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a.b.o. #jikookau O!Jm is having an affair with his alpha boss who keeps promising he'll leave his partner but never does. Getting pregnant was never part of the plan. And giving birth in a cab wasn't either. Serendipity? Cab driver A!Jk makes sure Jm has a safe delivery and...

Well things take an interesting turn.
Tags : -mpreg -šŸ”ž -fluff +++ -Slight angst. -infidelity [not btwn jkk]
š‘»š’Šš’‡š’‡ ā· šŸŖž PARK FUCKING JIMIN āœÆ
21 ā™¤ BTS is happiness šŸ–¤ š…š€š‚š„ š›š² š‰š¢š¦š¢š§ āœÆ ā™¤ Taking my clothes off isn't a big deal - Jimin ā™¤ ā€¢ ā™” I'm human too - Jk 030423 ā™”
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