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Mar 14
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Here are some incredible things people are already doing with GPT-4 It’s been less than 3.5 hours 🧵 A thread

@Pietro Schirano recreated the classical game of Pong in less than 60 seconds…
I don’t care that it’s not AGI, GPT-4 is an incredible and transformative technology. I recreated the game of Pong in under 60 seconds. It was my first try. Things will never be the same. #gpt4
@Josh Pigford is making sure the transactions in @Maybe is more rich 🤑…
Sooooo @Maybe's transaction data is about to get reeeeeal good, thanks to GPT-4.
@Joshua Browder from @DoNotPay is working on 1-click lawsuits…
DoNotPay is working on using GPT-4 to generate "one click lawsuits" to sue robocallers for $1,500. Imagine receiving a call, clicking a button, call is transcribed and 1,000 word lawsuit is generated. GPT-3.5 was not good enough, but GPT-4 handles the job extremely well:
Everyone getting amazed by this demo…
Rowan Cheung

Rowan Cheung

I just watched GPT-4 turn a hand-drawn sketch into a functional website. This is insane.
From the release, it does drug discovery…
GPT-4 does drug discovery. Give it a currently available drug and it can: - Find compounds with similar properties - Modify them to make sure they're not patented - Purchase them from a supplier (even including sending an email with a purchase order)
@Conor is using GPT4 to find issues in a live ethereum contract…


I dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4. In an instant, it highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities and pointed out surface areas where the contract could be exploited. It then verified a specific way I could exploit the contract
I’ll keep adding to this thread, so reply to keep tabs.
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This is interesting…
How Keeper is using GPT-4 for matchmaking. It takes profile data & preferences, determines if the match is worth pursuing & automates the followup. With computer vision for the physical, you can filter on anything and find your ideal partner.
My man @Ammaar Reshi is at it, making snake and deploying to @Replit ⠕ in 20 minutes…
Can GPT-4 code an entire game for you? Yes, yes it can. Here's how I recreated a Snake game that runs in your browser using Chat GPT-4 and @Replit ⠕, with ZERO knowledge of Javascript all in less than 20 mins 🧵
Ohh if you are still here, make sure you follow me @Linus (●ᴗ●) for more stuff like this. I'm soon going to bed for a few hours, when I wake up I hope to add at least 10 more things to this thread.
C'mon this is cheating!…
Fire Keeper

Fire Keeper

ith connect 4. First try no errors. It’s going to be an incredible next generation of media
Ohh and I’m building you can make infinite customization to your stories. We’re pumped to add GPT4
We do have this too, GPT-4 passes basically all BAR exams
🤯🤯Well this is something else. GPT-4 passes basically every exam. And doesn't just pass... The Bar Exam: 90% LSAT: 88% GRE Quantitative: 80%, Verbal: 99% Every AP, the SAT...
@Jake Browatzke 🚀 - that have no previous coding skills made a Google Chrome Extension, lovely design ser…
Jake Browatzke 🚀

Jake Browatzke 🚀

Holy crap! With GPT-4's help and no previous coding experience I just made my first Google Chrome extension in a few hours. GPT-4 walked me step by step thru the entire creation process, writing the code and fixing all errors that came up. The simple extension translates the t "Pirate Speak" by using GPT3-API and the prompt "Ahoy matey! Ye be a pirate. Translate and summarize this landlubber text into pirate speak, even if it be a question" GPT-4 also wrote new code to give the extension popup a "Pirate theme" based on simple text feedback I gave it after first trying the extension 🤯
This is nuts, @Felix Bade made a colored game of life running ultra fast, 2.5 hours of tutoring from GPT-4…
I made a colored game of life running ultra fast on WebGL. I have never managed to setup up GL boilerplate myself, but with the help of GPT-4, I got this done in 2.5 hours. There’s even fancy stuff like multiple buffers.…
Will be cool to see what @Konch is gonna do with GPT4…


A.I. has come incredibly far in the last year. See why and where humans are still needed… #HAAI #AI #transcript
@Deanin created a stripe checkoutflow and posted it do YouTube, not sure whats most impressive here.…


Today I took a look at GPT-4 by asking it to create a Ruby on Rails 7 application from scratch, but I made things harder for GPT 4 than the GPT-3 blog race I did a while ago. I asked GPT 4 to create a Stripe Subscription checkout workflow from scratch!
@Proletariat Brain made this comparison, missed to edit the GPT-3 in the video to GPT-4 but he is forgiven.…
Bruh this shit is actually insane. Below is a comparison of the output of the Python code it made to generate MIDI music and how long it took for the final code output. Also, the video & everything in it was also generated with Python script written by GPT-4.
I honestly can't wait for GPT4 to be used in @Raycast - Been using it for the past few weeks, and if this gets GPT-4 It's the killer AI app, you need nothing else.…


🪄 Introducing Raycast AI: The magic of AI, right on your Mac. Write smarter, code faster and answer questions quicker with ChatGPT in Raycast – just one keystroke away. Join the beta 👉
I will summarize GPT-4 for you! It basically made @Andrej Karpathy 's 10-year-old dream come true with the new multimodal (image + text) capabilities. If you give GPT-4 the below picture and ask it to describe it, it can do that accurately while also describing the humor going on t
Linus (●ᴗ●)

Linus (●ᴗ●)

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