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Linus (●ᴗ●)

Linus (●ᴗ●)

Mar 15, 2023
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🌈 Midjourney V5 Release 🌈 The announcement is coming today. I’ll fill up this thread with all the amazing content I can find from the community πŸš€ A thread

First the newly dropped Midjourney Mag, Gets yours here: It’s first come first served, 10.000 editions. It’s a piece of internet history.


two announcements coming soon
We just broke V5
From "starshadowx2" in the Discord right now.
From Sirkut
Right now V5 is down for a bit, but listen in on Office Hours to keep track of whats going on
Hands are fixed!
Firefly made this! They are in the OG 25k club, mega good prompter
starshadowx2#1337 Made this! Insane
This is done by @Sven
The announcement is made Midjourney V5 in Alpha-testing
Linus (●ᴗ●)
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