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#lucemond (abo) Pressing the younger prince up against the wall, black sister out of its sheath and ready to draw dirty green blood. Daemon snarled at the other Alpha who snarled right back, ready to lunge at one another and tear eachother apart.

"I should kill you where you stand. Gift your head to my son, perhaps that will appease the pain you have struck him with. You hold no blade, and yet you have harmed him greater than any weapon could." Alast, Aemond flinched at that, unfazed expression breaking till Daemon
Could see the guilt peeking through, tearing at the seams of his being till he had to press them back together. By the time Aemond had recovered, Daemon already had him in his grasp, a dragon coiling its prey and ready to strike.
"You could not harm me, uncle. If you were to do such, he would hate you forever. My actions would be nothing compared to the pain you would cause him if you were to take my life. You could kill him." Aemonds grin was vicious, and Daemon wants to swipe it off.
Raise dark sister and carve his mouth from his face. He did not need to speak to claim Lucerys, so perhaps a tongue should suffice. And then Aemond opened his mouth again. "But I will not allow that bastard to claim me. I will not bind myself to a half-blood,
I would cut my own throat before binding myself to him." And Daemon saw red. Memories of a shaken Omega, weak and clothes ripped and loose, slipping off a wounded pearlescent dragon. Both are so small, young, just children. Daemon had sworn to protect his kids and yet failed.
He felt like a disappointment, watching Lucerys stumble into his mother's arm, sobbing with dried blood covering his hands and neck. At the sight, Daemon's blood had run cold. Iced over so that not even dragon fire could even hope of warming it.
Hesitant, unwilling to accidentally part both mother and son from each other's embrace, he had pulled the cloak (not his, not his, not his) to the side to reveal a bond mark, swollen and an ugly red on his neck. And Daemon had sworn murder.
"No. I will not. But what I could do," Daemon grabbed Aemonds head and slammed it against the wall as hard as he could, nearly knocking the younger Alpha out cold. He did not care if he had drawn blood, he hoped it had. "Is claim you instead. Would that not be ironic?
You claim my son yet refuse to allow him to mark you back, forcing him to live in agony. You have shamed my boy, used him, and discarded him. Is it not fair to return the favor?" And Aemonds struggle started anew. Growling and biting at anything in reach, Daemon dragged his
Head forward and brought it down against the wall once more. In the dim light, he could see blood left on the spot. "No, no, no. You did not give Lucerys a chance. Why should I you?" Daemon tilted Aemonds head, to see how the other Alpha would react.
"Lay a filthy fucking hand on me and I'll kill you!" Daemon laughed at the threat, eyes ablaze. "I would like to see you try little Alpha." And Aemond was scared. He knew Daemon would not pull such a stunt, but his uncle was uncontrollable. The fear was in the corner of his
Mind muttering 'what if what if what if'. "We both know you would not do such a thing Uncle, not when the other half of my bond is your wife's son. Not when he would despise you for it, come to resent you for doing such." Aemond grinned, bloody and victorious.
"He's his mother's sweet little boy who could do no wrong–" and the words grew bitter, rising with rage as one of Aemonds hands came to clutch at his eyepatch as if in pain. "– then she would come to hate you for it too. It seems she holds nothing more important than her
children, perhaps nothing more than her omegan child." Daemon pressed his fingers harshly against Aemonds jugular, craving to snap his filthy neck and claim it was an accident, that Aemond had attacked him. He would spend the rest of his days apologizing to his wife and son,
Gifting them only the richest of gifts, and whisper sweet apologies at every turn, but they would not banish him. They were his family, having been the boy's father longer than not. Lucerys would scream, cry, thrash, and perhaps even attack Daemon in a carnal rage, but he would
Not send him away. Not his mother's husband. Not his father. And yet Daemon stepped back, a grimace on his features as Aemond slipped to the ground. No doubt weak and delirious from the blow delivered to his head. "Fortunately, for you, I have no plans on biting you.
I would preferably not have to live with an unfinished bond for the rest of my life. Rather, I will make sure to free my son from your clutches. It is unheard of, I understand. But for my children, I would do anything." And then Aemond was alone.
(Based on a ABO fic I'm writing where to claim eachother, you both need to bite eachothers gland, or else it's an unfinished bond. Aemond bites Lucerys, yet flees before the Omega is given the chance to do the same.)
A/N if the story wasn't solely just straight up Lucemond, I would have definitely added "maybe I'll bite over your mark and hope it takes instead, to save the boy and bind him to someone who will finish the bond" cause Rhaenyra would rather anyone but Aemond claim her sweet boy


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