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mr. R𝓞ver🩸

Mar 12, 2023
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Kaisoo au "Wha- the blood! What did you do!" "I did it for you." "You bastard- I hate him but I didn't want my own father dead!" "He hurt you-" "-I don't go and kill whoever hurts me, Jongin! And you shouldn't. I won't forgive you."

"I don't understand. He wanted to kill you and you knew about it ." "I don't give a fuck about him, Jongin. I can't forgive you for commiting a murder. I can't turn a blind eye for you! I'm a prosecutor!"
"But you can." Jongin touched the smaller's check with his bloody hand. Kyungsoo didn't make a move to step back and remind standing, eyes full of hate and anger as he gazed at his husband. "You can turn a blind eye."
He was right. Kyungsoo can. He can clean the mess up and hide the evidence and Jongin knows. "I hate you," Kyungsoo snarled. "I hate you I hate you-" Jongin lunged forward to take the smaller's quivering lips between his in a harsh kiss. "I will do anything for you, Soo."
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