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Misheru Katorin 🇳🇱

Misheru Katorin 🇳🇱

Mar 15, 2023
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A thread debunking the "trans genocide" myth Argument 1: "Trans people are being mass killed in the US" Reality: According to the HRC 32 trans ppl were killed in 2022. William Institute estimates there to be 1.6 million trans ppl. That's only a murder rate of 2.

In contrast the estimated murder rate in 2022 for the general population is 6,45 so trans ppl are 3 times less likely to be killed than the average American. This is assuming a drop in crime for that year. That's a pretty shitty genocide if you ask me.
Argument 2: "But they're being killed for being trans so it's different" If you extrapolate the HRC's tracking of trans murders you will see they're not. Most murder cases involve either DV which LGBT couples disproportionally engage in or high risk lifestyles like sex work.
Argument 3: "What about anti-trans legislation" Looking at the ACLU tracker of "anti-trans" legislation you won't find a single bill calling for harm against trans ppl. Despite the ACLU's efforts to spin these bills negatively the categories show they're a lot more innocuous.
Most of the legislation from what I have browsed in their tracker are either: - Bills opposing gender ideology in elementary schools - Bills protecting minors from dangerous surgery/hormone experiments - Bills involving religious people denying service based on conscience
Argument 4: "We're not saying it's happening now but it's the early stages" The "early stages" argument is always vague and broad enough that pretty much any group can claim to be in the early stages of genocide if they even receive vague criticism. It's a non-argument.
Conclusion: This fear mongering of "trans genocide" is not backed by data or reality and relies on hyperbolic strawmen of legislation critical of gender ideology and when they're called out on it they'll walk it back on the vague "early stages" claim that's not verifiable
Misheru Katorin 🇳🇱
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