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Kaisoo non au "So what you and Sehun were gigging about?" "You really want to know?" Kyungsoo shoulders were shaking as he saw the pout on the younger's handsome face. "Hyuuuung," Jongin whined, ignoring their manager's snicker.

Kyungsoo sent a quick apology to their manager who was starting the van, ready to drive them back home. "It was Sehun's idea to make you jealous. I'm surprised it worked." "Why does he want me jealous?" Jongin asked, confused that the smaller man was avoiding his eyes.
Coughing slightly in embarrassment, Kyungsoo muttered. "Because I wanted to see it." Jongin blinked then slowly a mischievous grin crept across his face. "So did you like what you saw?" "... There were cameras around but I was squealing on the inside,"
The taller leaned closer, kissing his boyfriend's cheek. "I saw that." Their manager who hated any sort of PDA warned them. Jongin apologized softly but Kyungsoo knows that he doesn't mean it. He loved to tease their new manager.
They giggle as they cuddle in the backseat. "Good job today, Jonginnie," Kyungsoo whispers in the taller's ear, sneaking a kiss quickly so that the manager won't see it. Jongin looked equally proud and smitten. "Hyung, you will be the death of me." end
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