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#iwaoi doctor AU part 5 Oikawa Tooru was a selfish bastard at the worst of times and just plain selfish at the best. He was selfish with Hajime’s love. And then he’d thrown it away 4 years ago. He’d chosen to walk away. He’d chosen to walk away from Hajime, the hospital, +

everything. But he’s not sure he’d still be a doctor if he’d stayed, and he has only one regret. That regret stands in the doorway. “We need to talk.” Oikawa sighs, uncaring persona deflating as he knows that Hajime isn’t going to let this go. +
Daichi slides out of the room, “I’ll let you two figure this shit out. Don’t fuck.” And then he shuts the door behind him. “Oikawa Hajime?” He can’t help but ask the obvious question. Hajime runs a sheepish hand thru his hair and shrugs. +
“I’d just finished the legal paperwork when you blindsided me with the divorce papers. It was too much of a hassle to ever change back.” Oikawa sits on the bed, Hajime sitting next to him. “You should hate me,” Oikawa whispers, “you have every right to hate me.” +
Hajime chuckles darkly, “I did hate you for awhile to be honest. But then I healed myself. And met with a therapist to work thru my own issues and I realized that putting you on the pedestal like I did only put more pressure on you to be perfect. I was part of the issue.” +
Oikawa gives him a wry lip quirk, “look at you, sound so mature and shit.” Hajime outright laughs this time, “Had to happen sometime.” Looking at his hands, Oikawa asks the question he’s been too afraid to pose for the last four years. The reason he’s avoided Hajime+
since the divorce, too afraid to know the answer. But here in this closet, he asks, “Can you ever forgive me?” +
Fingers catch the tear sliding down his cheek. “Silly Tooru, I forgave you a long time ago.” Hajime flicks the tear away, asking, “Follow up question: Have you forgiven yourself?” “No, not for hurting you.” They sit there in silence, sounds of the hospital permeate +
through the door. “Why did you ask for me?” Hajime asks. Oikawa knows the answer to this question immediately, “Because I need to fully trust that the surgeon in the room with me will make all the right decisions. You’re the only surgeon I trust.” +
Hajime stands, “can you handle me still being an Oikawa?” “I’ve never felt prouder of the my name knowing that you carry it too.” Hajime wraps an arm around Oikawa’s shoulder, pulling him in for a hug. “Think Yachi will name the baby after me when I save them?” he jokes. +
Oikawa nudges him with his shoulder, “Please, Tooru is a much better name than Hajime.” “I couldn’t agree more.” Once again, Oikawa is left staring after Hajime’s backside as the other doctor walks away from him, turning at the last moment to wink. Oh fuck him.
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