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Usurper!Aegon gifts with Otto about what to do with their new prisoner, Prince Jacaerys. Otto thinks that they should torture him, while Aegon has other stuff in his mind - Dub-con (just a little), smut, Possesive Aegon, bottom Jacaerys #Jacegon #JacaerysVelaryon #Aegonii

The King walked slowly towards the designed chambers that he gave his beloved prisoner. The room was the closest one to his own personal chambers after all, he didn't want his Jacaerys to be away from him. Without nocking he enters the expensive room, smiling at the sight he sees
On the bed rested the kidnapped Prince, attention fixed in a book, the chain on his left ankle and right hand making it almost impossible for him to move outside of the bed. The small gown that he was forced to wear only covering his thighs and chest
"Prince Jacaerys" His voice is deep, almost unrecognizable. He sees how the Prince freezes his movements, tensing up as he closes the book he was holding. "What do you want, Aegon." And the king couldn't help the smirk that tugged his lips seeing the stubbornness of his nephew
"King." Jace looks up and gives a confused look to his uncle, sitting up better in the bed so his legs can rest from being in weird positions all day. "What?" Aegon quickly walks over to the bed, his dark crown slipping slightly on his head as he bends down and grabs his chin
"I'm king, Jacaerys. Address me properly." As espected, Jacaerys didn't tremble or flinch at the man's words, instead, he kept his head up and gaze connected to the dark purple eyes. Challenging him, as always. "You're just a fake king, Uncle, my mother is the true heir."
Aegon can't contain the chuckle that scapes his mouth. "Then tell me, dear nephew, what kind of incredible Queen would just give up her son to the enemy? Or you really think that she's planning something to rescue you?" Aegon can see the hurt in Jace eyes, and almost felt guilty
Almost. "Don't talk about her you traitor." Aegon bites his inner cheek, admiring the soft freckles decorating the boys cheeks, those pink and soft lips, those large eyelashes, the beautiful curls that fall like a water fall. He smirks, a decision made in his mind
"a traitor, uh? Seems correct." With a wicked smile, he pushes with brute force the boys shoulders, pinning him against the mattress, his leg sneaking in between Jacaerys thighs as the Velaryon stared at him in confusion, eyes open wide as a slight blush appeared in his cheeks
Aegon rested his forehead against Jacaerys head, the crown in his head falling onto the bed. "And you lust for this traitor." The blush on the Prince cheeks spreads to his ears, turning a soft pink. "Don't you dare lie, Aegon." Aegon lowers his hands towards the boys hips
"hmm, let me move and see if I'm lying like you say." His left hand quickly moves the boys legs, opening them and touching the edge of Jace panties. To wich Jace tries to get away, fear starting to crawl into his skin and deep into his bones.
At the same time he couldn't help the reactions of his body, as his started to feel arousal cover his body, as well as his heart started to race. This was wrong, so wrong, he didn't want this. Did he? Aegon's long fingers brush against the sweet cunt of Jace, sending a shiver
"Aegon-" Jace let's out a pant. "P-please no... Please..." While normally those words would have made the King stop, this time they didn't. In contrary, only turning him on even more, he liked that begging he wanted more.
With the press of Aegon's fingers against his clit, Jace let's out a moan. A soft, girlish sound that shouldn't have come out of his mouth. Quickly he covers his face with his free hand, while his right hand tugged and tugged against the chains, bruising the skin.
He shouldn't like this, he really shouldn't. It was too much if he liked this he would be betraying his mother, but... He couldn't help the wetness that started to grow in his cunt. "No... please..." But those where more words for himself that for Aegon.
Aegon looked up, at his nephew's expression, and feels a tug in his heart as he sees Jace conflicted eyes, almost tearing up. The King moves his free hand and caresses the soft cheek of the Prince, who, in a moment of weakness and confusion, leans into the touch
"let yourself go, i got you." Aegon whispers, his eyes for a moment showing kindness and concern. It confused Jace even more, why was his uncle looking at him like when they where kids? Jace let's out a shaky wine, his eyes closing as his body slowly relaxed under the warm hands
When Jace moved his hips so that his pussy was touched again by the King's fingers, Aegon knew he had won. His hand searches in his pocket a key, grabbing it and unblocking the chain on Jace right wrist. While his other hand didn't stop teasing his clit
"Aegon- ah, please, more..." Aegon sighs before standing up on his knees, his hands unbuttoning his shirt. He heard the boy beneath him wine and the bed shift, Jace moving and grinding against Aegon's thigh. And for fuck sake, that was the hottest thing he had ever seen
"such a filthy whore, forgetting so fast about the war for some cock." He earns a whine from the Velaryon, his hand tosses his shirt to somewhere on the floor. Jace watched the movements of the King, hipnotized by the toned muscles of the man's torso. It was... Hot
Aegon's hands went back to Jacaerys panties, digging his nails on the fabric and pulling it in opposites directions, the panties not even trying to stay together as a hole is created right where his pussy hole is. And maybe that made Jace even more needy for touch
Jacaerys looked down and saw the big bulge decorating the King's crotch. With shaky hands, he undoes the man trousers, and almost dies in shyness hearing Aegon's laugh "And you said I was a liar." Jace gives him a glare before pulling down the pants and underwear.
When Jace saw the cock between Aegon's thighs he almost felt scared, scared and aroused. He needed it, needed it inside of him even if he was sure it wouldn't fit. "Hurry..."
"wait.' The King grabs a little glass of oil, Jace eyes it and snorts "You where really ready for this?" Aegon doesn't answer, he just brings his oiled up fingers towards the Prince little cunt as he bites down around the boy's nipple, earning a loud moan
His fingers slowly entered Jace wet hole, two fingers sliding in way too easy. Aegon frowns and pulls away from sucking on Jace nipple "You slept with someone else?" Jace blinks repeatedly and stares in confusion. "You thought I was a virgin?"
"You aren't?" Aegon snarled, almost growling as a possessive sting grows in his chest. Who the fuck, where the fuck, why the fuck someone touched him? "Who the fuck was it, Jacaerys." Jace feels his throat dry up, staring at the man as he let out soft moans with each thrust
"does it matter..?" Aegon growls once again as he pulled out his finger harshly, earning a pained moan from Jacaerys. Without piling himself, Aegon lines the head of his cock on Jace wet hole. "It fucking does." And he thrusted inside, tight grip on Jace thighs
Jacaerys lets out a painful moan, tensing up as Aegon's cock reached deep inside of him, almost tearing him up. "S-slow-!" His words are cut by a small thrust, tears forming in his eyes. "Who." Jacaerys lets out a quiet sob, his hands on Aegon's shoulders as he trembles in pain
"C...Cregan... We got drunk and.." Aegon stops him from talking with a harsh kiss, more tongue and teeth than lips. The king, feeling a little guilty, doesn't move, and just showers in kisses and love bites his future husband body. "I'm sorry my love, my beautiful boy..."
"but you understand, right? That you're mine... That i own you and can use you as much as I want... And that now you forced me to clean you up from that disgusting dog of the north." With a sweet kiss to Jace lips, he starts rolling up his hips and thrusting inside of Jacaerys
The moans and sweet sounds that started to release the Prince where theist addictive thing Aegon has ever heard, he wanted more. He thrust into the wet hole until he bottoms out, a slight bulge growing in Jacaerys stomach. "F-fuck~!" The prince moans, just like a bitch in heat.
The lust and want that the couple had for each other was so much that both of them didn't had too much energy to go for much longer, it only took a few more thrust for Jace to cum all over the sheets and Aegon's cock
Aegon feeling the tightness of Jacaerys cunt let's out and loud groan, squeezing Jace thighs with enough force to leave a bruise, he cums deep inside of him. They both pant and hold each other as they come down from the high bliss, Jace brings his face closer and kisses Aegon
Both of them just melt into the kiss, relaxing against each other while a strange peace surrounded them, even if they where in the middle of a civil war and on opposite sides. "There's no moon tea in the castle." And the peace was gone, Jace smacking Aegon's head


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