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#lucemond Dubcon. Prostitute Aemond? I mean Luke’s the only one who buys him. Mentions of the eye socket.

Aemond being forced into providing for himself after the war. He works as a sell sword for a time, gaining new scars and skills, but it isn’t as lavish a life as he had when he was a prince.
One day, after he’d been tasked with tracking down a thief for a local lord, he runs into his nephew. Now Lord of the Tides, Lucerys carries himself with grace and dignity. Looks at Aemond as if he no longer fears him. Why should he? The man is nothing of what he used to be.
His dragon gone, his family relying on him, he’s not the same Prince as he was. Neither is Lucerys. The boy doesn’t hesitate to hire him as an escort across the Stormlands.
Aemond spits at his request. Why would he lower himself to work for the same boy who’d helped to cast his family out? Then, he sees the bag of gold Lucerys offers. Enough to feed his family for a year. And he’ll have another, if Lucerys arrives unharmed.
A week or two with his nephew shouldn’t be so bad. Not for the price he’s promised. That would buy Jaehaerys new shoes, Maelor a new coat. Fresh bread and - gods, maybe even some books for the children.
Arrax is nesting, he’s told. Refuses to leave the dragon pit lest a clutch be laid. So Lucerys is forced to travel on his own. Barely escaped a raid on his carriage with his life and his satchel. He needs a protector. For himself and the treasure he carries with him.
Who better to help him deliver his treasure than his uncle? Aemond could likely steal the bag and run with the gold and whatever treasure left in it.
But, there is more, he reminds himself. More promised. His family needs it. Two days in, when a storm brews and he and Lucerys are forced to take shelter in a cave with little light but that from the dying fire, is when his nephew proposes serving him in another way.
Aemond freezes as Lucerys caresses his hair. Shorter than it had been before the war, but still long. Pale and flowing. Nothing like the bastard prince’s dark curls. “Uncle,” he says, looking at Aemond with firelight flickering in his eyes, “why do you sell your sword?”
Aemond stares into the boy’s eye. Hopes he can see the anger in his own. “You very well know we have no money from the crown to support us.” Lucerys tilts his head. Looks as though dozens of thoughts cross his mind. “Yet I am sure there are easier ways.”
Aemond raises his brow. Lucerys sits up, closer now than Aemond would like him to be. Unlacing his tunic as he speaks, Lucerys doesn’t look away from his eye. “You could make so much gold in… other ways.”
Aemond’s stomach sinks. He’d had a suspicion this is where the conversation would go, but had hoped so much it wouldn’t. “I am not a whore, nephew. If you wish for someone to sell their body to you, Aegon is fairly welcoming I hear.”
More laces are undone, the milky flesh of Lucerys’ chest bare to him through the small opening. Black curls grow there, dark and thick like that on his head. Briefly, Aemond wonders if the same grows under his breeches.
“I’ve heard that as well. I also hear men are willing to do a lot of things for their family. For gold. For safety.” Aemond’s eye flickers from the curls to where he suspects more grow. A bulge can already be seen in his nephew’s trousers, his arousal evident.
Aemond knows if he denies this he might as well say goodbye to the gold before he even has it. The children need new shoes. They need good food. Helaena needs new needles and Mother, oh Mother needs him around more. The gold offered will allow that.
For a time, at least. Until Jaehaerys is old enough to learn to hunt for them and Aemond can take longer trips away, knowing his family will remain fed. Gods, the food. They could buy butchers meat - beef, pork, lamb - instead of relying on the wild animals Aemond hunts.
With his eye raised now to look into his nephew’s own, he finally speaks. “Double the gold.” Lucerys smiles, a bright thing. Too bright for the topic they’re discussing. “I’ll triple it.” Aemond nods. “Do as you wish, nephew.”
Ok I’m going to bed I just had to get this out before I forgot about it. Will continue tomorrow when I can actually form words.
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