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Mar 14
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[💭- Chained Heart] (🔞 In a way) Growing up as a ballet dancer, Jīmīn only knew rules and interdiction. Until his father bought a new car and needed a mechanic to check on it.



thoughts abt jk’s chain dangling on jmi’s face when he’s deep inside him..
Don't eat this. Don't wear that. Don't slouch when you're sitting. Don't smile too much,you look stupid. Stop frowing,you look mean. Stop. Don't. That was the only word his mom would say to him. She was a classical dancer herself,it was just her nature to expect only perfection
One of her strictest rules was the one about the jewellery. Jīmīn was forbiden to wear any jewellery, or anything expensive at all. It was pretentious, vulgar and in very poor taste. Jīmīn always loved how Jœnggūk's golden chain necklace looked against his tan skin.
How it was shining with sweat everytime he was working out shirtless. How it was hitting his face everytime Jœnggūk was trying to reach deeper and deeper in him,caging his smaller frame with his big and strong body,marking him with his hand,nails,lips and love, making him his
He also loved his silver chained bracelet. How heavy it looked and how lighty it moved,catching every glimpse of sunshine,like they were dancing together. How cold it was against his skin when it was getting harder for him to control his body,when Jœnggūk was his only master.
He also loved his ring. Jœnggūk had a lot of them, all different, all so beautiful. Some were golden,other were silver or even rose gold.
He liked the thin and delicate one. He always felt so pretty when Jœnggūk was playing with his soft blond locks, while he was raming his hard and throbbing cøck in his throat, making him a breathless mess of spit and cüm.
He also liked the bigger one. The one with intricate design. The one wich looked so heavy and hard, but felt so delicate and comforting when Jœnggūk was gripping his waist so tightly as Jīmīn was ridding him on the backseet of his father's car.
Jīmīn wasn't allowed to wear jewellery, nor was he allowed to ever fall in love, but as he was laying on Jœnggūk's chest, in the younger's bed, feeling safe and complete between his tattooed arms, he realised how unfair those rules were. His mom was always wearing a ring, no?
- and that's it.... Again, I don't know what his this but I'm addicted to that video and that captation was so good 🥴 so just a little something because I didn't update alot recently. Come tell me how you doing on cc 😘
LilBeanie 🪞

LilBeanie 🪞

20/06/1996 she/her please, please, no minor 🔞. I'm not suitable for all audience, don't make me check your age
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