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yoonmin au — the jealous, evil queen calls for prince jimin's heart from her faithful huntsman, yoongi. she doesn't expect for the huntsman to not only spare prince jimin's life, but also to end up running away with him.

tags: - attempted murder? no serious violence though - snow white au - a short one shot
“Your majesty, are you ready to head out for the day?” the strong, handsome huntsman asks as Jimin finishes adjusting his crown into his blonde locks. Jimin has seen this huntsman a number of times before, though it had always been beside his cruel and jealous stepmother,
the Queen of Busan. Jimin’s heard of the valiant tales from some of the maids that always featured the famous huntsman with the long hair tied into an attractive bun at the back of his head. To say Jimin hadn’t also taken special interest in the huntsman at first would be a lie.
Jimin finishes fiddling with his crown, nodding as he turns on his heel to face the huntsman in the door. “Yes, let me just find an appropriate coat for the trip out to the field,” Jimin fibs as the huntsman nods and turns his back to the prince.
Jimin opens the door to his closet, the hinges creaking loudly as the doors swing open. Though he does indeed grab a coat, he purposely grabs one with ample pocket space. “I am ready to go, huntsman.” The huntsman grunts in response,
clearly a man of action rather than speaking at length. Jimin takes the long way around his room, taking the dagger from his vanity with a subtle slight of his hand. In one fluid motion, Jimin tucks his blade into his inner coat pocket.
“I appreciate you taking me out to the forest,” Jimin says as he closes the door to his childhood bedroom behind him. “Your stepmother insisted,” the huntsman informs as the two begin to descend the spiral staircase to the vast expanse of the castle.
“I see,” Jimin says as he follows obediently. “I wonder why she would do that. I have never been one to go flower picking before,” he muses aloud to himself, purposefully trying to see what reaction he can pull from the huntsman.
All he is returned with is another simple noise of acknowledgement from the huntsman. “What is your name, good huntsman? I have seen you around the castle quite a bit.” “Yoongi,” he informs more readily than Jimin had expected for a man whose hired to kill him,
“I’ve been working for your mother for a few years.” “Yoongi-ssi,” Jimin feels the name out on his tongue, liking the way it feels in his mouth, “How old are you?” The 2 move through the castle, before making their way to the outside where a crisp wind blows over from the ocean.
The smell of sea salt is still pungent in the air as the sun shines on their faces. “Twenty-five,” Yoongi informs, “Started here when I was eighteen.” “So you are older than me,” Jimin says, mostly to see if Yoongi acknowledges the information or not.
A test to see if Yoongi actually knows the family that he works for or if only what the evil Queen allows him to know. “So I should call you hyung.” “It is up to you, your majesty,” Yoongi appeases as they leave the tall walls of the castle and make their way inland.
The two walk in silence for a little bit, letting the sand fall from the crevices of the beach before oceanfront turns to forest. The trees are tall here, a perfect place for a huntsman to make his mark without a single person to hear the foul occurring.
Jimin sticks his hand into his pocket, gripping the base of his dagger as they come to a small alcove in the forest. “Prince Jimin,” Yoongi says as he turns around and closes in on Jimin quickly, “I am sorry to do this to you.”
Jimin swallows hard as he prays that his plan will still work. He allows himself to be backed up into the alcove where a thick bunch of trees and bushes keeps him from running away easily. Then, at the very last second,
he makes a quick move that sidesteps to enclose Yoongi in the small alcove instead. Then, he pulls the dagger out and presses the tip firmly against Yoongi’s lower back. “What are you apologizing for?” Jimin asks, purposely keeping his voice light and innocent,
“You would never do a prince harm, would you?” Perhaps Jimin let his own guard down, thinking that he had the upper hand simply with a blade in his hand. Or perhaps he got lazy with his grip and didn’t hold onto his knife the way he should have.
Either way, he’s quickly disarmed with the dagger flying off into the bushes as Yoongi knocks at his wrist in a way that renders him weaponless. In the shock of losing his knife, Jimin barely prepares himself as Yoongi tackles him to the ground.
A small fury of fists and kicks breaks out, the two trying desperately to fight for dominance on the forest floor. They roll over one another a few times, a game of tug-a-war breaking out as they tussle.
Then, Jimin manages to get Yoongi onto his back with his hands held tight behind him. “The Queen didn’t mention this part of the deal,” Yoongi says once he’s entirely defenseless, with Jimin sitting atop his lower back and unwilling to let his guard down again.
In another world, one where Jimin wasn’t currently being hunted by Yoongi, he might have even enjoyed their current position. “She always seems to forget all the years of Kendo and Taekwondo that I did,” Jimin dismisses, “Now, tell me what she hired you to do.”
“You won’t be able to return to the castle,” Yoongi purposely doesn’t answer Jimin’s question, “The Queen will send every huntsman she has after you. She wants to become the fairest in the land of Busan and she’s not willing to stop at anything to make it happen.”
Jimin ponders the situation before him; knowing his evil stepmother, Yoongi is correct. Since the day he turned 18 years old, his stepmother had abhorred his very existence. Though she had never been the type of mother that one could consider doting,
once Jimin had surpassed her beauty, he became the focus of all her wrath. Jimin’s poor father was always overworked and run ragged as king; he didn’t have time to deal with the bickerings of his wife and son. “So what now?” Jimin asks as he shifts ever so slightly,
but doesn’t lose his grip on the huntsman, “If I return, I’ll be hunted again. If you return without your proof, you’ll be disposed of.” “Are you telling me that you won’t willingly part with your beautiful and fair heart?”
Yoongi bemuses in a way that has Jimin almost on the verge of blush; if Yoongi hadn’t said it so sarcastically. Somehow, Jimin sort of likes the way that Yoongi speaks to him. He doesn’t treat Jimin like a fragile doll, but rather as an actual person.
“I rather like my heart in my chest,” Jimin snaps back, “but perhaps we could make a life for ourselves elsewhere than Busan. I can’t imagine my stepmother pays you well at all.” “I am paid with a roof over my head, meals in my belly,
and a pitiful monthly salary that can buy perhaps two weeks’ worth of rice,” Yoongi notes, “And she says I ought to be grateful for her generosity.” “You’ve never wanted for more?” Jimin questions, “Perhaps someone to hold at night?”
Beneath him, Jimin feels the rise and fall of Yoongi’s chest as he scoffs, “What a privileged thing to long for.” “I am a prince,” Jimin reminds with a snark, “So, Yoongi-hyung, what are we going to do in our predicament? We both can’t go back to the castle.”
After a long moment of deliberation where Jimin purposely waits for Yoongi to make a decision, the huntsman lets out a long sigh. “I never quite liked the jobs that the Queen gave me anyways,” he admits, though Jimin is careful with his guard,
“I actually took this job to feed my younger siblings. If only that evil Queen gave us anything worthwhile to send back to them.” “Younger siblings?” Jimin asks, “How young?” “Jungkook will turn seven this year and Taehyung will turn nine,” Yoongi informs,
“luckily they have Hoseok who is ten to raise them.” “Your parents?” Jimin questions innocently, without thinking. “Dead,” Yoongi says simply. Jimin nods in understanding. “Where do your siblings live?” Jimin asks, a small inkling forming in the back of his mind,
“Has it been many years since you saw them last?” Yoongi huffs beneath Jimin’s weight. “Do you have any other bright ideas?” “They live in the neighboring kingdom,” Yoongi says, “Towards the north. In a city named Daegu.” “Is it far?” Jimin asks.
“Not impossibly,” Yoongi answers, “If we start off now, we can reach there by sunrise tomorrow morning.” “How about it? Want to head to Daegu together and try and strike it out there?” Jimin asks, climbing off of Yoongi’s back and allowing him to stand up again.
Yoongi rolls his neck and arches his back and shoulders after such a position. “Don’t try anything funny, I studied Kendo and Taekwondo for many years.” “Have you always been this insane?” Yoongi asks as the two of them turn towards the north, beginning to walk along the forest.
“Have you met my stepmother? Anyone would go insane under her rule,” Jimin comments. Yoongi laughs softly, nudging his shoulder with Jimin’s, “Point taken.”
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