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yoonkook au // incest , glory hole , blowjob , rough face-fucking , wet and messy , come swallowing Jk loves glory holes. The arousal and obscenity of it. He didn't think his father would be into the same thing

The thing about glory holes is not just the anonymity — though it is the primary reason why Jungkook even started frequenting such places. It’s the exhilarating feeling that comes with it. It’s a weird experience when you’re not familiar with it, though equally and undeniably horny. 

It’s dirty, arousing, and obscene, and Jungkook loves it. He might not be sure when exactly this unusual predilection began, but it all led him to suck a broad number of anonymous dicks in the past couple of months and yet another one right now. 

Jungkook hums happily as his tongue lolls out of his mouth, licking over the underside of the man’s cock and tracing the thick veins from bottom to tip. It’s messy and sticky with precome, hard, and slightly curving up. Jungkook almost giggles at the audible sigh of relief coming from the other side of the wall.
He lets the slicked cockhead sit over his puckered lips, and he tongues at the slit. Now the precome mixes with the spit that dribbles out from his mouth. Jungkook closes his right hand around the length and strokes it steadily, down to the base and up in a twist motion at the head, feeling it pulsate against his palm.

It’s moments such as this that Jungkook thinks: “Yes, that’s my favorite hobby.”

It helps even more that the man’s cock is so pretty. It’s clean, with a musky smell underlaid by a soft soapy scent, and the taste is just as good. It’s long and girthy, the perfect size to stretch Jungkook’s supple lips to the point of almost splitting them open, to fit in the inside of his mouth and down his throat to the point of asphyxiation.
Once Jungkook takes the cockhead in, it weighs down on his tongue, and an enthusiastic moan bubbles out of him. Jungkook needily fills his mouth with cock, his whimpers coming out muffled but still as eager as they can get. The man hums in approval, slowly rolling his hips. It’s a deep sound, stretched out into the silent and filthy bathroom.

Spurred on by the man’s reaction, Jungkook hollows his cheeks, suckling on the tip like the most delicious lollipop. The man’s low voice comes out in a dragged-out hiss, followed by a groan, rich and heady, making the hair on Jungkook’s arms stand on end. He weeps at how good everything feels.

“God, you’re so fucking good at this,” and as the scrappy words bounce against the walls along the slick sounds of Jungkook’s slurping wafting in the air, they ring something at the back of Jungkook’s brain. A distant alarm sets off.
It’s an oddly familiar voice, Jungkook thinks. The almost lazy pace to it, speech warm and velvety soft. It’s too close to home if Jungkook were to be more exact. Though also impossible. There’s no way his—

“Hm, is there anything wrong?” The man asks, strained but sounding genuinely concerned at Jungkook. “Are you alright?” And it’s only then that Jungkook realizes he suddenly stopped sucking on the man’s cock, leaving it throbbing in abandon. 

The more the man speaks, the more flabbergasted Jungkook becomes, shivers running down his spine and cold brimming his skin. The pressure on his knees now feels too much, too real and painful. 

Jungkook tries to ignore the warning signs that keep blasting in his mind, but it’s hard not to connect one thing to the other, to not let his mind wander to the most insane probability there is. 

That his father, Min Yoongi, is in the other bathroom.
No, that can’t be right. His serious, soft-spoken, homebody of a father is here. Jungkook would bark out a laugh if he wasn’t so stunned to do anything, let alone breathe right. 

Maybe he shouldn’t be living so close to his father’s house now that he's a college graduate and decided to put his sexual fantasies to practice.

“Sorry, I— I don’t know how this works exactly, but— Shit, I should— Ha… I really have no idea what I’m doing,” Jungkook hears, and yes, there’s no doubt the man speaking is his father, now flustered and retreating. 

And it’s ironic. Jungkook had no issues with the existence of glory holes and engaging with them. Hell, he makes weekend pastimes out of it. But now that his father is in the picture, it suddenly takes a different turn.
How could his father be in a place like this? Letting some random, faceless guy suck his dick for gratuitous pleasure. Is it his first time, Jungkook wonders? It’s wrong, isn’t it? It’s degrading. It’s filthy. 

But here’s Jungkook, of all people, tasting his father’s cock. And the most sinful of it all is that he wants to do it again. 

“Look,” the man— no, his father, begins, voice mellow but bordering on stern, in the way he speaks when he wants to get something out of people, out of Jungkook. Fuck, Jungkook doesn’t feel right. “Let’s just stop. You’re clearly not in the mood anymore, and it’s fine. It happens.” 

Jungkook doesn’t feel right because Yoongi’s words shouldn’t feel so soothing. But what can he do? That’s his appa’s voice, so dear to him, so warm, a beacon of safety whenever he needed it. And yet, Jungkook wants to swallow his cockhead back into his mouth.
Through the hole, Jungkook can see Yoongi tucking his half-hard dick back inside his slacks, and he panics. He reaches out, sticking his non-tattooed fingers inside the hole and — pathetically — gesturing for his father to come back. He’s teary-eyed, not uttering a single word, not daring to risk and put everything to waste. 

However, he does weigh the consequences. What are the odds of his appa finding out who’s on the other side and the odds of something of the sort ever repeating itself? Someone in their right mind would back out, but Jungkook—

“Wait… You want to continue?” Yoongi asks, inhaling sharply through his nose, disrupting Jungkook’s line of thoughts and causing him to bite back a needy whine, but audible enough. He wants it, fuck, he wants more.
“Are you sure?” He asks again in a raspy chuckle, and Jungkook huffs under his breath. His father has a way of getting on people’s nerves sometimes. Although Jungkook never found it particularly sexy under any prism — not until now. 

“Alright, because I was really enjoying it, and, fuck, I was so close.” 

Yeah, fuck it. Out of sight, out of mind. Attaching the low tone of his father to the image of him can be avoided if Jungkook works hard enough. He tells himself that, at least. But either way, Jungkook already stooped low enough. It can’t get worse than that.

“Okay. Let’s continue then.”
And when his father slides back into his previous position, something in Jungkook fully shifts. He’s ecstatic, determined to have this. Shit, Jungkook is more of a slut than he thought he was, definitely having fewer screws left in him than he assumed.

He wastes no time — he can’t, honestly. Jungkook closes his lips around the bulbous, wet tip, savoring the salty taste he was missing already, and bobs his head to take more and more of Yoongi’s dick into his mouth.

“F—Fuck, you’re— really going for it, huh?” Yoongi grins, a dark whisper underneath the joviality of his words, and he suddenly pushes his hips forward. Jungkook nearly chokes, eyes rolling to the back of his skull, and his cock throbs inside the confines of his tight jeans at the sensation of Yoongi’s cock snuggling against the back of his throat.
At Jungkook’s reaction, Yoongi does it again and again, pulling his cock till the tip rests on Jungkook’s plump lips and pushing back in, hard and fast. Tears well up in Jungkook’s waterlines, and he keeps his mouth as tight as he can, not letting Yoongi’s cock slip to the sides for a second. 

Yoongi is face-fucking Jungkook and he’s fucking loving it.

“Ah, shit, you feel so good, baby,” Yoongi groans, and Jungkook whimpers at the pet name. Yoongi’s edging on poorly veiled desperation, his thrusts sloppy and hasty. He sounds like an interesting mix of hot and cute when bordering on orgasm. “‘Gonna make me come. You want it?”

Gurgling sounds are Jungkook’s only reply, echoing in the air, mingling with the obscene wet sounds of his mouth being fucked. It stirs Yoongi even further, and Jungkook’s nostrils flare as his throat is roughly assaulted.
It’s getting harder to breathe, and he’s drooling, spit and precome frothing and trickling down from the corners of his mouth. His skin glistens with a mess of fluids. His vision tints with bright colors, and his belly flutters. He’s so close.

Albeit awkwardly, Jungkook hastily opens his zipper and shoves his hand past the edge of his pants. He’s burning up, trembling from head to toe before his abs contract, and his body tenses at his vicious pace. It doesn’t take too much touching for Jungkook to reach his orgasm.

“I’m coming, baby— Fuck, I’m coming—”

And then Jungkook feels Yoongi’s cock jerking as it shoots load after load of come into his mouth, thick and milky. Jungkook moans happily, humming as he gobbles up each drop of come his appa has to offer — surprised by how much it keeps coming. It fills the hollow of his mouth, and he’s surprisingly not sick of it. 
Jungkook licks up the excess, chest heaving and breath ragged. His face feels hot and clammy, and a nervous, wicked giggle erupts out of him. He just sucked his father dry.

“That was… Really, really good,” Yoongi clears his throat and inhales deeply. “Sorry for being so rough, but you were— You were perfect.”

God, Jungkook didn’t peg his appa to be that sappy. He hums back, unable to do much else. He gets up, muscles protesting and bones cracking at the kneeling position he sustained for too long. He’s dusting off his pants, making a face at his wet underwear. 

His mind is blank, and still not fully processing the recent event until Yoongi speaks up again.

“So… Could we repeat this another day?”
Silence. Jungkook can’t say anything, either accept the offer or reject it. His father would recognize his voice in an instant. 

“Or no,” Yoongi eventually says after a while. “It’s fine either way. But… if you change your mind,” he pauses, and Jungkook should’ve left by now, “We can meet here a week from now, at the same bathroom stool and time, during night time. At seven,” Yoongi gulps down audibly. 

Yoongi’s nervous. Fuck, he’s cute. How come Jungkook never realized how cute his father is? Well, admittedly, that’s not how a son is supposed to feel about his father, even more considering what Jungkook did.
So it’s better if he leaves, isn’t it? Throw this night away, and forget everything about it. But Jungkook’s still here, listening, feeling his insides simmer, the feeling growing from the bottom of his belly. He’s allowing himself to stay. And by doing this, he’s validating everything that happened and allowing more of it to happen. 

If Jungkook finds a way to communicate himself and repeat this, he’ll be walking into unknown, tempting, and dangerous territory. A place he won’t be able to walk away from if he ever entered. Forever tainted, body and mind, heart thrumming with tarnish. 

The thing is, maybe Jungkook doesn’t think it would be so bad to be blemished anymore.
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