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There's clearly disappointment on Jongin's face. To see a gun pointed towards him, and Kyungsoo's the one holding it. "You wanna kill me? Was all of those a lie?" The silence from Kyungsoo made him worse.

"You said you love won't care about whoever I am.." a step forward, Kyungsoo ready to pull the trigger. The heavy breath echoes thru the empty space. His mind is in a mess. "YOU KILLED PEOPLE! LOOK AT YOU NOW!" Blood stains everywhere on Jongin's shirt,
some on his face, on his skin. "You killed them, Kai. How could I turn blind eyes on those?" "Kai? Now I am Kai?" He scoffed. "You hate me now. You wanna know why I did that?" He took one step closer. "I did this for you. They all wanna get rid of you! Didn't you realise it?"
"STILL! THIS ISN'T THE WAY! "SHOULD I JUST STAND UP AND WATCH YOU SUFFER THEN?! ANSWER ME, SOO!" The time seems to stop for a while. Both of them exchanging gazes, none of them are subtle. "It's nothing to do with you. Either I got kicked off from my organisation, it's none-
"-of your business. That's literally my job and it's bound to happen." "Your fcking corrupted organisation. And such a rightful prosecutor you are. Wouldn't it be good if they are gone? No one would stop you from your justice agenda." Jongin laughed and stopped abruptly.
"And what makes you think these are justice? We have a law for a reason, Jongin." "Come on, babe I just open an easy path for you." "Shut the fck up." His hand is shaking but no he won't show his weakness. "Turn yourself in, Jongin. Pay for all you have done."
Jongin brushed his sweaty face. "Sure..I should though. You found me anyway. The culprit that you've been chasing all these times. Thanks to you, I got my chance to 'play' after a while." While Jongin was talking, he noticed a red light from afar. Seems like..
"Yeah you're right. Now surrender. Please." Kyungsoo is in a rush. As much as he despises what his lover did, he doesn't wanna lose him. Jongin should pay on what he did. Not gonna lie too that..he actually loves him. "What's the rush babe?" Jongin snickered.
Casually taking out a gun from his back, Jongin acts nothing. "Put it down. Enough with everything!" Instead, Jongin gave him a side eye with a smirk. "What are you..." He just saw that Jongin sneakily took out the last bullet and put it in his pocket.
Then Jongin lifted up the gun, pointed towards him. "Jongin..." "I had it enough too, Soo. Any last word?" Jongin raised his voice suddenly, and Kyungsoo senses something was up on his sleeve. "Don't do this. I am begging you." "That's all? Now answer me."
Kyungsoo's eyes are trembling. He knew what's coming. "Say that you love me." "Jongin... don't do this.." Jongin burst out laughing. "Hard to say is it? I should end this tonight." He pulls the trigger, ready to shoot and when it was about to happen,
"NO, DON'T SHOOT!" but it was too late. Another shot is heard, Jongin gasped out of it. Yet he is still holding up his gun towards Kyungsoo. "I" "JONGIN NO!!!" second shot and Jongin fell on the ground with a pool of blood on his chest. Within just a second,
a swarm of polices came in to fill the area. Kyungsoo let go of his gun and ran towards Jongin. "Why... Jongin why.." holding the pale face, Kyungsoo couldn't contain his feelings anymore. The tears flow and drip on Jongin's face. ""
There's too much blood gushing out from his mouth as he spoke. "P-please.." "I love you... sorry..." One last smile before he closed his eyes, heaving out his last breath. Kyungsoo didn't care anymore. He screams out loud, hugging the lifeless body. "I am sorry.."
"Kyungsoo-ssi.." a man approached him. "Why did you guys shoot him...his gun is empty...he wasn't trying to shoot me.." The man quickly took the gun on the ground and checked it by himself. "It is.. empty.." the man is shocked.
He traces his hand into one of Jongin's pockets. "The bullet is here-" but he felt another strange thing aside from the bullet. With a trembling hand, he took it out. It is a box of rings. Jongin was about to propose to him..but everything is too late now.
He lost Jongin. He lost everything. And he is now losing himself. Taking out one of the ring, he put on Jongin's cold finger. He took another one and put it on himself. "You shouldn't die for me fool.."
He stopped crying. He looked around and spotted something. Slowly getting up and dragging his weak legs, he picked up his own gun that he threw before. Pulling the trigger, he holds up on his head. "This answer.." One shot, he fell on the ground. -END-


#kaisoo i write if i sad n idc if it will be finished or not.
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