jeon step into his bedroom through the window.
The prince rushed to his side and as soon as he was in the arms of the other, he bursted into tears. King Jeon held him tightly as the prince cried. He knew why he was. The prince was tired of having to hide their relationship.
The prince wanted peace. Something that the king couldn't give him. “I beg of you, please put an end to this war. I cannot go on like this. I cannot go on with the fear of my brother going off to battle and maybe not returning.
I cannot live with the fear of you stepping onto that war field and finding your demise. I cannot, my king.” King Jeon looked at the prince, gently and slowly wiping the tears running down his cheeks, “I cannot lose either of you.”
“Your brother is responsible for the death of my parents, prince. I cannot let him go on without being punished for it.” “He is not at fault. It is me. I caused your parents' deaths.” The prince replied, making the king frown.
“I was playing out on the street, I wasn't looking down the road. My ball slipped onto the middle of it, and when I stepped onto the road to retrieve it. A carriage nearly hit me, it missed me as the driver made sure to turn at the last second.”
King Jeon listened as the prince spoke through sobs, “Your parents died trying to make sure not to hit me.” King Jeon shook his head and stepped away from the prince, as if he had been burned by the prince’s touch.
“I'm so sorry, my king.” Prince Vante watched the king jump out of his window and run into the night. “What happened next?” The children asked, causing their papas to smile. “The love both kings had for the princes was much greater than any hate they held for one another.”
Taehyung said and it made the two little ones frown. Jimin chuckled, “Let us finish the story.” Prince Vante stood in front of King Min, asking him, one last time, to end the war with the Jeon Kingdom. Whereas in the Jeon Kingdom, Prince Minnie was asking the same of King Jeon.
King Min thought back to his night at the cherry blossom tree with the prince while King Jeon thought back to the previous night and the confession made by the prince. He didn't blame him. Two weeks later, Agust D and JK put their differences aside and
signed a treaty between the kingdoms. In that treaty there was an agreement, King Min would marry Prince Minnie, and that King Jeon would marry Prince Vante. In a way, the princes saved their kingdoms from the wrath of their kings. They were heroes.
“Love conquers all?” Mi-Sun asked and her papa nodded at her. “Love conquers all.” Taehyung and Jimin tucked their children into bed and stepped out of their bedroom. “You need to stop telling them that story.” Jungkook said,
he leaned against the wall with his arms over his chest. But a smile on his lips. Taehyung smiled and walked over to press a kiss to his husband’s cheek, “It's the truth.” “Hardly, you're missing big details.” Yoongi added, he was on the other side of the hall,
which Jimin walked over to. “They’ll know the entire story when the time is right. For now, let us be the heroes who turned the villains into good people.” Jimin smiled, earning a playful eye roll from Yoongi. “As you say, my love.” “Whatever my prince wants."
Taehyung and Jimin smiled widely because if there was one thing they knew, it was that Agust D and JK had a few weaknesses. Their husbands and their children.
- fic three ⭐️
Galaxy Fest 💫🌙 - So, I've been struggling mentally but I also have my ways of coping with it. Therefore, while I work on my own aus and my fest fics, I've decided to do another 'countdown'.
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