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minjoon au where recently divorced nj attends a live show to support his bestie yg. the first night out he's had in ages, he expects a rowdy crowd, bountiful liquor & a migraine the next day what he doesn't expect is to connect w/ a bright eyed stranger who seems oddly familiar.

it takes the notification of a finalized divorce, the promise of a good meal and a tiny bit of goading to lead nj to the local venue. he's fidgeting in place as the band sets up, feet awkward from standing in place for over an hour. but he spots yg as he hops on the stage to +
tune his guitar and can't help pulling out his phone to snap a quick pic. yg sends him a warm smile. it's not that nj isn't a fan of live music or a good night out w/ friends, but the bitter back-and-forth w/ his ex was like trudging mud into his heart. sullying his love & joy.
nj knew he was pulling away, turning inward, burying himself in his work and deleting all traces of his married life from social media. even to process through it all, with his journals and lyric writing, it was all about his ex. all-consuming. "nj-ah? are you ok?"
he blinks twice before turning over to yg standing on beside him, two drinks in his hand, as the crowd starts to slowly form around the stage. "oh yeah. yeah! just not used to the noise is all" nj sheepishly replies while accepting the sticky glass. yg smiles again, but this +
time it's a bit sad, a pinch of concern too. "you can head back home if you're uncomfortable. I probably should've checked in w/ you before heading backstage to set up." nj waves yg's concern away with dimpled grin. "no hyung, I'm ok. really. I can't wait to see you perform." +
it's enough to have yg give nj's shoulder a warm squeeze before he mutters out a thank you (the crowd is already so loud) before disappearing again. people start to swarm the stage when it's announced the band would start their set shortly. nj wonders how yg even found such a +
hole in the wall venue, before recalling a conversation with hs, the bassist, about booking the gig. their biggest crowd to date, after too many cancelled or unpaid shows. it was the same night nj found out he was now a (re)newly single man. a big break for all, nj thought. +
so, he takes a long swig of his cool whiskey, glass indenting into his fingers from his tight grip, & prepares to hoot & holler for his friends as their drummer snaps his sticks together for the countdown. yg barely finishes his opening chord when nj feels someone push against +
his shoulder, knocking not only his phone out of his hand but his drink all over his shirt. sj-their dazzling singer-is about two lines into the first verse before nj realizes what happened. he wasn't ready to argue with himself over whether this was a bad omen as all his anger +
turns someone now lost in the mesmerized crowd. the chorus is blaring along while nj looks back & around, left & right, on the lookout for he doesn't even know who, but he'll be damned if this night is ruined. the second verse starts, a line about daydreams and true love, when +
he finds himself pushed up against a mop of black-grey hair in a stunning brown jacket, the leather worn and loved. the stage lights overhead beam through as the chorus comes roaring back, but all nj can see are keen eyes, supple lips that blurt out a muted "I'm so sorry" and +
a glass of whiskey on the rocks in one hand, a shattered cell phone in the other. the final line of the last verse rolls along, something about a silver lining and catching the light. β€”
A/N: haven't written a threadfic in ages and honestly this was supposed to be three tweets MAX but welp πŸ˜… it's almost 2:30 AM here so i'll be continuing later today! let me know what you think so far ☺️
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