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e繒糧  SET US FREE!!!

e繒糧 SET US FREE!!!

Mar 12, 2023
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a thread of analysis about panopticism + FACE subjection is the process by which people become subjects to a type of socio-symbolic authority specifically, an ideological power. in the case of panopticism, both the prison guard and the prisoner are subjected to the +

socio-symbolic order, however only the prison guard enforces it. hence, the goal of the panopticon is to influence the prisoners to also become enforcers especially to themselves. the prisoners will never know if/when theyre being watched by the prison guards. and +
since they will be punished for any wrongdoings (actions that are criminalised by the socio-symbolic order), they are thus compelled into a state of self-observation; they become complicit in their own subjection. the prisoner becomes a disciplined figure of society, +
never questioning authority and never behaving in a disorderly manner for fear of punishment from an intangible, omnipresent ideology-God. so how does this connect to FACE? i think the panopticon could present a few things namely, himself or stardom (perhaps both). +
since FACE-OFF is the first track on the album, i believe jimin will face his dual identities: prisoner & guard. one is constantly being watched by us (the audience), and one is constantly watched by himself the latter a rigorous form of self-discipline and perfectionism.
the hardware/software interface further links to this, as shown in the concept pictures:
so what is jimin trying to tell us here? personally, im leaning to the interpretation that, while he is comfortable in his own skin, he associates the state of nakedness with performance & stagecraft. for a dancer like jimin, his naked body is not a private/personal entity.
e繒糧  SET US FREE!!!
only 鴔諯 Royal Academy of Dance qualified ballerina
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