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Mar 14
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GPT-4 just made coding tutorials obsolete can handle 25K input words so feed it all official docs for some lib ask for a "step-by-step guide to build X" writes perfect tutorial fuck šŸ§µ

This will change the way devs write docs. All docs should now have a proompt-optimized page with a "Copy All" button.
When GPT4 becomes generally available, every doc page could have a context-aware built-in tutorial generator.
Oh and it can analyze images too. Just give it your Figma designs and let it go to work implementing in next-gen JS framework.
I'd expect GitHub Copilot to leverage GPT-4 to provide better completion based on your specific dependencies. No more random guessing.
Maybe we'll see project-wide AI debuggers. If you or your AI write bad code, GPT-4 can cast a far wider net to synthesize a good solution.
On one hand it feels like an existential threat to programming teachers like myself. But on the other hand, stay tuned to buy my new professional AI-proompting course!!! šŸ™Œ


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